The Amazing Race 25 Winners

Posted by Shane on Friday, December 19, 2014 at 8:19 pm

Following a to be continued leg in The Amazing Race 25 Episode 11, for the first time, the final leg will feature a final four instead of a final three.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Brooke & Robbie
Second: Adam & Bethany
Third: Misti & Jim
Fourth: Amy & Maya

So I got started watching this a little late, and I see we’re in a new country, back in the United States. I take it we’re in California now with all this talk of making movies.

There’s the hope that when you get into an English speaking country things will be easier, but for Brooke & Robbie and Misti & Jim, the self driving is proving to be a challenge because you’re not just relying on a taxi driver to know where he’s going.

The road block is to shoot a stunt scene. It’s an interesting task, but it’s not something that should make any difference in the standings.

Road block (in order of arrival): Maya, Adam, Jim

Following that, teams participate in a US Coast Guard search and rescue training exercise. If this is all that’s going to happen before the elimination, it again is not going to make any difference, so I think we can pretty predictably conclude the still lost Brooke & Robbie are gone. They haven’t pieced together any tasks where someone could make up some ground.

When Brooke & Robbie finally show up at the road block, Phil is there waiting for them. This is stupid. Here I was disappointed in the task creation, and they’re not even going to get to try, not that they had a chance anyway.

Brooke & Robbie have been eliminated. Lame. They may not have been the brightest team, but I would argue they were among the best three.

The next road block requires teams to find 9 specific containers in a shipping yard with labels (and corresponding numbers) representing 9 cities they have visited during the race, and they must put those cities in order by which they traveled to them. Now this is a task that might actually take some time. They have to find the containers, remember how the numbers correspond to the cities, then put them in order by city.

Road block (in order of arrival): Bethany, Misti, Amy

Amy & Maya are the weakest team left standing if we look at the past legs, including the last one where they should have been eliminated, but a memory task heavily favors a couple of scientists over dentists and surfers. There is no attempt to fake us out here and pretend someone else has a chance to win.

Point Vincent Lighthouse is the finish line for the race. The Amazing Race 25 winners are Amy & Maya. Misti & Jim finish second, and Adam & Bethany place third.

I was worried when this show went to Fridays, but it seems to be just barely performing well enough to stick around. It’s doing better than the tragic Sunday night lineup from where it was booted anyway. For starters, The Amazing Race 26 will air Wednesday February 25 following the Survivor premiere before returning back to Fridays.

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The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 13

Posted by Shane on Thursday, December 18, 2014 at 8:11 pm

After they hit singles in The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 12, JJ was the first to fall victim to the yellow line and the vote.

For this week, the remaining contestants head to Hawaii. Sounds great, though I don’t think of it as the place for weight loss. What Hawaii does have going for it is lots of water and sand, which can be suitable weight loss tools.

The reward challenge puts them into kayaks, and now they are at weights where they meet the weight requirement. They have to paddle out, grab some puzzle pieces, and head back to shore to complete the puzzle. Somebody’s been watching Survivor, just with a less exciting result. Lori and Jordan are in the lead throughout the process. Jordan is the first to finish the puzzle, which is a helicopter, signifying the tour he will take. He chooses Toma to go with him.

Jen takes Woody and Sonya out to go snorkeling. She’s as afraid as they are, so she will join them in this adventure.

Bob’s got two football players with him at Comeback Canyon again this week.

JJ: 292 pounds (-8, 2.67%)
Scott: 251 pounds (-8, 3.09%)

For the second week in a row, Scott has managed to survive against a challenger. JJ leaves under 300 pounds with 100 pounds lost.

In addition to the travel and getting somewhat out of their routine they have done, this week has another catch. The red line returns.

Sonya: 183 pounds (-6, 3.17%) - 100 pounds lost
Lori: 230 pounds (-10, 4.17%)
Toma: 225 pounds (-10, 4.26%)
Rob: 338 pounds (-12, 3.43%)
Jordan: 227 pounds (-6, 2.58%)
Woody: 294 pounds (-12, 3.92%) - over 100 pounds lost

With numbers like these, I take it this has been an extended “week”. Everybody puts up good results, but it’s Jordan who ends up falling below the red line.

From his starting weight of 392 pounds, JJ is down 131 pounds to 261 pounds. His mother has followed in his footsteps and lost 35 pounds in addition to having quit smoking.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 14, which airs Thursday at 8/7c on NBC.

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Survivor: San Juan del Sur Winner

Posted by Shane on Wednesday, December 17, 2014 at 8:07 pm

In one of the biggest moves of the season, Jon refused to believe that Natalie could possibly be lying to him, leading to his demise in Survivor: San Juan del Sur Episode 12, despite having an idol in his pocket. That brings us down to a final five of Natalie Anderson, Missy Payne and her daughter Baylor Wilson, Jaclyn Schultz, and Keith Nale.

Disregarding how annoying she was both earlier in the season and on both seasons of The Amazing Race, I have to admit Natalie has surprised me as a mostly strong Survivor player. I’m not sure I can see the logic in why any of the others should beat her.

For the challenge, they will be attached to a rope while assembling a bridge, then use sandbags to knock down blocks. Reward is an advantage in the next immunity challenge. Probst wants Missy to sit out again. Natalie and Keith make their way to the bridge first. Keith completes the bridge first as Natalie falls behind. Natalie pulls up to the tossing station, but she’s a long way back. Keith wins reward.

Everybody has been to Exile but Missy, but Keith gives her a pass. He sends the person most outside the group, aside from himself, Jaclyn.

Keith’s advantage is to practice the challenge for as long as he wants until he stops. The challenge requires him to transfer balls through a series of obstacles using spoons.

As it is not a physical challenge, Missy will compete in this one, and she has reasonable odds. Keith is struggling at first, but his advantage seems to have paid off because he is the first person to transfer one ball (of three) to the other side. Then he gets his second. Then his third. Keith wins immunity. That was a pretty stupid challenge. Or at least the advantage was stupid. Nobody else was even remotely close. There’s a difference between giving someone a hand and making things completely lopsided.

Keith has immunity, and Natalie has a hidden immunity idol. That means either they continue what they started last week and get rid of Jaclyn, or they break up the last remaining couple.

Baylor has a favor to ask Natalie. She would like her to play her idol for mom. Well, that is pretty pathetic. If Natalie, Baylor, and Missy all vote the same way, they control the vote. Based on what logic would Natalie then burn her idol on Baylor’s mom? Blood is thicker than whatever Baylor and Natalie have. It just doesn’t make sense.

Yes, Natalie plays her idol, as she must do unless she wants a souvenir. No, she does not play it for herself. No, she does not play it for Missy because that would be stupid. Rather, she plays it for Jaclyn after confirming she voted the way she told her.

Jaclyn (does not count)
Jaclyn (does not count)
Jaclyn (does not count)

With 2 votes, Baylor has been voted off the island. Somewhat gutsy move but ultimately very smart. With a desperate Jaclyn on her side, Natalie was able to control the outcome with or without Keith, completing the very necessary task of getting rid of the last set of blood.

The final immunity challenge is to race down a giant tower, go through obstacles, collect puzzle pieces, run back up the tower with them, head back down, and grab the last pieces before heading back to complete the puzzle. Missy will sit out, and this is exactly the reason for keeping her around as they have, whether they have done so for this purpose or not. One less person to compete against.

Keith is the first to return to the top with his first three bags, followed by Natalie. Natalie is the first to grab all five bags with Keith behind her. Jaclyn’s been behind the whole time but is within striking distance considering the puzzle. She sure is taking her time getting there, but Jaclyn is the first to complete the puzzle. On her way down, she falls instead of sliding down the pole, but she recovers. There’s one more step, however. They need to match up the numbers at the bottom of the tower with the ones at the top. Natalie’s right behind her, but Jaclyn is correct on her first guess to win immunity.

So now here’s Jaclyn’s decision. Does she get rid of the strategist, or does she get rid of the challenge winner? Missy’s not even a consideration. With all the big moves Natalie has made, she needs to blindside her. It’s a jerk move… but necessary.


With 3 votes, Keith has been voted off the island. I’m pretty sure they just handed this game to Natalie, though I’m not sure either of them could have beaten Keith anyway. Sure, Natalie may have potentially made some jurors angry, but as long as she is not dealing with an excessively bitter jury, she’s got this in the bag.

Missy’s thing was loyalty (until she voted out Jon). Jaclyn, along with Jon, was the dominant/swing vote throughout much of the game. Natalie outwitted, outplayed, and outlasted, and if they were so smart, they should have gotten rid of her last night.

Jon’s question is for Jaclyn. What move was she responsible for? She got rid of Josh.

Keith asks Natalie how she feels about lying. I like Keith, but oh, get over it. They all duped you, and they actually played the game.

Alec asks Natalie her biggest move, and she responds voting him off. He then has Missy talk about how she was the mom in the game.

Like Jon, Baylor just wants to talk to her loved one. It’s an emotional moment, though it doesn’t contribute much.

Josh asks Jaclyn whether she is there because of herself or stronger players. She talks about her and Jon. Forgetting her earlier answer, he asks what was solely her move, and she responds getting rid of him.

Wes lobs them a softball, asking what it was like playing with their loved ones.

Jeremy just says Natalie is the best, and they need to give her credit.

Reed loved watching Natalie’s gameplay. He would like to hang out with Jaclyn some time. And as for Missy, she’s not the mom. She’s the wicked stepmom. One of the harshest (if true) speeches in jury history and completely unnecessary considering she can only get one vote.


The Survivor: San Juan del Sur winner is Natalie. The right person won. Missy was never going to win, regardless of how bitter some jury members may have been. Though Jaclyn had some good arguments why she should win, they would have just worked better against Keith than Natalie.

This a weird jury, though. When polled, they say they would give Keith the win over Missy and just toss Jaclyn a single vote or two or, well, they seem confused.

Natalie acknowledges that her over the top and unprovoked attack against John toward the beginning of the season was not strategy and in fact nothing more than just her blowing off steam because her sister was gone. They are now friends and can joke about it.

As for Jon and Jaclyn, they are engaged now and realize their fighting was stupid.

Survivor will of course be back again next year for season 30. Survivor: Worlds Apart pits white collar, blue collar, and the no collar rebels against each other. The show will premiere February 25 right before The Amazing Race 26 (don’t get your hopes up… it’s going back to Fridays right after that).

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The Amazing Race 25 Episode 11

Posted by Shane on Friday, December 12, 2014 at 7:49 pm

Brooke & Robbie finished last in an entertaining but purely luck-based task in The Amazing Race 25 Episode 10 but were saved by non-elimination.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Misti & Jim - 9:01AM
Second: Amy & Maya - 9:02AM
Third: Adam & Bethany - 9:05AM
Fourth: Brooke & Robbie - 9:07AM

In what is already a close race, teams will be remaining in the local area. The transportation goes in a loop, and depending on which side of the road you catch the trucks, you may be going the longer way. The lead teams go the long way, and it takes them a while to realize it.

The detour is a choice between This or That with no explanation of what’s what. In This, teams must score 21 points in a game against a local basketball team. In That, teams must race a padyak (bicycle without brakes with attached car for a passenger) course in under 17:55. Each person will have to complete two laps.

For their speed bump, Brooke & Robbie must transfer a street vendor’s goods from one cart to another. They are still ahead of the teams that took the longer route by the time they complete it.

This: Adam & Bethany (switched from That), Brooke & Robbie
That: Misti & Jim, Amy & Maya

Adam & Bethany find out where their chosen task is and quickly switch.

The basketball task seems simple enough. You’ll get to 21 eventually, and it doesn’t matter how poorly you perform. The bike task is much riskier because it requires a restart if you don’t beat the clock.

I don’t understand why Misti & Jim and Amy & Maya are continuing to work and make decisions together in what is the last leg before the finale. It seems pretty certain one of them will be eliminated. In Misti & Jim’s case, Misti’s injured foot makes this seem to be a particularly poor detour choice, but they finish in time the first time anyway.

The road block requires teams to pick up and deliver two popular coconut products. The “trick” to this task is that they must actually read the posted information at the start of the task, which tells them where they need to go and with how much product.

Road block (in order of arrival): Robbie, Jim, Adam, Amy

Though they all struggle at first figuring out where to go, Amy’s disadvantage is that she is going against three strong injury-free men (she has an injured hip after having crashed during the detour) in what’s largely a strength task.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Fort San Diego.

First: Brooke & Robbie
Second: Adam & Bethany
Third: Misti & Jim
Fourth: Amy & Maya

The final leg starts right now, so nobody is being eliminated after this exhausting leg. For the first time, four teams will compete in the final leg, though one team will be eliminated at some point during that leg.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Amazing Race 25 Episode 12, where we will find out who The Amazing Race 25 winner is, which airs Friday at 8/7c on CBS.

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The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 12

Posted by Shane on Thursday, December 11, 2014 at 8:10 pm

So back before NBC got bored of airing this show a few weeks ago, Scott was voted out in The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 11.

I wasn’t sure whether they were in singles last week or not because half the show got preempted by politics. Today they are officially in singles.

Their first challenge as singles is a Biggest Loser style track and field event. They have to go across some hurdles, through a mud pit, memorize a 16 color pattern, and return to the other side to match it. Reward is immunity. Lori is injured and can compete but cannot run. In a memory event, I don’t think that’s a big deal. Then again, all they have to do is match 5 at a time 3 times because it’s not like the board resets. Seems simple enough. Lori has a seemingly easy time with the challenge and wins immunity.

Bob’s got two former NFL players, so he puts Scott and Damien through the Combine, a series of athletic tasks they last had to do a couple of decades ago. When they’re done with their workout, they will battle it out on the scale.

Scott: 259 pounds (-9, 3.36%)
Damien: 293 pounds (-2, 0.68%)

I thought Scott had this in the bag after not having lost any weight last week, but Damien’s off week made it not even a comparison.

Lori: 240 pounds (-3, 1.23%, immune)
Woody: 306 pounds (-9, 2.86%)
JJ: 300 pounds (-6, 1.96%)
Sonya: 189 pounds (-8, 4.06%)
Jordan: 233 pounds (9, 3.72%)
Toma: 235 pounds (-11, 4.47%) - over 100 pounds lost
Rob: 350 pounds (-15, 4.11%)

Dropping to 300 pounds rather than 299, JJ is pissed off. Chill out, dude. Later, he finds out he is below the yellow line alongside Woody. Both seem like pretty big targets. Had she not won immunity, Lori would be below the line with JJ.

Toma: JJ
Jordan: JJ
Sonya: JJ

With 3 votes, JJ is not The Biggest Loser. But he’s not the only one leaving the house tonight. They are all heading to Hawaii.

From his starting weight of 388 pounds, Damien is down 107 pounds to 281 today.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 13, which airs Thursday at 8/7c on NBC.

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Survivor: San Juan del Sur Episode 12

Posted by Shane on Wednesday, December 10, 2014 at 8:06 pm

During a doubled up night, first Reed predictably went home in Survivor: San Juan del Sur Episode 11. This was followed by Natalie switching her vote to save Keith and get rid of Alec instead, which we’re told makes a big difference.

Natalie pretends she just got confused while voting, saying they didn’t speak to her enough before Tribal Council. Jon believes her. Keith now believes that Natalie is on his side just like everybody else does.

The reward challenge will pit two teams of three against each other while they are tied together. They will go through a pile of hay, over and under an obstacle, then transport water in a bucket across a giant teeter totter to the other side before concluding with a puzzle. Keith, Jon, and Missy are struggling on the obstacles as Missy injures her ankle. Baylor, Natalie, and Jaclyn have a large lead as they head into the puzzle. Despite that, they can’t put it together, and the other team wins reward.

Jaclyn, of course, pouts. In response, Jon offers his reward to Baylor because he’s not into manacures and massages anyway. That plus he really thinks giving away rewards is going to help. Natalie volunteers to go to Exile Island, which is a very rough experience for her.

Baylor quickly acknowledges that Jon is still her top target.

As much as Missy wants to stay tough, she shows up at the challenge with a walking stick. Jeff doesn’t have faith she’s going to be able to do the challenge and calls in medical to look at her. It is at least significantly sprained, but in order to confirm whether it is broken, they would need to do an X-ray, which would be a game ender. However, because the game is almost over, they can immobilize it and do not require her to leave the game if she does not want to. I guess that’s why they went to a commercial break before giving us the results. She does not want to leave. What this does is makes her a great person to bring to the end because you know she won’t be winning immunity.

The immunity challenge is an endurance one, which Missy could not logically participate in anyway, so she will sit out and get her ankle patched up. They will balance on a wobbling plank while preventing a cone in front of them from falling. Jaclyn is first to fall. Baylor is next. A gust of wind causes Keith to drop. Then Jon follows. Natalie wins immunity as determined by mother nature.

So now Jon is the target again. Jaclyn again raises the concern to Jon that he may be the target, but he won’t consider it.

The split vote plan requires Missy’s support. It’s a perfect plan otherwise. Missy is extremely vocal about how she wants to honor her deal with Jon to the bitter end, perhaps even at the expense of her daughter.


With a three way tie, they will revote.


With 2 votes, Jon has been voted off the island. He had so many opportunities to steer himself toward another course, including the hidden immunity idol in his pocket, but he clearly chose the wrong path.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of Survivor: San Juan del Sur Episode 13, where we will find out who the Survivor: San Juan del Sur winner is, which airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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The Amazing Race 25 Episode 10

Posted by Shane on Friday, December 5, 2014 at 7:48 pm

After making their way to a surfing task despite the fact that there are professional surfers on the race, the otherwise strong team of Kym & Alli found themselves eliminated in The Amazing Race 25 Episode 9.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Adam & Bethany
Second: Brooke & Robbie - 3:35PM
Third: Misti & Jim - 3:48PM
Fourth: Amy & Maya - 4:27PM

Brooke & Robbie acknowledge they are neither the brightest nor the best team, but that hasn’t hurt them. At the airport, they continue their lies, and Amy & Maya really believe they didn’t try to screw them when they deliberately cost them an hour.

Teams will now fly to Manila, Philippines.

First flight: Adam & Bethany, Brooke & Robbie, Amy & Maya
Second flight: Misti & Jim

By going to the airport rather than a travel agency, Misti & Jim end up on the later flight. Somehow, though Amy & Maya make the same mistake (though they did call a travel agent on the way to the airport) and start 45 minutes behind, they still beat Misti & Jim on to the earliest flight. None of this matters with the arrival around midnight, as they are stopped by hours of operation.

The detour is a choice between coach and catch. In catch, teams will wade into the bay and transport fish via buckets. In coach, teams must assemble a sidecar and mount it on a motorcycle.

Coach: Misti & Jim, Adam & Bethany, Amy & Maya
Catch: Brooke & Robbie

The fish catching task does not seem like a particularly sanitary task, but Brooke & Robbie come to the logical conclusion that it will be the more physical and therefore right up their alley. This is the right decision and pushes them into first place.

On the mechanical task, Bethany serves as Adam’s assistant, while neither Amy nor Maya are comfortable with tools but are not very physical either. Misti & Jim are both confident, but we have seen before they can lack attention to detail, and in this case, they forgot to connect the shocks, a pretty glaring detail.

The switchback returns us to season 5 when Colin’s ox was broken. Teams will dig up their clue in the mud (and other stuff) using water oxen. This task, while it can be funny to watch, is all going to come down to dumb luck. All four teams are eventually searching at the same time.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is the rice farm where they are searching. Phil does not greet them by telling they are one of three teams competing in the finals, which to me suggests this is a non-elimination leg, as it should be considering the unfairness of the task. This was also the case in season 5 when Colin & Christie were saved by non-elimination.

First: Misti & Jim (win a trip to Vietnam)
Second: Amy & Maya
Third: Adam & Bethany
Non-eliminated: Brooke & Robbie

In a close footrace, Brooke & Robbie place last but are non-eliminated.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Amazing Race 25 Episode 11, which airs Friday at 8/7c on CBS.

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Survivor: San Juan del Sur Episode 11

Posted by Shane on Wednesday, December 3, 2014 at 7:45 pm

Survivor: San Juan del Sur Episode 10 was the typically low rated Thanksgiving week episode, but anyone who missed it missed an awesome Tribal Council. Jon was Reed’s target, and Reed orchestrated a plan that should have worked. Keith opened up his big mouth. Natalie opened up her big mouth. Jon played his idol. Keith played his idol. And in the end, Wes was sent home with just 2 out of the 9 votes.

Natalie wants credit for Jon playing his idol. Jon wants credit for Jon playing his idol. Even Jaclyn wants credit for Jon playing his idol for some reason. Upset that she is giving some credit to Natalie, Jon asks Jaclyn to not give others credit because they can use that ammo for the jury.

Reward challenge is the chopping show of favorites. Reward is a horseback ride for some food.

Who else has a twin sibling? Jeremy. Everybody is correct except Keith. Natalie chops Reed. So does Jon. Alec chops Natalie. Missy eliminates Reed. Jaclyn chops Alec. Baylor does, too. Reed chops Missy for some reason.

Who owns and operates their own tanning business? Julie. Everybody is correct. Jon eliminates Alec. Alec returns the favor and chops Jon. Missy chops Keith. Jaclyn follows suit. Keith chops Missy. Baylor eliminates Keith. Natalie asks everybody else’s opinion before continuing. Jeff says stop wasting everybody’s time. Baylor wants her mom to win, so that’s how Jeff ends it.

Jon goes to Exile. Baylor will join Missy at the reward. Natalie will, too, and Jaclyn can stay behind with the enemy, which makes her realize where she stands in that alliance. During this exchange, Reed calls Baylor a brat, so now we get to listen to Missy whine.

While on Exile, Jon finds another typically poorly hidden immunity idol.

Missy is proud of her daughter. She found an idol. The one Natalie found. But let’s give Baylor some credit.

Alec is now trying to smooth things over with Jaclyn. It’s kind of like cream cheese. It won’t hurt anything.

Their immunity challenge is to balance six balls into six dimples on their paddles. It quickly becomes a battle between Keith and Jon. In due time, Keith runs away with it and wins immunity.

Now that Jon is back, Jaclyn can reveal to him that they are putting themselves in the middle again. This really was not what he wanted to hear. So now she’s mad at him. Again. After this, Reed approaches them. As Natalie joins the conversation, Jon says he can’t trust Reed. Wink wink. Then Jon reveals his idol to Missy, and Jaclyn wants to know why he’s talking to her instead. When he does go try to talk to Jaclyn, she doesn’t want to talk any more. When they do talk, they fight some more.


With 5 votes, Reed has been voted off the island. The alliance is clearly in shambles, but Reed sunk himself last week.

Jon and Jaclyn say they resolved everything at Tribal Council. I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of this. As for Alec, he feels like more of an outcast, and Jon, who says he is in control of the game, tells him he’s going home next.

The reward challenge is to hold a ball above their heads between a platform and what they are holding. Alec falls within about five seconds. Missy drops next. Then Keith. Baylor is next. Jon follows. Jaclyn is last to fall, and Natalie wins reward. After all of Jaclyn’s complaining, I assume she’ll take her.

Alec will be going to Exile. Reward is a king size bed at camp and food delivery, which as expected she will be sharing with Jaclyn. Jon will be receiving the treat as well. Natalie’s explanation is that she wants them to trust her more before she stabs them (or at least Jon) in the back.

Adding to Natalie’s fuel of wanting to get revenge against Jon for Jeremy is the fact that Jon tells her he has an idol. He seems to trust her so much that she could probably take him out right now and send him home with a souvenir in his pocket.

Natalie shares her plan to get rid of Jon with Baylor, but she won’t be telling Missy.

Jaclyn and Jon are starting to get a weird vibe. She thinks Keith is the ringleader, trying to sway Missy and Baylor. Little does she know the whole tribe is plotting against them, and they have enough for a split vote to take her out instead if he does play his idol.

For the immunity challenge, they will pull on a rope, balancing a wooden table, while stacking ten blocks. Keith takes an early lead, but it’s all meaningless in this challenge because you can get almost to the end, dump your blocks, and have to start over. Slow and steady, Jon wins immunity.

That pretty well screwed over everybody’s plans. Now they can either get rid of Keith or Alec, or they can just take out Jon’s girlfriend, which is the logical move if they want to weaken him.

Jon proposes a split vote. The target is Keith because he has won immunity twice and came so close to beating Jon in the last one. Natalie is thinking about flipping this and surprising them with an Alec vote instead.

At Tribal Council, Jon starts talking about his father dying of brain cancer. This may not be the intent, but that story is a good one for the jury to see.


With 4 votes, Alec has been voted off the island. Jaws drop. Joining Natalie in her mischief is Baylor, who was playing her mom’s game but now seems to have shifted toward Natalie.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of Survivor: San Juan del Sur Episode 12, which airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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