Big Brother 14 Winner

Big Brother 14 Episode 29 was a complete waste of time and an insult to the intelligence of the audience, even by Big Brother standards. If you missed it, don’t worry. You did not miss anything of any substance. They didn’t even bother to reveal who won either of the first two parts of the three part HOH competition. Tonight, all three competitions, the final eviction, the jury scenes, and the voting will be crammed into one episode before either Dan Gheesling, Ian Terry, or Danielle Murphree will be crowned the Big Brother season 14 winner.

We start off with part 1 of the final HOH competition, the endurance round. They are on fishing hooks while being slammed against a wall in the rain. 15 minutes before the eviction, Dan made a deal with Ian to throw this part of the competition. The reason? He tells Danielle about the deal before the competition so she can see she really can be stupid enough to trust him again. As planned, poorly dressed in shorts and a t-shirt (for this notoriously freezing competition), Ian drops at 17 minutes. Now it’s time to talk Danielle into dropping, which she does. As endurance competitions go, this was not one of them, only being surpassed in its brevity by the year Janelle got distracted and fell after 3 seconds after Boogie hopped down at the opening bell.

Dan tells us he wants to take Danielle to the final two. Perhaps she really can trust him, if for no other reason than he wants to go against someone who hasn’t done anything all season.

The second part of the competition is the Big Brother skyscraper. They’ll have to clean the pictures of eliminated houseguests and place them in the correct order. I’m not sure who this favors. It doesn’t play to either of their strengths. Ian has the better memory, but they should both know the eviction order. Neither is in particularly good shape. Danielle finished in 7:31. Ian finished in 6:04, and he wins.

With Ian having pulled off the win, it’s time for plan B. Dan and Danielle stage a fight. Ian’s anger at Dan for celebrating and telling him right in front of Danielle that he just won $50k is quickly overshadowed by Danielle’s threats that she’ll taint the jury against him.

Next part of the plan: convince Ian to throw yet another part of this competition. After all, she can’t be angry with him if he’s not the one voting her out.

Ian has support within the jury because he made some tough decisions, but Jenn calls him a rat and a snitch. The jury is nearly unanimous that Danielle had it easy. As for Dan, he’s been aggressive, perhaps too aggressive, giving him full control of the house for the past few weeks.

Now the third part of the final HOH competition, the 50/50 multiple guess based on jury statements portion.

Ashley said, “My favorite moment in the house was… when I went on an ice cream date with Frank.” Both are correct.

Joe said, “My biggest regret in the game was… my 10 alliances.” Both are correct.

Britney said, “The most embarrassing moment in the house for me was… when one of my players seriously told me that she had bartered cigarettes for a vote.” Ian is correct to take the lead.

Frank said, “The moment in the house that irritated me the most was… being on the block every week.” Ian is correct again.

Jenn said, “The most uncomfortable moment in the house was… the Frank and Willie fight outside.” Ian is correct again and is the final HOH. He says he won by guessing.

I can’t think of a logical reason why Ian would choose to go against Dan in the final two. Nonetheless, he honors his Renegade alliance, and Danielle has been evicted from the Big Brother house.

The first jury question is for Ian. Did he make his own decisions, or did he just go along with the group? He says he made his own decisions. Dan disagrees, but it’s not his question.

Dan’s first question is about lying and backstabbing. Did he cross the line when he swore on the bible or his wedding ring? Idiots. I can see an argument for him crossing the line, but surely it was not there that he did it. He realizes there may have been an alternate path, but he was already up to his elbows in blood and has to go to confession anyway.

Jenn doesn’t respect snitches.

Joe asks about Dan only winning one HOH. Memo to those who aren’t paying attention: winning competitions isn’t everything. In fact, it can be downright stupid. Win when you need to, not every time. If you have to win every time, you’re doing something wrong. Frank can attest to that. Dan’s strategy was simple. Stab everybody in the back.

Ian says he deserves to win over Dan because he took his fate into his own hands, switching alliances rather than sticking with his original alliance.

Dan says he deserves to win because Ian didn’t form any alliance like he claims. He was dragged upstairs on a dog leash into an already existing foursome.

Ian was unaware of Dan’s final two deal with Danielle, presenting one last opportunity for Danielle’s shocked face.

Ian highlights his competition wins. Then he talks about Dan having lost more lives in this game. Huh? Dan has backstabbed everybody.

Dan agrees. He was ruthless. At the end of the day, he wants the jury to vote for who played the game.

So the jury has a clear decision. Do they vote for the person who played the best game, or do they vote personally against someone they’re mad at? Both sides of the coin are not lacking representation in the jury’s comments tonight.

During this Q&A session, Ian has been growing increasingly hostile and bitter toward Dan. He has finally learned something. Dan never had any intention of taking him to the final two. Like everybody else, Dan duped and outplayed him, and he bought it right up until the end.

Janelle was amazed by Dan and the fact that these people were too foolish to eliminate him. Wil would like them to take responsibility for falling for his lies.

Danielle: Dan
Shane: Ian
Jenn: Ian
Joe: Ian
Frank: Ian
Britney: Ian
Ashley: Ian

By a vote of 6-1, Ian is the Big Brother 14 winner. I agree with Janelle. This is a travesty. It’s not that Ian didn’t play a good game. Dan’s just better. Granted, some of the lies Dan told were just simply unnecessary. It seemed as if he was just trying to make big moves for the sake of proving he could. He seemed to make an extra effort to amp up the jury’s bitterness to the highest level since Danielle lost Big Brother 3. What a boring season it would have been without him, though. At least Danielle didn’t win, and considering the composition of the jury, she had a good chance if she were up against Dan, as Frank, Joe, and Shane in particular were such big babies they never would have written down Dan’s name.

The winner of the $25,000 prize for America’s player is Frank. Really?

Big Brother 14 Episode 29

Danielle gave Dan all the power in Big Brother 14 Episode 28, and he used it to get rid of Shane, surprising her, Shane, and nobody else.

With the CBS primetime lineup officially starting at 7:30 now, you’d think they would be able to get it done on time. Nope, still behind by about 8 minutes.

After getting rid of Shane, Dan says he’s worried that now’s the time to start working on votes. Since the jury house already consists of 6 of its 7 members, it’s a little late to start worrying about that.

Meanwhile, Danielle’s whining about the fact that Dan just screwed her over for about the fourth time, which would not have happened if she did not allow it to happen. She’s actually talking tough for a change, though, telling us she’ll get revenge on him. Perhaps she’s not believing his lie that he’s willing to hand her half a million dollars any more.

We’ll be able to get a little bit of new content tonight, but its purpose is primarily a season recap.

After an hour of recaps (and after the DVR recordings have run over), we finally get to something new. The first part of the three part HOH competition. The first part is an endurance competition. Their challenge is to ride a fishing pole on which they will be dunked under water then smashed into a wall.

And that’s where we leave off. Lame. They had an hour to get through this, and it’s not like we don’t already know the results. To find out who wins the first two parts of the HOH competition, check out the BB14 spoilers.

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Big Brother 14 Episode 28

Jenn was evicted in Big Brother 14 Episode 27, then Danielle won HOH.

The veto holder is the one with the true power. Unless that person is the HOH, whoever wins the veto will cast the sole vote to evict.

Ian is under the impression that it’s 2 against 2. What he fails to realize is that Dan has deals with everyone in the house and for that matter has had deals with the majority of the house for weeks, including more than one he’s sent packing.

Rather than forcing Danielle to choose, Dan tells her to go ahead and nominate him alongside Ian. His hope is that Shane will feel comfortable and will be willing to do whatever she wants, and what she wants will be whatever Dan tells her.

Shane is safe.
Dan and Ian have been nominated for eviction.

We now take our first trip to the jury house. They all seem to have received the hint that Dan’s going to win, though they’re not all happy about it. Britney respects that he’s playing a great game, but Frank’s particularly bitter.

At the veto competition, they must match clues about the season with the houseguests. Each houseguest will be linked to two clues. Ian is the first one to buzz in. He thinks he must have missed a question or two. Or seven. Shane’s first attempt is no more successful. Ian narrows it down to 3 wrong. Then he makes things worse. On Danielle’s first attempt, she only has 2 wrong. Dan’s doing just as badly as the other guys. Fixing her mistake, Danielle wins the power of veto.

Danielle should keep things the same, though Dan hopes to convince her to use the veto on him. If they’re smart, they’ll get rid of Dan, but it doesn’t seem like they will be. In either case, whoever doesn’t go home is the odds on favorite to win.

Dan lets Danielle know he doesn’t trust Shane. In turn, Shane’s clearly the more trustworthy of the two, so if her goal is to keep Shane safe, giving Dan the power is not the smart way to do that.

I’m not sure I understand why Dan would want to compete in the finals against Ian rather than Shane, but it all comes down to the fact that he has final two deals with Danielle and Ian but not with Shane.

At the veto ceremony, Danielle uses the power of veto to save Dan. Shane is the only person who can be his replacement nominee.

With the veto around his neck, Dan is the only person who will be casting a vote tonight. By a vote of 1-0, Shane has been evicted from the Big Brother house. It may be a scum move, but at the end of the day, Dan just won even more points with the jury members voting for who’s playing the best game. The only question is whether the game is too unnecessarily aggressive, just making big moves for the sake of making big moves.

Danielle’s angry that Dan broke her trust. Again. She has nobody to blame but herself. Shane would have done as she pleased. Dan has proved repeatedly he’s in it for himself. To be fair to him, though, he may have screwed her over a lot, but he has ultimately been a driving force at carrying her forward without directly harming her (emotional distress notwithstanding).

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Big Brother 14 Episode 27

Ian won HOH in Big Brother 14 Episode 26 and proceeded to nominate Jenn and Shane. Tonight will be a special eviction night.

With Shane nominated again, Dan, who passed up an easy shot at him last time, has decided that now he still wants to get rid of him.

Danielle says she thinks Shane’s playing her. He’s kissed you twice all season. If he’s playing you, he’s doing a bad job of it. I think Ian’s had more action than she has.

The veto competition requires them to solve a puzzle within 20 seconds, and if they fail to solve it, the board demagnetizes, so they’ll have to fly back and forth between platforms to reset the clock. So the question is whether this is more puzzle or physical. Seeing as Ian’s doing so terribly, the answer seems to be physical. With Frank out of the house, that bodes well for Shane. Ian ends up getting disqualified because his clock runs out a second time after his puzzle is demagnetized, giving him the opportunity to give hints to Shane. Shane wins the power of veto.

Veto winner Shane is allowed to select one person to bring on a luxury reward, and he picks Danielle. They get to leave the house and meet and watch the gold medal US Olympics women’s gymnastics team. Strangely, this seems to have nothing to do with either CBS or a movie they’re trying to promote. Apparently they’re just making the money from the tour’s sponsors. In what is essentially their first date, I think Shane may have just sealed the deal. One of the most critical decisions of the season may well be whether Danielle chooses Shane or Dan, which is precisely why Dan should have gotten rid of him when he had the chance.

At the veto ceremony, Shane removes himself from the block. In Shane’s place, Ian nominates Danielle. His rationale is that he doesn’t want a couple to have both the votes. Is anyone buying this?

Shane: Jenn
Dan: Jenn

By a vote of 2-0, Jenn has been evicted from the Big Brother house. When she gets out of the house, she jumps at the chance to eat peanutbutter and jelly, the punishment have nots used to suffer before this stupid slop nonsense.

A fairly lame alliance with the lamest alliance name ever, minus Britney, survives to the end. Not for lack of trying to turn on each other, though. Just for lack of trying to turn on each other well.

The HOH competition is a series of true or false questions based on photographs of competitions they saw earlier in the day. Everyone gets the first question right. Everyone gets the second question right. Shane and Danielle get the third question right. Shane and Dan get the fourth question right. Danielle and Dan get the fifth question right to make it a three way tie again. Danielle and Dan get the sixth question right. Everyone gets the final question right. Dan and Danielle participate in the tiebreaker question. Dan is off by 42 seconds, but he goes over. Danielle, who is off by over 7 minutes, wins HOH.

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Big Brother 14 Episode 26

Two players who have spent most of the season on the block were finally eliminated in Big Brother 14 Episode 25, as Frank and Joe were both evicted.

Ian says he had to get rid of Frank because he was his biggest threat to winning the game. I’d say Dan’s the biggest threat, only none of these people can see it.

With Frank out the door, Jenn will be retaining her alliance with Dan and Danielle. Even though it was a fake alliance, it’s not like she has any other choice.

Going back to Thursday, it’s revealed that Dan’s actual target may have been Ian. Lucky for Ian this was a live show, meaning a quick and easy to film veto, which in this scenario was a puzzle, the first and likely only veto tailor made to him.

After Ian’s safety was assured, Dan came up with another plan. Target Shane. That fell through, too, as Dan trusts Danielle’s word that he’ll keep him safe. Maybe he will keep Dan safe. But not above her.

Of course, the result of this is that Danielle was the pawn, something she was not expecting. It’s not like anybody will vote her out anyway. Nobody considers her a player. A side effect of this is that Jenn feels lied to as well, but she’s in Danielle’s same boat. She may have been manipulated into making a big move, but she’s only slightly more threatening than Joe was. That said, Ian’s angry that she stayed over Joe, since Jenn’s stronger than Joe, who was both the weakest and most unpredictable link.

Now Dan’s worried. He tried to get rid of Ian and failed, a plan that was revealed to everyone in the house other than Ian. Once Dan’s done talking to Danielle about how worried he is, she immediately tells Shane that he was going to be a nominee.

The HOH competition is a trip down memory lane. They will be asked a series of questions and must get their balls in the numbers based on the day those events happened. For every day they are off, they will receive a penalty point. The player with the fewest penalty points will win.

The first event happened on day 36. Shane knew the answer but is unable to land his ball properly. Ian, however, is spot on. Danielle is off by 13 days, an indication she will not be a factor in this competition. Jenn does better, receiving 3 penalty points. On the second question, Ian receives 1 penalty point, Jenn has a perfect shot, and Shane scores another 2 penalty points. Jenn is way off on the next question, so she joins Danielle in not being a factor. Shane gets 2 penalty points for a total of 6, but Ian’s off by 6 for a total of 7. Shane gets another 3 penalty points for a total of 9, and Ian retakes the lead with a total of 8.

In the final round, Shane forgets that he was the first person to use the power of veto (on himself). Ian remembers this, but because he’s 6 points off anyway, they end up tied. In the tiebreaker, after begging God (who’s a big reality TV fan), Ian wins HOH.

Jenn’s one obvious nominee. The other one has to be a Quack Pack member no matter what. Now it’s just a question of which one. Does Ian target Dan to hide their final two alliance, which he still wishes to keep intact despite the fact that Dan just nominated him? What’s up with Ian sticking to alliances that screw him? Or does he go after the physical threat, Shane, who after a first few weeks of being a big target all of a sudden landed on easy street when the attention shifted toward bigger threats (this is the reason why he needed to keep the targets in the house, rather than eliminate them like he wanted)?

Ian is once again greeted by Pandora’s box, which worked out well for him last time. The TV screen promises a message from someone who loves him. That could potentially be about $100,000 for every minute of video, but it’s a risk Ian’s willing to take. He’s been duped. It’s not a messsage from his parents. Rather, it’s a message from Rachel, last year’s winner. She suggests the most important thing to win the game is think about Brendon. The other houseguests receive messages from their loved ones instead. Between Jessie and now Rachel, Pandora’s box isn’t even seeming all that scary, just annoying.

Danielle is safe.
Dan is safe.
Jenn and Shane have been nominated for eviction.

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Big Brother 14 Episode 25

After Dan won the power of veto in Big Brother 14 Episode 24, he saved Jenn just for show, pitting Joe against Frank on the block. Tonight is another double eviction night.

Frank’s sixth nomination of the season is looking like his last. Trusting Dan seems to have come back to bite him in the butt, but I’m not sure it really matters because Frank was going to be a target regardless, as usual.

Dan is under the impression he’s added Jenn as an ally. Wonder how she’ll feel when you get rid of her biggest ally. The only potentially useful emotion she’ll feel is solitude, as the concept of trust has to be off the table.

Dan’s main concern, which he accidentally expresses to Frank, is Joe winning HOH. Joe’s the only person he doesn’t have a deal to the end with, and nobody else seems to want to get rid of Dan no matter how much of a threat he is. It would take a miracle, but in this show any idiot can win some of these competitions. Joe tells him he’d nominate Shane and Danielle because you have to break up that couple (of sorts), but the reality is he’d put up Dan and whoever’s on his side.

30 minutes later, Joe starts repeating the conversation he just had to Dan. He thinks he’s talking to Shane. Lucky for him, Dan tells him who he’s talking to before he gets very far. If Dan just let him talk, he could have gotten the real scoop.

Dan: Frank
Danielle: Frank
Jenn: Joe
Shane: Frank

By a vote of 3-1, Frank has been evicted from the Big Brother house. He departs quickly, saying goodbye only to Jenn.

The HOH competition is about quotes from contestants when they were on the block. Jenn is the only person to get the first question right. Jenn, Dan, and Danielle get the second question right. Everybody but Jenn gets the third question right. Jenn, Dan, and Danielle score a point again. And again. And again. Nobody gets the last question right, so we go to a tiebreaker question about how many minutes Jodi was in the house. 481. All she went through to get here for just over 8 hours in the house. As Jenn and Danielle guess less than half that, Dan wins HOH.

Joe’s not even going to wait. He’ll just take a seat in one of the red chairs. The second nomination is more interesting. Ian has been nominated alongside Joe. Presumably Joe is the target. He’s not exactly anybody that needs to be sent packing, but his lack of allegiance to anyone other than Shane is serving as his undoing.

The veto competition is a maze. Ian wins the power of veto.

Ian pulls himself off the block. Dan nominates Danielle in his place. I did not see that coming, but it really shouldn’t matter.

Shane: Joe
Jenn: Joe
Ian: Joe

By a vote of 3-0, Joe has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Now people can run their TV at full volume during the diary room sessions.

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Big Brother 14 Episode 24

In the typical shift of power that happens every week, Ian became HOH in Big Brother 14 Episode 23 and nominated Frank and Jenn.

Ian warns Joe that if Jenn or Frank come off the block, he will be the replacement nominee. He made a deal to keep Shane and Danielle safe. Not that Shane was exactly in a position to bargain. You say no, and he falls minutes later. Because he intends to keep that deal, he simply does not have any other options than Joe. What about Dan, the guy who ratted you out last week?

Dan does not have any interest in upholding either his alliance with Frank or their final two deal. As Dan does, so does Danielle, not that she needs any encouragement to get rid of Frank.

Ian selects Dan to participate in the veto competition at random. Frank selects Danielle. Jenn selects Joe. This leaves Shane on the sidelines.

Frank seems to have reluctantly but foolishly agreed to throw the competition to Dan. Though the odds of Dan winning a competition don’t seem particularly good, consider who he’s up against.

Otev is back as an alien. They’ll have to search for corn cobs containing the answer to a riddle. This dumb luck is anybody’s game. Fumbling her way toward the mat, Danielle is eliminated first. Ian is eliminated next. Joe is the third one out. Jenn is out fourth.

During the time before the final round, Frank declines to throw the competition to Dan. It would have been smarter to just say he’s going to throw it. Perhaps then Dan would not try too hard. This is an easy one to throw, too, though winning it is not so easy because it’s just about being the first person to accidentally stumble on something. Dan doesn’t know the correct answer, so he’s just going to grab an ear of corn and hope one of his two guesses is correct. Dan narrowly outruns Frank to win the power of veto.

After the competition, Dan makes another final two deal, this time with Ian. That makes three.

Though Dan and Frank don’t want to consider pulling Frank off the block, that won’t prevent it from being raised. Ian suggests saving Frank as a possible option, but it takes about two seconds for Dan to convince him Jenn should come off the block.

At the veto ceremony, Dan pulls Jenn off the block. Ian nominates Joe as the replacement nominee. Dan says he just sealed Frank’s fate without having to get any blood on his hands. What about when you vote to evict him?

Frank’s the clear target here because nobody wants him to be against in the end, which is why they have been trying to get rid of him every single week. On the other side of the coin, Joe’s merely a vote, only useful if he’s on your side (like Shane), and he can’t win anything, including the end game.

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Big Brother 14 Episode 23

Dan’s plan successfully concluded in Big Brother 14 Episode 22 with Britney’s eviction.

We left off at the start of an endurance competition for HOH. Joe was the first one eliminated at 2 minutes during the commercial break. His punishment is 24 hours of hula hoop boot camp during which he’ll have to hula on command until the music stops. Jenn fell at the end of the live show at 5 minutes.

Ian, whose best friend was brutally stabbed in the back by Dan, still trusts him and wants to reform the Quack Pack, which unanimously voted to get rid of Britney. I guess he has no choice, though, since the other side of the house wants nothing to do with him. This puts Dan, who should be the biggest target in the house, in the position of being the safest person because he has allies in power no matter who wins. Not much need for the winner to be him, then.

Danielle drops at 34 minutes. Dan follows at 42 minutes. Bad news for Frank and Jenn. Though the two who remain are supposedly in an alliance, neither is ready to drop. A struggling Shane asks everybody else for time to talk with Ian alone. After receiving assurance he and Danielle are safe, Shane drops after 1 hour and 56 minutes. Ian wins HOH. How conveniently predictable of BB.

Having sworn on the bible, his wedding ring, and his dead grandfather’s chain that he’s going to the final two with Frank, Dan now heads back to his former team. Does anybody in reality TV actually believe it when someone swears on something? You can just about guarantee they’re going to do the opposite.

Unsurprisingly, Shane and Danielle have not kissed since the pirate ship, during which he agreed to kiss her as incentive to get her to win HOH and keep him safe.

Ian’s mind seems pretty well made up. Frank and Jenn are going to be nominated. He says he’s considering getting rid of Joe, a loose cannon who nobody really trusts, but who at the same time serves as no threat socially, strategically, or in any competition of any sort.

Tempting fate, Ian decides to open Pandora’s box. Everything under the Christmas tree is his to keep, while the rest of the house gets the punishment. Yes, Jesse is back. In addition to talking about how great he is, he takes all their sweets.

Shane is safe.
Danielle is safe.
Joe is safe.
Dan is safe.
Frank and Jenn have been nominated for eviction.

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