Survivor: David Vs. Goliath Episode 13

Christian was again saved by an idol in Survivor: David Vs. Goliath Episode 12, leaving his closest ally who tried to turn on him so she could prove a point Gabby as the casualty.

Christian says he’s suspected Nick’s motives for quite a bit because he’s not really being honest. He’s not being honest? He isn’t the one who started this.

Nick finds the idol in front of Angelina, Christian, and Mike. It’s fake. Davie doesn’t believe his ploy… much. He continues to search.

For the reward challenge, they will be tied to ropes and must maneuver through obstacles to make their way to toss bags at blocks. Reward is a helicopter ride for lunch. Davie is first to start tossing, but he hasn’t left himself enough rope to get to more than a couple of his bags when he has to retrieve them to throw again. Angelina’s even worse off, unable to reach anything. Ditto for Kara. It comes down to a battle between Nick and Davie. Davie wins reward.

He chooses Nick to go with him, repaying him for choosing him on the family visit. Angelina complains that they both chose him. Would have been easier to say that he picked the person who almost just beat him. Does anyone have a final plea? Yes, Angelina does. She got the rice for them by giving up the immunity that she never would have won. So Davie’s second choice is Kara.

When they are alone, Davie warns Kara that Nick has two idols. Upon her return to camp, Kara warns Alison. Her plan was to keep Mike and Angelina in the dark. Kara has no such plan, promptly telling Mike.

Davie’s still not done searching, despite his belief that Nick may have actually found a second idol. He does not find an idol, but he does find an advantage. Also known as an idol. This idol is only good at the next Tribal Council, unless he is willing to risk his next vote. He’s got 50/50 odds. He chooses not to partake, taking guaranteed safety for next time (unless he wants to waste it again, saving someone who he now cannot get rid of) but also keeping his vote.

For the immunity challenge, they will stand on a narrow perch while balancing balls on a wooden disc. Everybody survives to the second round and a second ball. Kara and Angelina drop. Davie drops, and Christian follows. Nick drops. Alison and Mike move to the third round. Mike wins immunity.

Christian was the target who almost everybody tried to get rid of, but so far we have heard plans to target Nick and now Alison. Mike would like to revisit the Christian plan.

Nick comes clean to Davie. He only has one idol. With that honesty, Davie no longer wants to get rid of Nick, someone who’s proving trustworthy.

There’s a problem with that. He already told everybody that he wants to get rid of Nick. That’s the part that Mike tells him because that’s the only part anyone knows. Now Nick’s against Davie. I don’t think that’s what he wanted, but perhaps if Mike splinters the vote enough, he can still get rid of Christian.

Davie plays his idol for himself. Nick also plays an idol, the fake one he made. He played the fake one to get a read on them. So then he plays his real idol for himself.

Davie (does not count)
Davie (does not count)

With 3 votes, Christian has been voted off the island. He was the biggest threat to win. I don’t get why Alison is such a big target. Meanwhile, Davie was forced to burn his idol, and Nick wasted his, though his name was coming up an awful lot. Interesting strategy he used to fish up reactions, but obviously he misread them.

Mike and Alison ended up going after Davie. Davie and Christian went for Alison. The deciding votes were Angelina, Kara, and Nick for Christian.

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