Big Brother 16 Winner

Caleb stupidly got himself eliminated, delusional to the end that Cody and Derrick were loyal to him, leaving a final three of Derrick Levassuer, Cody Calafiore, and Victoria Rafaeli.

Derrick has played the better game of the three. Nothing ever seemed to go his way, but it didn’t matter because whatever plan C he had to settle for worked out just as well. Everybody liked him, and he was never a target, not once being nominated.

Cody rode Derrick’s coattails. At the end of the day, he does not seem to have any chance unless he’s smart enough to drop him now and take Victoria.

Victoria is this season’s Cowboy, minus the relationships he managed to build. Anybody who takes her to the end should win unanimously.

The first part of the HOH competition is an endurance competition. They must hold on to a wall while being pelted most of the time with rain. Of course, Victoria is the first to fall. Derrick and Cody had planned to give Cody the win, but Derrick says he doesn’t know if he can beat Victoria in a mental competition. Oh come on now. Lie better. Derrick eventually reluctantly steps down.

Part two of the HOH competition requires them to match up the evictees and the people who were sitting up on the block against them. Derrick completes the challenge in 15:29 compared to Victoria’s 30:03.

Nobody in the jury house is surprised to see Caleb after he eliminated his only ally. Caleb continues to defend his stupid decision.

Dr. Will reveals Derrick’s game. He just had an alliance with everybody. And they all fell for it. That doesn’t necessarily make him a master manipulator.

As much as Derrick may have made friends and impressed people with his game, he’s not without his critics. Jocasta says he fake prayed with her, whatever that is, and Frankie talks about how Derrick claimed they bonded over the loss of their grandfathers.

Caleb and Jocasta claim they will vote for Victoria.

The final part of the final HOH competition is multiple guess fill in the blank.

Caleb said, “My favorite moment on the house was when I went on that amazing date with Amber.” Derrick is correct.

Frankie said, “The fatal error I made in the house was putting my faith in Beast Mode Coward.” Both are correct.

Christine said, “The houseguest who I think needs a reality check the most is Frankie. He only thinks about himself.” Both are correct.

Donny said, “The most annoying thing in the house was getting people to be quiet when it was my bed time.” Cody is correct.

Zach said, “The houseguest that made the worst nomination decision was me when I put up my own alliance member. What was I thinking?” Derrick is correct.

Nicole said, “The moment in the house that I’m afraid to have my friends and family see is kissing Hayden. So awkward.” Cody is correct.

Hayden said, “The most shocking moment in the house was Caleb took the $5,000 over the veto.” Both are incorrect.

Jocasta said, “Ranking my gameplay on a scale of 1-100, I give myself a 90, of course. A girl don’t go lower than that.” Both are incorrect.

The tiebreaker question is the number of seconds of the first part of the final HOH competition. Derrick says 3013; Cody says 3120. The correct answer is 3671. Cody wins HOH.

It would seem dumb for Cody to bring Derrick into the final two with him, but he seems pretty gungho on this deal they had.


Based on his diary room confessions, I’m not surprised. Like Caleb, he clearly values loyalty very highly.

Christine asks Derrick about how he sent everybody home, though he denied it while playing with them. He acknowledges playing a behind the scenes game.

Frankie tells Cody he’s the puppet, while Derrick is the puppetmaster.

Caleb asks whether Derrick manipulated them by using his family.

Hayden wants to know about Cody’s biggest strategic move that he made on his own. He has some answer about how he ran something by Derrick one week to flip the script.

Derrick thinks he should win based on never having been nominated, even with the double HOH twist.

Derrick tries to talk around Victoria’s question, but I think he admits that he was more loyal to his alliance than to her. Then he tells her she’s still his friend.

Cody seems to think that being nice to everybody should be enough to win. I’d buy that argument in other seasons, but Derrick is not unlikeable enough for it to work here. For the most part, this jury does not seem particularly bitter either.

Derrick admits he’s a cop, which does not surprise Frankie. His casting video reveals his strategy, which he stuck to very well.

Jocasta: Cody
Hayden: Derrick
Zach: Derrick
Donny: Cody
Nicole: Derrick
Christine: Derrick
Frankie: Derrick
Caleb: Derrick
Victoria: Derrick

The Big Brother 16 winner is Derrick. Cody just made a half a million dollar mistake. He had the chance to go against Victoria but decided to try to beat a stronger player instead.

The final prize is for America’s favorite houseguest. Why bother voting? We all know it’s Donny, who wins $25,000 with about half the votes. Zach and Nicole were the other two top vote getters.

Big Brother will be back again next year. Despite its fairly dull and predictable nature this year, the overall likeable cast managed to get people to tune in anyway and put up some pretty good ratings among adults 18-49.

Big Brother 16 Episode 38

Frankie was evicted in Big Brother 16 Episode 37 after the stupid button he was so excited to press backfired. Then Derrick won HOH.

Even on his way out, Frankie delusionally tried to convince the others that he single handedly will be the determining factor behind who wins the game. Apparently, he also has millions of followers. I’m pretty sure the jury have already made up their minds.

Victoria already knows she’s going on the block because she’s the professional pawn, and Caleb agrees that he doesn’t care if he is put on the block, not at all suspicious that Cody and Derrick are the real alliance. Of course, it really does not matter all that much because the veto winner is the person who will send someone home, unless Derrick wins.

Victoria & Caleb

The final veto competition of the season is the standard match evicted houseguests with two corresponding clues. Derrick has no interest in winning because he certainly does not want to be the one to tell anybody he won’t be saving them. We can count Victoria out as usual. It doesn’t even matter what the competition is to do that. This leaves the battle between Caleb and Cody. Caleb is likely fighting for his life, but he may be dumb enough to save Cody if he wins. Cody seems pretty confident he will win, while Caleb is pretty confident he won’t. That’s how it turns out, as Cody wins the power of veto.

Cody: Caleb

By a vote of 1-0, Caleb has been evicted from the Big Brother house. For whatever reason, before voting, Cody reveals his final two alliance with Derrick. I’m not sure Derrick’s hands are quite as clean as he may want now. Perhaps that’s why Cody did what he did.

Caleb’s parents say he believes strongly in loyalty, but they know he just made a dumb move (that he still defends) and stayed loyal a week too long, ironically by eliminating the person who would have been the most loyal to him, Frankie, who also eliminated the person most loyal to him, Zach. This has just been an ongoing theme of stupid… when they weren’t picking off the hapless girls. As much as I’d like to say Derrick is a strong player, much of his dominance comes from being surrounded by idiots.

The schedule is getting a shake up again. It’s almost like The Biggest Loser. Just stick it in whatever random time slot you can because something more important needs the better time.

The waste of time recap episode will air on Friday, the same night as the other John de Mol show Utopia, which last night I found watchable now that they have gotten rid of the convict. I think the editors have finally learned that people may respect conflict but don’t want it to come from deliberately pushing unstable people to get them to react violently. Too bad they have probably alienated half their potential audience with the first disastrous week.

Then the follow up episode with the finale will be on Wednesday after the 90 minute premiere of Survivor.

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Big Brother 16 Episode 37

Do over week started in Big Brother 16 Episode 36 with Caleb winning HOH and nominating Frankie because Derrick and Cody told him to do so.

Frankie knows Caleb’s attempt to explain his nominations is… lies. Eventually, it comes out that they think he may make a big move. A big move like he did not make last week when he was HOH and also held the power of veto. Cody and Derrick are upset that the finger has been pointed at them. The finger was supposed to be pointing only at Caleb.

Team America is over. Let’s hope a nail is put in the coffin of this stupid twist for the future. They do receive a final set of instructions. If they win the game, they will win an extra $50,000.

The veto competition is the mixed up faces competition from last week, which Frankie won with a time of 5:54. The only person who even came close was Derrick. The pictures are new, including one with six faces instead of three.

Cody barely beat Victoria last time, but he puts up a seemingly impressive time of 2:21. Caleb completely screws up on the second picture, forgetting to turn off the first set of names, so there is no way he is recovering. Victoria is about as competitive as you would expect from Victoria. Frankie quickly falls apart, and his hope to save himself is dashed on the second picture. Derrick comes close but not close enough. Cody wins the power of veto. That goes to show how important being able to study for a competition like this is. Of course, anybody smart would know that this competition is coming like it does every year.

It goes without saying that Cody does not use the veto.

Because Cody and Derrick are the only votes, Frankie’s only play is to tell them Caleb is his target. I don’t think they are going to fall for it, whether it is sincere or not.

Cody: Frankie
Derrick: Frankie

By a vote of 2-0, Frankie has been evicted from the Big Brother house. It’s hard to feel sorry for him since he did the same thing to Zach with seemingly less reason. He is probably the happiest evictee ever. I’m not sure how Caleb just helped himself by keeping that duo together along with a dud that everyone would love to go up against in the finals.

The final four HOH competition is before or after. Everybody gets the first and second questions correct. Victoria and Cody get the third question correct. Everybody gets the fourth question correct. Cody and Derrick are correct on the fifth and sixth questions. Derrick gets the seventh question correct, tying him for the lead with Cody. The tie breaker question is the number of seconds in the juror luxury competition. Julie needs an answer right now. Well, perhaps you should have given them chalkboards instead of making them flip and flip and flip numbers because I guess you are trying to promote football. In the end, Derrick wins HOH.

This works out perfectly for him. Just nominate Victoria and a “pawn”. He can’t get any blood on his hands because the veto winner is the one who has to decide who goes home.

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Big Brother 16 Episode 36

Unsurprisingly, last week was revealed to be a big stupid waste of when we learned in Big Brother 16 Episode 35 that the reset button meant that everything would be done all over again. We start off with the seed challenge that is exactly the challenge we watched last Sunday.

Frankie wants everything to be done exactly the same as it was last week. He’s alone in that thinking. Now they are talking about getting rid of him. Oh, this again?

We already know Victoria won’t win this challenge, but the other two have had one shot to practice playing it. The only difference here is that the rain is flowing a lot faster. Victoria falls out of it early. Cody and Caleb jump ahead of Frankie. Close to the end, Cody drops a seed. Caleb hangs on to win HOH.

Cody wants Caleb to be man enough to put Frankie on the block because he wants him out of the house. Perhaps he should have done better in the challenge then.

Caleb doesn’t want to put Frankie up on the block, knowing all week that he’s the target. He’s hoping Derrick will volunteer, and Derrick’s immediate response is that he now wants to get rid of Caleb. They try to convince him that Frankie will get rid of one of them, despite his HOH last week in which he targeted Victoria.

Victoria is still pretending she hates Derrick, which apparently they both think will help his game. I know she has no chance to win, but she’s been given a second lease on life in the BB house. Why is she still playing as she was last week when she was defeated?

The jury returns to make a mess out of the house, the one that already smells. Jury members will be participating in the luxury competition, and those remaining in the house will be able to bet on who wins.

Cody: Zach
Derrick: Donny
Victoria: Hayden
Cody: Nicole
Caleb: Jocasta

Nobody picks Christine.

Their reward will be $5,000, for both the jury member and their fellow houseguest. Donny thinks perhaps this will make up for the money that Frankie made them lose with the play. Of course, America would not have voted against with them if not for Donny’s plea and stupid plan, so that one turned out about as well as he made it.

Their task is to tear the house apart looking for knock out pucks, which they can use to get rid of fellow competitors. Jocasta eliminates Christine. Nicole goes after Zach. Then she targets Donny after debating about it for half a minute. Why are these people watching it yelling so much? Shut up already. Nicole then knocks out Jocasta. Hayden now has a choice to eliminate himself or not, and Nicole tells him to not be an idiot. Hayden and Victoria are the winners.

Frankie’s plea to Caleb is that he should not get rid of the biggest target because that makes him the next big target.

Victoria & Frankie

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Big Brother 16 Episode 35

Frankie won veto in Big Brother 16 Episode 34, allowing him to keep his nominations of Cody and Victoria the same.

Derrick has Victoria tell Frankie that he’s voting her out, complete with fake crying. Frankie falls for it. I don’t get how this helps her. Apparently, Victoria doesn’t care if she goes home, as long as Derrick wins.

For his birthday, Zach receives a new pink hat from the jury house. I guess the effects of Victoria’s destruction of her own property did not last very long.

Everybody is thrilled to see Christine. They blame her for getting them out, but they also blame Derrick for running the house, though in his case they don’t dislike him. Frankie is also getting a lot of credit. The other two aren’t mentioned.

It took us long enough to get to this point, but it seems pretty clear the boys have decided to stick together rather than making a big move.

But we won’t bother with that. The button countdown clock has finished counting down.

They will now start replaying the entire week. Well, that was a waste of time, more than usual. Everything will be done again, even the competitions. And Cody, he gets to wear the dinosaur costume.

The thing about this competition is that it was pretty close last time, especially between Caleb and Frankie. Cody was coming on strong at the end. Victoria lost by a longshot as usual.

After they wasted the first half hour or so of the night for no good reason, there is not going to be enough time to complete the HOH competition. Another 5 minutes, and this will be over. Looks like anybody’s game, except Victoria.

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Big Brother 16 Episode 34

Frankie won HOH and nominated Cody & Victoria in Big Brother 16 Episode 33, but all of this is just a waste of time anyway since the house opted to press the reset button.

Now we get a montage mocking Victoria, who has been a disaster both socially and competitively but nonetheless has still managed to stumble her way into the final five because nobody considers her a threat.

Caleb is going to be honest with Cody. I think we know where this is going. He acknowledges he did consider the possibility of getting rid of him. Well, then, I guess that makes Caleb the new target. It’s not like they can get rid of Frankie this week like they want.

All players will play in the veto competiton. I assume it’s the mixed up faces challenge. It is, and they are dressed like freaks (actual freaks). No doubt Victoria is going to lose because that’s what she does, but overall there is no indication how they are doing.

Cody – 12:14
Caleb – 8:39
Victoria – 17:18
Frankie – 5:54
Derrick – 6:17

Frankie wins the power of veto. I can’t see a reason why he would choose to get rid of Caleb over Cody, though he could in theory nominate either Caleb or Derrick and ensure that an actual threat goes home.

Team America has been pretty lame, but the missions keep on coming anyway. Their mission is to convince people that there is a rodent in the house and keep them up all night. Having just been made fun of by Jeff and Jordan for being slobs, they just finished spending hours cleaning the entire house, but people buy their story regardless.

The silly part about this is that you can’t “catch” a mouse/rat. You have to trap it. So Caleb makes a homemade trap. Then there’s Cody, who has seen too many cartoons and thinks rodents like cheese. In the end, the mission is accomplished because all they need to do is run around and freak out for a few hours.

For all his talk about all his power, Frankie unsurprisingly does not use the power of veto.

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Big Brother 16 Episode 33

During the double eviction in Big Brother 16 Episode 32, Nicole was evicted, then Christine followed right behind her.

Cody was perhaps the closest person to Christine in the house. Having heard the boos she received when she walked out the door is making him wonder.

Their challenge is to transfer seeds to a spade by walking back and forth on their seesaw shovel. If they fall or drop any seeds, they need to start over again. Frankie starts with the lead. Caleb is keeping close to him. Cody and Victoria are are out it pretty early. Victoria never recovers, but Cody starts to make a comeback. With just a few left, Caleb loses a single seed and has to restart. Frankie wins HOH. This was a pretty good competition for a change.

Having just won HOH, Frankie is one of the most vocal about going and pushing the stupid rewind button. Cody also strongly supports this. The others try to be the voices of reason, but eventually they decide as a group to push it. The result of pushing it is a countdown clock starts ticking.

They get a visit from Jeff and Jordan. The reason for this visit is so that Jeff can finally propose, presumably setting up a CBS wedding special. I think this show may have a better track record now than The Bachelor.

It’s all pointless anyway because this week does not count, but Frankie must now nominate at least one ally because they have finally run out of enough pawns. Granted, this is the guy who got rid of Zach and last week was the target, so he won’t be broken up about that.

Cody & Victoria

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Big Brother 16 Episode 32

Christine did something for a change, removing herself from the block after winning the veto in Big Brother 16 Episode 31. In her place, the only other female Victoria was nominated to go against the previously evicted Nicole. What, you thought it was going to be a guy? Expect the expected.

Caleb reveals to Frankie that he and the rest of the alliance brought up Frankie as a replacement. Cody receives the blame for this, of course. Nobody here is smart enough to blame Derrick, though between the two, Cody is just more vocal about things. So Frankie approaches Derrick, who blames Caleb, but says it was not really serious.

Christine: Nicole
Derrick: Nicole
Frankie: Nicole
Cody: Nicole

By a vote of 4-0, Nicole is evicted from the Big Brother house. She keeps going on about how they are being big babies getting rid of somebody who is not a threat, but she is neither predictable nor loyal to a single one of the guys.

Tonight is a double eviction night, so we head right into a true/false competition for HOH based on bleeped out words evicted houseguests have said. Derrick is the only person correct on the first question, and he wins HOH. He couldn’t have thrown that if he tried. That was among the most pitiful HOH competitions I have seen.

His target remains Frankie. Victoria is the obvious pawn, and he’s not about to show his hand by not nominating Christine alongside her.

Victoria & Christine

The veto competition will have them navigating a ball through three crop circle mazes. Frankie is the first one to advance to the second maze, but everybody is on his heels. Frankie retains the lead going into the final maze. Nobody is anywhere near him by this point. Frankie wins the power of veto. Derrick’s plan just went all to hell as usual. These people always seem to have these grand plans, but they end up settling for the boring and predictable result when it does not work.

It’s clear the veto won’t be used here because Caleb would be the replacement nominee. With Victoria not being an actual option, Christine will be heading to the jury house.

Frankie: Christine
Caleb: Christine
Cody: Christine

By a vote of 3-0, Christine has been evicted from the Big Brother house. She departs without saying a word to anyone and is greeted by boos.

Julie announces a twist. Big Brother Rewind. If the button is pressed, the entire week will be erased and replayed. Lame. Is there even a point to watching next week then?

Because of Thursday night football, the show will be moving to Sunday/Tuesday/Wednesday effective immediately.

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