The Amazing Race 25 Episode 4

Posted by Shane on Friday, October 17, 2014 at 8:55 pm

Unable to obtain correct directions from the place all people go to ask for help (a bar), Michael & Scott were eliminated in The Amazing Race 25 Episode 3.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Misti & Jim - 10:36AM
Second: Adam & Bethany - 11:45AM
Third: Keith & Whitney - 11:53AM
Fourth: Shelley & Nici
Fifth: Amy & Maya
Sixth: Brooke & Robbie
Seventh: Kym & Alli
Eighth: Tim & Te Jay

Teams must now travel via a 13 hour ferry ride to Copenhagen, Denmark. All teams are on the same ferry ride several hours later, but then there’s a race for the best flight.

First flight (arrives 2:00PM): Kym & Alli
Second flight (arrives 4:00PM): Jim & Misti
Third flight (arrives 5:10PM): Adam & Bethany, Keith & Whitney, Amy & Maya, Brooke & Robbie
Fourth flight (arrives 5:35PM): Tim & Te Jay
Fifth flight (arrives 6:20PM): Shelley & Nici

Jim & Misti manage to score some pretty good seats, but somehow Kym & Alli leapfrog them by a couple of hours. For two of the teams, flight delays push them behind the rest of hte pack.

From Denmark, they will now drive 20 miles across a bridge to Sweden. Somehow, they even manage to turn this drive into a Ford commercial, assigning an extra (very small) task to those who do not drive fuel efficiently.

The detour is a choice between parking space or wedding cake. In parking space, teams must set up a streetscape (apparently, people create an environment to sit in parking spaces) within half an hour. In wedding cake, teams must create a traditional wedding cake and delivery it to a restaurant on bicycle.

Wedding cake: Kym & Alli, Brooke & Robbie, Adam & Bethany, Jim & Misti (switched from parking space)
Parking space: Amy & Maya, Tim & Te Jay, Shelley & Nici, Keith & Whitney (switched from wedding cake)

The wedding cake task seems like the better one if for no other reason than a restart of a half an hour task because you use up the whole half hour would be problematic, though the cake task has the similar issue of potentially dropping the cake, except that is not a set half an hour.

Jim & Misti fail on a simple issue of attention to detail that allows other teams to start passing them. There are 7 petals on their flower pot instead of 8 (had they turned it around, they would have been correct). On the other task, Adam & Bethany struggle to balance the cake.

The road block is to be a waiter (or as Robbie calls himself, waitress), memorizing the ingredients from four sandwiches and relaying that to the chef. This hardly seems like a task that could make much difference.

Road block (in order of arrival): Kym, Maya, Robbie, Whitney, Te Jay, Adam, Misti, Nici

This task seemed simple enough, and it was for Shelley & Nici, who pulled out of last by getting it on the first try. Misti’s multiple failures push the dentists into last. After re-reading the clue, she finally realizes on her 9th attempt that she has not been stating the sandwich number before stating the ingredients. This is only a sensible requirement since she could be talking about any of the random 100+ sandwiches.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is the VM Houses.

First: Kym & Alli (win a Ford hybrid each)
Second: Brooke & Robbie
Third: Keith & Whitney
Fourth: Amy & Maya
Fifth: Tim & Te Jay
Sixth: Shelley & Nici
Seventh: Adam & Bethany
Non-eliminated: Jim & Misti

The constantly bickering Shelley & Nici get lost on their way to the pit stop. Rather than helping her daughter, Shelley just lets them stay lost to prove a point. This team needs to go already.

Regardless, Nici figures out what went wrong in time to finish ahead of the two trailing teams who switched detours. Correctly assuming he is in last place, Jim pulls out the save and hands it to Phil, but they won’t be needing it this time because it is a non-elimination leg.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Amazing Race 25 Episode 5, which airs Friday at 8/7c on CBS.

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The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 6

Posted by Shane on Thursday, October 16, 2014 at 6:46 pm

The return of the red line led to Matt’s elimination in The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 5.

Alison greets them with some tailgating food, among the least healthy food there is. This is a temptation. Each person will get 3 minutes alone, and whoever eats the most will get immunity. However, their weight will still count for their team’s total and may help to knock someone below the red line.

Several people refuse to eat anything, but there are those who are more than willing to partake.

Scott ate 270 calories. Woody ate 378 calories. Toma easily beat both of them (and Rob) with over 800 calories. By temptation standards, that’s a pretty tame amount.

Scott grew up in an environment where he felt alone, not having either a father or mother he could rely on. One thing he did learn from his father is that he needs to get healthy, or he will die just like him.

Mike and Matt are both strong competitors, a big change from what we have seen at Comeback Canyon in weeks past. Either of them could easily stick around for a long time to come, though as we saw last week with Matt, one bad week could be the end.

Mike: 315 pounds (-11, 3.37%)
Matt: 317 pounds (-16, 4.80%)

Falling below the red line last week helped Matt here. Mike put up an impressive number, but it was not enough.

JJ: 335 pounds (-7, 2.05%)
Sonya: 227 pounds (-7, 2.99%)
Rondalee: 236 pounds (-6, 2.48%)
Woody: 346 pounds (-8, 2.26%)
Toma: 275 pounds (-7, 2.48%, immune)
White Total: 1419 pounds (-35, 2.41%)

Jackie: 254 pounds (-5, 1.93%)
Lori: 263 pounds (-4, 1.50%)
Gina: 207 pounds (-3, 1.43%)
Damien: 331 pounds (-7, 2.07%)
Blue Total: 1055 pounds (-19, 1.77%)

Scott: 295 pounds (-7, 2.32%)
Jordan: 266 pounds (-6, 2.21%)
Blake: 204 pounds (-5, 2.39%)
Rob: 416 pounds (-11, 2.64%)
Red Total: 1170 pounds (-29, 2.42%)

They try to create drama, as if Rob is going to lose less than 4 pounds, but the end result is obvious. The blue team put up the only numbers below 2%, and Gina has fallen below the red line by a narrow margin.

From his starting weight of 399 pounds, Mike has dropped 120 pounds and weighs 279 today.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 7, which airs Thursday at 8/7c on NBC.

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Survivor: San Juan del Sur Episode 4

Posted by Shane on Wednesday, October 15, 2014 at 6:45 pm

John Rocker came into the game with a certain degree of fame or at least infamy that made him a marked man from the start. This arguably led to his elimination in Survivor: San Juan del Sur Episode 3, spurred along by bizarre and angry outbursts from the opposing tribe with people (specifically Natalie) who never said more than two words to him hypocritically prejudging him about being prejudiced based on third hand comments that somebody with a grudge read in a magazine 15 years ago. There were no winners in this feeble attempt at a battle of wits.

As they continue to lose every challenge, Coyopa talk about voting out their strongest physical asset as if it’s a good thing.

John’s elimination receives a standing ovation. Stay classy, Hunahpu. Julie seems to be handling his loss well, a lot better than some of the others have when seeing their loved ones be sent home. Of course, she’s not exactly surprised to see his early departure either.

They managed to find their flint. So Drew brings it to the reward challenge and asks Jeff if he will go back on his trade, maybe half the fishing gear. Well, I think we all know that ain’t happening.

Hunahpu nominates Jon to compete against his girlfriend Jaclyn in a challenge of jumping on platforms and lobbing bags into buckets. Jaclyn gets off to a 1-0 lead, but it quickly evaporates and Jon reverses course to take the 4-1 lead. Then she ties it 4-4, bringing the end result down to who is able to score in the small center basket. Jon wins reward for Hunahpu yet again. Jaclyn is going to Exile Island with Drew, who he claims pulls his weight (unless he’s napping). They have a choice between food and comfort, and they choose comfort rather than just one big meal.

While at Exile, Drew tells Jaclyn he’s going to throw the immunity challenge because he does not trust the girls on his tribe.

Keith digs around the well for about half an hour before finally giving up and telling everyone that Jeremy must have already found the idol. Now Jeremy wants him gone, too. So after that drama, Keith then goes back to searching, and he finds the idol that Jeremy did not actually find.

For the immunity challenge, they will swim out and collect rings, which the others will toss on posts. Kelley, Jon, and Jeremy sit out for Hunahpu, apparently reserving their strength for another day. If he’s a ring tosser, Drew could easily throw this. Baylor has a narrow lead over her mom Missy. Reed quickly overtakes Jaclyn. Then Natalie gives that lead back to Alec. Wes beats his father Keith to give Coyopa the lead heading into the tossing. Dale and Josh both score to take the 2-0 lead. Though he lands a single ring, Drew is being a bumbling idiot during the challenge. I’m not sure if he is acting or not. Coyopa wins immunity for a change.

Saying he did indeed throw that challenge, Drew dubs himself badass and kingpin.

At Jon’s suggestion, the guys are talking about getting rid of Julie. She was worthless at the challenge. The challenge that Drew lost for them.

Drew wants Kelley gone instead because she has seen every episode of Survivor. So now Jeremy is angry with him as well because he won’t listen to the plan to get rid of Keith.

The girls talk about how they are not together and not a threat to Drew. To prove that, their plan is to join together and get rid of him.

Drew’s plan is not about a blindside. He openly and loudly discusses his desire to get rid of Kelley, and when he’s warned she is standing right there, he says he does not care.

Keith seems largely oblivious to what’s happening with Jeremy. He has no idea why Jeremy is upset. He also does not know what a sub-alliance is.


With 4 votes, Drew has been voted off the island. When you’re hated for being lazy, it’s probably not a good idea to think about throwing a challenge. They are lucky they are good at challenges because their voting strategy is about as incoherent as I have ever seen.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of Survivor: San Juan del Sur Episode 5, which airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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The Amazing Race 25 Episode 3

Posted by Shane on Friday, October 10, 2014 at 7:03 pm

The added task of punting a boat led to the elimination of dating couple Dennis & Isabelle last week.

Teams depart from Oxford, England in the order in which they arrived. As the first team is leaving at midnight, they will all be equalized at the train station. Everybody else will camp out and wait for the train, while Kym & Alli go find a pub.

Teams will now travel by land and sea to Shetland Islands, Scotland. They start off with an 8 hour train ride.

Scott of the firefighters takes a tumble. He ignores it at first, but it’s not long before it turns purple.

After for some reason finding a giant puffin, they head to Scalloway Castle for the detour. The detour is a choice between pony up or light my fire. Pony up requires teams to cut 50 blocks of peat from the peat bank using a tushka then deliver them to a farmer using a pony. Light my fire requires teams to build a Viking torch.

Pony up: Misti & Jim, Shelley & Nici, Adam & Bethany, Amy & Maya
Light my fire: Keith & Whitney, Michael & Scott, Kym & Alli Brooke & Robbie (switched from pony up because they could not find it), Tim & Te Jay

Jim calls pony up a physical task, which it is in part, but it’s also an animal task, a wild card that can throw a wrench into people’s plans. The first trip up the hill seems simple enough, but then the ponies start to flip out. In the end, it does not seem to matter which task they chose, so perhaps they would have been better off saving their energy.

If working with ponies was not enough, they must now head to a sheep farm and corale some sheep. I guess I have not seen sheep run before because I did not realize they jump so much.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is St. Ninian’s Isle. They are given a clue that they must use to figure out that it’s here they need to go. Luckily, they happen to be near a museum, which some teams figure out is a great place to ask questions. Michael & Scott, however, think going to a bar makes the most sense.

First: Misti & Jim (win a trip to Dubai)
Second: Adam & Bethany
Third: Keith & Whitney
Fourth: Shelley & Nici
Fifth: Amy & Maya
Sixth: Brooke & Robbie
Seventh: Kym & Alli
Eighth: Tim & Te Jay
Eliminated: Michael & Scott

I’m pretty sure this is the first time anyone has asked for directions at a bar on the race, and having been sent half an hour out of their way, Michael & Scott have been eliminated.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Amazing Race 25 Episode 4, which airs Friday at 8/7c on CBS.

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The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 5

Posted by Shane on Thursday, October 9, 2014 at 6:45 pm

Mike made his team’s decision easy in The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 4, volunteering to go home to let the younger ones stick around a while longer.

Though he volunteered to be sent home and his team agreed, Mike is actually this season’s biggest loser so far. He should prove to be stiff competition for Chandra or anyone else who follows.

Matt used to be a model, but then he suffered injuries. After that, doctors told him he could not play sports any more, and he turned to food instead.

They are all about to cross a canyon while suspended 100 feet in the air and will have to pull themselves across. Isn’t there a weight limit on this sort of thing? Woody immediately volunteers to sit out, but he cannot do that because he sat out last time. The winning team will be able to make the weight of one player on another team not count. More good news: there is a red line this week.

Rondalee somehow beats Damien and Scott to take the lead for the white team. Damien feels something pop in his shoulder, but he keeps going anyway. Matt retains the lead for the white team, and Sonya continues that. Out of nowhere, Lori makes it interesting toward the end, but Woody is still able to help keep the white team undefeated in challenges.

The white team has decided to sideline Damien and put the blue team’s fate on the girls this week. A smart choice since he has lost the most weight on his team every week except the first. The other choices they had considered are Blake and Scott. Perhaps that would be better since the red team is a lot more threatening.

The outcome of the Comeback Canyon weigh in seems pretty obvious.

Mike: 326 pounds (-7, 2.10%)
Chandra: 313 pounds (-4, 1.26%)

Mike ends up winning, and Chandra will be going home.

Scott: 302 pounds (-13, 4.13%)
Blake: 209 pounds (-7, 3.24%)
Jordan: 272 pounds (-7, 2.51%)
Rob: 416 pounds (-5, 1.19%)
Red Total: 1199 pounds (-32, 2.60%)

After that, it’s looking like Scott or Blake would have been good choices.

Damien: 338 pounds (-6, 1.74%)
Gina: 210 pounds (-7, 3.23%)
Jackie: 259 pounds (-8, 3.00%)
Lori: 267 pounds (-9, 3.26%)
Blue Total: 1074 pounds (-30, 2.72%)
Blue Total (without Damien): 736 pounds (-24, 3.16%)

And now Damien does not look like such a good choice.

JJ: 342 pounds (-5, 1.44%)
Sonya: 234 pounds (-6, 2.50%)
Woody: 354 pounds (-7, 1.94%)
Rondalee: 242 pounds (-8, 3.20%)
Toma: 282 pounds (-9, 3.09%)
Matt: 333 pounds (-3, 0.89%)
White Total: 1787 pounds (-38, 2.08%)

Having fallen below the red line, Matt is going home. One off week is all it takes when the red line is in place.

The white team’s challenge win did not so much “backfire” because they were on a losing path almost no matter what. Even if they lost the challenge and Matt was sidelined, they still would have lost the weigh in. However, there was a single person at this weigh in who they could have picked that would have turned that loss into a second place. Choosing Scott would have knocked the red team down to 2.07%, eliminating Rob.

Chandra is down to 287 pounds from her staring weight of 341 pounds, a difference of 54.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 6, which airs Thursday at 8/7c on NBC.

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Survivor: San Juan del Sur Episode 3

Posted by Shane on Wednesday, October 8, 2014 at 6:45 pm

As her tribe continued to flail about in Survivor: San Juan del Sur Episode 2, late to the game Val was its next victim.

Josh was the person who flipped, which allowed Baylor to stay. He admits this right after they get back to camp.

Drew warns everybody that monsoons are coming. They teach him how to weave. He spends a minute doing this before giving up and going to sleep. Keith wants to spank him.

Jeremy predictably gets upset at the challenge, and John apologizes to him, blaming his alliance for not going along with his plans to keep Val.

They must get on a swaying balance beam and move pieces from one end to the other. Wes doesn’t think his father will be any good at this, so he nominates it, effectively offering to participate himself as well. They’re neck and neck until Keith drops one. With that, Wes wins reward, Coyopa’s first challenge victory. Keith is going to Exile Island with Josh because Wes says he gets along with him. Reward is a choice between comfort or fishing gear, and they take the fishing gear, which the other tribe traded for flint at the previous reward challenge.

John’s apology to Jeremy fell on deaf ears. He wants out now. He’s also really upset about the comments (yeah, now it’s a problem, coincidentally) John made as a player and outs him to his own tribe. Julie is worried she may be the casualty of this outburst.

This time, Keith does not get the blank piece of paper.

The fishing gear is quickly used to provide some protein to the tribe. If Jeremy was hoping to make John public enemy number one, this fish catching is not helping.

Baylor had a chance for a female alliance, which she declined. Now she’s worried, leaving her with the only alternative of trying to kiss up to the younger guys, who are not falling for it.

At the immunity challenge, they divide into pairs and are tethered together. They will race through an obstacle course to retrieve a ball that they will shoot into a basket (first to make the basket gets a point). To make for even numbers, each tribe sits out one person. Keith and Dale sit out. Jon drags Natalie around the course before taking the lead for Hunahpu. Wes ties it along with Alec. Then John scores to take the lead for Coyopa. Jeremy ties it 2-2. Two pairs who have previously scored go into the tiebreaker, and Jon drags Natalie around again to beat Wes and Alec, winning immunity as usual for Hunahpu.

Then Natalie starts shouting about how John is a racist and a homophobe. Oh god. Why did they let these twins back on the TV? You hear a story about how someone made comments but no real useful information about the situation… then you make personal attacks against them. In what world is this necessary or acceptable? John mostly just stands back and lets her make a fool out of herself, though he does make a couple of comments that really are not helping matters any. He points out to us the irony here. His closest ally is Josh, the gay tribe member, while the cross-tribal alliance he made was with a black couple.

Baylor is an easy target. As John rallies the troops, he lets Josh know that he has an idol, a surprise he may have held on to for a bit too long. Josh is clearly more allied with the hapless Baylor, and this is as good a reason as any to target John instead.

Jaclyn makes comments at Tribal Council that should warrant concern out of John. She’s seeing some shifting in the tribe, and there is a plan to vote one of the guys out. Despite that, John does not play his idol.


With 4 votes, John has been voted off the island. Like Nadiya before him, his downfall started before he even entered the game, and his weak attempt to protect someone at the request of a seemingly unstable ally (on the opposing tribe no less) did not help him any. In the end, though, he had the chance to save himself and was too stupid to take it. If the events of the day did not give him pause, Jaclyn made it pretty clear something was afoot. This week’s stray vote came from Dale, still the tribe’s outcast.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of Survivor: San Juan del Sur Episode 4, which airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 4

Posted by Shane on Thursday, October 2, 2014 at 6:45 pm

Another person who previously talked about going home, Chandra, was the latest person to be voted out in The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 3.

If you were enjoying 2 hour episodes of this show… tough. That is now over. We now return to our regularly scheduled squeeze it into the schedule wherever it will fit but not very well programming.

They are welcomed to The Biggest Loser lottery. One person will be going home for the week, and their weight loss will be the only one that counts for their team. They will also bring trainer with them, removing that access from the others. Is that a prize or a punishment?

As the person whose name is called last, Damien will be heading home this week along with Jessie. The silver lining, if there is one, is that Damien lost the most weight on his team for each of the last two weeks, and he seems the most likely to have a strong performance.

An injured Blake can only do low impact workouts. Of course, nutrition is more than half the battle.

Chandra is seeing Emmy able to do more than she is doing. I’m not thinking that’s a good sign, though it’s not guaranteed to be the determining factor either.

Damien’s mom died suddenly two years ago. He says that is a large part of his weight problem. At least they have identified an issue that is serving as a barrier.

First the Comeback Canyon weigh in.

Emmy: 239 pounds (-4, 1.65%)
Chandra: 317 pounds (-7, 2.16%)

After Chandra’s terrible 1 pound weight loss last week, it was pretty easy for her to put up a big number, and Emmy will be going home, though she’s already at a pretty reasonable weight relative to most of these people.

Now to the ranch.

Blake: 216 pounds (-8, 3.57%)
Jordan: 279 pounds (-10, 3.46%)
Scott: 315 pounds (-7, 2.17%)
Mike: 333 pounds (-10, 2.92%)
Rob: 421 pounds (-12, 2.77%)
Red Total: 1564 pounds (-47, 2.92%)

We are only four weeks in, but Mike has already lost enough weight to get off all his diabetes medications.

Rondalee: 250 pounds (-5, 1.96%)
Matt: 336 pounds (-10, 2.89%)
Woody: 361 pounds (-11, 2.96%)
Toma: 291 pounds (-11, 3.64%)
Sonya: 240 pounds (-9, 3.61%)
JJ: 347 pounds (-16, 4.41%)
White Total: 1825 pounds (-62, 3.29%)

Jackie: 267 (-4, 1.48%)
Gina: 217 pounds (-4, 1.81%)
Lori: 276 pounds (-8, 2.82%)
Damien: 344 pounds (-14, 3.91%)
Blue Total: 1104 pounds (-30, 2.65%)

Taking into account everyone’s weight (I’m pretty sure I got all the ladies right, since they sped through them in about 20 seconds since they did not count), the blue team would have lost the weigh in this week. However, Damien put up the second highest number of all, saving them and sending the red team to elimination instead. As The Biggest Loser on the losing team, Blake is safe, demonstrating just how important nutrition is to the equation.

Blake: Mike
Jordan: Mike
Rob: Jordan
Scott: Mike

Mike volunteered to go home for his team, as he considers them like his children, though Rob could not bring himself to vote that way. With 3 votes Mike is not The Biggest Loser.

From her starting weight of 260 pounds, Emmy is down 50 pounds to 210 today. She’s now running a 5K every month with her whole family.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 5, which airs Thursday at 8/7c on NBC.

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Survivor: San Juan del Sur Episode 2

Posted by Shane on Wednesday, October 1, 2014 at 6:45 pm

After what people saw on The Amazing Race, they gave the twins little chance for survival in Survivor: San Juan del Sur Episode 1, voting Nadiya out first.

Josh tells Baylor why he blindsided her by voting against her. He wanted to prove and strengthen their alliance. Oh. She’s not sure whether this is smart or sketchy.

Hunahpu (that name flows right off your fingers) may have lost their flint. Jon accepts the blame.

Speaking of The Amazing Race, the first commercial break (and the second commercial break) tells us it’s on Fridays, for those who didn’t know, which most people did not. Boy, CBS shot themselves in the foot with this one. TAR got beaten handily by Shark Tank, but it still did better than the newly humiliating Sunday night lineup.

The reward challenge is for fishing gear. John is selected, and he will go against his girlfriend Julie. They will balance balls on a large paddle through a series of obstacles, then roll the balls into slots on a table at the end. Julie runs away with the challenge, sending John to Exile. She’ll be sending Jeremy there with him again.

Before they head home, Hunahpu makes a proposal to Jeff. Having lost their flint, they need some. They don’t want to give up the fishing equipment. Rather, they want to give him their half eaten bag of beans. He would have accepted that trade if they made it before the challenge began rather than waiting to see if they won first. So his counteroffer is now that they must give up the fishing gear. No, not interested. He warns them they will need it eventually, and the price will go up. They reluctantly agree to forgo the reward they just won.

John’s secret, which was out within about 5 minutes of the show beginning, is now spreading. Everybody knows who he is, and they know his reputation.

At Exile, Jeremy gets the clue, while John gets the blank piece of paper. Though he believes he heard something about John making racist comments while he was with the Braves, he is still going to buddy up with him for the sake of the game, rather than writing him off and assuming he is no good.

The immunity challenge is a sumo style bashing with padded bags. Julie sits out for Hunahpu. Jaclyn beats Kelley. Drew beats his big brother Alec to tie it 1-1. Wes beats Jeremy to give Coyopa back the lead. Natalie beats Val, and it’s tied again. In a bloody battle, Jon beats John to give Hunahpu the 3-2 lead. After giving her daughter a bloody lip, Missy loses focus and loses to Baylor to tie it again. Reed beats his boyfriend Josh to take the 4-3 lead for Hunahpu. Dale beats Keith to bring us to one final tie breaking battle. Jaclyn’s birthday is not lucky, and Kelly wins immunity for the undefeated Hunahpu.

At least they weren’t dumb enough to go with that all female alliance last time because they are not having any success in the challenges as it is.

Jeremy shared the clue with John, and John easily finds the hidden (for lack of a better term) immunity idol.

Then he proposes a split vote: 3 votes for Val and 3 votes for Baylor. Just in case one of them has the idol. The idol that he has. Yet he still thinks Val has one, which she claims she does, and warns her to play it.

Fingers point at Baylor during Tribal Council. The girls are not happy because their plan backfired last week.


They are tied at 4 votes each. A revote will occur in which they can only vote for Val or Baylor, who will not vote.


With 4 votes, Val has been voted off the island. Even John, who promised her husband he would protect her, votes against her. He blames her because she did not play her nonexistent idol. As for the stray Baylor vote, Jaclyn seems to have failed to take the hint how the tribe was voting.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of Survivor: San Juan del Sur Episode 3, which airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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