The Amazing Race 25 Episode 5

Despite their initial dominance, Jim & Misti fell short in The Amazing Race 25 Episode 4 on the simple failure of reading the clue, but they were saved by a non-elimination leg.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Kym & Alli – 9:48PM
Second: Brooke & Robbie – 12:18AM
Third: Keith & Whitney – 12:22AM
Fourth: Amy & Maya – 12:37AM
Fifth: Tim & Te Jay – 1:00AM
Sixth: Shelley & Nici – 1:59AM
Seventh: Adam & Bethany – 2:19AM
Eighth: Jim & Misti – 2:29AM

Teams will now fly more than 2000 miles to Marrakech, Morocco. I would be surprised if there is more than one flight a day that is going to get them there from Sweden and especially nothing this late at night, even if the sun still has not yet set.

Nici thinks the appropriate language to speak in Morocco is Spanish. No, she’s serious. Not just the usual “rapido” but actual full conversations. Perhaps their cab driver understands (turns out Spain is right across the sea), though everyone else there is speaking French, also not the language I expected to hear.

For their speed bump, Jim & Misti must hang carpets, or at least she tries to help while he takes control. The other teams meanwhile are dragging a vendor cart through the streets. They need to take them to the correct location and then set them up.

The road block requires teams to finish preparing the animal skins then deliver the prepared skins by bicycle.

Road block (in order of arrival): Keith, Amy, Brooke, Bethany, Tim, Kym, Nici, Misti

They all discuss how this is the grossest thing they have ever done. Maya, who is not one of the people participating in the task, talks about how it’s not that bad. It smells just like a petting zoo.

All teams go the same way and arrive at basically the same time. Whatever advantage the lead teams may have had is gone now.

Having finished for now taking things out on her daughter, Shelley gets into an argument with Keith over a few seconds difference in receiving a clue. Just let her go, Keith. She seems to need to get a clue more.

The detour is a choice between twirl time or tree time. In twirl time, teams must become street performers, spinning their tassle for one consecutive minute while maintaining a beat. In tea time, they have to carry a tea set through the streets and then one team member will balance a tray on one arm while the other pours.

Tea time: Adam & Bethany, Jim & Misti, Brooke & Robbie, Tim & Te Jay, Keith & Whitney (switched from twirl time)
Twirl time: Kym & Alli, Amy & Maya, Shelley & Nici

The head twirling is the difficult part of the twirling task. Nobody gets it particularly quickly, and some struggle to get it for a while. Whitney eventually gives up. The other task is more about attention to detail, most importantly the proper pouring height. Then there’s Misti, who does not understand that you can only use one arm.

Kym & Alli choose not to U-turn anyone, and Adam & Bethany follow suit. Shelley & Nici don’t need to use it (they are in third, and the sensible thing is to save it), but it’s obvious they are going to. They U-turn Keith & Whitney for the sake of revenge. Tim & Te Jay do not U-turn anybody, and the next three teams do not either.

Al Matjar Carpet Shop is the pit stop for this leg of the race. Really?

First: Kym & Alli (win $5,000 each)
Second: Adam & Bethany
Third: Tim & Te Jay
Fourth: Shelley & Nici
Fifth: Brooke & Robbie
Sixth: Misti & Jim
Seventh: Amy & Maya
Eliminated: Keith & Whitney

Keith & Whitney were already way behind everybody else after switching detours, so their only hope was that somebody else would be U-turned. Adding their U-turn to the task problems, they ended up hours behind the rest.

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Big Brother 16 Episode 15

Nobody was surprised when Brittany was evicted in Big Brother 16 Episode 14, and then Zach and Frankie won (for lack of a better term) HOH.

Last week, Amber tried to form yet another girl alliance. Because that worked so well the last time. It’s not long before Christine passes this information back to the guys. Now Zach wants her gone. Her threat is that she’ll expose the whole alliance if that happens. Yeah, the big secret alliance that involves pretty much everybody in the house, the alliance that does not exist any more anyway, sort of. Christine is the proposed pawn, and she flat out refuses to throw the battle of the block.

Amber promises to go on a date with Caleb if he eats a pickle. He thinks she’s serious, and she gets stuck in a corner. They go on an awkward date, which she says is their first and last, though even now she can’t stop staring at Cody.

Zach starts talking to Nicole of all people. Yeah, this should stay between the two of you. He acknowledges that he and Cody are more than just friends, which I assume means alliance partners. Of course, Nicole tells Christine about this whole conversation, though Christine keeps the alliance a secret for now. Nicole tells us that her heart would be broken if Christine has been playing her. Well, that’s a meltdown for a later day then.

Whatever alliance Zach may think he has with Cody, Derrick and Cody strike a final two of their own. Their alliance name is The Hitmen.

Team America is assigned their next mission to get two houseguests to have an argument at either the nomination or veto ceremony. The thing they have going for them is that Zach is generally loud and hot headed even without three people poking him. It does not take very much effort. For that matter, they really don’t have to do much of anything. Just let him do what he wants rather than trying to talk him out of it.

Frankie wants to nominate two weak players so they will lose the battle of the block. Zach just wants to stir up trouble, but he plans to push Amber through the back door.

Frankie’s Nominations
Jocasta & Victoria

Zach’s Nominations
Christine & Nicole

Zach’s speech about Christine being a floater and Nicole being a fruit loop dingus does not cause a heated exchange. Rather, it causes fits of laughter, followed by tears. Whether Team America just failed or not, the bottom line is that the nominees are all women. Perhaps they will wake up eventually.

Their battle of the block is to build a giant wedding cake, stacking blocks without making them fall. It’s obvious what is going to happen here. Victoria and Jocasta do not have a plan and are unable to communicate. Their cake comes crashing down as they try to climb it. Nicole and Christine win the battle of the block, leaving pointless nominees on the block.

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Big Brother 16 Episode 13

Following the nominations of Victoria & Brittany and Jocasta & Amber in Big Brother 16 Episode 12, Jocasta & Amber won the battle of the block, leaving Victoria & Brittany in danger of going home. I’m not sure anyone would care about either of them getting evicted.

Jocasta thinks God saved her. Amber talks about how the boys are in trouble if they keep putting her up. Oh really? I have not seen any sign of trouble yet.

On the other side, there’s Brittany and Victoria, both of whom feel like they are alone don’t trust anybody, an accurate sense of what’s happening.

Then we have the ongoing love triangle, for lack of a better term. Caleb won’t take the hint that Amber does not plan to return the affection he has for her. Cody and Amber, they actually are getting closer. The further Caleb pushes on this issue, the more reason Cody has to nominate him. Of course, if you look at these weak nominations, it does not seem he will act on that impulse.

Cody selects Zach at random to compete in the power of veto, Victoria chooses Nicole, and Brittany picks Caleb (houseguest’s choice). Yeah, Brittany’s choice is not at all suspicious. Now Caleb has some damage control to do, admitting he was talking to Brittany for a while about how she deserves to stay over useless Victoria.

A little late for soccer fever, it’s time for the BB Cup. They will use a fake foot to try to land in the bucket with the highest amount of points.

As a former pro soccer player, not that it matters here, Cody says that if he does not win, he’s an idiot. He is the first one out and claims the power of veto as his prize. There is some degree of skill required here, but it’s mostly luck, as with most of the competitions on this show. Brittany scores a 0 and is out next, picking the penalty kick (10 kicks in the butt at random for the next 24 hours) as her prize, which she trades for the power of veto. Zach is the third one out and picks a German vacation. Nicole is out next, and her punishment is 2400 soccer goals in 24 hours (or else she will not be able to compete for the next veto). She trades that to Brittany for the veto. Victoria chokes in the final round and scores a 0. Her prize is $5,000, which she trades to Nicole for the veto.

Caleb claims the Germitard, which he trades to Nicole for the $5,000. That leaves Victoria holding the power of veto. She made what seemed like a dumb choice, but it paid off, saving herself while increasing the size of the target on Caleb. Still, as far as Victoria is likely to get in this show, I’m not sure she’s not better off just grabbing the $5k.

Cody coninues talking about how he wants to nominate Caleb. Zach is thrilled with this idea. Frankie would like these people to stick to a plan.

Zach has done the math on Brittany’s punishment. 2.5 goals per minute for 24 hours straight. Still, this is Big Brother. It’s not like they have anything else to do in that house but talk and talk and talk some more. After 12 hours, she’s down to 1000, so she’s actually on track (but in pain). In the end, after much suffering, she accomplishes her goal. Oh, and Cody and Nicole had punishments, too, but they paled in comparison. Cody kept getting woken up so he could kick himself in the butt at the speed he chose, while Nicole had to get dressed up in the least humiliating tard costume ever but had to carry around a sausage and beer like all Germans do.

After talking with Donny, Cody says he has made the final decision to nominate Caleb. But he will be completely fine if they don’t vote him out. Frankie wakes Derrick up in hopes that perhaps the most level headed member of the Bomb Squad can talk him out of this.

At the veto ceremony, Victoria obviously removes herself from the block. It’s just a question of the replacement nominee, which seems to be settled on either Donny as a pawn or Caleb as possibly maybe a target. Cody names Donny as the replacement. Not terribly surprising that all that talk did not amount to anything.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 9

Elena’s kidnapping led to everybody meeting Elijah, one of the original vampires, in The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 8. They ended up killing Elijah, or at least that’s what they thought. Elena’s kidnapper, Rose, is now on their side, apparently.

Rose’s story is that Klaus, the oldest vampire in the history of time, is the one who wants Elena dead.

Elena’s plan is simple. She’s going to go ask for help from her murderous lying doppelganger. Alone. With offerings of some family keepsakes and a bottle of blood, Elena pries information out of Katherine. She first met Klaus when she fled to England, abandoning Bulgaria because she got throwed out. Klaus wants the same thing from Elena that he wanted from Katherine, to kill her. The curse was bound with Petrova blood, and the doppelganger was created as a way to undo the curse.

It was in England where Katherine met Rose and Trevor, who decided to save her because he loved her, whether that meant Klaus was going to kill him instead or not. Trevor’s hope was to run until he died, which he pretty much did. If Elena doesn’t want to die, she has another choice, turning herself into a vampire like Katherine did.

Bonnie runs into a new guy at school while Jeremy’s hitting on her. Luca’s father knew some Bennetts when he was doing his residency in Massachusetts. Does she have any family in Salem? Luca and his father are witches, too, or at least they’re warlocks.

Damon and Rose go to meet Slater, the guy who hooked her up with Elijah. So how do you get in touch with the oldest vampire there is? Craigslist. Whatever useful information Slater may have is irrelevant because Elijah breaks up their party before he can really be of much help.

Elena knows she’s not the only thing needed to break the curse. There’s the moonstone, a werewolf (Tyler), a witch to do the spell (Bonnie), and a vampire (Caroline). Better that they die than Katherine.

If a vampire breaks the curse, werewolves are stuck with the curse of the moon, and vice versa for the vampires and sun. The race is on to do it first.

Katherine has saved the best part of her story for last. Klaus killed her entire family. If Elena’s plan is to run, he will hunt down her friends, family, and anyone she’s ever loved. Meanwhile, Katherine, who happens to have the moonstone in her hand, is the safest one of all of them. No vampire would be stupid enough to go into the tomb.

Rose and Damon have decided that the smart move would be for the two of them to hook up.

In her breakdown, Elena says that everything that’s going wrong is because of her. Quite overdramatic.

Slater wants no part in any of this, but he did some digging. They can destroy the curse, but they need the moonstone and a witch. Luckily, as a guy who’s been going to college since ’74, Slater has a degree in theater, so he pulls off this convincing setup for Elijah. Somehow, Elijah can compel other vampires. He can even compel them into killing themselves by driving a stake through their hearts, which he does to Slater. Then out from the other room walks Luca’s father.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 8

The brothers managed to trap Katherine in The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 7. Before Damon threw away the key, she warned him that Elena’s in danger and needs help.

We now return to our regularly scheduled kidnapping. Elena’s brought from one car to another. As for the guy who grabbed her, he serves as lunch for the vampire who asked him to take her.

Tyler is noticing funny things about himself, such as increased strength. If that doesn’t give it away, the yellow eyes and turning into a wolf three times a month might.

Elena’s kidnapper wants a taste, but he has some chick to answer to, one who wants nothing more than for her to be quiet.

Stefan doesn’t really care that Katherine is the enemy and wants them dead. If she can help get Elena, that’s all that matters to him. Bonnie suggests a smarter way. Slice open Jeremy and track Elena. The map his blood creates gives them a town 300 miles away. While Stefan and Jeremy argue who’s going to go save Elena, Bonnie starts bleeding from her nose.

Tyler confronts Caroline because he wants to know what’s happening to him, but she’s got bad news for him. She can kick his butt without even breaking a nail.

Jeremy may not have been allowed to go with Stefan, but Damon went in his place. So why? Is he just helping his brother, or is he trying to save the girl he loves, too?

As if the random nose bleeds weren’t weird enough, Bonnie gets another one, followed by a paper burning in her hand and then a collapse on the bed. She’ll be fine, so she says. Witchcraft has its limits. If she pushes too hard, she has to face these consequences.

Elena’s been brought to wherever she is with whoever she is with (Rose) because they’re running from Elijah, a vampire, or one of the vampires rather, the originals. Tired of running for 500 years, Rose and Trevor are using Elena to break themselves out of their old mess. Elena’s the key to breaking the curse. The moonstone binds the curse, but sacrifice is what breaks it, the blood of the doppelganger. In order to break the curse, Elena has to die. Well then. The mistake they made that has had them running ever since is trusting Katherine, the first Petrova doppelganger. Can’t make that same mistake again.

Not content just getting his butt kicked at school, Tyler goes to Caroline’s home to confront her again, with the idea in his mind that she’s a werewolf, too. The fangs say otherwise. She doesn’t want him to tell. Who’s he going to tell?

Elena finds a note on the couch from Bonnie that Stefan and Damon are on their way. Elijah arrives first, though. After he agrees to pardon Rose, she introduces him to Elena. Before he leaves with her, Elijah has one last piece of business, Trevor, the one who freed Katherine half a millenium ago. Off with his head. Although Elena wishes to negotiate, Elijah’s in no mood, so he rips off her necklace and gets her to spill the beans about where the moonstone is.

It’s at this point when blurs start running around them. Damon wants Rose to be quiet, and seeing as how Elijah just offed her best friend, she will oblige. Elena’s got a bottle, but that doesn’t do anything. Guns don’t work either. Tag teaming brothers who have each other’s backs are sufficient. With one brother down serving as a distraction, the other kills Elijah dead. Elena asks for Rose to just be let go.

Stefan says something he should have told his brother decades ago. He’s sorry.

Rose seeks out Stefan. Elijah may be dead, but this isn’t over. Perhaps she needs his help.

Damon’s going to say something to Elena just once. He loves her, but he doesn’t deserve her. Not that it matters because she has to forget what he just said anyway.

As for Elijah, he may have just had a coat rack jabbed through his heart, but it will take more than that to kill him.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 7

Damon trapped and killed Mason in The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 6, so now Katherine has a plan B: getting Matt to go after and be killed by Tyler.

The plan now is to kill Katherine. Sensible plan.

Katherine heads to the masquerade ball with straight hair. We know this. Straight hair = Elena. I’m surprised nobody in the town seems to know that yet. She reinforces her plan with Matt when she arrives.

Bonnie thinks maybe she knows Katherine’s witch friend. Perhaps she is mistaken, but regardless she got a weird vibe.

Stefan is not fooled by the straight hair at least. He agrees to a dance, though. This happy dancing doesn’t last long before Katherine stabs a girl in the back, literally.

Jeremy is sent as the messenger boy for Katherine. Meet Stefan and Damon at the edge of the lake by the woods. Caroline spills the beans. They’re trying to kill her. Shocker. It’s all… a trap. She’s just trying to lure Katherine into a room, one from which she can’t escape.

When Damon shoots Katherine from behind, there’s a little glitch. Elena starts to bleed from the same spot of her chest. Then her arm. These two brothers may want to consider not stabbing and shooting her sooner rather than later. In the nick of time, Jeremy runs in to stop them from killing her. They’re not the only ones with a witch on their side.

As planned, Matt gets into a brawl with Tyler. Good thing Caroline is there to knock Matt out before he gets himself killed. One punch and done. Matt’s not alone. Standing by, a girl named Sarah also attacks Tyler. Now her, her he accidentally knocks down and out. Uh, what’s up with Tyler’s eyes?

Bonnie knows who the other witch is, and she’s going to go find her. When she does that, they don’t get into any sort of brawl just yet, but she does sense the moonstone on Bonnie. Hand it over. You can trust her. And she does. With that, she promptly walks in to the room with Katherine and gives it to her, on the condition that her debt to her for saving her life is satisfied.

Stone in hand, Katherine falls to the ground and starts gasping for breath. Should have warned her that there was another witch involved. They’re related, by rumor. Her mother is the first cousin twice removed from the niece of Bonnie’s grams.

Caroline’s not surprised to find out that Tyler’s wound from the fight has healed already.

Katherine’s not dead, just trapped. Her warning for Damon is that Elena’s in danger and needs to be protected. He’ll protect her. While Katherine rots in hell. Then he seals her in.

A masked man comes up from behind and grabs Elena.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 6

Stefan came up with this theory in The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 5. If he drinks a little human/Elena blood every day, he’ll get strong enough to beat Katherine.

Jeremy goes to see the less than welcoming Damon. He warns him why Mason is in town, his search for the moonstone. According to legend, the werewolf part of the curse was sealed with the moonstone. Whatever sealed the curse… can be used to unseal the curse.

Liz’s plan is to pretend like her daughter doesn’t exist. For Caroline, she views this as no real change. Either way, her mom doesn’t care.

Mason runs into Stefan. He wasn’t expecting to see him there. Or anywhere. From now on, Mason will have to do his own dirty work, with the sheriff compelled into forgetting what she saw.

When Bonnie touches Mason, she sees Elena, kissing him. That’s not Elena she sees. It’s Katherine. The more bad news is that he got the moonstone from his nephew Tyler. Stefan decides to leave Damon alone with Bonnie, leading to a discussion about how she’s going to get over herself and help them defeat the bad guys. Returning to overhear this lack of playing nice, Stefan jumps in to offer input that he meant that as a question with a please on the end. She agrees to do her witchy thing of making Mason’s brain hurt, which she can do to anyone with a supernatural healing ability.

The moonstone is in a well, whatever that means. Although Bonnie’s vision doesn’t make much sense, that’s all she’s got. She’s not allowed to ask questions. After leaving Damon, suddenly things become clear to her. Does Caroline remember the old well from when they were kids?

Stefan jumps down into the well. That was a stupid idea. It’s full of vervain. This causes Elena to scream, which in turn Caroline hears, and then Bonnie goes to help as well. They lower Elena down to pull Stefan up out of the well, a bloody mess. While she’s down there, Elena finds the stone, after much drama about a run in with a snake.

Mason’s helping Katherine so that she can break the moon curse. This will make it so that he doesn’t have to turn any more, which Katherine wants because she loves him. Damon is all amused by this moron who’s just being used. Katherine will only rip his heart out. Damon can save him the time and do it for her. Kill or be killed.

Caroline and her mom have started to talk. They’re getting along a little bit now. Her request is to not take her memories away. She won’t tell, and won’t hurt her. Caroline would have to be stupid to listen to this, and she does not. While her mom may possibly leave her alone, she’s not going to trust the brothers.

After killing her boyfriend, Damon calls Katherine to provoke her. Following their call, Katherine calls Elena to chat. She suggested that the world would be a much better place if Jenna were dead, which has now culminated in Jenna stabbing herself, but they get her to the hospital in time.

Following this incident, Elena tells Stefan that they have to stop being selfish. It’s over. Again.

With the werewolf she needed now dead, Katherine has a plan B. She compels Matt to go after Tyler, and not stop until he’s been killed by him.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 5

Katherine tried to get Caroline in between Elena and Stefan in The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 4, failing miserably in the process. Elsewhere, Tyler found out that his family’s curse is triggered through death.

A friend of Mason’s thought he was cheating with his girlfriend, leading to a rumble in the parking lot. The ensuing battle resulted in Mason getting his powers. All it takes is any death at your hands, even an accident, such as a car wreck.

Elena and Stefan plan to continue pretending they’re angry with each other. But it’s only pretend. Honest.

Caroline’s mom has noticed that lately she seems… different. It’s the added paleness and craving for human blood.

Stefan would like to have a truce with Mason. Yeah, he’s heard that story before, when he spoke with Damon. It’s two against one, and it’s not a full moon. Might want to consider accepting playing nice.

Mason warns the sheriff that she has two vampires living right under her nose. One of them is Damon Salvatore, whom she considers a friend and an ally.

Jeremy’s been drawing some wolf pictures. Tyler is angry that his secret is out.

A little girl offers Damon some lemonade, containing vervain, with the sheriff within sight. If she needed proof that Damon’s a vampire, she just got it. Now it’s time for her to go to work, which frustratingly to Caroline means she lasted five whole minutes. This is enough to convince Stefan that they need to put Mason down, although he doesn’t like it.

The brothers head into the woods, where they’re promptly shot and drugged. While he would like to participate in the killing, Mason is dismissed by Liz. She’s there as the council, not the law, and he can’t be a party to this. As he’s leaving, he runs into Caroline and Elena. Caroline can take him. Wanna bet? Yeah, she does.

Once she’s done beating up Mason, Caroline heads off the find the brothers. Now she has a choice to make. Stop this murder and be found out, or flee and let it happen. Whatever her choice, Elena’s going down there. So she follows. Hi, mom.

This is a most unfortunate situation. Two deputies dead, and now what are they going to do about the sheriff? She’d like to be killed now. No such luck. Damon will honor their friendship, even if she won’t. His plan is to compel her once the vervain wears off, but whatever happens, she wants her daughter to be kept away from her.

Stefan has an idea. Drink a little human blood each day and build up a tolerance to it, thereby making himself strong enough to fight Katherine.

Tyler almost killed a girl, accidentally of course. For a split second, he wished she died. With that out of his system, he hands over the stone to his uncle.

After speaking to Damon, Elena has decided to be onboard with Stefan’s plan, so she cuts herself and will feed him her own blood.

Katherine’s not happy that Mason tried to kill Damon and Stefan, but she is happy that he has fulfilled her plan of finding the moonstone.

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