Miley Cyrus Dating Underwear Model Justin Gaston?

Miley Cyrus was seen on Saturday morning at a church service with Justin Gaston from Nashville Star. Rumor has it that the 15-year-old Disney starlet who plays Hannah Montana is now dating Gaston, a 20-year-old underwear model.

Quite the change from Nick Jonas.

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Shakira Sex Tape?

Shakira in a sex tape? Why not? All the cool kids are doing it. According to AOL Latino Musica, a homemade tape could involve Shakira in a threesome with her boyfriend Antonio de la Rua and singer/songwriter Alejandro Sanz.

The tape is said to be held by prosecutors in the case against Carlos Gonzalez and his wife Alzate, ex-employees of Sanz who are accused of extortion against him.

Publicists for both Sanz and Shakira have denied that a tape exists.

Javier Ceriani, host of Zona Cero, said that, according to the prosecutor, “if some of this tape’s content would be made public, it could seriously threaten the singer and couple’s private life”.

Paris Hilton Searching for New BFF

Paris Hilton has signed on with MTV to do a new reality show tentatively titled Paris Hilton’s My New BFF (best friend forever for those of you who don’t speak teenage girl), reports Variety. The show will feature 20 potential new best friends competing to prove they have what it takes to hang with Paris Hilton.

MTV has ordered 10 episodes of the show, which will air during the fourth quarter of 2008.

Britney Spears’ Family Upset by Dr. Phil

Britney Spears’ family responded to Dr. Phil’s claims that she needs an intervention (as if it were some big secret).

“Here you have Britney, who needs to have some security somewhere that every single thing she does and every single person she has a relationship with doesn’t become an opportunity to be exploited,” said Lou Taylor, the family’s business manager. “I mean, when do you ever rest if you’re in constant fear of being exploited, of being taken advantage of?”

The family believes Dr. Phil acted inappropriately because as a doctor, he should have honored her privacy, even though he’s not actually her doctor.

Britney Spears Lawyers Quit

Britney Spears’ lawyers have finally realized what the rest of us realized long ago: they have no prayer of winning. TMZ reports that her law firm Trope and Trope has filed papers asking to withdraw their representation of her in the case with K-Fed.

Tara Scott of Trope and Trope wrote in the request, “There has been a breakdown in communications between [Britney] and Trope and Trope making further representation of her interests impossible.”

Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens Caught Drinking

By the time High School Musical 3 comes out, there will certainly be no shortage of scandals surrounding its cast, although I don’t think this particular one will have the mileage the nude photo scandal did. According to Fox News via BuddyTV, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, who may or may not be dating this week, were seen at Lola’s in Hollywood, where they were sipping martinis and cuddling. They’re not overly young any more but are still shy of being 21. Zac is 20; Vanessa just turned 19. While I’d hope they would show a bit more discretion (perhaps that’s expecting too much), at least they’re not drinking and driving like half the celebrities their age.

Jamie Lynn’s Boyfriend Not the Father?

Over the past couple weeks since Jamie Lynn Spears revealed she’s pregnant at age 16, she’s been the subject of much gossip, but this story if true has the potential to propel her to Britney levels. According to Star Magazine via Showbiz Spy, Casey Aldridge may not be the father of the baby after all.

Friends have said they were no longer dating, and “two separate Spears family insiders” believe the real father is an executive on her TV show Zoey 101. The reason behind claiming Casey is the father, they say, is that the actual father would be charged with statutory rape, something that was (foolishly) discussed as a possibility for Casey before we found out he was just slightly less than two years older than she is.

“Casey is being paid off to be the family’s fall guy while the real father remains unidentified,” says Star magazine.

“In Hollywood, little girls grow up fast, and she is no exception,” one of the sources said. “With everything that has gone on in her family, she needed someone to look up to… But the man she found seems to have completely taken advantage of her.”

Another source added, “Some of us have doubts as to the legitimacy of the claim that Casey is the father… Before the news of the pregnancy, how often did you see them together?”