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With less producer intervention, this season of Big Brother didn’t suck nearly as bad as last season did, and the final two actually played good games, which was a nice change of pace. Now the Big Brother 9 winner comes down to Adam Jasinski or Ryan Quicksall.

I’ve gotta give the nod to Ryan on this one, despite the horrible way in which he started the game (though being partners with someone like Allison didn’t help him any). He played the same game Natalie did, except unlike her when they (stupidly) targeted her for eviction, nobody seemed to realize that he was playing all sides. He doesn’t appear to have made any enemies, and whether he screwed people over, they often either didn’t notice or didn’t care.

Adam’s certainly been an interesting character. His partnership with one of the more hateful people in the house could very easily have screwed him over, but they eventually learned to like each other. Despite the lame and silly petitions to get Adam kicked off the show because he was evil, he turned out to be a nice guy under that exterior, which allowed him to make strong relationships in the house.

As with last year, America can vote for their favorite juror, and that person will win $25,000.

Natalie’s rooting for Adam.

Nobody is surprised to see Sheila there. It would have been smart to take her to the end, though, since she wouldn’t have gotten any votes. Sheila’s pissed off at Adam because she thinks he threw the last competition. Let’s face it. Both of them sucked at that last competition.

Because Ryan was HOH one more time than Adam, the jury is saying that Adam sucked at competitions and is not a competitor. As if that even matters, but I’m sure somebody will be stupid enough to vote based on competition wins.

It’s time for the jury to ask questions. We know some of these putzes are bitter.

Matt: What are you going to do with $500,000?
Adam: $100k will start an after school program.
Ryan: Help mom and do something nice for Jen and himself. (Josh hates this answer for some reason.)

Sharon: Why did you feed me all those things?
Ryan: Fought for you to stay all week.

Chelsia: I’m a bitter whiny bitch (still), and my question doesn’t matter.

Joshuah: Ryan won more competitions.
Adam: The game isn’t just about competitions. Lost fairly in the last competition.
Josh: By the way, I’m bitter, too.

James: Adam, what makes you a better competitor, and why do you belong there instead of Sheila?
Adam: Minimized risk and won when needed.

Natalie: Baller, why didn’t you take me to the final three?
Adam: Was just honoring the wishes of the HOH.

Natalie: Why didn’t you keep your word?
Ryan: No real answer, but it was a hard decision.

Sheila: Why did you lie to my face?
Adam: Again, didn’t throw the last competition.

Josh and Chelsia have had a month to get over themselves. Unfortunately, they still haven’t. It’s a good thing that BB10’s coming up soon because that means the last we’ll ever see of either of them will be within a couple months from now.

It’s time for the jury to vote. Hopefully they’re able to show more class than they have thus far.

Matt: You did a great job. One of you is taking me to Vegas after this.

Natalie: I love you even though you suckers voted me out. I’m gonna go with my gut instinct.

Joshuah: I’m going to vote for the person who played hard in every competition and has a backbone.

Sharon: I decided on who I felt was the most loyal.

Sheila: Very easy decision after the roundtable. Hope honesty, loyalty, and trust had something to do with this.

James: I hope you party away this money.

Chelsia: I want you to do what you said at the roundtable.

Only Josh was an asshat this time around. Nice restraint from the others.

Natalie tells us she was playing all sides but was loyal to the boys. Matt apologizes to her for everything she’s about to see.

Jen still hates Allison, though Allison decides to be the bigger person and doesn’t have any hard feelings. He’ll be none too pleased when he finds out the things Jen said about him during her brief stint in the house.

Ryan finds out that Adam ratted him out to Natalie.

Adam finds out that Josh hopes to be a really bad actor.

The jury now knows there’s $25,000 up for grabs. I think we can safely say that it won’t go to Chelsia, Josh, or Sheila. My money would be on James or Sharon.

It’s now time to reveal the votes for the BB9 winner.

Matt: Adam
Natalie: Adam
Joshuah: Ryan
Sharon: Adam
Sheila: Adam
James: Adam
Chelsia: Adam

And the Big Brother 9 winner is Adam. I still think Ryan played a better game, but I can’t say that Adam played a bad game, unlike last year’s winner.

Adam has agreed to give $100,000 to the United Autism Foundation. Wait until he finds out they fired him and joined in with the others in bashing him.

Sheila came in second place in the public vote. Huh? I can only assume this was about the fact that she seems to have actual need for the money, unlike most of these kids. The winner of America’s choice, however, is James. Now if he takes the $25k, dumps Chelsia, and goes back to gay porn instead, he should be all set.

Now that the first (and probably last) midseason show is done, Big Brother 10 is fast approaching. The CBS summer schedule is packed with Big Brother as per usual, and the network will be retaining the Sundays at 8, Tuesdays at 9, Wednesdays at 8 schedule starting on July 13th. As always, stay tuned to dingoRUE for live blogs and Big Brother 10 spoilers.

Big Brother 9 Episode 32

Following some silly planning to keep Sharon in the house, Ryan and Adam struck a deal to keep Sheila safe in the last minutes, and Sharon was voted out in Big Brother 9 Episode 31. The first part of the three part HOH competition was an endurance competition, and that’s where we left off.

Adam’s happy his bond with Sheila is stronger. Ryan’s happy there’s no blood on his hands.

The boys decide they’re going to taunt Sheila in the HOH competition, but it’s not like it matters because what are the odds she’ll win anyway? Sheila is the first one eliminated from the first part of the HOH competition. Adam agrees to throw the competition and gives the win to Ryan. Adam believes that no matter what happens, one of them will take him to the end.

Part two of the HOH competition is a maze powered by a guinea pig wheel, where they will try to get the correct order of HOH winners. Sheila gets dizzy and keeps falling.

Sheila – 33:26
Adam – 14:55

Adam wins the second part of the HOH competition, and he will be going up against Ryan in the final round.

Sheila tells Adam he must win because if he doesn’t win, Ryan will take him and not her. Not sure how convincing an argument that’s supposed to be.

Ryan believes he may stand a slightly better chance up against Sheila in the end.

Adam’s well aware Sheila has buttered everyone up after they got kicked out of the house, whether they hated her or not.

Matt says he and Josh should have been friends in the house. Chelsia says Matt’s been miserable in the house since Natalie came, and Natalie tells us that Matt doesn’t spend much time with her any more. Matt is happy that his team wins no matter what, though. The jury realizes that Adam and Ryan worked together to get rid of Sharon, thanks to Adam not being able to keep anything to himself.

The final HOH competition is the typical jury questions HOH.

Matt: Houseguest I wish I was nicer to: Natalie or James.
Natalie is the right answer. Both get it right.

Chelsia: Most expects to read about giving up half a million dollars for a showmance or told everyone out on her way out the door.
Right answer is giving up the money for a showmance. Both get it wrong. I’d have gotten it wrong because I’ll remember her more for being an asshat as she was leaving.

Joshuah: Who most deserves to win the game: Josh or Sharon.
Joshuah is the correct answer. Ryan gets it right.

James: I think me and Chelsia will: Bike around the world or the relationship will sink.
Inevitably sink is right. Both are right.

Natalie: Best showmance: Natalie & Matt or James & Chelsia
Right answer is James & Chelsia. Both are wrong.

Sharon: Biggest lie she told: Back caused her to quit in the endurance competition or never told a lie
Right answer is her back caused her to quit. Both are wrong again.

Ryan wins the final HOH competition.

Either way, Ryan is probably sending a vote for the other person to the jury house, but I’d say his best bet is Sheila. She’s the kind of person you want to drag to the final two with you because she’ll have trouble getting votes.

Ryan votes to evict Sheila, telling Adam he’s more deserving as far as gameplay is concerned, which may score him some points with the jury.

So there we have our final two: Adam Jasinski and Ryan Quicksall. Not a bad final two. Certainly a vast improvement over the joke that was last year.

Sheila feels it’s a blessing to be in the final three, but the waterworks have been flowing for several minutes now. She says that Adam will be her lifelong friend.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of Big Brother 9 Episode 33, where we will find out who the BB9 winner is, which airs Sunday at 8/7c on CBS.

Big Brother 9 Episode 31

The boys were in control following Ryan’s HOH win, but Adam just had to tell Natalie he was the one who voted to keep her in Big Brother 9 Episode 30, driving a bit of a wedge between him and his ally. Nonetheless, Sheila and Sharon were nominated for eviction.

Sheila’s pissed off that she’s on the block. She just had to take out Natalie rather than splitting these two up. Like this wasn’t obvious a week ago.

Sharon’s not concerned, though, since she’s got a secret alliance with Ryan (like Josh did). She doesn’t trust Adam, so she hopes that she can go to the finals with the other two.

As long as Adam gets to the final two, he doesn’t care if he has to stab Sheila in the back. Ryan’s hoping to go forward with these two and get out Sheila.

Sheila still doesn’t trust Adam. She tells him he has to be evil like her to prove his loyalty.

Adam and Sheila are shackled together. What happens if you kill a player inside the house?

Sharon believes that Adam and Sheila have a very strong bond, whether they bicker all the time or not.

Adam and Sheila are freed from their shackles, and now it’s time for the final power of veto. They must match the face of each jury member with two facts that correspond to that jury member in the Big Brother derby. There are more clues in the box than they need, and some of them don’t match. Sheila’s the first to hit two points, with Ryan behind her. Ryan is the first to 3. Then 4. Then 5. Ryan wins the power of veto.

Ryan warns Adam that if he wanted to, he could make one move and get rid of him.

Adam wants to make a deal with Sharon. He’ll keep her if she makes a deal to take him to the end. She can’t make a deal with him until she talks to Ryan, and rather than pretending, she tells him this point blank. He thinks maybe they’ve got something going.

Adam denies that he ever tried to make a deal with Sharon.

Sharon’s managed to set a record, being nominated for eviction 5 times in a row.

Ryan has decided to not use the power of veto. Because Ryan has not used the veto, that gives Adam the power to decide who will be evicted.

Sharon has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Secret alliance or not, it would have been stupid to (again) keep someone who has three votes guaranteed. She played a good game once she got rid of that putz Jacob, but her game ended the same time James’ game ended: when they targeted Matt for eviction, a decision she was largely responsible for. Speaking of Jacob, she hopes to be able to try to make it work.

It’s time for part one of the three part HOH competition. The first part is typically a harsh endurance competition. They choose a board and strap themselves in, holding on to begin a ride on a river. They’re already complaining about being cold. The thunderstorm probably won’t help them any.

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Big Brother 9 Spoilers

Big Brother 9 Episode 30

Sheila got her way in Big Brother 9 Episode 29, turning on Natalie, her alleged biggest threat in the house, and getting her evicted from the house. The bad news for Sheila is that the boys are in control, and it’s unlikely they won’t nominate her. The good news is that they’d be complete morons to take Sharon with them to the end because she’s got three very bitter friends in the jury house.

Adam whispered to Natalie that he wasn’t the one who voted her out. Ryan’s not happy with this because he reads lips and/or minds, so he knows that’s what happened.

There’s one other preexisting relationship in the house. The guinea pigs. When you have to explain the answer, it’s obviously a trick question. Everybody suspects one of the relationships has something to do with Sheila.

Sharon believes she’s safe because her secret ally is HOH. Only problem is the HOH can only nominate. It’s the veto winner who decides who’s headed home.

Ryan’s HOH room is all about Jen. She kisses up to him hoping he won’t care about the footage he sees when he gets out.

Sheila expects Adam to be loyal to her, though she doesn’t believe he’s ever shown her loyalty before.

It’s time for a luxury competition, and of course, the only point of it is to promote a new movie, What Happens in Vegas. Sharon quickly jumps up to be Ryan’s partner, leaving Sheila and Adam together again. Players must go back and forth looking for dice rings in bottles, which they will smash over their partners’ heads. They start off with one free spot and have to find the other 7. Ryan and Sharon are ahead 6-3. Then they spin the wheel. Ryan and Sharon win the luxury competition, which includes the screening and then a visit to the red carpet premiere. As a penalty for losing (as usual), Adam and Sheila will be chained together for 24 hours.

Ryan tells Sheila he’s going to put her up, but it doesn’t matter because Sharon and Adam will be going after each other. She tries to get him to hate on Adam. Sharon also tries to convince him to not trust Adam.

Adam is safe.

Sheila and Sharon have been nominated for eviction. And now Sheila and Adam are shackled together for the next 24 hours.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of Big Brother 9 Episode 31, which airs Tuesday at 9/8c on CBS.

Big Brother 9 Spoilers

Big Brother 9 Episode 29

With Adam’s veto win in Big Brother 9 Episode 28, Sheila’s plan fell in to place, as she was able to have an excuse for nominating Natalie. Now it’s just a question of whether the boys want to pick the person they can’t beat in the end or the person who’s a challenge threat.

Adam and Ryan want to call a house meeting and bring everything to the table. Ah yes, season 9, the season of unnecessarily getting everybody together in a group and arguing about things openly. Natalie’s not happy about this. Sheila’s freaking out as well. Because Natalie is dying her hair, they want to have the meeting in the bathroom. They go to the bathroom with her and confront her and bring the bible with them. She says her true loyalty is with the boys and that she would put Sheila up on the block if she wins HOH. Then she says that Sharon said she’s a big threat and that they can go ahead and send her home if they want. Sheila’s pissed off by this meeting because, somehow, she’s surprised that her plan to get Natalie out is turning out to make her look bad.

Adam tells Sheila he’s got a heart and wants to get rid of Natalie next week. This ends in a shouting match in which Adam calls Sheila a bitch.

Matt has one wish on his birthday. For James to be kicked out of the house. Josh and Chelsia are still as bitter as we remember them. Adam may have scored some points with the jury for not putting up James. James has a message for Chelsia. He was evicted because she was bitter and mean, and he was her residue. Even though she is the way she is, he still likes her, though.


We have a tied vote. We know what Sheila’s going to do, but let her make the decision if that’s what she wants. No need for her to have clean hands. Sheila breaks the tie and votes to evict Natalie, pretending that she didn’t plan it all along and that instead it’s because of Natalie telling people where her loyalties were. Not sure this is the smartest decision by the boys, but they’re left with two completely hopeless competitors. Granted, in this game, all it takes is a bit of dumb luck, and anybody can become HOH.

Natalie’s not happy with anybody in the house now. Sheila manages to muster up some fake tears in her goodbye message, which may well get her somewhere.

The HOH competition is fact or fiction and is a series of questions about the house and the contestants. Ryan and Sharon get the first question right. Everybody gets the second question right, an obvious question about the toy in the guinea pig cage being just for decoration. Sharon knows Chelsia has not been escorted by security out of the jury house (surprisingly) and is right on the third question. Ryan and Sharon are correct on the fourth question. Everybody is correct on the fifth and sixth questions. Ryan gets the next question right, knowing there is one other preexisting relationship in the house. It comes down to a tiebreaker for Sharon and Ryan. Ryan is closest to the correct answer and wins HOH. Lucky for him Sharon appears to have misunderstood the question. Or she’s just really bad at math.

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Big Brother 9 Episode 28

In Big Brother 9 Episode 27, Sheila managed to win the endurance HOH competition after Natalie quit based on a deal to keep herself and Ryan safe for the week. In Sheila’s mind, she never agreed to keep Natalie safe, though, just that she wouldn’t nominate her initially, so she plans to target Natalie in silence, putting up Sharon and Adam as pawns. Last time Natalie made a deal in an endurance competition, it bit her in the ass, as that was the week Matty was eliminated.

Sheila bashes Adam in front of the girls because she wants them to think she hates him. Granted, this isn’t entirely unusual for Sheila because she hates everybody in front of everybody else.

Everybody ensures Adam he’s not the target, but he has trouble believing them.

In the veto competition, players must use remotes to change the channel on 9 TV screens and solve a puzzle. Everybody has a good reason to win this one, though Sharon may be good to throw it and let them keep thinking she’s not a threat. Ryan tells us he took a long time because he’s mesmerized by how hot Jen looks. Sheila’s getting turned on because she is seeing Evel Dick’s body. So is the first statement worse because it’s a lame attempt at impressing a girl he’ll hate once he gets out and sees the footage, or is the second statement worse because it’s a revolting thought?

Ryan – 6:01
Sheila – 15:30
Adam – 3:20
Natalie – 12:09
Sharon – 4:56

Puzzle queen Natalie loses as Adam bails out Sheila following her pathetic effort at defending her strategy. Natalie is happy that Adam won rather than Sharon probably because she knows that if she goes up on the block against Adam, Sheila’s a threat to her in the event of a tie. Still, she knows she’s going up. Ryan continues to play both sides, and none of them are aware of it.

Sheila and Sharon don’t think Natalie’s very smart, which would explain why they’re terrified of her. Sheila decides she hates Natalie’s guts. Typical Sheila.

Natalie’s getting concerned to see Sharon and Sheila constantly together, and she knows that people may target her as a bigger threat (at this point in the game, I’m not seeing her as the bigger threat, but I could see why some might be confused and think otherwise).

It’s Sheila’s birthday, and they throw her a surprise party and sing For She’s a Jolly Good Fellow (because you have to pay Warner Chappell Music to sing Happy Birthday to You on TV, which is just plain ridiculous if you ask me). She gets a card from her mom, who she didn’t know was a huge fan of the show. Sheila says she’s the way she is because of her mother. Too easy.

Sharon tries to convince Adam that, despite the fact that she already has three votes locked up no question (two more than anybody else), she’ll lose in the end because everybody will remain loyal to their side. Ryan and Adam know this is BS but believe Natalie will be harder to get out of the game, though they know Natalie’s not well liked by the jury.

Sheila doesn’t think there’s even a choice to be made. She wants Natalie gone, and even though she wants to prove how tough she is and show Natalie she messed with the wrong person, she doesn’t want to deal with having to break a tie. She warns Adam to vote the way she wants, then she warns them if Natalie survives, she’ll be after all three of them (is there a fourth choice I’m missing?). Sheila thinks that taking out Natalie without breaking the tie will keep blood off her hands. Not content with Adam’s responses, she threatens to put up Ryan. The guys know they can do whatever they want once Natalie’s on the block.

Adam has used the power of veto on himself. As planned, Natalie has been nominated in Adam’s place. Natalie feels safe with the boys in power, but they don’t trust her any more than anybody else does.

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Big Brother 9 Spoilers

Big Brother 9 Episode 27

James was finally evicted from the Big Brother house in Big Brother 9 episode 26, and we left off in the middle of an endurance competition for HOH.

As usual, 60 Minutes is running late, putting BB9 about 45 minutes behind schedule.

Sheila’s worried about not being able to trust Natalie, but no matter who wins, Sheila will probably be on the block. Ryan is also somewhat worried about Natalie. Sharon’s worried about everybody.

Not content with merely having people hang from a chain in glass boxes, BB starts sending smoke into the boxes. At 8 minutes, Sharon is out. Sheila’s pushing on because she needs to see something from home. At 56 minutes, Natalie tells Sheila she’s afraid she’s not safe, which is entirely true because neither of them trust her. Like the last endurance comeptition, Natalie just keeps talking. Ryan’s got blisters on his hands just before the two hour mark, not a good thing to have to recover from. Adam and Sharon go inside the house at 2 hours, 6 minutes. Natalie says they should all make a deal to put the other two up. Sheila agrees to put them up and if Sharon gets off the block, she’ll vote out Adam even in the event of a tie. Ryan drops at 2 hours, 47 minutes. Natalie just wants to know what Jesus would have done. She doesn’t want to drop because she’s not a quitter. Sharon advises her to drop, even though she’s not a quitter either (she quit at 8 minutes). After much debate, Natalie drops at 3 hours, and Sheila finally wins something rather than coming in last like usual.

Very risky deal to agree to. Natalie’s better off being able to participate in HOH next week… if she makes it that far.

Natalie and Ryan tell Adam about the deal.

Sheila reveals that Natalie’s her real target, and she’s convinced herself that she never agreed to not target Natalie this week. I’m not sure what point of this game would have made Natalie believe she could trust the deal. Keeping Sharon in the house is pretty stupid, though. Sharon has three jury votes locked. All it takes is four.

Sheila wants to see herself standing next to Adam at the end of the game.

Sharon and Adam are onboard to be nominated and then backdoor Natalie. Sheila tells us that there are a lot of people who don’t like Natalie, which to me further doesn’t make any sense because that makes her a great final two opponent.

Sheila goes to Ryan to ask for Adam’s removal if he wins POV. He agrees with her final three plan of himself, Adam, and Sheila.

Like Natalie, Ryan’s playing all sides (and doing it better than she is), except everybody’s too stupid to realize that’s been his game for weeks now.

Natalie is safe.
Ryan is safe.

Adam and Sharon have been nominated for eviction.

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Big Brother 9 Spoilers

Big Brother 9 Episode 26

Adam’s boneheaded move turned out okay in Big Brother 9 Episode 25, as Ryan won the veto and removed Sheila from the block, allowing the house to get its way and have James nominated alongside Sharon.

Even though he’s a dead man walking, James isn’t giving up yet. His plan is not to campaign against Sharon. Rather, he will campaign against Natalie, a power player who isn’t even on the block. That’s… different. She tells him he’s just like Chelsia.

The boys are starting to turn on Natalie, but now the girls are trying to form their own alliance as well, though Sheila’s not buying it. Sheila and Sharon say they don’t trust Natalie. Natalie tells Adam he can’t trust the girls because they’ll get rid of him.

Sheila’s plan is still to go to the end with Adam, but she doesn’t want anybody to know. She tells him that Natalie’s targeting him and Ryan.

James hopes to get Ryan and Sheila’s votes. He presents an argument that doesn’t hold a great deal of logic or opportunity for either of them, but it’s worth a shot.

Even though she’s not on Team Christ, Sharon’s a big believer in God following her car wreck.

Matt’s hoping to see James or if not him a female of some type. He gets Chelsia if that’s close enough. She hopes to see Natalie but has a bad feeling, and she gets Joshuah. Matt thinks he’s just like a girl on her period.


By a unanimous vote, James has been evicted from the Big Brother house. I give him credit for hanging in there for as long as he did (and for being one of the most hypocritical players ever), but the simple fact is that James overplayed and was unable to recover from his early aggressive decisions. Unlike his buddies Josh and Chelsia, James goes out in a nice way, saying goodbye to everybody. He’s happy to be out of there. Natalie tells him she’s happy he’s gone, but it doesn’t matter because he hates her anyway, along with Ryan “for what they stand for and who they are,” whatever that means.

The HOH competition is obviously an endurance competition. They’ll get in glass houses and must stay in there after the floor drops out from under them. Want to know who wins HOH before Sunday’s show? Head on over to the Big Brother 9 Spoilers page.

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