Big Brother 16 Episode 14

Caleb won the power of veto competition but took the quick cash instead, allowing Victoria to save herself in Big Brother 16 Episode 13. That leaves Brittany on the block against Donny, and I can’t imagine any amount of editing making it look like there’s a chance Donny will go home.

Donny is comforted by the fact that Derrick is telling him he’s safe. He knows that there are people controlling Cody’s decisions. It could be Derrick.

Frankie gets some very rare news from the outside world. The only other time I remember this happening was September 11 when they told the houseguests about the attack but only because Monica’s cousin worked at the towers. His grandfather died. Whatever their differences or game they are playing, the house comes together to support him.

The have nots have already been determined. The four laziest players in the game based on the activity trackers they are wearing are have nots: Nicole, Caleb, Christine, and Derrick.

Unlike Caleb, Hayden actually has a chance, and he finally gets a kiss from Nicole.

Jocasta: Brittany
Nicole: Brittany
Hayden: Brittany
Amber: Brittany
Derrick: Brittany
Caleb: Brittany
Christine: Brittany
Victoria: Brittany
Zach: Brittany
Frankie: Brittany

By a vote of 10-0, Brittany has been evicted from the Big Brother house. So concludes a rather meh week. At least she went out on a high note with that goal kicking penalty, but Brittany played a horrible game very early and was never able to regain any footing.

The HOH competition will involve country songs describing the competitions they have had this season. Christine eliminates Hayden and picks Donny and Jocasta to face off. Donny wins and chooses Frankie and Caleb. Frankie wins and selects Amber and Victoria. Amber wins and chooses Donny and Derrick. Derrick wins and chooses Zach and Nicole, and he’s the first to be smart enough to select who hasn’t gone yet rather than letting his targets be known to everyone. Zach wins and pits Amber against Christine. Christine wins and chooses Frankie and Derrick. Derrick hands it to Frankie. Zach beats Christine to become the other HOH. Once again, the Bomb Squad or whatever it’s called now reigns supreme.

Derrick says he wants Frankie to see a picture of his grandfather, and some things are bigger than the game. To whatever extent that may or may not be true, he’s just made a very low risk move that still gives him a heavy hand in the nominations while not getting any blood on his hands.

Team America’s next task is to get two people to have an argument at one of the ceremonies.

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