Big Brother Season 20 Episode 8

The plan fell into place in Big Brother 20 Episode 7. Scottie was removed with the power of veto for some reason, and the actual target, Swaggy C, was put on the block against Winston.

Kaitlyn is very upset after the veto ceremony. It’s not her alliance that is comforting her. Rather, it’s Brett, JC, and Tyler. Realizing that her whole game just blew up because she aligned with such an awful player, Bayleigh joins them to kiss up. Points for effort, which nobody else is making.

Swaggy’s plan to stay is to spend all week in Tyler’s ear. Yeah, that will work.

Level 6 has 5 votes because they left one of their own on the block in danger. The other side has 5 votes because they removed Scottie from the block. He is not showing any signs that removing him was helpful. That leaves JC and Sam as the potential swing votes, both of whom are very close to Level 6. Should be fairly safe.

Swaggy believes that Sam likes authentic, caring people. So he pretends to be one.

Bayleigh: Winston
Brett: Swaggy
Kaycee: Swaggy
Tyler: Swaggy
Rockstar: Winston
Haleigh: Winston
Faysal: Winston
Scottie: Swaggy
JC: Swaggy
Angela: Swaggy
Rachel: Swaggy
Sam: Swaggy

By a vote of 8-4, Swaggy C has been evicted from the Big Brother house. He played too hard too fast and too obviously. It almost worked. He may have been obnoxious in the process, but he certainly played the game. Despite wearing a Swaggy C T-shirt, Scottie sees the writing on the wall and joins the majority. Swaggy blames Haleigh for Scottie’s vote and refuses to hug her.

For the HOH competition, they will watch videos and then answer true or false questions about them. Kaycee is eliminated on the first question. Angela, Bayleigh, Tyler, JC, Haleigh, Winston, and Brett are eliminated on the second question. Sam is eliminated on the third question. Everybody gets the fourth question correct. Rockstar is eliminated on the fifth question. Faysal is eliminated on the sixth question. Both Scottie and Rachel get the seventh question correct and move to the tie breaker. Scottie was doing well with the memory test, but he has no clue on this random guess how long a competition was in seconds question. Luckily for him, Rachel provides an absurd answer of 12,500 seconds, which is over 3 hours. Scottie goes over, too, but not by such a ridiculous amount. Scottie wins HOH.

It’s not clear which side he’s on or for that matter if there really are sides any more seeing as the previously largest side has been decimated, but perhaps Tyler’s plan to save him, while risky, may pay dividends quicker than expected.

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