Survivor: David Vs. Goliath Episode 12

Having somehow been dubbed the godfather, Carl ended up being eliminated in Survivor: David Vs. Goliath Episode 11.

Nick regrets saving Christian and burning all their advantages now that he’s flipped on them.

For the reward challenge, they will be divided into pairs who will race under an obstacle to gather balls to toss on a beam. Having dragged behind everybody else, Nick and Angelina get lucky and unlock their balls first, but they can’t untie them before everybody else starts shooting. Davie is the first to land a ball. Nick scores. Angelina scores, bringing herself and Nick the win. Reward is a BBQ with loved ones. They choose Davie to join them because he and Nick promised each other that a long time ago. Angelina chooses Mike.

The four who end up on the reward discuss a final four. That seems to sound good to everybody. Except Davie. They’ve all been together with each other for a long time, so he feels on the outside of such an alliance.

Wanting to prove she’s not Christian’s sidekick who constantly needs his emotional support, Gabby now leads the charge to blindside Christian. Oh yes, that plan again, now from a different mouth.

For the immunity challenge, they will balance on a perch holding a pole connected to a bucket. Mike is first to drop. After 5 minutes, they move to the next more difficult phase. Gabby fails to make the transition. Alison drops. Then Angelina. The others last another 10 minutes to move to the next phase. Those on the bench start coaching Nick but refuse to do the same for Christian when asked. Nick drops. Christian follows. Davie is next. Kara wins immunity.

Christian’s target is Alison. He’s alone there.

Gabby approaches Nick about getting rid of Christian. That works for Nick. He’s saved Christian. Twice. After the last vote, their alliance is dead.

Davie has other plans. He wants someone weak to be eliminated. Christian is a good shield. That makes Gabby a target, so he approaches Christian to warn him that Gabby and Nick are after him.

At least Christian would like to try to repair the bridge with Nick, hoping to save his idol for another night.

Before Jeff reads the votes, Christian asks for a second to think. Then he looks around to read the crowd. Then he plays his idol.

Christian (does not count)
Christian (does not count)
Christian (does not count)
Christian (does not count)
Christian (does not count)

With 2 votes, Gabby has been voted off the island. They split the vote just enough to take out Christian’s former sidekick, though at the end of the day, nobody had Christian’s back. This is the second time Christian has had the most votes but been saved. The people who saved him last time are getting burned by that choice, though they did eliminate someone expendable.

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