Survivor: Worlds Apart Episode 6

Posted by Shane on Wednesday, March 25, 2015 at 6:45 pm

Having let everyone know he was a “Survivor professor” throughout their time on the island, Max talked himself right out of the game and was eliminated in Survivor: Worlds Apart Episode 5. Being creepy and naked didn’t help him any.

Shirin thought she was in control of the game. Right up until the vote. Now she’s pretty sure she is all alone, but at least now she realizes that the correct strategy is not going to be being creepy and naked, too.

At the reward challenge, they will race up a tower and then launch sandbags at targets. Reward is food while watching a turtle migration. Dan sits out for Escameca. The physical part of the challenge starts off as can be expected with Escameca taking an early lead. Nagarote takes out the first target, but that advantage does not last for very long. After trailing, however, they make a comeback and win 6-5.

Sierra hates her old tribe again/still. So she connects with Joaquin, who lets her know she’s going to have to suck up to his new bromance Rodney. With Tyler, that gives them a foursome. She’s backed herself into the corner to a point where she doesn’t have a choice.

Rodney tells Mike about his plan. He wants to throw immunity so that they can get rid of Joe. This may also help to save Kelly, the lone Blue Collar member on the other side. Little do they know she’s not even a target.

This immunity challenge is a memory challenge in which they have to remember a series of objects in order. Any physical advantage is irrelevant here. Carolyn scores a point against Rodney. Haley takes the 2-0 lead against Sierra. Joe makes it 2-1 against Will. Dan ties it at 2 against Shirin. Mike and Kelly are both wrong. Then he tells her he’s throwing it, but she still can’t win. They reset back to 5 items instead of 6. Why is he being so blatant about helping her, not just throwing it but actually telling her what to do? In the end, Nagarote wins immunity as he had planned.

Now that he’s done as Rodney instructed, Mike has decided that he’s starting to not trust Rodney any more. He approaches Sierra to target Joaquin, who she said earlier she trusts most, seeing as they have been together for like a day.


With 4 votes, Joaquin has been voted off the island. Even after all that complaining about them that continued throughout Tribal Council, Sierra decided to return to her original tribe. I’m not sure that was the right move or the wrong move for her or, for that matter, if she even had a right move. As hot headed as Rodney is, if their goal was to split them up, he may have been the better vote.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of Survivor: Worlds Apart Episode 7, which airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBC.

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Survivor: Worlds Apart Episode 5

Posted by Shane on Wednesday, March 18, 2015 at 8:03 pm

As the Blue Collar tribe continued to argue, Lindsey was voted off the island in Survivor: Worlds Apart Episode 4.

Following the elimination of her closest ally in which she also received two votes, Sierra quickly drifts even further away from the rest of her tribe.

Now they can drop their buffs, bringing an early end to the twist as usual. Good, now they can stop pretending like collars drive every aspect of the game and life.

Blue (Escameca): Dan, Sierra, Mike, Rodney, Tyler, Joaquin, Joe
Red (Nagarote): Will, Haley, Jenn, Max, Carolyn, Shirin, Kelly

Sierra has been pouting about how much she hates her tribe. The bad news for her is that she’s stuck with three of them. Her choice now is whether she wants to stab them in the back and join forces with the other three.

On the other tribe, there are three from two tribes with a lone Kelly in the middle. Carolyn may need to put up with the two people she hates the most for a little longer.

They jump right into a reward challenge for kitchen supplies and sausages, and they will launch balls and catch them with nets. Max and Joe both score to tie it 1-1. Joe and Tyler both score to take the 3-1 lead for Escameca. Joe scores again to make it 4-1. Will scores, but it does not matter as Escameca wins reward.

Sierra minces no words about her old tribe. The others can use her for now, but she’s so bitter and hostile that it would be hard to trust her for long.

Shirin’s already driving Jenn crazy. Another one for the list. Carolyn hates her (and Max) so much that she’s already talking about jumping ship, regardless of the numbers. As time goes by, the chorus grows, and it seems like everybody hates both Shirin and Max, so perhaps it is wise to jump what is a sinking ship.

The immunity challenge requires them to place pots after transporting them then smash the pots. This is a very strength-oriented challenge, which heavily favors Escameca, a tribe with almost all men. This isn’t even a fair challenge. Escameca wins immunity.

Max talks about how he’s happy to have lost because he loves to see some blindsides. I suspect he is foreshadowing his own departure. Not only is he somewhat creepy, but he also knows everything about Survivor, down to things like apparently capricorns have won the most.

Shirin, who is delusionally thinking she is in control, wants to vote out Will.


with 4 votes, Max has been voted off the island. His random nudity and constant talking didn’t help him any, but he sealed his fate by being a Survivor professor.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of Survivor: Worlds Apart Episode 6, which airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBC.

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Survivor: Worlds Apart Episode 4

Posted by Shane on Wednesday, March 18, 2015 at 6:45 pm

Having been an outcast for most of the adventure, Nina was voted off the island in Survivor: Worlds Apart Episode 3.

They try to explain to Will the reason for their dumb split vote, and he doesn’t believe them that he was not or at least is not the target.

Mike manages to catch a snake for dinner. At least for now, the people who were flipping out at him will pretend to be nice.

Their first challenge requires a caller to communicate to people who are blindfolded, navigating them through obstacles to collect various items. Reward is chickens and a rooster for the first tribe and 10 eggs for the second tribe. Tyler sits out for White Collar; Rodney and Michael sit out for Blue Collar.

One key part of this task is that after they collect the objects, they must raise them in a platform to the caller. This platform is very heavy and can fall very quickly. Probst repeatedly tells people to be careful. Eventually, a bleeding Kelly finds out just how dangerous this is. Despite the injury that will later require six stiches, she seems completely calm and wants to keep going after being bandaged.

So after the medical drama, No Collar places first, and White Collar comes in second.

They don’t waste any time killing their first chicken, claiming they are doing so because it’s Will’s birthday. Jenn does not understand why they need to kill to survive. Rather than stick around and watch, she instead goes to look for the hidden immunity idol, which she finds.

Lindsey and Rodney were fighting last week but then were on the same side. Now they get into another argument, this time with each other.

Shirin learned how to kill a chicken for Survivor. Somehow, Carolyn and Joaquin use this as an excuse to expand their negative opinions about her.

For the immunity challenge, they will be attached to a rope, must maneuver through a rope obstacle, and have someone navigate a ball through a maze while on a balance beam. Lindsey and Dan sit out for Blue Collar; Shirin sits out for White Collar as they had planned earlier. No Collar wins immunity as the other two battle to not lose. White Collar places second.

Rodney got confused at the challenge, which is as good an excuse as any for him to be the target. He admits to being a hot head, and that has been getting him in trouble.

Lindsey, who was fighting with him earlier, is the other potential target. She’s been just as hot headed as he is.


There is a three way tie, which will lead to a revote.


With 2 votes, Lindsey has been voted off the island. Between the two, I’d say they made the right choice.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of Survivor: Worlds Apart Episode 5, which airs next on CBC.

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The Amazing Race 26 Episode 4

Posted by Shane on Saturday, March 14, 2015 at 2:54 am

Harley & Jonathan were unable to book a flight until the next morning in The Amazing Race 26 Episode 3, leading to a predictable outcome where the only surprise was that they were not eliminated.

First: Mike & Rochelle - 3:26AM
Second: Hayley & Blair - 3:51AM
Third: Jelani & Jenny - 3:52AM
Fourth: Laura & Tyler - 3:54AM
Fifth: Aly & Steve - 3:58AM
Sixth: Matt & Ashley - 4:01AM
Seventh: Bergen & Kurt - 4:02AM
Eighth: Jeff & Jackie - 4:03AM
Ninth: Harley & Jonathan - 7:01AM

Matt & Ashley have changed from dating to engaged, so at least there’s a bit of variety among the team relationships now.

Teams must fly north to Bangkok, Thailand, keeping them within the same country for the time being.

Oh god. Is Hayley starting already? Does this chick ever stop complaining? We get it. He may need some lessons in listening. Pot, meet kettle. Talk less, listen more, or just don’t talk at all when it’s all negative. Give it a rest. It’s not even 4AM. I’m sure Blair doesn’t want to listen to this. He says he doesn’t care any more. Hard to blame him.

Harley & Jonathan are further behind than I thought, and the fallout from the last flight mishap continues. All the other teams get on the 6AM flight, putting them still hours behind. If they’re sticking to the same country, this just seems like a forgone conclusion that the end result will be the same as last time, except with an elimination.

The detour is a choice between water or wheel, and the main part of this detour is merely choosing which route they think will be faster, rather than which task. In wheel, teams must take a tuk tuk. In water, teams must take a longtail.

Before they can make their choice, Hayley & Blair must first argue about who is in charge. He told her she is in the lead because she won’t shut the hell up. She says she doesn’t want to take the lead because he won’t listen to her anyway. After instructing him to take the lead, she immediately interjects and takes over. They wander around for a while, and when he finally takes control back, they find the route marker.

Water: Laura & Tyler, Matt & Ashley, Aly & Steve, Bergen & Kurt, Mike & Rochelle
Wheel: Hayley & Blair (switched from water), Jeff & Jackie (switched from water), Jelani & Jenny, Harley & Jonathan

There are only five boats available, so the sixth team must either wait or switch detours. That sixth team happens to be Hayley & Blair. Great. We get to listen to her yell some more. He tries to ask for directions. She gets upset and continues her ongoing tirade. The trailing team must follow their lead, minus the one-sided bickering.

The good thing about the water detour is that there is no traffic, and they know for sure that the person knows where they are going. Knowing that, everybody wants to do that detour. Whether it’s faster or not, it should be less stressful and more relaxing. Along the way, each detour choice requires two stops.

Before their detour, Harley & Jonathan must perform their speed bump of making a grasshopper out of river reeds.

When they were winning, Jelani & Jenny were getting along very well. Now that they’re at the tail end of the pack, their communication is starting to break down.

The water detour is to eat a 1000 year old egg. Gross but only takes a couple minutes. The wheel detour is to sink a red ball in a game of snooker. Also simple. Not much point to either of these except to say that they have given them a task. Certainly not enough room here for Harley & Jonathan to regain any ground.

The second water detour task is to take part in a traditional Thai prayer. The second wheel task is to feed cats at a cat cafe. Both again interesting but neither very taxing. Except in Jenny’s case, as she is deathly afraid of kitty cats. Huh? At least Jonathan has a real problem, that he is allergic.

The road block requires teams to remove a transmission in an auto junk yard to search for a screwdriver. Half of them don’t even know what the transmission is, but it doesn’t really matter. The trial and error shouldn’t take long, and they all know at least they won’t place last.

Road block (in order of arrival): Tyler, Bergen, Steve, Matt, Blair, Jeff, Jelani, Rochelle, Jonathan

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Loha Prasat, a buddhist temple, which they must find based on the clue “Metal Castle”, which really is not as hard as they make it look. Find someone with a mobile phone and have them search for metal castle Bangkok Thailand. The cab drivers or other locals are going to determine the placement here. When it comes down to it, it does not seem the choice of water or wheel mattered too much. Although it doesn’t matter whether they place seventh or eighth, Jenny continues to turn on her partner, and she’s making enemies of other teams as well.

First: Bergen & Kurt (win a trip to Puerto Vallarta)
Second: Hayley & Blair
Third: Aly & Steve
Fourth: Laura & Tyler
Fifth: Jeff & Jackie
Sixth: Mike & Rochelle
Seventh: Jelani & Jenny
Eighth: Matt & Ashley
Eliminated: Harley & Jonathan

As pointless legs go, this was one of them. This was worse than last week. Never really having a chance to catch up because the tasks were so simple, Harley & Jonathan have been eliminated.

The next episode will not air until April 3 due to March Madness. Hopefully it is less pointless.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another recap of The Amazing Race 26 Episode 4, which airs Friday at 8/7c on CBS.

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Survivor: Worlds Apart Episode 3

Posted by Shane on Wednesday, March 11, 2015 at 7:07 pm

Vince proved creepy from the start, and the first chance they got in Survivor: Worlds Apart Episode 2, the No Collar tribe got rid of him.

Joe’s now upset because his stupid split vote plan didn’t exactly go the way he wanted. He’s just lucky Will didn’t decide to get rid of him.

Awkward as ever, Nina tells the tribe she knows they’re going to vote her out next, reminding them again that she’s deaf.

Shirin is unaware that nobody particularly has an interest in her tales of watching monkey sex.

Dan finds out that Rodney is extremely sensitive about mama jokes.

Not content with silently hating Shirin, Joaquin makes an extra effort to go out of her way to let her know he hates her.

In addition to his problem with mama jokes, Rodney explodes at Mike for talking about how he doesn’t work enough. Being calm and rational is not helping Mike any, though, as Lindsey blows up on him, too. This tribe is unstable.

The immunity challenge will have teams run back and forth with a large bucket full of holes to transport water. Lindsey sits out for Blue Collar. For some reason, Nina is essentially sitting out for No Collar as well, though they are not required to do that since they are not the tribe with more members. Blue Collar wins immunity and a comfort reward of chairs, blankets, pillows, candles, rope, and a tarp. White Collar places second and wins a tarp. As much as Blue Collar should go home because they are annoying, No Collar are stupid for listening to Joe’s strategy (or lack thereof), though the question is just how useful Nina would have been had she participated more, rather than just standing at the end of obstacles waiting to help plug up the holes there.

With Vince’s departure, the clear boot becomes Nina, the only person who voted with him last week. Her only option is to try to convince the others that Will sucks at challenges.

Nina blames what happened at the challenge on her being deaf. Again. No, they had no faith in her because she’s older and weaker, though regardless she could have contributed something toward the carrying.


With 3 votes, Nina has been voted off the island. I see they learned nothing from last week’s silly split vote, but the end result is the obvious one.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of Survivor: Worlds Apart Episode 4, which airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBC.

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The Amazing Race 26 Episode 3

Posted by Shane on Saturday, March 7, 2015 at 2:42 am

Libby & CJ barely survived the first time, which led to a rather pointless The Amazing Race 26 Episode 2 in which they lagged far behind the others with no chance of recovery.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Jelani & Jenny - 4:35PM
Second: Laura & Tyler - 4:44PM
Third: Aly & Steve - 5:31PM
Fourth: Harley & Jonathan - 6:19PM
Fifth: Bergen & Kurt - 6:32PM
Sixth: Jeff & Jackie
Seventh: Matt & Ashley
Eighth: Mike & Rochelle
Ninth: Hayley & Blair

Jeff & Jackie happily share a room at the pit stop, while Bergen & Kurt acknowledge already that they are not going to be dating.

Teams must now fly south to Phuket, Thailand. There is no counter open at the airport, so everybody will wait until the morning, and they are all trying to get on the same flight, which is not going to be possible. Whoever arrives last to the counter is going to get screwed, which probably should be a lesson to not do that.

First flight (arrives 4:50PM): Matt & Ashley, Aly & Steve, Jeff & Jackie, Hayley & Blair, Mike & Rochelle
Second flight (arrives 9:10PM): Laura & Tyler, Jelani & Jenny
Third flight (arrives 11:59PM): Bergen & Kurt
Fourth flight (arrives 9:35AM): Harley & Jonathan

That’s a crazy big gap. Even if they get lucky with an hours of operation delay, they’re still behind the rest, which may not be entirely impossible depending on the tasks but still is very bleak.

First departure (8:30AM): Matt & Ashley, Aly & Steve, Mike & Rochelle
Second departure (8:45AM): Hayley & Blair, Jeff & Jackie, Jelani & Jenny
Third departure (9:00AM): Laura & Tyler, Bergen & Kurt

Based on these times, Harley & Jonathan are at least an hour behind the others, which is not bad considering they were 17 hours behind.

The detour is a choice between ski or tree. In ski, teams must survive one lap around a wave park. In tree, teams must deliver a meal through the treetops.

Tree: Jelani & Jenny, Matt & Ashley, Mike & Rochelle, Bergen & Kurt, Laura & Tyler, Jeff & Jackie (switched from Ski), Aly & Steve (switched from Ski), Harley & Jonathan

Both of these tasks may require multiple attempts. In the wakeboarding task, they’ll be falling a lot. In the waiter task, they’ll be dropping a lot of stuff. The waiter task proves much simpler, however. Multiple teams are finishing in one or two tries, while even the Olympic athletes have to stop wasting time on the sporting task.

Then there’s Hayley & Blair. He continues to ignore her while she tries to do things correctly. Which she goes on and on and on about. Even after they complete the task pretty quickly and are in 2nd place, she’s still going on and on and on. Try to move on, or just quit now. As much as he needs to learn to listen, he does not need to learn to listen to whining.

Their next task is to dress up and perform a cabaret show (in drag for the guys). Even Mike & Rochelle get the dance in a few tries, so it’s not that difficult. More bad news for Harley & Jonathan, as there is no road block.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Baba Nest.

On their way there, Matt makes a crucial potentially game ending mistake of leaving his fanny pack behind, but they realize where it is quickly and go back and find it. As he talks about how supportive Ashley is no matter what, this is the perfect set up for what comes next, a pit stop proposal. Is this like the new thing now? I’ve seen this 3 times in the last several months.

First: Mike & Rochelle (win a trip to Prague)
Second: Hayley & Blair
Third: Jelani & Jenny
Fourth: Laura & Tyler
Fifth: Aly & Steve
Sixth: Matt & Ashley
Seventh: Bergen & Kurt
Eighth: Jeff & Jackie
Non-eliminated: Harley & Jonathan

The bad luck at the airport won’t end their journey yet, as Harley & Jonathan have been saved by non-elimination, but I suspect there were lessons to be learned from the process.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Amazing Race 26 Episode 3, which airs Friday at 8/7c on CBS.

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Survivor: Worlds Apart Episode 2

Posted by Shane on Wednesday, March 4, 2015 at 7:45 pm

After proving to be a bad liar almost immediately after getting to camp in Survivor: Worlds Apart Episode 1, So was voted off the island.

There are problems with clothing already. Dan lost his underpants and had to create makeshift pants to wear instead. Max simply prefers to be naked, and Shirin follows his lead. Then on the No Collar tribe, the girls go skinny dipping, and Nina at 25 years their senior for some reason gets upset that she was not invited, so she says.

As his tribe plays “basketball”, Mike wants to keep working. While doing that, he loudly complains about the others who are not helping him.

Vince continues his obsessions with Joe, a battle that splits the tribe down the middle.

At the challenge, they will dive into the water, swim to a platform, maneuver the buoys free from the various platforms, swim to the final platform with them, and then shoot baskets. Kelly and Nina sit out. No Collar and Blue Collar are way ahead of White Collar. Until Will gets in the water and stays there basically until it’s a lost cause. After struggling for most of the challenge, White Collar takes the lead when Joaquin hits the water. The hero of the challenge, Joaquin is also making all of the baskets for his team, and White Collar wins immunity and fishing gear. Blue Collar places second.

After Will blew the challenge, Nina and Vince comment how he’s looking tired, cost them the challenge, and will continue to do so. But Vince would rather have the numbers than worry about all that.

Joe plans to split the vote just in case Nina finds an idol. Does it look like Nina is looking for the idol? Perhaps she is, but I’m not getting that sense. What a stupid plan. That’s an easy way for one of them to be sent packing. When Will reveals the plan to Nina, she informs him that Vince has been discussing how he seems tired, an equally stupid move because now she, too, seems to be trying to make it so the vote does not go her way.

Interestingly, the guy who should be going home will now cast the deciding vote.


With 3 votes, Vince has been voted off the island. No matter how creepy and cancerous he may have been, I’m not sure keeping around weaker challenge participants is going to help them go forward. The only person this vote made sense for is Will, who has an alliance of sorts with the other three plus one with Nina, so he took out his only threat, which Joe allowed him to do with this silly split vote proposal.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of Survivor: Worlds Apart Episode 3, which airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBC.

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The Amazing Race 26 Episode 2

Posted by Shane on Saturday, February 28, 2015 at 1:08 am

Having made a poor detour decision in The Amazing Race 26 Episode 1 and refusing to switch, Jeff & Lyda were eliminated.

After sleeping in computer cubicles, teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Jelani & Jenny - 5:30AM
Second: Jeff & Jackie - 5:33AM
Third: Laura & Tyler - 5:45AM
Fourth: Aly & Steve - 6:14AM
Fifth: Harley & Jonathan - 6:52AM
Sixth: Bergen & Kurt - 7:10AM
Seventh: Mike & Rochelle - 7:15AM
Eighth: Hayley & Blair - 7:33AM
Ninth: Matt & Ashley - 7:36AM
Tenth: Libby & CJ - 8:20AM

Teams must catch the bullet train to Nagano, Japan. If they’re staying local, it doesn’t look good for the directionally challenged team that is way behind everybody else.

The blind date teams are all getting along for now. They are mostly just focused on the race, except for Kurt, who apparently came on the race to find his first boyfriend.

Rochelle views this race as a fast forward for their relationship of several months. That never ends well.

The road block requires teams to figure out how to open a trick box.

Road block (in order of arrival): Jeff, Tyler, Jelani, Aly, Mike, Harley, Bergen, Ashley, Hayley, Libby

Just what you need when doing a puzzle. Loud banging drums and gongs and whatever other instrument makes a lot of noise. There is certainly a skill to this task, but it’s something you could get in a few minutes or hours, though it doesn’t feel like it’s terribly complicated.

Before moving to the detour, one couple will pull a ticket for a date night at the pit stop. Ugh. This leg’s winners are Harley & Jonathan.

The detour is a choice between chair or share. Share requires teams to feed each other noodles using chopsticks. Chair requires teams to push each other around an Olympic speed skating track in 3:55 or less.

Share: Laura & Tyler, Jelani & Jenny, Jeff & Jackie, Harley & Jonathan, Bergen & Kurt, Libby & CJ, Mike & Rochelle (switched from Chair)
Chair: Aly & Steve, Matt & Ashley, Hayley & Blair

Share is clearly the better one because the other one you have to do over and over again until you get it within the time limit. It’s not like they’re eating a gross food here either. Who could have trouble eating noodles? Kurt. Apparently.

Of course, if you’re a winter Olympian like Aly & Steve, picking the other task makes sense. Then again, the gold medal hockey stars took forever on the hockey task last season on TAR Canada, but in that case skating was not the only skill required. It does not make as much sense for Mike & Rochelle, as she reluctantly gets pushed into switching by her partner after she falls and goes to see a medic.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Patio Daimon, a storage facility turned restaurant complex.

First: Jelani & Jenny (win a Fitbit wellness kit, a very lame promotional placement, and some other stuff)
Second: Laura & Tyler
Third: Aly & Steve
Fourth: Harley & Jonathan
Fifth: Bergen & Kurt
Sixth: Jeff & Jackie
Seventh: Matt & Ashley
Eighth: Mike & Rochelle
Ninth: Hayley & Blair
Eliminated: Libby & CJ

Well, that was a pointless leg. The editors tried to make it seem like Libby & CJ had a chance, but they were so far behind the others with tasks that would not have made enough difference for them to be able to catch up. The outcome was pretty obvious from the time when all nine other teams were on their train rides and Phil announced where they were going without bothering to wait for the final team to depart.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Amazing Race 26 Episode 2, which airs Friday at 8/7c on CBS.

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