Big Brother Season 19 Episode 37

Paul finished turning on Alex in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 36 and had his idiot minions send her packing, then he won HOH for the first time since June. As for those who remain, they still don’t seem suspicious, except for Josh, who should be suspicious of everybody because of the terrible allies he has picked and is now stuck with.


The final four nominations are largely symbolic, but they still mean something. Christmas is the one Paul should trust most because she is so awful at this game she would consider going against him in the finals.

Matt goes to the jury house, the only place he is going to find any common sense in this game. He was taken out despite the plan to “backdoor” Kevin, the guy who has lost almost every competition in spectacular fashion. Then there’s Cody. He doesn’t care at all, the same sentiments shared by a lot of people about this season.

Jason comes in and tells the story. They were going to backdoor Kevin. Honest. He’s a massive challenge threat. Jason is so far gone that he blames Alex. She didn’t do anything but make the same stupid decisions he did, which he’ll find out in about a week.

Maybe not even that long. Here comes Raven an hour later. Her video of what happened shows Jason exactly who is to blame, possibly, he still doesn’t really believe it was Paul’s fault. Speaking of blame, Raven doesn’t place any on Paul. Despite her and Matt being evicted back to back, she knew that Paul had an alliance with everybody, but she considers them his one true alliance. This just keeps getting more ridiculous. Elena can’t help but laugh.

It takes Alex being evicted for Jason to finally admit that he was wrong. Raven, she’s probably still going to be living in denial even after she goes home and watches the show in which she did nothing.

The question in the jury house is: do they vote for the one person that is actually playing the game, or do they vote against the guy who is playing such a shady game with the most over the top case of wanting to appear as if he’s not getting blood on his hands (which is not working… people know what he’s doing, except Raven, but only after it’s too late)?

The veto competition will have them spinning wheels to set the day number when an event happened. Christmas finishes last on the first question, the first of three allowed last place finishes. The other person who sucks at this challenge, Kevin, loses next. Then again. And again. Kevin has been eliminated. With Kevin out, now Christmas can start finishing last, twice in a row. Josh has finished first almost every time so far. Josh finishes last in the next round. Then the next round and the one after that. Paul wins the power of veto.

There’s no need for Paul to use the power because whatever happens is somebody else’s fault. Christmas has been a bad ally for Josh lately, but I can’t imagine what she would gain by turning on him, even if Kevin hasn’t done much and can’t win anything.

Veto Ceremony
Veto is not used.

Christmas: Kevin

By a vote of 1-0, Kevin has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Paul pretends that Christmas went rogue, and in case you missed the pattern, Kevin buys it.

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Big Brother Season 19 Episode 36

After everybody else threw the HOH again in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 35, Josh won and predictably nominated Kevin and Alex.

It’s a surprise eviction episode. Nobody is sad. Let’s get this season over with.

Josh’s awful ally, Christmas, continues to get worse. She refuses to tell him she will take him to the final two.

The veto competition is to match BB Comics with those on the wall. Christmas has not been medically cleared for this one that involves climbing a ladder and running around.

Kevin – 45:00 (time expires)
Alex – 14:34
Josh – 24:36
Paul – 12:10

Paul wins the power of veto. Isn’t it convenient how he can win veto but can’t win HOH to save his life? The warning signs keep flashing, people.

Paul is finally honest with Alex. Sort of. For once. He will not be using the veto on her. Paul needs to tread carefully here. He has duped all these idiots, which they are at long last realizing, but he’s not doing it in a way that will make them remember him fondly as they head to jury.

Veto Ceremony
Veto is not used.

Christmas: Alex
Paul: Kevin

It’s tied again. What a gutless vote. Once again, Paul refuses to accept responsibility for his plan. We’ve passed the point of not wanting to get blood on his hands into a blatant strategy that nobody is buying (too late). Josh votes to evict Alex.

The HOH competition requires them to fill in blanks of statements from their fellow houseguests. Everybody gets the first question correct. Paul gets the second question correct. Everybody get the third question correct. Paul is the only one to get the fourth and fifth questions correct. With only two questions remaining and a clean sweep, Paul wins HOH.

Paul has not won HOH since week 1. Now he is somehow able to win it in the week in which his power does not matter and all the blood goes on somebody else’s hands, typically the veto winner. Again, where is the alarm in these people’s heads? It’s not like he’s Dr. Will and throwing every single competition to look incompetent. He only wins when it benefits only him, let his team be damned, all 12 of them.

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Big Brother Season 19 Episode 35

The double eviction thankfully got us closer to the end of the game in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 34. First Jason went home on a planned split vote that only served to get no blood on Paul’s hands, then Raven was eliminated in a thoroughly pointless HOH.

Paul talked Alex into making the stupid nominations she did, and once again she bought it. She did instruct Josh to vote out Kevin, which he did, but adding insult to injury, he was the only one to play along with her obvious wishes since she has been trying to get rid of Kevin for weeks. After being screwed over twice in half an hour, she’s starting to talk like someone who realizes she’s been getting played this whole time. That makes Christmas the last remaining wall who refuses to see Paul’s game even a little.

Same story from Paul. He wants everybody to throw the competition along with him so that some other idiot can do the dirty work. The plan is for Josh to win and take out Alex. That would be par for the course for this season. Josh talks tough about how he’s going to do what he wants, but I haven’t seen anything to convince me of that.

The HOH competition is based on a BB Comics movie trailer they are shown. Josh, Christmas, and Kevin get the first one correct. Everybody gets the second question correct. Everybody other than Kevin gets the third question correct. Paul is the only one go get the next question correct. Only Kevin gets the next question correct, which makes everybody tied. Josh is the only person correct on the next question. Everybody is incorrect on the next question. Josh wins HOH.

Though he came a lot closer than he usually does, Kevin threw the competition, so he tells us, under the impression that Christmas was going to win.


Predictable as always.

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Big Brother Season 19 Episode 34

Paul won the power of veto and did what he planned with it in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 33, saving Alex who was replaced with Kevin to go up against Jason.

The theory is that he doesn’t want to get any blood on his hands, but I don’t really get it. With 4 votes to evict, in order to get rid of Jason, Paul must vote him out, unless Christmas is dumb enough to let Paul send a tie to her, which based on what we saw last night would not be all that surprising but really does not make any amount of sense.

And so we start off the show and find out that is precisely his plan. Please don’t tell me these people are this dumb. The only person who benefits from a tiebreaker is Paul. Again.

Once again, Josh attempts to be the voice of reason. Yeah, Josh is the voice of reason.

Alex: Kevin
Raven: Jason
Paul: Kevin
Josh: Jason

The vote is tied 2-2. HOH Christmas has the deciding vote and votes to evict Jason. This is one of the dumbest seasons ever. He leaves without saying anything to anyone, not even Alex, who runs after him as he exits.

Following the eviction, Josh and Paul stage a fake fight in which Paul asks if the same thing would have happened to him. Then Jason talks to Julie, telling her he doesn’t know who turned on him. Perhaps Josh can shed some light on it. He admits his part but gives all the credit/blame to Paul. Right after that, we see Paul’s less convincing video, denying any responsibility.

The double eviction continues with a real/fake news HOH competition about events that may or may not have taken place in the house this summer. Everybody gets the first question correct. Raven, Kevin, and Alex are correct on the second question. Everybody is correct on the next question. Everybody except Kevin is correct on the fourth question. Josh and Alex are the only ones correct on the fifth question. Everybody is correct on the next question. As we go to the final headline, Alex has gotten everything correct, while Josh and Raven can only hope to tie her. Everybody but Kevin is correct on the final question. Alex wins HOH.


And you thought she was going to seek revenge for what just happened. This gets worse and worse. These people aren’t even trying.

With six people left, everybody plays in the power of veto competition. They will race to find limes in a pile of lemons, which they will then drop from atop the stairs into tubes. The tube dropping is harder than it looks, and people keep missing. Alex hasn’t been finding the most, but she does have the best aim and is two ahead of anybody else. Raven and Josh eventually pull even with her at three each. Josh seems like he’s been taking the most shots, and he ends up pulling ahead and winning the power of veto, which he wouldn’t have if Julie weren’t rushing him since she had to keep telling him during his celebration it doesn’t count if he doesn’t press his button.

Veto Ceremony
Veto is not used.

Kevin or Raven? Once again, it doesn’t matter. What a weak HOH.

Paul: Raven
Christmas: Raven
Josh: Kevin

By a vote of 2-1, Raven has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Did Paul make Josh vote differently for the sake of casting doubt? Josh profusely apologizes to Raven as she leaves the house and he again breaks down crying. What is with these people? Their logic does not resemble our Earth logic. As far as Alex’s target, it wasn’t Raven, but her alleged ally Paul didn’t care.

Julie makes an announcement of something I actually wasn’t expecting, unlike almost everything else that has happened on this show the past several weeks. This winter, there will be a special Big Brother. No, not that CBS All Access nonsense. Rather, Celebrity Big Brother will be happening.

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Big Brother Season 19 Episode 33

The entire house handed Christmas HOH in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 32, and she used it to target the last other remaining duo, Alex and Jason.

Paul plays dumb, and Jason knows it. He’s aware that Paul knows what is going on in the house because they have been following him around since the beginning because he was a vet. I was hoping at some point someone else could earn the distinction of being called that.

Josh also plays dumb, but it’s Josh. Easy to sell.

Jason jokingly (apparently) says that he hears that Josh has an alliance with Christmas. Isn’t it obvious? Josh accuses Paul of being the one telling him everything, and Christmas warns him that she’s angry and he can’t say anything like that again. The guys are sort of figuring things out, but the women are trying to keep them in their delusion about Paul being on anybody’s side.

Christmas picks Kevin at random to participate in the power of veto competition. Alex chooses Raven. Jason picks Paul (houseguest’s choice).

The veto competition is Punch, Slap, Kick, in which they will be punched, slapped, and kicked and must recall the sequence and answer multiple guess questions like “Which action happened four times?” Everybody but Jason gets the first question correct. Alex, Paul, and Raven are correct on the second question. Only Raven is correct on the third question, but she is the only one incorrect on the fourth question. Kevin and Raven are incorrect on the fifth question. Alex and Paul are tied for the lead while Jason and Kevin have been mathematically eliminated. Everybody is correct other than Raven on the final question so they go to a tiebreaker. With encouragement from Jason, Alex decides not to throw it. Both are correct again and again. Both are incorrect next time. This keeps going. Finally, Paul wins the power of veto.

Josh proposes not using the power because that will protect all three of them. Of course, Paul is not interested in protecting all three of them, so it’s not going to happen. Josh continues to get suspicious. Christmas continues to remain in denial, and she again gets mad at him this time because he walked away from talking to a wall. He’s stuck with this alliance whether they ignore him or not.

Veto Ceremony
Paul saves Alex.
Kevin is the replacement.

The excuse is that Kevin is the only person who has never been on the block. Paul points out he hasn’t been on the block either, which was conveniently forgotten. Kevin is afraid that he may have thrown his game away when he threw the veto away.

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Big Brother Season 19 Episode 32

Nobody wanted Matt to stay in the house in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 31, not even Matt himself, and he ended up getting his wish and elimination.

Paul wants Kevin, Alex, and Raven to throw the competition to either Josh or Christmas, and he tells them he can’t win because he wouldn’t want to get any blood on his hands (not at all suspicious). Alex won’t throw it until Kevin is gone and Raven won’t throw it until Alex is gone, but other than that, everybody seems to be buying it. His end goal, aside from making sure he doesn’t have to pick a side, is for Jason and Alex to be split up.

The HOH competition is track and field. Christmas is allowed to compete. Their task is to hold buttons and then race down the track after they see the words ready, set, go. Kevin loses the first round to the girl on crutches, not unusual for Kevin but blatantly obvious. In the next round, Alex also blatantly false starts. Nobody is even trying to make this look good. Raven follows suit. Not wanting it either, Paul also false starts. This is one of the dumbest competitions ever. Lastly, Josh false starts. The girl on crutches wins the running competition that was actually just a bunch of idiots “accidentally” letting go of buttons.

Christmas doesn’t even have to ask. Alex quickly offers to be a pawn. This same plot just keeps playing over and over. These producers need new writers. Or a new cast.

Everybody is too afraid to touch the tree of temptation.


Alex is still in denial, but Jason is getting suspicious.

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Big Brother Season 19 Episode 31

After he won the power of veto in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 30, Jason refused the wishes of everybody in the house for a change and did not use it, keeping Kevin safe from what he suspected as a plot from his closest allies. That leaves the last remaining showmance, Matt and Raven, on the block. I guess I could say this no matter what since by this point in the season we have gotten to almost all least liked people left, but does it really matter who goes home? I can’t point to anything either of them has done.

We now proceed with our night of yelling. Oh. This again. Paul pulls Raven aside and tells her to keep her mouth shut and let Matt be the idiot because he’s probably going home. Of course, she doesn’t listen.

Jason acknowledges he was one of the votes for Matt last week. Alex keeps quiet about being the other.

Following that, Paul continues his crusade against Kevin. At least Paul has a legitimate complaint. Kevin is trying to stack the jury by being nice, but to be fair, he is a nice guy. Christmas, on the other hand, picks a fight with him for no reason, but she doesn’t want to make a big deal about it, unlike returning to true form Josh, who makes a big deal out of everything. After he’s done yelling at people, which he chose to do in a conversation that did not involve him, Josh breaks down crying. The same tired pattern.

Thanks to Christmas, the voice of reason, they did get something out of that. Kevin refused to swear on his kids about winning the $25,000, though he swore on his kids about the second vote last week an hour earlier. This confirms to them that he did win the money and also that Alex was the second vote, making she and her cowboy the biggest threats.

We head to the jury house for the first time, where we meet the only people smart enough to realize what a threat Paul is. If he gets to the end, he deserves to win. I’m not sure he is playing a great game so much as everybody else is so stupid.

Matt gets a penalty vote for ignoring the have not rule. I don’t think he had any chance of staying, but at least try instead of deliberately throwing it away.

Big Brother: Matt
Alex: Matt
Kevin: Matt
Paul: Matt
Christmas: Matt
Josh: Matt

By a vote of 6-0, Matt has been evicted from the Big Brother house.

They were claiming that Kevin was trying to stack the jury, but his goodbye messsage is simple. “Take care. Goodbye.” Not a dumb message but hardly buttering him up.

The HOH competition has been postponed by rain.

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Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers Cast

Survivor returns for season 35 on Wednesday September 27 on CBS. The 18 castaways will be divided into three groups of six based on the categories of heroes, healers, and hustlers.


Alan Ball, 31
Houston, TX via Detroit, MI
NFL Player

Ben Driebergen, 34
Boise, ID

John “JP” Hilsabeck, 28
Los Angeles, CA

Chrissy Hofbeck, 46
Glen Gardner, NJ
Financial Analyst

Ashley Nolan, 26
Satellite Beach, FL

Katrina Radke, 46
Minneapolis, MN


Jessica Johnston, 29
Louisville, KY
Nurse Practitioner

Roark Luskin, 27
Palo Alto, CA
Social Worker

Cole Medders, 24
Little Rock, AR
Wilderness Therapy Guide

Joe Mena, 34
Tolland, CT via Bronx, NY
Probation Officer

Desiree “Desi” Williams, 27
Peachtree City, GA
Physical Therapist

Mike Zahalsky, 43
Parkland, FL


Patrick Bolton, 24
Lanett, AL
Small Business Owner

Alexandrea “Ali” Elliott, 24
Los Angeles, CA
Celebrity Assistant

Simone Nguyen, 25
Worcester, MA
Diversity Advocate

Devon Pinto, 23
Carlsbad, CA
Surf Instructor

Lauren Rimmer, 35
Beaufort, NC

Ryan Ulrich, 23
North Arlington, NJ