Big Brother 17 Winner

Vanessa has basically controlled the game from the beginning, as her game theory overcame her emotions. Still, Liz can’t be overlooked, considering she has been in a dominant alliance that none of the other idiots in the house targeted for months. And Steve has been… in the house with them.

There was an episode on Sunday night, which I didn’t bother watching because literally nothing happened. We begin tonight with the first part of the final HOH competition, an endurance competition in which they must swing on apples. Steve is the first to fall. Then Vanessa seemingly easily talks Liz into dropping, promising her she’ll take her to the final two.

Steve was hoping for a puzzle, and it looks like that’s exactly what he got for part two. They are greeted by a giant crossword puzzle using clues from this season. As it’s a giant puzzle, there is also a bit of a physical aspect to it of climbing up and down.

Steve – 28:27
Liz – 31:11

It’s pretty close, but there is no surprise that Steve has won the puzzle challenge against Liz.

Dr. Will is back to chat with the jury. Austin offers to cut his ponytail and beard if Vanessa comes in. Can he do it anyway? And then he whines and whines and whines. He’s not alone. He’s just the most bitter.

John calls Steve a rat, and Julia refers to him as cowardly.

When asked why Liz should win this game, John has a simple answer: she shouldn’t. Liz, of course, has two guaranteed votes no matter what, and she has some other big fans as well.

Now for the final part of the final HOH competition, 50/50 guess to fill in jury member quotes.

Shelli said, “My favorite moment was winning HOH. Duh.” Steve gets a point.

Jackie said, “The most annoying thing about the house was the constant paranoia.” Both are incorrect.

Becky said, “The biggest lie told this summer was everything that came out of Audrey’s mouth.” Both get a point.

Meg said, “The houseguest who I think needs a reality check the most is Clay. Who gives up a half million dollars for a girl?” Both get a point.

James said, “The strongest competitor was Johnny Mac.” Both are incorrect.

Julia said, “The person whose gameplay I respected the most was Austin because he’s been watching the show since season 1.” Both get a point.

Austin said, “The most embarrassing moment for me was Zingbot telling me I stink.” Vanessa gets a point.

John said, “The best thing about being in the house was not having to drill people’s nasty teeth.” Steve gets a point.

By answering the final question correctly, Steve wins, for lack of a better term.

I don’t see how Steve has a shot here either way. I think his best hope is that he takes Vanessa and there are too many bitter people, but he does not see it that way. He compliments Vanessa, calling her the strongest female player ever, then he votes to evict her. My vote is for Danielle from season 3, but his sentiment is not wrong. Vanessa outplayed all of them. She says she wouldn’t have taken him either, so it’s not like she can hold it against them for breaking their final two deal that neither of them ever really intended to honor.

John wants to know why he’s wrong in thinking that Steve relied on him and Vanessa. He points to splitting up the twins, as well as getting rid of Jackie.

Becky asks what strategy was Liz’s and not from Austin. She doesn’t really have an answer.

James asks about Steve floating through half the game. He disagrees, saying he was not floating but building layers of protection.

A similar question for Liz to the one she already tried to answer: what was her biggest game move, other than winning competitions? She aligned with strong people.

And then Steve basically gets the same question he already got, too. Really, they could have just asked them one question each, and we’d be at the same point but in less time.

Liz says she deserves to win because she came in with a huge disadvantage of having a twin, which in theory should be true, but in actuality it ended up being what got her this far.

In his concluding statement, Steve says he just got rid of the strongest player in the game. I think that’s a more harmful statement than helpful, even if he’s not wrong, but by this point what they say doesn’t matter.

Vanessa: Liz
John: Steve
Austin: Liz
Julia: Liz
James: Steve
Meg: Steve
Becky: Steve
Jackie: Steve
Shelli: Steve

By a vote of 6-3, the Big Brother 17 winner is Steve. I didn’t see that coming. Steve is the more likeable of the two, but his game was underwhelming for about 3 months, although he did peak at the right time, just as Liz fizzled. Perhaps that’s the point. Liz spent the summer building relationships with a select few, going after the other side of the house, which now makes up most of the jury.

James, John, and Jason are the top three vote getters for America’s vote. James wins the $25,000 prize.

Big Brother 17 Episode 38

Vanessa finally got rid of Austin in Big Brother 17 Episode 37 as an accidental backdoor. Then Steve became HOH because he added wrong.

Vanessa’s crying again after the eviction. Liz doesn’t care and hates everybody, but she’ll work with Vanessa because it’s not like the other two want anything to do with her. That seems to be the motto of everyone. Work with Vanessa because there is no other choice. Until she screws you over because she controls every vote.


Weird. I guess it doesn’t really matter since the veto holder controls the eviction but still. Weird. Obviously, Steve’s target is not John, but he does want to get rid of Vanessa.

Even when he gets to the jury house, Austin is still bitter. This isn’t going away. He refuses to acknowledge that the person who beat him has outplayed him. It’s not very long until finale night, so I’m guessing he’ll still be a baby then.

Brendon and Rachel are pregnant. I’m not sure how many people care, but this show is probably more successful at showmances than The Bachelor.

Why is Beast Mode Cowboy back? The veto competition requires them to press buttons a bunch of times to answer questions based on numbers. After two strikes, they are out. Liz is last on the first question and then the second question, and she has been eliminated. Steve is unable to answer the third question and the fourth, and he is eliminated. John has been killing it so far, but Vanessa beats him on the next question and then again. Vanessa wins the power of veto.

The right person won, and the end game threat is clear. John is good fun, but he can’t really point to anything he’s done, despite two chances. Liz has to go. Of course, the problem with that is that Vanessa would risk sending yet another bitter person to the jury, who is both a twin and part of a showmance, which means 3 votes. That is exactly the reason why they should not have dragged that trio this far. Even letting the second twin come into the house in the first place was seriously risky.

Vanessa uses the power of veto on herself. Liz is the only possible replacement nominee, and Vanessa has the sole vote.

Vanessa: John

The positive in this for Vanessa is that Steve and John both want to get rid of her or at least keep each other, whereas with Liz she might have a shot of being brought to the finals. So though this is not the wise move as far as who she can beat, it may be smarter as far as who would bring her to the end.

Due to football, there will not be a show tomorrow, but there will be one last Sunday night episode before the finale, which will contain a single part of the HOH competition and mass amounts of time wasting.

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Big Brother 17 Episode 37

Vanessa won HOH in Big Brother 17 Episode 36 and nominated Steve and John, keeping the showmance safe.

Tonight is a surprise eviction episode for the houseguests. It’s a surprise to me, too. I should pay more attention to Julie’s rambling.

John gets the vibe that he’s out of the club, and he offers throwing veto to Austin and Liz. Interesting. Seems kind of dumb. But interesting. I guess if he has nothing to lose, perhaps it’s worth rolling the dice and seeing what happens. Austin immediately tells Vanessa.

The veto competition is a promo for a new CBS show. They have to construct puzzles on magnetic boards while crossing back and forth on a balance beam, avoiding taking too much time to prevent their pieces from falling. John says he only wants to win if Steve is getting close to winning, which is a real possibility since it’s a puzzle, though balance isn’t his strong suit.

Losing track of time, Vanessa is out almost immediately. Austin’s not a factor. Like I said, it’s a puzzle. Realizing that it’s a very close race between Liz and Steve, John decides to win.

Vanessa never wanted to send Steve home, but either she needs to do that or break up the showmance. They will never vote against each other, which is exactly why they need to be broken apart. John probably won’t vote against Steve either, but at least in that case there’s a chance for John to be convinced. If John votes to keep Steve, that would force Vanessa to break the tie.

Steve asks to talk. Vanessa wants to be alone. Yet she wants to talk to Austin.

John uses the power of veto on himself. Austin has been nominated.

Vanessa talks with John. They make a deal. Perhaps this is less fake than the last deal they had. Vanessa now thinks she should get rid of Austin. John then goes on about keeping Austin just to tick Vanessa off. Highly illogical and unlikely but good for show.

Liz: Steve
John: Austin

Since the votes are tied, the HOH must decide who goes home. Vanessa votes to evict Austin. He probably would have been better off if Liz had gone home last week instead of Julia because this was the perfect excuse to get rid of him. He leaves warning Vanessa that she can’t win the game now that she has made yet another big move. I can sense we may have a bitter jury member on our hands.

The HOH competition requires them to guess bleeped out words based on what houseguests have said throughout the season. These are so lamely open to guessing, as the words could easily be multiple things. Of course, CBS wants us to think they are dirty.

Everybody gets the first and second questions correct. Steve gets the third question correct. Everybody gets the fourth question correct. John gets the fifth question correct. Everybody gets the sixth question incorrect. John and Steve get the final question correct. Liz has been eliminated, and the other two will participate in a tiebreaker. The answer is about 2800. Steve guesses a seemingly ridiculous 601, forgetting a 0. John guesses a much closer 3600, but he’s over. Steve wins HOH.

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Big Brother 17 Episode 36

Austin and the twins were finally put in danger after way too long, but they still managed to get what they wanted in Big Brother 17 Episode 35 when the house voted out Julia, the one who has no chance of winning the game.

Of all the competitions that you would think might favor Austin, moving eggs through a fence would not be one of them, but he’s leading this one at the start. That doesn’t last long. Vanessa takes the lead at 3. John is about even with them. Liz is not even a factor. By the time Vanessa gets her sixth egg, Liz gives up and goes for the luxury prize. John makes things interesting, but Vanessa retains a lead for almost the entire time and wins HOH.

Vanessa finds out that everybody was promising everybody else they would be safe. She’s even surprised to find that John made a deal with Austin, the one she told him to make but now has forgotten, which Austin lies about existing.

Vanessa had an alliance with John, but she claims that isn’t an alliance, not really. Granted, she had an alliance with Liz an Austin for much longer. She makes basically the worst deal ever with Austin, receiving a promise to vote out John this week and to try to win the HOH competition next week. Yeah, he’s really going out of his way there.

Liz’s luxury prize is an Ariana Grande concert with her brother Frankie. I don’t imagine this is Austin’s kind of music anyway, and he points to Vanessa as the person Liz should take with her.

Realizing that he may be going on the block anyway, John tries reverse psychology, telling Vanessa to go ahead and nominate him and Steve if she wants.


Given the two pairs she had to choose from, I don’t get how she views Steve and John as the greater danger.

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Big Brother 17 Episode 35

After Vanessa twisted the knife some more, Austin won the power of veto in Big Brother 17 Episode 34, and by removing himself from the block, he put both twins Julia and Liz in danger of going home.

It should go without saying that Liz is going home. There is not a good reason to keep her. She has won too many competitions and is in a showmance.

Vanessa offers a deal to keep Liz. She is not nominated next week or at least if she must be due to the veto, she won’t go home. She can decide who goes home next week if it’s between Steve and John. And they will take her to the end. They agree, but she can’t really think they are serious, right? She’s asking for way too much. It’s a fair request considering what she is offering in return, but it’s still way too much. The fact that she has to drive such a hard bargain also suggests a lack of trust.

The one logical point Vanessa makes is that Julia’s a great person to take to the final two, much better than she is, so removing Liz removes a shield.

Austin: Julia
Vanessa: Julia
John: Julia

By a vote of 3-0, Julia has been evicted from the Big Brother house. I don’t get it. They did keep a target around, but they also kept a dominant showmance that can still wipe them all out.

The HOH competition is the egg transporting challenge, which this time has them moving eggs overhead.

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Big Brother 17 Episode 34

After Steve won HOH, he finally did what should have happened many weeks before Big Brother 17 Episode 33. He nominated Austin and Liz.

Now that we are down to 6, everybody will participate in the veto competition. Oh, and Jessie is back again for some reason, wearing a tutu. Their challenge is to bowl, releasing the gates in their way for 15 seconds by spinning 15 times.

Liz beats Steve in the first face off. Julia chooses to challenge Austin. Huh? Either way, that works out for everybody else, including Vanessa who seems to have planted the seed in her mind. Then Vanessa starts telling Liz to pick Austin, too, and Austin’s paranoid that the whole house is out to get him. Austin beats Julia. John chooses Liz now that Vanessa has stirred up all this drama with Austin, and he wins easily. Vanessa selects Austin, who feels betrayed again, and shuts her out.

That leaves John against Austin, who tells John that he really wants it. Oh, you want to save yourself and put both twins in danger? No problem. John will be happy to oblige. Austin wins the power of veto, celebrating by warning everyone that Judas is here.

Vanessa says that the twins are coming at her like she played them. She kind of did. But she has a point. An Austin win means Julia’s going on the block. What other choice is there?

The aftermath of this is much arguing. Nobody trusts anybody. Even the showmance is under strain, as Liz realizes Austin is no Clay, who sacrificed himself (some would say foolishly) so Shelli could stay and then promptly follow him out the door. Austin’s not helping his case by saying things like “I ruined my life for you.”

Meanwhile, though he doesn’t want to get involved in this drama, Steve starts telling us that he’s afraid of Vanessa and maybe should take her out. This is believable. Sure, Vanessa is super dangerous and realistically the odds on favorite to win, but you can’t leave a trio in the house at this stage, whether they have been arguing or not.

Austin uses the power of veto on himself. In his place, Julia is nominated.

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Big Brother 17 Episode 33

During the double eviction in Big Brother 17 Episode 32, Meg and James were both eliminated, completing the removal of their alliance from the game.

There’s all this talk about how the twins made a mistake last week when they got rid of James, which may have some truth to it, but I can’t imagine wouldn’t be gunning for Austin and the twins as well. We’ve been dancing around this large alliance long enough. It’s silly they have even gotten this far.

Austin discusses throwing the HOH and just letting one of the twins take the fall, which is going to have to happen if he wants to get to the final two anyway, but he is not ready to do that just yet.

Their challenge is to watch a series of pictures going by in decreasing speed and identify which houseguest’s picture is not shown, then arrange a puzzle showing that person’s face. A puzzle challenge seems to play very well to Steve’s and John’s strengths.

Not realizing she’s missing pieces, Vanessa does not finish the first puzzle and is eliminated. Austin is the next one eliminated. Julia is the third person eliminated. John wants to play next week and lets Steve win HOH.

Steve wants to be able to say he made a big move, but this forces him to pick a side and possibly become a target. I’m not sure a win here against his closest ally was a smart decision.

Austin promises Steve that he won’t nominate him. He’s heard that story before. The twins know something is up with Austin. He’s just trying to save himself. Of course, they will do the same when the time comes.

Steve is set on nominating the twins, but Vanessa’s mind is always working. He needs to keep the weakest of the three off the block so that Austin doesn’t win veto and remove Liz, then the two of them control the vote. That would mean nominating the showmance instead, which is a greater risk to Steve playing nice with Austin. John agrees, but further proposes that they get rid of Austin so that Vanessa’s ties to the other side are cut. Of course, she’s closer to the twins than either John or Steve, so I’m not sure what that really accomplishes, although it does take out a big physical threat.

Prior to the nomination ceremony, Steve warns Austin what he plans to do.


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Big Brother 17 Episode 32

After James won the power of veto, Vanessa’s plan was ruined in Big Brother 17 Episode 31, and she had to nominate Julia against Meg.

Julia is not as good a target as Liz, but the opportunity to get rid of a twin is huge. Obviously, Austin and Liz will vote to keep her. That leaves it up to John and Steve, Vanessa’s newest allies who are probably better for than anyone else she was working with previously.

John and Vanessa promise each other final two. It’s an alliance of convenience but not the one most people would suspect.

Liz: Meg
James: Julia
Steve: Meg
John: Meg
Austin: Meg

By a vote of 4-1, Meg has been evicted from the Big Brother house. All of a sudden, James is all alone. Vanessa got her way, but I’m not sure it was the smart move to leave an alliance that consists of a showmance and a set of twins and makes up half the houseguests remaining.

And now we head to the second eviction of the night.

The HOH competition requires them to view photos and then answer true or false questions. Everyone gets the first question correct. James and Steve are eliminated on the next question. Austin and John are eliminated next. Liz and Julia are both correct on the next question and the next one and the one after that. Liz answers the next question correctly to win HOH.

It goes 100% without saying that Austin and the twins are safe for another week. This is getting more and more dangerous as the numbers dwindle.


The veto comeptition provides them with two ball rolls on a boomerang-shaped platform that has numbers on the opposite side. Steve scores 0 both times. John does as well. This is starting to look stupid. Austin scores 6 and then 9. Liz scores 15 and 0. Julia scores 13 and 4 to take the lead. James scores 0 and then 0 again. Julia wins the power of veto.

Keeping her sister’s nominations the same, Julia does not use the power of veto.

Austin: James
Julia: James
Vanessa: James
Steve: James

By a vote of 4-0, James has been evicted from the Big Brother house. I thought Austin and the twins were going to get rid of John again instead. Little do they know this leaves another alliance of three up against them. Possibly. If someone decides to target them for once.

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