The Amazing Race 28 Episode 1

Posted by Shane on Saturday, February 13, 2016 at 1:48 am

What would a season be without a twist? This year, the teams consist of 11 teams of social media stars, or at least I’m going to take their word for it. The only one I know is Tyler Oakley. Well, I’ve heard his name and seen him anyway. In Marty’s case, she’s a flight attendant, but she did have one viral video of her doing the flight safety instructions in a way that people would actually listen, which I had seen. The cast consists of:

Tyler Oakley & Korey Kuhl (Best Friends)
Burnie Burns & Ashley Jenkins (Dating Gamers)
Erin White Robinson & Joslyn Davis (Best Friends)
Sheri & Cole LaBrant (Mother/Son)
Zach & Rachel King (Newlyweds)
Dana Boriello & Matt Steffanina (Engaged Choreographers)
Jessica Versteeg & Brittany Oldehoff (Instagram Models)
Marty Cobb & Hagan Parkman (Mother/Daughter)
Scott & Blair Fowler (Father/Daughter)
Kurt Gibson & Brodie Smith (Pro Frisbee Players)
Cameron & Darius Benson (Brothers)

The unusual start for this race is that we watch them depart from their individual homes and a total of three airports to meet Phil in Mexico City, Mexico. The real race begins at the airport in Mexico.

The detour is a choice between mariachi madness or great balls of fire. In mariachi madness, teams must find a musician who’s faking it out of a group of hundreds. In great balls of fire, teams must build a paper mache bull and load it with fireworks.

Mariachi Madness: Brodie & Kurt, Erin & Joslyn, Dana & Matt, Zach & Rachel, Sheri & Cole
Great Balls of Fire: Brittany & Jessica, Marty & Hagan, Burnie & Ashley, Darius & Cameron, Tyler & Korey, Scott & Blair

The mariachi task seems simple enough. As long as you don’t mind sticking your ears right directly in front of horns. Everybody who does that easily gets ahead of everyone who does not. This isn’t even fair.

From the detour, teams must draw times for the following morning.

7:30AM - Dana & Matt, Brodie & Kurt, Erin & Joslyn, Sheri & Cole
7:40AM - Zach & Rachel, Tyler & Korey, Marty & Hagan, Scott & Blair
7:50AM - Brittany & Jessica, Darius & Cameron, Burnie & Ashley

The road block requires teams to search for 13 pieces of a mask that they must dig for in a cave.

Road block (in order of arrival): Kurt, Matt, Erin, Sheri, Tyler, Zach, Scott, Marty, Darius, Jessica, Burnie

The clue is so specific that everybody just assumes they only need 13 pieces. They do. 13 different pieces of the same color.

Erin tries to talk Sheri into taking the penalty, which seems like a really stupid move for a variety of reasons. Most notably, Scott seems to be completely out of the challenge after having gotten lost and then going searching for his pieces that he dropped along the way. The voice of reason, Sheri sends Erin to go find out that someone else is still there, rather than assuming everybody is done.

But it’s not long before Sheri asks Erin if she wants to take the penalty. Erin is willing if she can’t get it in one more try, which she does. I don’t think I’ve seen talk of quitting this early before on such a seemingly simple task.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Museo Soumaya, the most visited museum in the country.

First: Dana & Matt
Second: Tyler & Korey
Third: Zach & Rachel
Fourth: Darius & Cameron
Fifth: Brodie & Kurt
Sixth: Burnie & Ashley
Seventh: Brittany & Jessica
Eighth: Marty & Hagan
Ninth: Sheri & Cole
Tenth: Erin & Joslyn
Non-eliminated: Scott & Blair

Scott performed quite poorly at that road block, but to his credit, at least he didn’t try to quit. In the end, though, Scott & Blair have been saved by non-elimination, a predictable result considering it means that any of their fans will now have another reason to stick around at least one more episode.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another recap of The Amazing Race 28 Episode 2, which airs Friday at 8/7c on CBS.

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The Biggest Loser Season 17 Episode 6

Posted by Shane on Monday, February 8, 2016 at 9:14 pm

Rob and then Luis were eliminated in The Biggest Loser Season 17 Episode 5.

They have made it far enough to get to makeover week. It looks like we have a proper full length episode of sorts, albeit with a lot of filler.

Once they are done being made over, they return to the ranch with their families. The family members participate in the challenge, unscrewing weights that the contestants will run back to the other side of the field before ultimately dragging them back. Reward is a trip to The Biggest Loser Resort and a 1 pound advantage. It’s good that the little kids can participate, but it’s not very practical. That gives the edge to Erin, Felicia, and Roberto. Erin retains her lead throughout to win the challenge.

Erin: 182 pounds (-6, -1, 3.72%)
Lauren: 179 pounds (-5, 2.72%)
Felicia: 183 pounds (-2, 1.08%)
Stephen: 228 pounds (-10, 4.20%)
Jacky: 229 pounds (-9, 3.78%)
Roberto: 250 pounds (-9, 3.47%)
Colby: 249 pounds (-9, 3.49%)

Lauren and Felicia have fallen below the yellow line. Lauren put up a very competent number, but it was not enough. I’m not sure it matters either way, but the drama starts up again when someone dismisses Felicia as being weaker.

Jacky: Lauren
Stephen: Lauren
Roberto: Felicia
Colby: Felicia
Erin: Lauren

With 3 votes, Lauren is not The Biggest Loser.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Biggest Loser Season 17 Episode 7, which airs Monday at 9/8c on NBC.

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The Biggest Loser Season 17 Episode 5

Posted by Shane on Monday, February 1, 2016 at 9:07 pm

Toy and Vicki were eliminated in The Biggest Loser Season 17 Episode 4.

Two people will be heading home for the week, and if they go home, their weight will be the only one that counts for their team. The winning team will make the decision for both teams. Their challenge is to shoot baskets with medicine balls until the other team can’t hold the weight any more. Dolvett’s team falls way behind, dropping their basket when it weighs almost 100 pounds more than the others.

Jen’s team will be sending Luis home for themselves. For some reason, they decide to send his brother Roberto home with him. Dolvett says thank you for the stupid decision. Their rationale is that to be the best you have to beat the best, but even then you have to get to the end first.

It may seem that the rest of the team’s weight is irrelevant, but there is a red line. It may not determine whether they win or lose, but it will determine whether they stay.

Rob: 259 pounds (-3, 1.15%)
Felicia: 187 pounds (-4, 2.09%)
Erin: 196 pounds (-3, 1.51%)
Stephen: 245 pounds (-8, 3.16%)
Colby: 265 pounds (-6 , 2.21%)
Jacky: 244 pounds (-7, 2.79%)
Lauren: 187 pounds (-7, 3.61%)

Roberto: 265 pounds (-11, 3.99%)
Luis: 233 pounds (-11, 4.51%)

Luis beats his brother, winning the weigh in for Jen’s team, leading to Rob falling below the red line.

And now they go to singles. To start this change, the gym is closed, the kitchen is closed, and they’ll have to lose weight in the real world, sort of. It starts off simple enough. Wine tasting and safari or a workout? Colby and Jacky go on safari.

The first individual challenge the next day is an obstacle course. Aside from a brief struggle with the balance beam, Luis is in the lead almost the whole time. Then Felicia, whose strength is the balance beam, spells immunity first to win. And somehow, this leads to an argument about respecting women because the brothers, who are sore losers, call Felicia the weakest, which is not necessarily an inaccurate (or sexist) statement, even if it is unnecessary.

Later they head out for a night on the town, boys and girls going their own way, and the events of the day naturally lend themselves to talk of males vs. females, with a couple in the middle. In Felicia’s case, since she has immunity, she seizes the opportunity to go wild with drinks before talking the others into getting piercings.

The next day, they have a choice between parasailing and a workout. The boys plus Erin pick the workout, while Jacky (again), Felicia, and Lauren choose the parasailing.

Felicia: 185 pounds (-2, 1.07%)
Colby: 258 pounds (-7, 2.64%)
Roberto: 259 pounds (-6, 2.26%)
Luis: 232 pounds (-1, 0.43%)
Jacky: 238 pounds (-6, 2.46%)
Stephen: 238 pounds (-7, 2.86%)
Lauren: 184 pounds (-3, 1.60%)
Erin: 188 pounds (-8, 4.08%)

When all is said and done, the choices earlier in the week don’t seem to matter much. Luis made all the “right choices” but ends up at the bottom of the ladder, alongside Lauren since Felicia is immune.

Breaking up the twins and getting rid of one of the biggest threats are both very compelling reasons to vote for Luis, perhaps enough that Stephen won’t mind that such a vote would hand control over to the women.

Roberto: Lauren
Erin: Luis
Colby: Lauren
Felicia: Luis
Stephen: Luis

With 3 votes, Luis is not The Biggest Loser.

From his starting weight of 326 pounds, Rob is down 100 pounds to 226 today; from his starting weight of 308 pounds, Luis is down 105 pounds to 203 today.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Biggest Loser Season 17 Episode 6, which airs Monday at 9/8c on NBC.

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The Biggest Loser Season 17 Episode 4

Posted by Shane on Monday, January 25, 2016 at 9:11 pm

Richard and Sarah fell below red lines in The Biggest Loser Season 17 Episode 3 and were eliminated.

They season is already half over. That was fast.

Bob greets them with a luxury auction. Jacky gets to train with Bob for a day for $70 out of their $500 allotment. Rob gets four bikes for $50. Roberto gets cooking equipment for $130. Stephen jumps right to the Bahamas with a $500 bid, which seems a little silly to jump that high that fast. Not to be outdone, Toy bids $500 for a growing pound, a 1 pound advantage that increases by 1 pound per week each week it is not used. Erin bids $500 for one night with her boyfriend away from the ranch. Colby bids $500 for a mystery box, which turns out to be immunity.

Perhaps there’s some parallel between the auction and their lives. They went all in without hardly thinking. In the end, it proved to be a worthwhile strategy, seeing as the auction is over after a series of maximum bids.

The last chance challenge will have them flip truck tires and do step ups on them. Roberto, Felicia, and Stephen go against Colby, Lauren, and Erin. Jen’s team ends up winning by 2 steps.

Toy has decided not to use her advantage this week, and her trainer agrees.

Colby’s weight still counts, so there really is no advantage to throwing this, whether he’s safe or not.

Colby: 278 pounds (-4, 1.42%, immune)

Luis: 250 pounds (-10, 3.85%)
Roberto: 283 pounds (-8, 2.75%)

Erin: 200 pounds (-5, 2.44%)
Jacky: 258 pounds (-7, 2.64%)

Lauren: 199 pounds (-3, 1.49%)
Felicia: 195 pounds (-7, 3.47%)

Vicki: 202 pounds (-3, 1.46%)
Rob: 268 pounds (-10, 3.60%)

Stephen: 259 pounds (-10, 3.72%)
Toy: 278 pounds (-4, 1.42%)

After losing 4 out of 5 times, Dolvett’s team easily wins the weigh in 3.22% to 2.09%.

Toy and Vicki have fallen below the yellow line. There’s a lot of questioning of Jen’s advice to Toy. A little tiny advantage that may not even matter can become far more powerful as the weeks go by. If she’s that desperate for an advantage, it’s eventually not going to matter anyway.

Lauren: Toy
Erin: Vicki
Luis: Vicki
Colby: Toy

With the votes tied, Toy has been eliminated since she is the smallest loser. Colby acknowledges voting for Toy because she’s going to be harder to beat. I’m not sure that’s necessarily the case, but she does have more to lose.

The winner of the next challenge will be able to spend a day on a yacht with letters from home. Whoever takes that prize will be locked out of the gym for the rest of the day. Their challenge will be to pull a boat along the water 300 feet, grabbing oars along the way, and then row that boat to the yacht. Dolvett’s team leads the entire time, and they decide to go for the letters rather than the gym.

For a change, there are no advantages when the weigh in comes around.

Vicki: 198 pounds (-4, 1.98%)
Felicia: 191 pounds (-4, 2.05%)

Rob: 262 pounds (-6, 2.24%)
Lauren: 194 pounds (-5, 2.51%)

Roberto: 276 pounds (-7, 2.47%)
Luis: 244 pounds (-6, 2.40%)

Stephen: 253 pounds (-6, 2.32%)
Colby: 271 pounds (-7, 2.52%)

Jacky: 251 pounds (-7, 2.71%)
Erin: 199 pounds (-1, 0.50%)

Dolvett’s team wins 2.38% to 2.04% as Vicki and Erin fall below the yellow line.

Lauren: Erin
Luis: Vicki
Colby: Vicki

With 2 votes, Vicki is not The Biggest Loser.

From her starting weight of 316 pounds, Toy is down to 259 pounds today; from her starting weight of 237 pounds, Vicki is down to 177 pounds today.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Biggest Loser Season 17 Episode 5, which airs Monday at 9/8c on NBC.

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The Biggest Loser Season 17 Episode 3

Posted by Shane on Tuesday, January 19, 2016 at 9:47 pm

Whitney and Hope were both eliminated in The Biggest Loser Season 17 Episode 2.

Americans spend an average of 11 hours a day in front of an electronic device, so today’s challenge is about those distractions. They will compete in a giant game of telephone to unlock a color combination. Sarah sits out for medical reasons.

Richard takes a seat in front of a TV with colors on it for a while to come up with a strategy, passing on a sentence using the first letter of each color to the next person, who goes through a color filled obstacle course before passing it on to the next, and so on. The first sequence of 7 is fine, but they fumble the order on the next, though only 1 is out of order. Their final time is 25:44, but they only had to go back once, which seems like a pretty good run. Colby on the other team just says colors, which is rather limiting, forcing them do double the laps because it’s a lot harder to memorize random colors than a sentence. Somehow, they have 6 out of 14 incorrect, despite only trying to memorize 4 colors at a time.

Even with the higher number of laps Jen’s team needed, they seemed to finish faster. The amount of ineptness displayed in their memory handed the challenge away. Dolvett’s team has a choice between a phone call home and exclusive use of the gym for the week. The choice is obvious, especially since Jen’s team gets whatever they don’t want. The majority makes the smart choice, opting for the gym.

Unimpressed with his team’s choice, Richard takes their gym time to go off on his own and swim laps.

Bob informs them that nobody will be going to the elimination room tonight. They are celebrating, but it’s obviously a trap. There will be no yellow line. There will be a red line.

Rob: 286 pounds (-3, 1.04%)

Erin: 210 pounds (-6, 2.78%)
Vicki: 210 pounds (-4, 1.87%)

Felicia: 205 pounds (-4, 1.91%)
Lauren: 206 pounds (-5, 2.37%)

Stephen: 277 pounds (-6, 2.12%)
Luis: 267 pounds (-6, 2.20%)

Toy: 288 pounds (-7, 2.37%)
Sarah: 229 pounds (-8, 3.38%)

Jacky: 269 pounds (-9, 3.24%)
Roberto: 300 pounds (-8, 2.60%)

Richard: 280 pounds (-5, 1.75%)
Colby: 288 pounds (-12, 4.00%)

Jen’s team wins the weigh in 2.51% to 2.36%. As the person with the lowest percentage of weight loss on his team. Richard has been eliminated. Well, that’s probably not the result the producers were hoping for when they did a red line. He set out to prove he could lose the weight by swimming. Maybe it was related and maybe not, but in any case, that didn’t happen.

Then we head right to Bob greeting them and talking about changing teams. As the biggest losers on their teams what seems like 30 seconds ago, Colby and Jacky get to keep their trainers, and they get the first pick of contestants, only choosing someone from the opposite team, until the end when they can choose whoever they want because Jen’s team has (had) two extra players.

Jen: Colby, Erin, Luis, Toy, Lauren, Vicki
Dolvett: Jacky, Roberto, Stephen, Rob, Felicia, Sarah

Of course, since they came into this as pairs, some of those pairs are split up, first among them the twins.

Then they immediately jump into the next challenge. Felicia and Sarah sit out for medical reasons, and Toy and Vicki sit out to even the teams. Their task is to build a path to climb shipping containers and grab puzzle pieces to transport. Jen’s team leads the entire time. Their reward is a 3 pound advantage.

This isn’t exactly Survivor, not like the original seasons of this show used to be, but the team split may potentially matter. Toy and Erin are outnumbered on their team.

Luis has not been cleared by medical to even watch the last chance challenge, let alone participate in it. The task is a quarter mile run, allowing Erin to take a lead over Roberto. The next set of people do a mile on a bike. The last people are on Jacobs ladder. It’s looking like Jen’s team is going to run away with the challenge, but then Felicia gets on the ladder and easily beats Toy. The reward is that Jen’s team’s advantage is now 2 pounds, not 3.

This time, there’s another red line.

Luis: 260 pounds (-7, 2.62%)
Roberto: 291 pounds (-9, 3.00%)

Lauren: 202 pounds (-4, 1.94%)
Felicia: 202 pounds (-3, 1.46%)

Colby: 282 pounds (-6, 2.08%)
Stephen: 269 pounds (-8, 2.89%)

Erin: 205 pounds (-5, 2.38%)
Rob: 278 pounds (-8, 2.80%)

Toy: 282 pounds (-6, 2.08%)
Sarah: 226 pounds (-3, 1.31%)

With that result, Sarah helps Dolvett’s team lose the weigh in and falls below the red line. Her father Rob wants to go in her place, but she declines.

From his starting weight of 314 pounds, Richard has lost 43 pounds to 271 today; from her starting weight of 267 pounds, Sarah is down 62 pounds to 205 today.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Biggest Loser Season 17 Episode 4, which airs Monday at 9/8c on NBC.

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The Biggest Loser Season 17 Episode 2

Posted by Shane on Monday, January 11, 2016 at 10:39 pm

Teammates Britney and Toy both fell below the yellow line in The Biggest Loser Season 17 Episode 1, leading to Britney’s elimination.

First up, they are greeted by a food court. They will race to answer trivia questions about food. Whoever gets it right quickest gets a point, and they can force two people from the other team to eat the food or lose a point. This seems like kind of a mean challenge and as it turns out, just a matter of process of elimination and mere seconds in foot races.

From the Italian counter, Erin selects pizza as the dish with the highest amount of fat. From the Mexican counter, the unhealthiest school menu item is nachos, which Luis gets correct. Not wanting Toy to put up another low number, Dolvett eats for her. Back to Italian, the dish with the same sodium the average American consumes in a day is chicken alfredo, which Jacky gets correct after enough guesses. At the American counter, the dish with twice as many calories as the rest is mac and cheese, which Whitney gets after guessing almost everything else. Jen eats in Hope’s place the food that is surprisingly high in calories in fat. For dessert, the dish with more than 20 grams of fat is apple pie a la mode, which Rob gets correct to win for Dolvett’s team. They will be able to choose one player to sit out at the weigh in.

Next they take a visit to Dr. H. Colby finds out he’s drinking over 400 pounds of sugar per year. Jacky’s daughter is taking after her parents already at age 12. Toy has 218 pounds of hydrated fat. As for Rob, he can expect to die in less than 5 years.

And then it’s already time for a last chance workout. More drama between Felicia and Dolvett. I take it this means this is not so much a 2 hour episode as 2-1 hour episodes. This will sure get the season over in a hurry.

Dolvett’s team has chosen to sit Colby out of the weigh in. He lost a lot less than Luis and Roberto last week, perhaps making him due for a bigger week, but he was still pretty close to the top of the pack.

Colby: 309 pounds (-12, 3.74%)

Sarah: 244 pounds (-6, 2.40%)
Toy: 302 pounds (-6, 1.95%)

Vicki: 220 pounds (-6, 2.65%)
Erin: 222 pounds (-6, 2.63%)

Luis: 278 pounds (-7, 2.46%)
Felicia: 216 pounds (-4, 1.82%)

Roberto: 315 pounds (-9, 2.78%)
Stephen: 289 pounds (-9, 3.02%)

Hope: 220 pounds (-2, 0.90%)
Whitney: 243 pounds (no change)

Lauren: 215 pounds (-8, 3.59%)
Jacky: 287 pounds (-3, 1.03%)

Jen’s team wins the weigh in 2.09% to 1.85%. The choice of not counting Colby’s weight was the right one, but it was not enough. Whitney and Jacky have fallen below the yellow line.


Felicia votes for her friend to stay, but with 3 votes, Whitney is not The Biggest Loser after having lost no weight this week.

Then Felicia goes off about Dolvett, as their relationship gets increasingly trainwrecky. He realizes that something’s not working.

Bob drives up in a chicken truck. Each team will have to pull three food trucks over 600 feet. Two players will pull the small truck, four the medium truck, and everybody the big one. Reward is a crash course with chef Lorena Garcia, while the losing team’s punishment is to eat from the trucks for the week. Colby and Sarah sit out for medical reasons.

Roberto & Luis are up against Richard & Stephen. We know how this is going to end, and that pretty well sets the pace, with Jen’s team finally winning a challenge.

The food truck can be just fine if it’s done correctly. But that’s not going to happen or at least not right away. The first lunch sees orders of bacon and two of every taco.

The next new twist for this season is the last chance challenge. Reward is a 2 pound advantage. Each of four people must row 500 meters. Jen’s team never looks back after Lauren takes the lead over Jacky.

Colby: 300 pounds (-9, 2.91%)

Rob: 289 pounds (-10, 3.34%)

Roberto: 308 pounds (-7, 2.22%)
Stephen: 283 pounds (-6, 2.08%)

Sarah: 237 pounds (-7, 2.87%)
Toy: 295 pounds (-7, 2.32%)

Vicki: 214 pounds (-6, 2.73%)
Erin: 216 pounds (-6, 2.70%)

Lauren: 211 pounds (-4, 1.86%)
Felicia: 209 pounds (-7, 3.24%)

Hope: 218 pounds (-2, 0.91%)
Jacky: 278 pounds (-9, 3.14%)

Luis: 273 pounds (-5, 1.80%)
Richard: 285 pounds (-9, 3.06%)

Dolvett’s team wins 2.73% to 2.48%, which was bound to happen eventually after having lost the first two weeks. That puts Hope and Luis in danger.


Hope’s husband votes for her to stay, but the rest of the team keeps the biggest motivator with the most weight to lose. With 3 votes, Hope is not The Biggest Loser.

From her starting weight of 253 pounds, Whitney is down to 222 pounds today; from her starting weight of 232 pounds, Hope is down to 200 pounds.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Biggest Loser Season 17 Episode 3, which airs Monday at 9/8c on NBC.

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The Biggest Loser Season 17 Episode 1

Posted by Shane on Monday, January 4, 2016 at 9:14 pm

Oh. The Biggest Loser is back. We even get 2 hour episodes like before. Until NBC finds something they like better.

The big change for this season is immediately apparent. After 13 seasons, Alison Sweeney has left the show. She has been replaced as host by Bob Harper, who has been the trainer every season this show has been on (plus three seasons of The Biggest Loser Australia).

The teams all have pre-existing relationships, aside from one bit of stunt casting. Erin Willett, The Voice Season 2 runner up, has been paired with the original Survivor winner, Richard Hatch. Hopefully they highlighted the part of his contract that mentions taxes.

We start off finding out why this season is called Temptation Nation. Bob offers them $5,000 to quit. Then he ups is to $10,000. Then $20,000. Lastly, $25k. No takers.

In case anybody cares, Jake Pavelka’s cousin is gone, leaving Dolvett Quince and Jennifer Widerstrom as the trainers. They will pick their own teams.

Jen: Luis & Roberto, Hope & Colby, Rob & Sarah, Lauren & Vicki
Dolvett: Steve & Jacky, Toy & Britney, Richard & Erin, Whitney & Felicia

Erin has lost weight before, but her path to losing 50 pounds at that point was bulimia.

This season they hook them up to monitors that display their calories burned and heart rate percentages. I assume this is a Fitbit ad but wasn’t paying attention to that part. I’m sure they’ll remind me. As everbody else goes close to 100%, Felicia hovers around her starting percentage of 62%.

It quickly becomes apparent Jen’s the nice trainer, while Dolvett reminds his team that he’s not their friend. And furthermore, he thinks Felicia is going to be the first to go.

Bob is a different kind of host. Alison seemed to just show up and deliver bad news, but Bob is there to have heart to heart talks. During the first group chat, Toy reveals the story about how her 13 month old son drowned, guilt she has carried with her since that is part of what she blames for her current weight.

At the first challenge, there is a ton of cash. They have to move all the money from an armored truck to a scale. One couple from each team will then climb to the top of the building and must make a decision. Richard & Erin and Luis & Roberto are the power couples. Dolvett’s team has a lead from the start. Roberto looks like he may catch up to Richard, but then he falls. Twice. Richard & Erin easily make it to the top first. Their choice is between $40,000 or an 8 pound advantage. I’d say take the cash, but it would put a giant target on them, although one probably exists already. They take the weigh in advantage.

This year, there are two scales, which Bob makes sound like a big deal. Unlike previous seasons, they will weigh in side by side with someone from the opposite team.

Erin: 228 pounds (-10, 4.20%)
Hope: 222 pounds (-10, 4.31%)

Lauren: 223 pounds (-11, 4.70%)
Jacky: 290 pounds (-14, 4.61%)

Felicia: 220 pounds (-14, 5.98%)
Vicki: 226 pounds (-11, 4.64%)

Richard: 301 pounds (-13, 4.14%)
Colby: 321 pounds (-18, 5.31%)

Whitney: 243 pounds (-10, 3.95%)
Sarah: 250 pounds (-17, 6.37%)

Rob: 306 pounds (-20, 6.13%)
Stephen: 298 pounds (-11, 3.56%)

Toy: 308 pounds (-8, 2.53%)
Luis: 285 pounds (-23, 7.47%)

Britney: 246 pounds (-7, 2.77%)
Roberto: 324 pounds (-24, 6.90%)

Despite the 8 pound weight disadvantage, Jen’s team easily wins the weigh in 5.85% to 4.28%. Partners Toy and Britney fall below the yellow line together.

Richard: Britney
Jacky: Toy
Felicia: Britney
Erin: Britney
Stephen: Britney

It seems they have gone right back to the voting room without a strategy session, but they are mostly thinking along the same lines. With 4 votes, Britney is not The Biggest Loser.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Biggest Loser Season 17 Episode 2, which airs Monday at 9/8c on NBC.

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Survivor: Second Chance Winner

Posted by Shane on Wednesday, December 16, 2015 at 8:44 pm

With no time to waste, we start off right away with an immunity challenge. They will race to collect puzzle steps, which they will use to build a staircase, then they will complete a slide puzzle when they reach the top. Spencer is in the lead on the stair building the entire time, but Kelley and Jeremy are right behind him. Everybody eventually joins in on the puzzle, but it’s between Spencer and Kelley. Spencer wins immunity.

Kelley wants to piece together her own alliance of outcasts because they are screwed if Spencer, Tasha, and Jeremy go any further.

Kimmi goes off to get water with Keith, which causes immediate suspicion from Spencer, only getting worse after Kelley goes to join them. Kimmi’s target is Jeremy.

Then she returns to try to talk the others into a split vote. Spencer may not trust her, but Jeremy does.

When they get to Tribal Council, Spencer warns the others that he, Jeremy, and Tasha are voting the same way and not splitting the vote. He has deliberately excluded Kimmi from this decision, and either someone joins them or they go to rocks. But don’t worry, Kimmi, you’re still in the alliance.

Kelley plays her hidden immunity idol. Jeremy plays his, too.

Kelley (does not count)
Jeremy (does not count)
Kelley (does not count)
Jeremy (does not count)
Kelley (does not count)
Jeremy (does not count)

Because everybody voted for someone who used an idol, none of the votes count. Now they have to revote for somebody who is not immune. Jeff gives them some time to talk. Jeremy needs to confirm who voted for him. Really?


It is tied again. They will not revote because Jeff confirms that none of them are willing to change their votes. Here’s where things change from the usual rock drawing. Either the others come to a unanimous decision, or Keith goes home by default because the two with votes are safe in that situation and everybody else has immunity. Kelley agrees to change her vote, and Kimmi has been voted off the island.

For the immunity challenge, they will race to six stations and collect puzzle pieces to solve a puzzle. Jeremy gets a bit of a lead over the rest of the pack, but Kelley manages to pull ahead. Spencer and Tasha fall behind the others, but everyone is still theoretically in it because it all comes down to the puzzle. Kelley wins immunity.

Since the other three are so tight, Keith realizes he’s probably at the top of the chopping block. He may not have any ideas, but Kelley makes a fake hidden immunity idol for him.

Jeremy’s not willing to take a chance that one of them has an idol. He tells Keith to vote for Spencer.

So the question is how does Keith let them know he has an idol without being obvious about it? He is subtle. So subtle that it’s lost on everyone.


With 3 votes, Keith is voted off the island. His idol may have worked, but he didn’t do anything with it.

For the final immunity challenge, they must keep balls in play as the balls spin around a maze, with more being added at regular intervals, up to a total of six. Seems kind of lame for a final immunity, but this one could be anyone’s game. Kelley is the first eliminated. Tasha follows. Then Spencer, all before they have even added the sixth ball. Jeremy wins immunity.

Like Keith before her, Kelley assumes she is gone. Perhaps she should have saved the hidden idol for herself because Keith wasted it. Her last ditch effort is to convince Jeremy what he already demonstrated concern about: Spencer is his biggest threat.

Spencer repeatedly threatens his allies that he will do whatever it takes to make sure they lose if they get rid of him. I don’t think I’ve seen this tactic so strongly employed before or understand why he keeps getting so aggressive in front of the jury.


With 3 votes, Kelley has been voted off the island.

Andrew blasts Spencer about his arrogance, specifically how he threatened his allies at the last Tribal Council. Spencer’s response is that may be so, but he’s better than he was in his last season. Then he uses the word arrogant again, calling out Jeremy for how he acted when voting out Kimmi.

Stephen asks Tasha about how she is viewed, as the person who did Jeremy’s dirty work. Then he asks Spencer to defend jumping between voting blocks, which he was far from alone in doing.

Ciera basically has that same question for all of them, this from the person who kept telling everyone they had to make big moves.

Keith asks Spencer and Jeremy to convince him why he should vote for the other person. I guess he’s not voting for Tasha then.

Abi doesn’t care about big moves. She asks about subtle moves. Tasha points to her relationship with Spencer. Spencer says he shifted blame toward Joe. And Jeremy, he played an idol, which is… subtle?

Kimmi is not even worth listening to. She has silently been a baby while the others spoke, and now she gets her chance to lash out.

Kelly Wiglesworth asks them to pick a number between 1 and 10. Over the course of 15 years, the best she’s managed to do is come up with the same question she was asked. With answers of 2, 3, and 4, if she really does use this question to decide, Spencer has a 70% chance of getting her vote.

Kass wants to complain about Spencer calling her a dumbass for the last two years, which she was. Her chaos bit was not a path to victory.

Kelley Wentworth asks about their second chance story. Oh, like we haven’t heard this episode after episode. Jeremy tugs at the jury with a story about how he’s going to have a baby, which he apparently didn’t want to reveal until right before the final vote.


The Survivor: Second Chance winner is Jeremy Collins. This is silly. Jeremy may have played a good game, but not convincing enough to win in a clean sweep. It’s pretty clear that the other two made a really stupid choice, though. Spencer had the chance go to the end with people like Abi and Keith but chose to go down what he knew was a worse path. In the end, he did a great job… of getting Jeremy the end. As did Tasha, who the jury apparently views as someone who did Jeremy’s dirty work, for which they give her blame rather than credit.

Survivor will of course be back again in February. The season is dubbed Brains, Braun, & Beauty. Oh. This again? Last time the Brains tribe was one of the dumbest and most inept ever, although interestingly, two of them are sitting next to each other in the final three tonight, with no votes to show for it.

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