Survivor: Worlds Apart Winner

Posted by Shane on Wednesday, May 20, 2015 at 7:25 pm

After Carolyn used her idol, Dan was sent packing in Survivor: Worlds Apart Episode 13, as her alliance’s votes against her did not count. That brings us down to a final five of Carolyn Rivera, Mike Holloway, Rodney Lavoie Jr., Sierra Dawn Thomas, and Will Sims II.

I agree with Probst that this was a good season for people who are trying to play the game. Unfortunately, it’s also been a good season for very unlikeable and unnecessarily volatile cast members. This seems to be Mike’s to lose, perhaps to Carolyn. Rodney has been a hothead. Will has been inept and invisible. And Sierra, I was surprised to learn her last name is not Who?

Mike can’t figure out why Carolyn is going to the beach with the people who all just voted against her. She has an explanation. He may have joined with her, but he does not have the numbers. So she doesn’t care that they just tried to eliminate her. Mike remains her target.

Reward is a camp visit with a loved one plus an advantage in the immunity challenge. Their task is to go through a net crawl, slide tiles on a platform, transport those tiles on a machete across some obstacles, and lastly use them to solve a puzzle. As usual, Mike s in the lead. Nobody else is even seeming competitive. Mike wins reward.

Mike’s advantage is that his mom can lead him through the maze while he is blindfolded for 30 minutes. They are all blindfolded during the challenge of searching for medallions in the maze, so he is the only one with even limited visual guidance in the task. Once again, Mike takes the lead and quickly begins to blow everyone else away. It gets to the point where everybody else starts helping each other, but it’s too little, too late. Mike wins immunity.

Now that Mike’s immune, Carolyn has changed her mind. She’s his buddy now and wants to get rid of Rodney. Sierra is onboard with this plan because she’s also afraid of Mike.

The other name up for consideration is Sierra. Her defense to keep her: she hasn’t won anything, but she keeps coming in second to Mike. Jeff poses the question: isn’t that a reason to get rid of her?


With 3 votes, Sierra has been voted off the island.

For the last time, immunity is back up for grabs. It is not an endurance challenge, a fact that may be Mike’s saving grace. They run up stairs to grab a bag, slide down a waterslide or at least a slide with water on it, go through an obstacle course, and repeat the process two more times before opening those bags to use the pieces to solve a puzzle. Do I even have to mention that Mike is in the lead? Mike wins immunity for the fifth time.

The logical choice here would seem to be for Mike to bring Rodney and Will to the end with him because they can’t beat anybody. Granted, I can’t see Carolyn winning either, but she seems a lot more likely to actually get some votes. Rather than doing the logical thing, Mike has an alternate plan to force a tie and send it to a fire making challenge. I could perhaps understand the rationalization to this if she had been on his side, but she turned against him immediately after the vote in which they tried to get rid of her. Of course, this is Mike we’re talking about. He’s not here because he’s a strategic mastermind. He’s here because he kept winning challenges.


We have a tie. After 6 minutes, Carolyn breaks her flint, so she gets a new one. Rodney eventually does the same and then a second time. Carolyn, too. The jury is bored and shaking their heads. Rodney finally makes flame after 45 minutes, but it doesn’t last. He’s figured it out and gets fire again. Carolyn gets it, too, but her fire is quite unimpressive relative to his. Unlike Rodney, Carolyn is building a fire slowly but one that is effective. Rodney has been eliminated. He leaves swearing at Mike.

Joe claims to be an open book, but he doesn’t have any questions, just an explanation of what he wants them to do when others ask them questions.

Hali asks Carolyn about her mother role, which she acknowledges but says she also fought hard.

Rodney talks to his best bud Will, who talks about only having what he is as a person. Then he asks Carolyn about what moves she’s made, and she provides examples of Tyler’s elimination and the alliance she was forced into at the end with Mike.

Tyler asks about Mike’s social game, and Mike acknowledges that he didn’t do a good job at that, as bitter people like Dan respond with a head shake. He then asks Carolyn to redeem herself in his eyes, and she apologizes but hey, this is Survivor.

Sierra asks which trait they’d like from the other two players. Will appreciated Mike’s work ethic.

Jenn doesn’t have any problem with the final three. Instead, she wants to bash the jury for being bitter and angry. Classic Jenn. And to recap, vote for Mike.

Dan accuses Mike of not caring about the jury. That is all. Only not really. He asks Jeff if he can get back up and run his mouth some more, but this time he has some kinder words for Mike after hearing him defend himself.

Shirin just wants to talk more about how Will upset her.


Will received Rodney’s vote, and Carolyn received Sierra’s vote. Otherwise, it looks like a landslide, as the Survivor: Worlds Apart winner is Mike. I’m not sure the right person did or did not win, but I’m not sure there necessarily was a right person. Still, this seems like a satisfactory ending.

As the winner, Mike is not eligible for next season, which he would have been part of otherwise.

Now it’s time to reveal the case for season 31 from the public vote.

Abi-Maria Gomes (Philippines, Season 25, 5th place)
Andrew Savage (Pearl Islands, Season 7, 10th place)
Ciera Eastin (Blood vs. Water, Season 27, 5th place)
Jeff Varner (Outback, Season 2, 10th place)
Jeremy Collins (San Juan del Sur, Season 29, 10th place)
Joe Anglim (Worlds Apart, Season 30, 10th place)
Kass McQuillen (Cagayan, Season 28, 3rd place)
Kelley Wentworth (San Juan del Sur, Season 29, 14th place)
Kelly Wigglesworth (Borneo, Season 1, 2nd place)
Kimmi Kappenberg (Outback, Season 2, 12th place)
Keith Nale (San Juan del Sur, Season 29, 4th place)
Monica Padilla (Samoa, Season 19, 7th place)
Peih-Gee Law (China, Season 15, 5th place)
Shirin Oskooi (Worlds Apart, Season 30, 8th place)
Spencer Bledsoe (Cagayan, Season 28, 4th place)
Stephen Fishbach (Tocantins, Season 18, 2nd place)
Tasha Fox (Cagayan, Season 28, 6th place)
Terry Deitz (Panama, Season 12, 3rd place)
Vytas Baskauskas (Blood vs. Water, Season 27, 10th place)
Woo Hwang (Cagayan, Season 28, 2nd place)

If I had to pick my Survivor dream cast, I’m not sure any of these people would be on it. Jeff talks up how this cast includes people from seasons 1-30, which he is right about, but more than half the cast is from the past 2 years, seasons that have not been interesting enough to warrant that high a concentration of castaways. As far as placement, there are a few runners up, but the average is 6.6, with a number of mediocre players in the mix. In fairness, some of the game’s best players didn’t make it very far on their first attempt.

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The Amazing Race 26 Winners

Posted by Shane on Friday, May 15, 2015 at 7:34 pm

Pretty much nothing happened in The Amazing Race 26 Episode 11, with all teams leaving the episode unscathed.

All four teams are on the same flight to their final destination of Dallas, TX.

Their first stop is AT&T Stadium. What happened to the days when stadiums had normal names?

The road block requires teams to catch a touchdown pass and kick the extra point.

Road block (in order of arrival): Mike, Tyler, Jelani, Blair

The catching without defenders is simple enough for all of them. It’s the kicking that will make a difference. But the teams are all sitting in the parking lot for long enough afterward that none of this matters anyway. None of them can figure out where they’re going. Worse yet for Mike & Rochelle, their cab driver would not wait.

Their next task is to corral some longhorns with the assistance of cowboys. By this point, what happens next has become clear.

Phil is waiting to tell Mike & Rochelle that all the cattle have been rounded up, and they have been eliminated from the race.

The others continue to Reunion Tower, where they will participate in the next road block, which requires teams to spot their next clue as they rappel down.

Road block (in order of arrival): Hayley, Laura, Jenny

Hayley finds something that stands out. It’s obvious it’s not the right something. That may become critical on what remains a tight race with tasks that don’t appear to be able to provide much distance. Meanwhile, Laura and Jenny have found a common enemy: the chick who’s constantly bickering with herself. Why are you working together when you’re probably one task away from the finish line? I’m pretty sure I have never seen this before.

Now they get to drive monster trucks, which will be followed by a memory test. They must identify in which leg four places were, then they must put selfies in order on a map. Tyler loves that selfies are coming into play now. Yeah, this is almost as lame as the blind date twist.

The finish line is Continental Avenue Bridge. The Amazing Race 26 winners are Laura & Tyler. The right team won. The only “blind date” couple that actually remained likeable throughout. Jelani & Jenny come in second place. Hayley & Blair by some miracle made it all the way to the finish line in third place without someone slapping her.

Despite the terrible twist which can only be called good in the sense at least it wasn’t another Family Edition, the ratings for this season remained respectable, if modest. At least it’s better than the train wreck that is CBS Sunday nights. The Amazing Race will be back again in the fall in this same time slot for season 27.

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Survivor: Worlds Apart Episode 13

Posted by Shane on Wednesday, May 13, 2015 at 7:47 pm

It was Rodney’s birthday in Survivor: Worlds Apart Episode 12. Oh, and Tyler went home.

Carolyn reveals Dan’s advantage to Mike, but despite that extra vote that Dan has, she again wants to disregard it.

For the reward challenge, they will race across obstacles, undo some knots, free dozens of puzzle pieces (23 of which contain a letter), and solve the phrase. Reward is a helicopter tour and meal. For those who didn’t get the memo on his birthday, Rodney hasn’t been on a reward yet. Dan, Sierra, and Rodney are up against Carolyn, Mike, and Will. Notwithstanding the fact that the other side has Will, it doesn’t seem Rodney can win this either.

After half an hour, both teams are unable to figure out the Survivor phrase. Then 45 minutes. And an hour. The longest word puzzle in Survivor history. Finally, Carolyn, Mike, and Will figure out “A reward with all the fixins”. I’m going to take Jeff’s word that he says that often. As for Carolyn, she’s keeping her reward rather than give it away to some whiner. Good. I can see an argument for giving up reward, but not when he’s behaving like this.

Mike proposes a final three deal with the two people he happens to be with on reward. Convenient.

Continuing to whine, Rodney has decided that his target (after Mike) is Carolyn.

For the immunity challenge, they will retrieve bags using grappling hooks then use the balls inside to solve a table maze. Mike has a lead heading into the maze. By some miracle, Dan is in second. Sierra makes a big comeback to make things interesting, but it’s not enough. Mike wins immunity.

That makes Carolyn the target, unless they want to actually do something about Dan’s advantage, which gets bigger as the numbers dwindle.

Mike points out something to the women, and he’s not wrong. Dan and Rodney are in the shelter resting, while everybody else is scrambling. That’s code for the fact that they feel comfortable.

Rodney struggles to form a sentence at Tribal Council. He blames the lack of food.

Prior to the votes being read, Dan reveals his advantage, which I don’t think will make any difference. Carolyn isn’t taking any chances either. She plays her hidden immunity idol, high fiving Mike as she returns to her seat.

Carolyn (does not count)
Carolyn (does not count)
Carolyn (does not count)
Carolyn (does not count)
Carolyn (does not count)

With 2 votes, Dan has been voted off the island. With both advantages flushed out and Carolyn aware where she stands, that was a pretty huge Tribal Council.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of Survivor: Worlds Apart Episode 14, where we will find out who the Survivor: Worlds Apart winner is, which airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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The Amazing Race 26 Episode 11

Posted by Shane on Saturday, May 9, 2015 at 1:07 pm

Placing last for the second leg in a row in The Amazing Race 26 Episode 10, Matt & Ashley were eliminated.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Hayley & Blair - 6:39AM
Second: Jelani & Jenny - 7:19AM
Third: Mike & Rochelle - 8:35AM
Fourth: Laura & Tyler - 8:48AM

Teams will now drive back to Trujillo, Peru. If they’re staying local, this is pretty bad for a final four leg, as it seems pre-determined considering the large lead the top two teams have due to the flights from the last leg. So now it’s just a question of which of the trailing two teams will fail. It’s not looking good for Mike & Rochelle, whose cab breaks down.

Their first task is to find a clue hidden in South America’s largest mosaic. This seems simpler than it sounds. Hayley doesn’t even get upset, though Laura does for some reason.

The detour is a choice between shake your hips or make some bricks. In shake your hips, teams must learn a national dance, the marinera. In make some bricks, teams must make 12 bricks then transport 12 dry bricks to the delivery site.

Make some bricks: Hayley & Blair, Laura & Tyler
Shake your hips: Jelani & Jenny, Mike & Rochelle (switched from make some bricks)

Manual labor is typically the better option. In a battle for last place and already having arrived last, Mike & Rochelle decide to switch detours. That’s the death blow right there, but perhaps it’s their best option to gamble and hope the other one is better rather than trying to beat Laura & Tyler.

The road block requires teams to paddle reed boats through the surf. As narrow and tough to balance as these boats are, there is going to be a lot of falling.

Road block (in order of arrival): Blair, Jelani, Laura, Rochelle

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Virgen del Socorro.

First: Hayley & Blair (win a trip to India)
Second: Jelani & Jenny
Third: Laura & Tyler
Fourth: Mike & Rochelle

This was a pretty silly leg, but here’s the twist. Mike & Rochelle have not been eliminated, as this is a final four rather than a final three. The final leg starts right now. Yes, this again. I half expected something along those lines just based on how terrible the leg design was considering the spacing between the teams.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another recap of The Amazing Race 26 Episode 12, where we will find out who The Amazing Race 26 winner is, which airs Friday at 8/7c on CBS.

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Survivor: Worlds Apart Episode 12

Posted by Shane on Wednesday, May 6, 2015 at 6:57 pm

Shirin was predictably voted out in Survivor: Worlds Apart Episode 11, but at least Mike’s lying led to an interesting split vote in which the alliance turned on itself.

Tyler justifies his vote by saying he voted for Dan because his name was on the chopping block, and he plans to vote for Dan again anyway.

It’s Rodney’s birthday, which means one thing. We get to listen to him whine about how he hasn’t been on a reward.

For the reward challenge, they divide into two teams of three who will unspin their keys, build a ladder, cross a netsling, and ultimately attempt to land balls into a series of targets using a catapult. Reward is to deliver supplies to a local orphanage. Just in time for there to be an almost complete lack of likeable people to participate. Dan picks Tyler and Rodney; Carolyn picks Sierra and Mike. Will sits out and has no shot at reward. As Mike and his team get started on launching balls, Rodney forgets his and has to go back.

In a close finish, Mike, who refuses to let Sierra try, beats Dan to win reward for himself and Carolyn and Sierra. None of them are willing to give up their reward for Rodney because that would be stupid and the fact that it’s his birthday should not either matter or be their problem. Who cares that it’s his birthday, like it’s some sort of national holiday? If they want to give up their reward, that would be very nice of them, but it’s really silly that he just expects it and gets angry that they do not.

As the others have a cheerful reward, back at camp, Rodney becomes increasingly angry, if you can tell the difference between this and his normal amount of being over the top. He plans to use this to his advantage. He’ll pretend to want to get eliminated to blindside Mike. Suspecting he’ll be Mike’s target, Tyler is not onboard with this plan.

For the immunity challenge, they will balance on a perch while leaning back and holding on to a rope. Will and Dan are the first ones out of the challenge. Shocking. Sierra drops. Rodney follows. As they transition to the next knot, Mike falls and so does Tyler. Carolyn wins immunity.

Mike’s target is Tyler. Tyler and Will discuss voting Dan like they did last week.

This time, Mike does indeed play his hidden immunity idol.

Mike (does not count)
Mike (does not count)
Mike (does not count)
Mike (does not count)

Why did these people all vote for Mike knowing he has an idol? With 2 votes, Tyler has been voted off the island. Sierra and Carolyn joined Mike in his vote for Tyler. Even Tyler did not bother tossing a vote in another direction.

Heading into the final commercial break, Jeff formally announces that people will be able to vote for second chance contestants on the CBS website. The list includes:

Ciera Eastin
Kass McQuillen
Monica Padilla
Natalie Tenerelli
Peih-Gee Law
Sabrina Thompson
Stephanie Valencia
Tasha Fox
Teresa T-Bird Cooper
Carolyn Rivera
Kelley Wentworth
Kelly Wiglesworth
Kimmi Kappenberg
Mikayla Wingle
Shirin Oskooi
Abi-Maria Gomes

Jeremy Collins
Jim Rice
Keith Nale
Shane Powers
Stephen Fishbach
Jeff Varner
Joe Anglim
Max Dawson
Mike Holloway
Spencer Bledsoe
Troyzan Robertson
Woo Hwang
Terry Deitz
Andrew Savage
Brad Culpepper
Vytas Baskauskas

That’s it? I’m underwhelmed by this who’s not who list of potential castaways. If you don’t recognize most of those names, you’re not alone. 5 of the 32 have been drawn from this season’s rather lackluster cast, and two of them have not yet been eliminated.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of Survivor: Worlds Apart Episode 13, which airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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The Amazing Race 26 Episode 10

Posted by Shane on Saturday, May 2, 2015 at 1:28 pm

After he struggled in a searching task, Matt & Ashley were unable to catch up in The Amazing Race 26 Episode 9 but were saved by non-elimination.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Laura & Tyler - 12:40AM
Second: Hayley & Blair - 1:07AM
Third: Jelani & Jenny - 1:20AM
Fourth: Mike & Rochelle - 1:30AM
Fifth: Matt & Ashley - 2:27AM

Teams will now fly almost 1/3 of the way around the world to Trujillo, Peru. I suspected there would be a single flight, but all they have to do is ask and they can get a flight that lands over 10 hours earlier (while tickets last), though in race time that’s unlikely to translate to more than a couple hours. Lead team Laura & Tyler were sleeping at the wheel on that opportunity.

First flight (arrives 10:20PM): Hayley & Blair, Jelani & Jenny
Second flight (arrives 9:45AM): Laura & Tyler, Mike & Rochelle, Matt & Ashley

Upon arrival, they pull departure times. Hayley & Blair and Jelani & Jenny depart at 7:00AM, giving them about a 3+ hour lead on the others, a number that realistically is insurmountable almost no matter what.

Prior to the road block, Matt & Ashley must use a typewriter to fill out a loan for a llama to complete their speed bump.

The road block requires teams to harvest a section of the sugarcane field.

Road block (in order of arrival): Jenny, Hayley, Mike, Tyler, Matt

Yeah, they give Hayley a machete.

From there, they will take their sugarcane up into the Andes, doing a math problem (using a calculator) with the purpose of promoting Fitbit and then drinking the sugarcane juice.

The detour is a choice between mamas and papas. In mamas, teams must search the streets for ingredients in moonshine. In papas, teams must sort potatoes by type and deliver them to a vendor.

Papas: Jelani & Jenny, Laura & Tyler (switched from mamas), Matt & Ashley (switched from mamas)
Mamas: Hayley & Blair, Mike & Rochelle

Laura & Tyler get brought to the wrong detour and just switch, and Matt & Ashley do the same.

A choice between a searching task and a sorting task, neither particularly appealing or advantageous. The worst part about the potato task is if they mess up, they’ll have to start over again.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is the Virgen de la Puerta.

First: Hayley & Blair (win a Fitbit fitness kit… really?)
Second: Jelani & Jenny
Third: Mike & Rochelle
Fourth: Laura & Tyler
Eliminated: Matt & Ashley

They had the opportunity to get caught up following the plane equalizer, but Matt & Ashley failed to recover from their previous last place finish.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another recap of The Amazing Race 26 Episode 11, which airs Friday at 8/7c on CBS.

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Survivor: Worlds Apart Episode 11

Posted by Shane on Wednesday, April 29, 2015 at 6:51 pm

Having given up long ago and still hating her mostly despicable fellow castaways, Jenn finally reached the end of her rope in Survivor: Worlds Apart Episode 10.

Dan has convinced himself he is not at the bottom of the barrel.

Shirin continues to overreact to Will’s behavior. Although she has a point to an extent, Dan’s not believing that she deserves the pity she wants.

Reward is sailing with burgers and pie. Mike, Shirin, Sierra, and Rodney (blue) are against Tyler, Dan, Carolyn, and Will (red). Their task is simply to get from one side to the other using four barrels, two planks, and some rope without ever touching the ground. Mike is making some aggressive moves that keeps his team ahead and hanging by a thread, while the red team goes slow and steady. As they near the end, red is taking the lead as Mike accidentally lets the planks touch, giving way to a red team win. I wouldn’t have bet on the group of misfits at the beginning of that challenge.

They head into another endurance immunity challenge. They will hold on to a rope handle attached to 25% of their body weight (from day 1). The last man and woman standing win. After 15 minutes, we see the first signs of struggle from multiple people. Sierra is the first to fall, followed by Tyler and then Will and Dan. Because of the rules of this challenge and number of contestants of each gender, the women had a 1 in 3 chance of winning. When Shirin drops, Carolyn wins immunity. Rodney’s been struggling since before Sierra was eliminated, and he finally drops, giving Mike individual immunity.

Mike would have been the easy target, but once again they cannot get rid of him. They still have an easy albeit somewhat useless vote in Shirin, although I don’t think the jury really hates her as much as they want.

Shirin’s target if she can rally enough people to bring her to the end because nobody likes her is going to be Tyler.

For all that talk, they know Dan has an advantage. Tyler goes though his bag and finds out he has an extra vote, which he could use now to get rid of Tyler the personal property invader if he wanted.

There is no plan for a split vote because they’d have to vote against one of their own. With that in mind. Mike could give his idol to Shirin because they are all obviously going to vote for her, which would result in whoever they want going home. That seems like a logical move considering Mike has nobody once Shirin leaves, though it does perhaps increase his odds of being voted out next time.

So it’s Tribal Council again. We get to listen to tales of Shirin’s troubled past, while Will refuses to apologize because he’s not sorry.

Prior to the vote, Mike pulls out his hidden immunity idol. Shirin’s voting for Tyler, Mike’s voting for one of the other four, and they can take their chances if they really want to stick to the plan. This is more interesting than surprising them because it forces them to reveal their willingness to split from the alliance.

Despite all his talk, Mike was just bluffing, and I don’t think they bought it. Too much show.


With 4 votes, Shirin has been voted off the island. He may not have gotten enough people to split, but there was some dissension in the ranks. Tyler voted Dan because his head was on the chopping block, and so did Will for some reason. Though he didn’t want to admit it before, Dan should perhaps acknowledge now that he’s on the bottom of their totem pole.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of Survivor: Worlds Apart Episode 12, which airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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The Amazing Race 26 Episode 9

Posted by Shane on Saturday, April 25, 2015 at 12:45 pm

Once they hit Africa, Aly & Steve fell apart, and The Amazing Race 26 Episode 8 spelled their demise with a second last place finish in a row.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Laura & Tyler - 12:19PM
Second: Matt & Ashley - 12:20PM
Third: Hayley & Blair - 12:34PM
Fourth: Jelani & Jenny
Fifth: Mike & Rochelle

Teams will now fly more than 5000 miles to Amsterdam, Netherlands. All teams are on the same and probably only flight.

The road block requires teams to find a matching pair of wooden shoes (klompen).

Road block (in order of arrival): Jenny, Tyler, Matt, Rochelle, Blair

Searching tasks always suck. There are shoes everywhere, and they all look very similar. This one doesn’t seem that bad, though, with some struggling than others, notably Matt, who requires a few dozen attempts.

From here, they ride bikes to the ferry, as there are more bikes here than there are people. Everybody is enjoying their bike rides. Then there’s Hayley. She doesn’t like the temperature or the smell or anything in general. She warns her partner that she’s going to be really ticked off at him. Oh. Again.

The detour is a choice between soak or shuffle. In soak, teams must drive an electric powered hot tug along the waterway while looking for symbols to solve a rebus puzzle. In shuffle, teams must play a Dutch version of shuffleboard (sjoelen).

Soak: Laura & Tyler, Jelani & Jenny, Hayley & Blair
Shuffle: Mike & Rochelle, Matt & Ashley

Both detours seem pretty simple. So much so that I don’t see how Matt & Ashley can catch up from their struggles at the road block, even though Jelani & Jenny cannot figure out the puzzle without asking a local for help.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Museumplein Ice Skating Rink.

First: Laura & Tyler (win a trip to Seoul, South Korea)
Second: Hayley & Blair
Third: Jelani & Jenny
Fourth: Mike & Rochelle
Non-eliminated: Matt & Ashley

This was another obvious conclusion, but the only question has now been answered. Matt & Ashley have been saved by non-elimination.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another recap of The Amazing Race 26 Episode 10, which airs Friday at 8/7c on CBS.

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