Big Brother Season 20 Episode 15

The house united together for a change to target Kaitlyn for eviction in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 14.

JC’s stray vote was a deliberate attempt to cause chaos, but he’s worried that Tyler may get blamed for it. Tyler’s certainly toward the top of the list of suspects because of his relationship with Kaitlyn. Nobody really wants to believe that, though. Scottie, however, he’s an easy person to blame. Level Six thinks that, but so does his own “alliance,” who don’t even really want anything to do with him other than let him vote with them.

For the HOH competition, they will slide to the other end and try to do so within exactly 8 seconds. Bayleigh has an impressive start of 8.08 seconds that’s going to be nearly impossible to beat. A few people come close, but it wasn’t going to happen. Bayleigh wins HOH.

It seems unlikely that anybody in the middle would be nominated. Level Six just helped get rid of the biggest target who is not on their side. Their only hope is that Scottie gets nominated. He’s someone everybody can agree on, but as long as he believes he’s on a side, he’ll be a number for that side.

Who’s quickly determined to not be a target? Tyler. This guy is always safe. Otherwise, Bayleigh is threatened by all the guys, obviously Brett, and then either JC or Scottie. Nobody will come to Scottie’s defense, but Fessy doesn’t want to see JC on the block, even as a pawn.

Bayleigh is also considering Rachel as a pawn, and after they complain about Scottie, to secure her loyalty for next week after she probably survives, she tells her about the power app.


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Big Brother Season 20 Episode 14

Fessy won the power of veto in a move that could spell the end of his game in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 13, and after repeatedly promising both of his closest allies that he would save them, he picked Haleigh over Kaitlyn, with Rockstar being chosen as the replacement nominee.

Fessy blames the elimination of Swaggy for him being a liar. Man up. You’re just digging yourself into a bigger hole by being so bad at lying. You chose Haleigh because you have a crush on her. You planned to choose her all along. Telling Kaitlyn otherwise is just mean.

Tyler wants to keep Kaitlyn in the house. He can control her. Sort of. Maybe. If he can get Level Five onboard, that will mean they just need one more vote to avoid a tie, again JC, who this time isn’t really interested. He’s more afraid of Kaitlyn than the completely non-threatening Rockstar. That said, since Rockstar can’t win anything, her odds of winning her way back into the house are probably slimmer. In no uncertain terms, Sam will not break a tie in Kaitlyn’s favor.

Haleigh wants to get rid of the bigger threat, Kaitlyn, and Fessy agrees to do whatever she wants. Some best friends. He tells Kaitlyn he’ll vote to keep her because that’s what she wants to hear. Surely by now she knows not to believe a word he is saying.

JC: Rockstar
Bayleigh: Kaitlyn
Haleigh: Kaitlyn
Faysal: Kaitlyn
Brett: Kaitlyn
Tyler: Kaitlyn
Angela: Kaitlyn
Kaycee: Kaitlyn
Rachel: Kaitlyn
Scottie: Kaitlyn

By a vote of 9-1, Kaitlyn has been evicted from the Big Brother house. So much for all the talk of getting rid of Rockstar. Perhaps somebody should have let JC in on the plan after convincing him to vote against what he originally wanted to do. Finally the other side of the house got their way. You just did their bidding for them, even if it was to get rid of a loose cannon, but it’s not like they have the numbers either way.

As the fourth person evicted, Kaitlyn has been granted the Bonus Life app, which will give her the chance to return to the game. That chance is in the form of a competition. She must take a puzzle apart and reassemble it. She must complete this task within 2.5 minutes.

Instead of completing the puzzle on the stand, she puts it on the ground. Then she starts crying about how she can’t lift it back on the stand. Uh, you have 30 seconds left. Pull it together instead of putting your head in your hands. She comes pretty close, but not close enough.

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Big Brother Season 20 Episode 13

Sam won HOH in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 12 and took a shot at two girls from the other side, Haleigh and Kaitlyn.

By nominating two weaker players, Sam reduces the risk that her power app would come back to bite her. One of them would get the chance to come back in the house, but they could either fail or at worst come back and still not be a threat. In theory, they will be thankful to her for giving themselves to fight their way back into the house, but that won’t work if she’s making things personal.

Rockstar obviously doesn’t support the way Sam talked to the nominees, but Kaycee doesn’t either.

Is Sam just trying to knock out the competition? Now she’s flirting with Fessy. Meanwhile, he is telling both of the nominees that he would pick them over the other. He’s begging to be chosen to play in the veto, but that would be dumb of him to win.

Sam chooses JC (houseguest’s choice). Kaitlyn chooses Rockstar at random. Haleigh chooses Fessy (houseguest’s choice).

Fessy reiterates to both Kaitlyn and Haleigh that he will save them.

The veto competition is to get into the chop bonk spank machine and answer questions about what they just experienced. Everybody gets the first question correct. Sam and Faysal get the second question correct. Everybody but Sam gets the third question correct. Everybody but Haleigh gets the fourth question correct. Everybody gets the fifth question correct. Faysal and Kaitlyn get the sixth question correct, putting them in first and second places. Kaitlyn claims she is throwing it, but it doesn’t matter because Faysal gets the seventh and final question correct to win the power of veto.

Winning was not necessary for him, though it doesn’t hurt. What may hurt is that repeatedly told both of them that he’s going to save them. Dumb. There is no reason for the person he doesn’t pick to trust him again.

Kaitlyn figures out he’s dumb enough to have promised both of them, and she is already talking to him like he didn’t choose her. That should convince him.

Veto Ceremony
Faysal uses the power of veto on Haleigh.
Rockstar is the replacement nominee.

She considered nominating JC as a pawn, but she lost her nerve at the last second and nominated the expendable Rockstar instead. He’s not happy that she even considered it, but he’ll get over it.

Sam said she would tell the two nominees about the power app, but she’ll go one better and just do it at the ceremony in front of everybody.

Kaitlyn’s been all over the place in this house, but Fessy just needlessly put himself at the top of her hit list. The showmance was kind of an obvious choice, but he didn’t need to lie over and over again.

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Big Brother Season 20 Episode 12

Scottie got what he wanted with the elimination of one of the bros in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 11, but Winston’s allies banded together to get rid of him, keeping the stronger player in the house.

Kaitlyn asks Tyler to swear on his father’s grave that he didn’t flip. His response is “I would never do that.” Never do what? He’s not lying because he didn’t actually answer the question.

We left off at the start of an endurance HOH competition with everybody trying to hold on to trees. Rockstar is the first to fall at 24 minutes. Fessy falls at 30 minutes. Brett is right behind, followed immediately by Baleigh. Angela and Rachel are next. Hayleigh falls at 49 minutes. JC is next. Kaitlyn falls just after the 1 hour mark, and Kaycee just wanted to beat her, jumping right after that. Tyler already knows he’s safe, but he makes a deal to make it look good. Sam wins HOH.

That’s complicated. Her power has turned into something that can backfire. It’s no longer an advantage when it doesn’t seem like it can help her at all. She needs to get rid of someone, knowing that they will have the chance to come back in the house.

The stray votes week after week are tearing apart the other side of the house. Level Six may have lost a number, but they’re still sticking together. Rockstar’s falling apart, and it doesn’t take much to get Kaitlyn to follow suit.

Sam warns everybody that she’s already got her mind made up, and she doesn’t want to talk about it.

Kaitlyn’s theory is that maybe nobody flipped. Sam must have a vote steal as her power. Somebody’s psychic powers are on the fritz. Tyler doesn’t even need to weasel his way out of this because they are fooling themselves.

Rockstar has moved past the depression stage. She now proceeds to make as much noise possible and make an ass out of herself. I don’t see this lasting, but it’s not doing her any favors.


Sam has some harsh words for the two nominees. She wants them to respect themselves more and not try to manipulate the guys.

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Big Brother Season 20 Episode 11

After Scottie’s veto win, he left his nominations the same in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 10, leaving Brett and Winston on the block.

The real question of the night isn’t which of those two is going to get voted of the house. The real question is whether Sam will use her bonus life on one of them. It may not be the best use of that power app, but it’s still a good use, likely the best she will get. Too much risk in tossing it to next week and automatically having that person get it.

Brett is far bigger physical and social threat. His allies consider that an asset, while his enemies see him as too much of a problem to keep around.

It takes six votes to evict. Tyler’s going to have to reveal his hand because Kaitlyn expects her to vote with him.

Kaitlyn: Brett
Rachel: Winston
Kaycee: Winston
Rockstar: Brett
Faysal: Brett
Bayleigh: Brett
Angela: Winston
Haleigh: Brett
JC: Winston
Tyler: Winston
Sam: Winston

By a vote of 6-5, Winston has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Once again the other side of the house is shocked by what they view as a stray vote. Immediately following the vote, Rockstar freaks out about Brett making yet another amusing speech, during which he said Rockstar told him she was flipping. Her excessive reaction is concern that someone may have actually believed his nonsensical speech. They know somebody flipped. Is she the one people trust least?

Julie reveals the specific vote to Winston. I guess that means Sam isn’t using her power on the guy who just threw her friendship bracelet on the ground and who wants to get back into the house and wreck that whole alliance who kept Brett instead. The way he’s behaving, he would not have been a good person to save after all. We’ve seen this from Winston before. Brett is the calm one. Winston’s a lot more emotional.

The HOH competition requires them to be the last person standing on their tree.

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Big Brother Season 20 Episode 10

Scottie’s HOH win forced him to pick a side in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 9, and he opted to go after the largest side, nominating bros Brett and Winston.

Brett is usually charming, but now he’s pissed off and loses his cool a bit when talking to Scottie. Not to be outdone, Winston doesn’t even sit down to chat. He threatens him and warns him to hope he’s gone because next week he’ll be seeking revenge.

Rachel suggests throwing Kaitlyn under the bus. Her fear is that otherwise herself or Angela will be the replacement nominee. It didn’t take long for Kaitlyn to go from hero to expendable.

Scottie selects Tyler at random to play in the veto competition. Brett picks Rachel. Winston selects Rockstar. The odds are pretty well stacked.

The veto competition requires them to spin 15 times, run across the yard, and stack glasses without letting their clock hit 0. Not exactly a competition that favors big buff guys, but who it does favor is unpredictable. Tyler has no interest in winning because he’s playing everybody, no matter that his alliance members are on the block. Brett is so close to the top and way ahead of anybody else, just a few glasses away, but his time runs out. He agrees to be a have not for a week to get a second chance. Scottie wins the power of veto and trip to Greece.

Scottie made his targets clear, and the way they behaved after nominations does not help. It seems unlikely that both bros will survive the week. They propose a final three with him, which nobody would suspect, and he would be foolish to actually go to the end with them, though riding them for a month or so wouldn’t be such a bad idea. It’s not like he has anybody else, no matter which side he thinks he’s on.

It doesn’t take much for Kaitlyn to get Scottie to admit their plans of getting rid of her instead. She had a vision, which Scottie is happy to confirm. It’s accurate. Not that any psychic powers were needed to see them having such a plan, but she is impressed by herself. Brett mocks her at the veto ceremony. She is not amused.

Veto Ceremony
Veto is not used.

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Big Brother Season 20 Episode 9

Swaggy C playing himself out of the house concluded in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 8, then Scottie went from pawn to potential power position with his HOH win.

Scottie still wants to work with the alliance he has sort of been working with, even though he knows he is at the bottom of their totem pole and didn’t vote with them in their futile attempt to save Swaggy.

Winston and Brett are inseparable and the strongest pair in the house. They hope that acting like idiots will deflect the concerns about them. Scottie has already decided to target them, no matter what anybody else says. It doesn’t help their case that Sam tells him the truth about what happened with the Steve vote, which they had tried lying about. Rather than coming clean, Winston doubles down on that lie. Brett at least is able to come in and charm him. He’s the more dangerous of the two.

The BB App Store opens one final time. Haleigh gets the crap app. I don’t understand the logic behind these crap app results for any week. Her choice is Read It, which will require her to put on a costume and read until she has read all of the book Hamlet.

Bayleigh wins the power app. What? How? What? I would think being tied to Swaggy would have alienated her from people, although I found it odd he never got the crap app. She chooses identity theft, which will allow her to make the nominations for one HOH at any point during the first half of the game.


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Big Brother Season 20 Episode 8

The plan fell into place in Big Brother 20 Episode 7. Scottie was removed with the power of veto for some reason, and the actual target, Swaggy C, was put on the block against Winston.

Kaitlyn is very upset after the veto ceremony. It’s not her alliance that is comforting her. Rather, it’s Brett, JC, and Tyler. Realizing that her whole game just blew up because she aligned with such an awful player, Bayleigh joins them to kiss up. Points for effort, which nobody else is making.

Swaggy’s plan to stay is to spend all week in Tyler’s ear. Yeah, that will work.

Level 6 has 5 votes because they left one of their own on the block in danger. The other side has 5 votes because they removed Scottie from the block. He is not showing any signs that removing him was helpful. That leaves JC and Sam as the potential swing votes, both of whom are very close to Level 6. Should be fairly safe.

Swaggy believes that Sam likes authentic, caring people. So he pretends to be one.

Bayleigh: Winston
Brett: Swaggy
Kaycee: Swaggy
Tyler: Swaggy
Rockstar: Winston
Haleigh: Winston
Faysal: Winston
Scottie: Swaggy
JC: Swaggy
Angela: Swaggy
Rachel: Swaggy
Sam: Swaggy

By a vote of 8-4, Swaggy C has been evicted from the Big Brother house. He played too hard too fast and too obviously. It almost worked. He may have been obnoxious in the process, but he certainly played the game. Despite wearing a Swaggy C T-shirt, Scottie sees the writing on the wall and joins the majority. Swaggy blames Haleigh for Scottie’s vote and refuses to hug her.

For the HOH competition, they will watch videos and then answer true or false questions about them. Kaycee is eliminated on the first question. Angela, Bayleigh, Tyler, JC, Haleigh, Winston, and Brett are eliminated on the second question. Sam is eliminated on the third question. Everybody gets the fourth question correct. Rockstar is eliminated on the fifth question. Faysal is eliminated on the sixth question. Both Scottie and Rachel get the seventh question correct and move to the tie breaker. Scottie was doing well with the memory test, but he has no clue on this random guess how long a competition was in seconds question. Luckily for him, Rachel provides an absurd answer of 12,500 seconds, which is over 3 hours. Scottie goes over, too, but not by such a ridiculous amount. Scottie wins HOH.

It’s not clear which side he’s on or for that matter if there really are sides any more seeing as the previously largest side has been decimated, but perhaps Tyler’s plan to save him, while risky, may pay dividends quicker than expected.

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