Big Brother 14 Winner

Big Brother 14 Episode 29 was a complete waste of time and an insult to the intelligence of the audience, even by Big Brother standards. If you missed it, don’t worry. You did not miss anything of any substance. They didn’t even bother to reveal who won either of the first two parts of the three part HOH competition. Tonight, all three competitions, the final eviction, the jury scenes, and the voting will be crammed into one episode before either Dan Gheesling, Ian Terry, or Danielle Murphree will be crowned the Big Brother season 14 winner.

We start off with part 1 of the final HOH competition, the endurance round. They are on fishing hooks while being slammed against a wall in the rain. 15 minutes before the eviction, Dan made a deal with Ian to throw this part of the competition. The reason? He tells Danielle about the deal before the competition so she can see she really can be stupid enough to trust him again. As planned, poorly dressed in shorts and a t-shirt (for this notoriously freezing competition), Ian drops at 17 minutes. Now it’s time to talk Danielle into dropping, which she does. As endurance competitions go, this was not one of them, only being surpassed in its brevity by the year Janelle got distracted and fell after 3 seconds after Boogie hopped down at the opening bell.

Dan tells us he wants to take Danielle to the final two. Perhaps she really can trust him, if for no other reason than he wants to go against someone who hasn’t done anything all season.

The second part of the competition is the Big Brother skyscraper. They’ll have to clean the pictures of eliminated houseguests and place them in the correct order. I’m not sure who this favors. It doesn’t play to either of their strengths. Ian has the better memory, but they should both know the eviction order. Neither is in particularly good shape. Danielle finished in 7:31. Ian finished in 6:04, and he wins.

With Ian having pulled off the win, it’s time for plan B. Dan and Danielle stage a fight. Ian’s anger at Dan for celebrating and telling him right in front of Danielle that he just won $50k is quickly overshadowed by Danielle’s threats that she’ll taint the jury against him.

Next part of the plan: convince Ian to throw yet another part of this competition. After all, she can’t be angry with him if he’s not the one voting her out.

Ian has support within the jury because he made some tough decisions, but Jenn calls him a rat and a snitch. The jury is nearly unanimous that Danielle had it easy. As for Dan, he’s been aggressive, perhaps too aggressive, giving him full control of the house for the past few weeks.

Now the third part of the final HOH competition, the 50/50 multiple guess based on jury statements portion.

Ashley said, “My favorite moment in the house was… when I went on an ice cream date with Frank.” Both are correct.

Joe said, “My biggest regret in the game was… my 10 alliances.” Both are correct.

Britney said, “The most embarrassing moment in the house for me was… when one of my players seriously told me that she had bartered cigarettes for a vote.” Ian is correct to take the lead.

Frank said, “The moment in the house that irritated me the most was… being on the block every week.” Ian is correct again.

Jenn said, “The most uncomfortable moment in the house was… the Frank and Willie fight outside.” Ian is correct again and is the final HOH. He says he won by guessing.

I can’t think of a logical reason why Ian would choose to go against Dan in the final two. Nonetheless, he honors his Renegade alliance, and Danielle has been evicted from the Big Brother house.

The first jury question is for Ian. Did he make his own decisions, or did he just go along with the group? He says he made his own decisions. Dan disagrees, but it’s not his question.

Dan’s first question is about lying and backstabbing. Did he cross the line when he swore on the bible or his wedding ring? Idiots. I can see an argument for him crossing the line, but surely it was not there that he did it. He realizes there may have been an alternate path, but he was already up to his elbows in blood and has to go to confession anyway.

Jenn doesn’t respect snitches.

Joe asks about Dan only winning one HOH. Memo to those who aren’t paying attention: winning competitions isn’t everything. In fact, it can be downright stupid. Win when you need to, not every time. If you have to win every time, you’re doing something wrong. Frank can attest to that. Dan’s strategy was simple. Stab everybody in the back.

Ian says he deserves to win over Dan because he took his fate into his own hands, switching alliances rather than sticking with his original alliance.

Dan says he deserves to win because Ian didn’t form any alliance like he claims. He was dragged upstairs on a dog leash into an already existing foursome.

Ian was unaware of Dan’s final two deal with Danielle, presenting one last opportunity for Danielle’s shocked face.

Ian highlights his competition wins. Then he talks about Dan having lost more lives in this game. Huh? Dan has backstabbed everybody.

Dan agrees. He was ruthless. At the end of the day, he wants the jury to vote for who played the game.

So the jury has a clear decision. Do they vote for the person who played the best game, or do they vote personally against someone they’re mad at? Both sides of the coin are not lacking representation in the jury’s comments tonight.

During this Q&A session, Ian has been growing increasingly hostile and bitter toward Dan. He has finally learned something. Dan never had any intention of taking him to the final two. Like everybody else, Dan duped and outplayed him, and he bought it right up until the end.

Janelle was amazed by Dan and the fact that these people were too foolish to eliminate him. Wil would like them to take responsibility for falling for his lies.

Danielle: Dan
Shane: Ian
Jenn: Ian
Joe: Ian
Frank: Ian
Britney: Ian
Ashley: Ian

By a vote of 6-1, Ian is the Big Brother 14 winner. I agree with Janelle. This is a travesty. It’s not that Ian didn’t play a good game. Dan’s just better. Granted, some of the lies Dan told were just simply unnecessary. It seemed as if he was just trying to make big moves for the sake of proving he could. He seemed to make an extra effort to amp up the jury’s bitterness to the highest level since Danielle lost Big Brother 3. What a boring season it would have been without him, though. At least Danielle didn’t win, and considering the composition of the jury, she had a good chance if she were up against Dan, as Frank, Joe, and Shane in particular were such big babies they never would have written down Dan’s name.

The winner of the $25,000 prize for America’s player is Frank. Really?

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