Big Brother Season 20 Episode 9

Swaggy C playing himself out of the house concluded in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 8, then Scottie went from pawn to potential power position with his HOH win.

Scottie still wants to work with the alliance he has sort of been working with, even though he knows he is at the bottom of their totem pole and didn’t vote with them in their futile attempt to save Swaggy.

Winston and Brett are inseparable and the strongest pair in the house. They hope that acting like idiots will deflect the concerns about them. Scottie has already decided to target them, no matter what anybody else says. It doesn’t help their case that Sam tells him the truth about what happened with the Steve vote, which they had tried lying about. Rather than coming clean, Winston doubles down on that lie. Brett at least is able to come in and charm him. He’s the more dangerous of the two.

The BB App Store opens one final time. Haleigh gets the crap app. I don’t understand the logic behind these crap app results for any week. Her choice is Read It, which will require her to put on a costume and read until she has read all of the book Hamlet.

Bayleigh wins the power app. What? How? What? I would think being tied to Swaggy would have alienated her from people, although I found it odd he never got the crap app. She chooses identity theft, which will allow her to make the nominations for one HOH at any point during the first half of the game.


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Big Brother Season 20 Episode 8

The plan fell into place in Big Brother 20 Episode 7. Scottie was removed with the power of veto for some reason, and the actual target, Swaggy C, was put on the block against Winston.

Kaitlyn is very upset after the veto ceremony. It’s not her alliance that is comforting her. Rather, it’s Brett, JC, and Tyler. Realizing that her whole game just blew up because she aligned with such an awful player, Bayleigh joins them to kiss up. Points for effort, which nobody else is making.

Swaggy’s plan to stay is to spend all week in Tyler’s ear. Yeah, that will work.

Level 6 has 5 votes because they left one of their own on the block in danger. The other side has 5 votes because they removed Scottie from the block. He is not showing any signs that removing him was helpful. That leaves JC and Sam as the potential swing votes, both of whom are very close to Level 6. Should be fairly safe.

Swaggy believes that Sam likes authentic, caring people. So he pretends to be one.

Bayleigh: Winston
Brett: Swaggy
Kaycee: Swaggy
Tyler: Swaggy
Rockstar: Winston
Haleigh: Winston
Faysal: Winston
Scottie: Swaggy
JC: Swaggy
Angela: Swaggy
Rachel: Swaggy
Sam: Swaggy

By a vote of 8-4, Swaggy C has been evicted from the Big Brother house. He played too hard too fast and too obviously. It almost worked. He may have been obnoxious in the process, but he certainly played the game. Despite wearing a Swaggy C T-shirt, Scottie sees the writing on the wall and joins the majority. Swaggy blames Haleigh for Scottie’s vote and refuses to hug her.

For the HOH competition, they will watch videos and then answer true or false questions about them. Kaycee is eliminated on the first question. Angela, Bayleigh, Tyler, JC, Haleigh, Winston, and Brett are eliminated on the second question. Sam is eliminated on the third question. Everybody gets the fourth question correct. Rockstar is eliminated on the fifth question. Faysal is eliminated on the sixth question. Both Scottie and Rachel get the seventh question correct and move to the tie breaker. Scottie was doing well with the memory test, but he has no clue on this random guess how long a competition was in seconds question. Luckily for him, Rachel provides an absurd answer of 12,500 seconds, which is over 3 hours. Scottie goes over, too, but not by such a ridiculous amount. Scottie wins HOH.

It’s not clear which side he’s on or for that matter if there really are sides any more seeing as the previously largest side has been decimated, but perhaps Tyler’s plan to save him, while risky, may pay dividends quicker than expected.

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Big Brother Season 20 Episode 7

Kaitlyn nominated Scottie and Winston in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 6, but she doesn’t actually want either of them to go home.

Kaitlyn continues to hang out with her seemingly dead alliance, who already know that someone didn’t vote with them last week but don’t realize anything is wrong.

Kaitlyn selects Faysal to play in the veto competition (houseguest’s choice). Seemingly a good competitor, better than she would want if she wanted someone who will lose. Scottie picks Rachel at random. Winston selects Tyler.

Fessy is asked to throw the competition. She is worried he will win. That is why you pick someone else. This request seems odd to him.

The veto competition requires them to swipe through dating profiles of houseguests and match them to date spots.

Rachel – 5:49
Scottie – 18:20
Winston – 20:00 (maximum)
Tyler – 5:29
Faysal – 6:22
Kaitlyn – 13:12

Tyler wins the power of veto. That went exactly how they wanted, but Fessy did pretty well for a pick who wasn’t supposed to win.

It seems obvious what they will do. Save Winston. So Tyler decides that he wants to save Scottie, who would likely be a vote for a backdoor from the other side to stay. Shouldn’t matter. Might. The theory is to sway a potential floater to their side. That would perhaps be helpful, but it’s a big risk.

The secret backdoor doesn’t stay secret for long. Half the house already knew, and Kaitlyn tells Baleigh, who tells Rockstar, who dances around it to the oblivious Fessy. Kaitlyn eventually confides in Fessy, and no, she can’t have a hug from him.

Veto Ceremony
Tyler uses the veto on Scottie.
Swaggy is the replacement nominee.

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Big Brother Season 20 Episode 6

Sam needed just one person to flip in order to save her in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 5, and she got that in the form of Kaitlyn voting to eliminate Steve instead. Of course, Kaitlyn then went on to win HOH.

Kaitlyn thinks that nobody is on to her about her vote. Except pretty much the whole house. For right now it doesn’t really matter because she’s the one in power.

Nobody knows what Kaitlyn is going to do. Even she doesn’t know what she is going to do. Tyler is trying to make sure she targets Swaggy. In the process, he reveals that Sam has the power. Later, Sam also confides in her. At the end of the day, her spirit guides are going to make the decision.

She tells her side that the target is Winston. She tells the other side that Swaggy is the backdoor target. The latter seems to be the truth. She doesn’t want to get rid of Winston, not yet.

This week’s least trending houseguest is somehow Rachel, whoever that is. Perhaps that explains it, too invisible so far. She selects the Yell! crap app, which will allow an angry reviewer to loudly provide feedback on her and her game for the next 24 hours. How is Swaggy not getting this?

Tyler wins the power app. Not only was he already likeable in his own right, but then he hitched his wagon to Sam. He picks The Cloud, which will allow him avoid one nomination or veto ceremony during the next two months if he thinks he is in danger of being nominated.

Faysal is pressing Kaitlyn really hard to try to influence her nominations, but her mind is already made up and showing no signs of changing.


Neither is the actual target, though she wouldn’t mind either of them going if it does come to that.

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Big Brother Season 20 Episode 5

Faysal won the power of veto in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 4 but did not use it, leaving Sam and Steve on the block.

This vote could go either way. They were nominated because they were not on either side, and it was just viewed as a way to waste a week.

Steve is sure he has 7 votes, so he’s not going to bother going to anyone else. Not that anyone in the other alliance of 6 wants him to stay. Of course, if they don’t want Sam to go home, they could have made smarter nominations.

Faysal and Haleigh are starting their own showmance. If the other side needed a crack, one may be forming. Kaitlyn is not happy about this latest showmance or her own lack of one. Her two best buds are pairing up, just like everybody else.

Scottie: Sam
JC: Steve
Swaggy: Sam
Bayleigh: Sam
Rachel: Steve
Kaycee: Steve
Faysal: Sam
Haleigh: Sam
Angela: Steve
Brett: Steve
Winston: Steve
Kaitlyn: Steve
Rockstar: Sam

By a vote of 7-6, Steve has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Kaitlyn breaks ranks from her FOUTTE alliance to prevent Tyler’s HOH from blowing up in his face. They may have accidentally dodged a bullet. On paper, Steve is a very dangerous player, considering his background. If only he could have gotten past the first week.

For the HOH competition, they will toss balls into a city and try to land on the highest salary. Scottie starts things off with $40k. JC lands in the street, jobless. So does Brett. Winston scores $12k. Sam takes the lead with $50k. Kaycee can’t beat that. Faysal lands on the street. Kaitlyn takes the lead with $80k. Angela is in the street. Too many people are doing that. Bayleigh is also in the street. So is Swaggy. Rockstar is as well. This is silly. Haleigh is also in the street. Rachel is in the street. Kaitlyn wins HOH practically by default because hardly anybody could land on an actual target.

Well, that makes things interesting. The girl who just flipped on her alliance now has the power. She could either go back or gravitate toward the other side. Probably not a position she wants to be in.

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Big Brother Season 20 Episode 4

The point of Big Brother Season 20 Episode 3 was not very much, but they finally told us that Sam won a prize for being the most trending houseguest, which will allow her to be able to try to save someone during the first three evictions.

Even though he nominated her, Sam still apparently considers Tyler the person she can trust most. Perhaps not so much a choice as a lack of options. She reveals to him that she won the power app, sort of.

Swaggy tries to convince Tyler to put up the person he wants to target, Angela, which fails miserably. Tyler proposes an alternative, Swaggy’s day 2 showmance, Bayleigh. Swaggy warns Bayleigh, and much crying ensues. Why would he even reveal this when the veto hasn’t happened yet?

Tyler selects Swaggy to play in the veto competition (houseguest’s choice) because he knows he won’t change the nominations. Sam selects Scottie at random. Steve selects Fezzy (houseguest’s choice).

The veto competition will be a series of stages where they are trying to not be the worst each time. In the first round, they must retrieve three likes from a snake bite pit. Scottie is too afraid to get anything and is eliminated. Stage 2 is a polar plunge. Swaggy barely survived the first round because Scottie sucked, but this time he easily loses. Stage 3 will have them balancing on posts while being shot by paintballs. Steve is the one who falls. Stage 4 requires them to balance and transfer balls while being shocked. Sam is eliminated. Tyler asks Faysal if he’s going to keep things the same. Probably. Probably? Yeah, probably. Good enough for Tyler. They have to drink gross drinks for the final round. Faysal wins the power of veto.

Veto Ceremony
Veto is not used.

Faysal would prefer that someone else be nominated, but he knows the replacement won’t be someone he wants.

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Big Brother Season 20 Episode 3

Tyler won the first HOH in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 2, and rather than picking a side, he targeted two seemingly harmless people in the middle, Sam and Steve.

Sam calls everybody into the storage room one by one. Even as a robot, she can still manage to get into an argument with Kaitlyn. Though he nominated her, Tyler doesn’t actually want Sam to go, which is a rookie mistake.

Tyler, Winston, Kaycee, Brett, Angela, and Rachel have named themselves Level 6.

Protesting too much about how it’s not going to happen, Bayleigh and Swaggy are already hooking up.

Tyler has the opportunity to name the first four have nots of the season. He doesn’t have to make any hard decisions because four people volunteer: Kaitlyn, Winston, Scottie, and Brett.

Swaggy and Faysal want to make another alliance, this time with Brett and Winston so that they have all the muscle. Brett plays along, but it’s becoming obvious that Swaggy C is making alliances with everybody in the house.

Swaggy, Kaitlyn, Rockstar, Faysal, and Haleigh go along with Kaitlyn’s awful name suggestion of FOUTTE, five of us til the end.

The BB App Store will grant a power and a punishment to whoever is trending the most or least.

Faysal has somehow beat Swaggy as least trending. He selects the Hamazon package, which is a food punishment, requiring him to eat whenever there is a delivery. Why would you select the punishment with ham in the name if you can’t eat it for religious reasons?

Sam is the top trending houseguest, and it couldn’t have come at a better time because she has not started off well. She selects Bonus Life, which will allow her (or someone she chooses) the chance to return to the game if evicted if used within the first three evictions. If not used during the first three evictions, the fourth evictee will be granted the chance.

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Big Brother Season 20 Episode 2

As the winner of the first competitions, Swaggy C had the opportunity to choose which half of the house to save in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 1. Angela, JC, Steve, Kaitlyn, Bayleigh, Tyler, Sam, and Winston are in danger.

Swaggy C, Haleigh, Rockstar, Kaitlyn, and Faysal form an alliance of the people they know they can trust. Day 2 alliance. What can go wrong?

The people who are in danger are the ones who will compete in the first HOH competition. At least this time we don’t have to hear Swaggy talk in the third person about how great he is. Their task is to race across balance beams and return dots to the start and place them in other players’ tubes. This is the kind of competition where you can figure out who people’s targets are. Steve and Sam are quickly piling up the dots. I don’t get why even knock Steve out because he can’t get a single dot in and thus is not a threat. Kaitlyn is next. There are two pairs that have decided to work together who are now going after each other. Winston is out next. Then Angela. Tyler turns on his partner. JC would like someone to knock him out, and Bayleigh finally does, even though Tyler is going after her. Tyler wins HOH.

Winston, Rachel, Brett, Kaycee, Angela, and Tyler form yet another doomed alliance.

Such an alliance doesn’t leave Tyler a lot of options, only JC, Kaitlyn, Bayleigh, and Sam. As the people who were eliminated so quickly in the picking favorites competition, Sam and Steve would be easy targets. Bayleigh yelled at Tyler during the competition after he turned on her so that he could win, which makes her a potential target.

Swaggy sends his minions in to do his bidding of targeting Angela and Winston, a fact not lost on Tyler. Bayleigh doesn’t help her case by admitting that she’s on his side of the house, which is divided already without many people who aren’t in one of the two big alliances.


Tyler takes the easy route rather than making a big move week one. Nobody is really happy with this move, but nobody is likely to be upset either.

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