Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers Episode 4

A tribe divided got rid of the person they considered the most divisive in Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers Episode 3, voting out Patrick.

I don’t see how voting out a physically strong tribe member helps at this point, but Jeff makes it all moot. He tells them to drop their buffs. So much for heroes vs. healers vs. hustlers when you’re mixing them all together so quickly.

Levu (Blue): Ashley, Alan, Desi, Joe, Devon
Soko (Yellow): Ryan, Ali, Chrissy, JP, Roark
Yawa (Red): Jessica, Mike, Cole, Lauren, Ben

The other tribes are pretty well mixed with two people from each old tribe and one other person from another, but the Yawa tribe has three healers.

The reward challenge requires them to untangle a rope while crossing obstacles, toss rings to retrieve a sled with puzzle pieces, and then solve a puzzle. Reward is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with no second place prize. Soko has the lead as they head into the toss, but Yawa passes them by completing the single successful toss needed faster. Soko is behind them. Levu has a pro athlete, but that isn’t helping them on a ring toss. Yawa wins reward.

In addition to the sandwiches, they each receive a bag of chips. Hidden inside one of them (Jessica’s), there is a secret advantage. Normally in these cases they have to sneak this without anybody noticing, but in this case it’s just whoever has the dumb luck to get that bag. Her advantage is the ability to anonymously block one person from voting at the next Tribal Council. Seeing as she is on a tribe with two other healers, this doesn’t seem to matter. She tells them, but then for some reason, Cole tells both Ben and Lauren, the two people they are logically supposed to be working against. I don’t get it.

Sooner than he probably expected, Ryan now is able to use his advantage to his advantage. He reveals to Chrissy that he was the one who gifted her safety at the first Tribal Council. This is even better than having used it himself.

Ashley may have ended up with a former tribemate, but she knows Alan well enough that she considers him the worst person to be stuck with.

The tribes that are split 2-2-1 could theoretically have the two pairs come together and take out the odd man out, but that doesn’t make much sense. Rather, they’ll pull in the swing.

Cole thought he was being clever, but it’s not long before Lauren reveals to Mike that she knows about the advantage. Cole should have seen this coming. Of course they are going to approach Mike, rather than the pair that may be a couple.

For the immunity challenge, they will maneuver a large crate of puzzle pieces through a table obstacle and under a net then solve the puzzle. Levu again falls behind the other tribes on the physical part of the challenge, despite having a seemingly fit team. Yawa wins immunity. Soko places second.

Who goes home depends on which way Devon goes. Desi and Joe have already beat the other two to the punch. The potential hitch in any plans is that Jessica’s advantage must be used tonight, so she will use it against someone on the other tribe. To go along with that, Joe has an idol.

Devon didn’t really believe Joe, and after talking to Ashley, he decides that Joe is a snake.

Joe and Alan get into a battle to see who has the biggest mouth. Joe wins, revealing to everybody that Ashley is his target. From this comes a demand from Desi: give her the idol or else.

Devon’s advantage isn’t what he thought. It wasn’t played for him. It was played against him. He cannot vote, which presumably brings us to a 2-2 tie. Jessica didn’t want to take any chances of what she knew would happen with her fellow healers, Joe sticking his foot in his mouth and sending the swing vote to the others.

As promised, Joe plays his idol, but he refuses Desi’s expectations that he play it for her, saving himself instead.

Joe (does not count)
Joe (does not count)

By a vote of 2-0, Alan has been voted off the island. If they struggled at physical challenges before, this isn’t going to help them any, but I don’t think there are any players who felt they could work with Alan.

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Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers Episode 3

After rouging it for a few days, Simone had reached her end in Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers Episode 2 and was eliminated.

Lauren is worried that she is having a hard time trying to be included. This was perhaps a given demographically, but in the case of Patrick, she has gone out of her way to let everybody know she can’t stand him because he jokes too much.

Ashley strongly protested the concept that she and JP are a couple. So like most people, she describes her lack of interest by saying he is becoming dreamier and dreamier.

Cole and Jessica continue flirting, which leads to him revealing that Joe is the one that has the idol. He gets a kiss on the cheek for this information, but she is a lot less impressed when he shares the information with others. She suggests that if Joe finds out about his proposal to flush out the idol, it will be Cole’s head on the chopping block, which would be a really stupid decision by the tribe.

Patrick is very obvious that he is regularly searching for an idol. His ally Ali gives him a lecture and tells him to behave. She could easily be his undoing because the thought of him being eliminated is already out there, but this conversation does not sound like an alliance.

For the immunity challenge, they will race under and over an obstacle, climb up to and over a net, toss sandbags at blocks, and then stack those blocks. First place reward is four chickens; second place reward is a dozen eggs. Mike sits out for Healers. They’re pretty even heading into the toss. Patrick falls behind at this stage, refusing to switch despite Lauren’s repeated requests to let her try. Healers think they are in first, but they are missing a block. Heroes win. Healers still place second.

Lauren was going to come up with an excuse to target Patrick no matter what, but her criticism here is justified. Patrick did single-handedly lose this challenge, which is not supposed to be the case because he looks like the strongest tribe member.


With 3 votes, Patrick has been voted off the island. This tribe is already bad, and I don’t see how this vote helps.

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Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers Episode 2

Despite secret advantages and early alliances, it all just boiled down to the oldest person being eliminated in Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers Episode 1 as Katrina was voted out.

Chrissy’s idol is powerless, but she’ll hold onto it because it is a very good fake, since it is authentic. That is a much better use for it than saving the person who was her only ally but whose days were numbered regardless.

Ashley and JP have been dubbed a power couple, which remains to be seen whether there is any merit to such a label, but Jessica and Cole right off the bat are making it clear they will be a showmance.

Joe manages to find a clue painted on a tree despite sabotaging his ability to search by pretending that Mike has the idol already. Cole has been out in the water all this time, so he shares this clue with him. If he hadn’t done that, he would still be looking because Cole points out that the symbol is the well, not the raft, which is obviously not in a fixed spot since it floats. With that information, it becomes obvious where it is (5 feet from the well), so Joe now has an idol, a fact that he has some fear of Cole knowing. A couple days in, and he’s already talking about a possible enemy number two, another one he himself created.

Chrissy is the obvious next target, and it could be argued that she was the obvious first target rather than the former Olympian. She’s scrambling and making alliances with everybody to the extent that it would be easy for them to compare notes. Apparently her true alliance is with Ben.

Patrick thinks being a joker will win him friends. Lauren is unimpressed and annoyed. She’s used to being alone. She warns Ali of this, but it doesn’t seem like he is getting on people’s nerves as suggested. Rather, he is getting on a person’s nerves.

For the immunity challenge, they will swim to a floating net ring, collect puzzle pieces from a cage, and solve that spinning signpost puzzle. First place is a fishing kit; second place is lines and lures. Joe and Lauren sit out. Hustlers are leading from the start. Heroes are behind them. Cole is the only competent diver for the Healers and finally bails them out as his partners fail. In true Survivor fashion, none of that matters. Healers solve the puzzle first and win. Heroes place second. Hustlers are heading to Tribal Council after Ali and Simone come up short on the puzzle despite their big early lead.

This early in the season, we know how this goes. The people who failed on the puzzle are going to be the targets, particularly if they were already not seen as valuable before they blew it.

Simone’s hope is to save herself by exploiting Lauren’s complaining about Patrick, who is an asset to the tribe. Nobody is really believing this, but we spend the next several minutes pretending there is a chance they get rid of one of their only strong competitors who is also strong around camp.


With 4 votes, Simone has been voted off the island. She didn’t leave them much choice.

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Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers Episode 1

We start with a cast of 18 castaways split into three tribes of six people each.

Levu (Heroes): Alan, Ashley, Ben, Chrissy, JP, Katrina
Soko (Healers): Cole, Desi, Jessica, Joe, Mike, Roark
Yawa (Hustlers): Ali, Devon, Lauren, Patrick, Ryan, Simone

They begin right away with a combination supply run and reward challenge. They will gather supplies from the boat and load them on to their own boats. When Jeff rings the bell, they must all get on their boats and head toward shore, where they will have to lift one person high enough to light their torch. First place is a fire making kit; second place is flint. Ryan picks up the secret advantage randomly hidden among the supplies everybody is tossing overboard in complete chaos. After the bell rings, Heroes and Healers are doing well while the Hustlers aren’t even pointing in the right direction. Healers win. Heroes place second right behind them. Hustlers, they aren’t even on the beach yet.

Probation officer Joe views his fellow Healers as people with big hearts (aka suckers).

The Heroes start making alliances almost immediately. Ashley and JP specifically are the first two to combine, and they like Ben, who has joined forces with Alan to make a foursome. It doesn’t help that the other two are older women who can be their own alliance but are not viewed as challenge assets.

Likewise, Ali promptly forms an alliance with Patrick on the Hustlers tribe.

Ryan’s advantage? An immunity superidol. Really? It can be played after the votes have been read, but at least it can only be played at the first Tribal Council, making it essentially useless. He shares this information with Devon.

Mike’s 10 year old son told him he should search for an idol, so that is what he does. He is obvious about it, and Joe warns him that they know.

Alan never really trusted JP and Ashley, and he wants to stir the pot, realizing it may make him look like a crazy man. A strip search ensues. So much for that alliance.

For the immunity challenge, they will race up a cargo net, pull a heavy cart, and ride it to a table maze, which they will carry to the top of a taller tower to solve. They are close to even after the carts, but being slightly ahead of another tribe allows them to pick which maze they like, Heroes first and then Hustlers. Healers got stuck with the maze that the others left behind, a simple single line balancing “maze”, and they easily win. Heroes bounce in and out on their third ball, allowing Hustlers to take second place.

Immediately after the challenge, Chrissy falls to the ground and vomits. They didn’t need a sign that she is a weak link, but that may be one if they did need it. The other potential target from a keeping the tribe strong perspective is Katrina. Their saving grace may be that Alan doesn’t trust the couple, assuming there is a couple.

But there’s a twist. Even if her own tribe didn’t take the hint that she may be a problem in challenges, Ryan did. His super idol must be played at the first Tribal Council. Since he will not be there, he had to will it to someone, and he chooses Chrissy, who can play it after the votes are read and as such can save herself or Katrina, ensuring that the tribe will be forced to sabotage itself because any other choice will apparently weaken the tribe in challenges, though getting rid of Alan, which is not an option on the table, would remove disruptive behavior.


With 4 votes, Katrina has been voted off the island. Chrissy joined the rest of the tribe to vote out what they deemed the weakest link, eliminating her closest ally in the process.

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Big Brother Season 19 Winner

Kevin became Paul’s latest victim in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 37, leaving a final three of Christmas Abbott, Josh Martinez, and Paul Abrahamian. I could probably come up with a worse final three if I had to, but there are not many. I’m torn between the same things the jury is. Paul is the only one who actually played the game and played everybody who was too dumb to see it just because they saw him on TV last year. But his gameplay was not as genius as he thought because the whole point was to not get any blood on his hands, which he failed miserably to do since it was so obvious to everybody he burned, albeit too late for them to do anything about it but maybe vote against him in the end. That said, I can’t think of the justification of voting for either of the other two, no matter how bad Paul was. There is no argument for Christmas or Josh, just one against Paul. Most people in the jury probably wish they could just not vote at all, and I’m left unenthused about the outcome as I have been for the past couple of very predictable months.

The first part of the HOH competition is endurance. They will have to stand on a tilting cloud while holding the tail of a unicorn. Christmas is finally healed enough to compete, but that doesn’t mean she is 100%. Josh is the first to fall at 40 minutes. After 54 minutes, Christmas falls, and Paul wins.

Part two of the final HOH competition requires them to identify houseguests that match the clues on screen and knock the others over using various weapons.

Christmas – 1 hour, 39 minutes
Josh – 1 hour, 32 minutes

Josh wins and will compete against Paul in the final part of the HOH competition.

Paul has already been working on convincing Josh to drop Christmas and take him instead because he knows that people don’t him but they don’t like Josh either.

Dr. Will returns to talk to the jury. Whatever is happening inside the house, that won’t stop the bickering between the jury.

Nobody has any respect for Josh, but he comes out ahead of Paul in the minds of some because at least he was brutally honest.

Christmas doesn’t come off much better, but at least they don’t hate her. Her biggest move was that she broke her foot. Then she got carried to the end.

Paul played. Overplayed. He did whatever it took to get to the end, but he forgot that those people he backstabbed have to vote for someone in the end.

The final multiple guess competition will require them to fill in the blanks of juror statements.

Cody said his favorite moment in the house was winning the battle back. Paul is correct.

Elena said her biggest regret in the game was not standing up for Mark more. Josh is correct.

Mark said the moment in the house that irritated him the most was when the house harassed and bullied Jess and Cody. Both are correct.

Matt said the best thing about being in the house was Raven’s cooking. Josh is correct.

Jason said his most embarrassing moment in the house was not being able to defend himself in an argument with Matt. Both are incorrect.

Raven said the most annoying thing about the house was the gross nasty kitchen. Both are incorrect.

Alex said the houseguest who she thought made the worst game decisions was Jessica. Josh is correct. Josh wins HOH.

Josh: Christmas

I didn’t expect that. Josh is banking on people being so pissed off at Paul that they will refuse to vote for him. That is not off base, but it’s a gamble. Still, I don’t know if he had much choice. Taking Christmas means taking somebody who hasn’t been pissing people off from the beginning, even if she didn’t do much. Maybe Christmas should have listened to Josh when he repeatedly tried to warn her about the game Paul is playing.

Paul is asked about the bullying tactic he orchestrated and participated in.

Josh is asked about his lack of strategy. He points to the alliances he joined and the elimination of Alex.

Following the theme, Paul is asked about friendship, or rather all the friendships he created to destroy.

Josh is asked about playing a bigger part in Paul’s game than his own.

The next question for Paul is why he lied to the jury days and even hours before they left, knowing they would compare notes.

Lastly, Josh is asked about all the fights he was in. Neither of them came out of this looking any better.

After the votes but before revealing them, they do show one smart move Josh made. He ratted out both of his allies to every jury member, starting their wheels spinning before they even made it to the jury house.

Christmas: Paul
Kevin: Paul
Alex: Josh
Raven: Paul
Jason: Josh
Matt: Paul
Mark: Josh
Elena: Josh
Cody: Josh

By a vote of 5-4, the Big Brother Season 19 winner is Josh Martinez. How fitting for Cody to cast the deciding vote, the person who has been saying since the beginning all the things about Paul that everybody else was too dumb to realize until they were sitting on the jury, except for Raven and Matt, who still don’t get it. For the second season in a row, Paul comes one vote short. Please don’t make it a third. He gets a lot of points for controlling the game, but he failed to consider the jury, so focused on making it look like he had no blood on his hands that he didn’t see it was all over the rest of his body.

After he screwed his team over and took safety for himself then started picking fights with random people for no reason in the first week, I thought Josh was not long for the game. Then he made allies with the guy who made everybody else angry and the girl (one of them) who did nothing. I expect people to begrudgingly accept this win because they wanted Paul to lose, but happy is not likely a word that will accompany the description.

The top three vote getters of America’s favorite houseguest were Kevin, Cody, and Jason. Cody wins the vote and $25,000. If not for the battle back, he was on his way toward being one of the most hated, but at some point in those few weeks people started agreeing with his seemingly crazy plan.

Big Brother will return again this winter with the first US edition of Celebrity Big Brother.

America’s Got Talent Season 12 Winner

10 acts advanced to the finals of America’s Got Talent, and tonight the winner of the public vote will be revealed. The final 10 acts in the running are:

Angelica Hale (singer)
Chase Goehring (singer)
Sara and Hero (dog act)
Diavolo (dance/acrobats)
Evie Clair (singer)
Preacher Lawson (comedian)
Keichi Okwuchi (singer)
Darci Lynne Farmer (singing ventriloquist)
Mandy Harvey (singer)
Light Balance (dancers)

There are a few stand out acts in that group to go along with the singers, and overall it is a good lineup.

Five acts have advanced to the top spots:

Angelica Hale
Darci Lynne Farmer
Light Balance
Mandy Harvey
Sara and Hero

5th Place: Sara and Hero
4th Place: Mandy Harvey
3rd Place: Light Balance
2nd Place: Angelica Hale

America’s Got Talent Season 12 Winner: Darci Lynne Farmer

Most of the singing only acts fall flat for me, though Angelica Hale is very talented and not surprisingly came close to winning, but Darci was different with the addition of ventriloquism and comedy. A deserving winner following in the footsteps of Terry Fator, who won the show a decade ago.

Big Brother Season 19 Episode 37

Paul finished turning on Alex in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 36 and had his idiot minions send her packing, then he won HOH for the first time since June. As for those who remain, they still don’t seem suspicious, except for Josh, who should be suspicious of everybody because of the terrible allies he has picked and is now stuck with.


The final four nominations are largely symbolic, but they still mean something. Christmas is the one Paul should trust most because she is so awful at this game she would consider going against him in the finals.

Matt goes to the jury house, the only place he is going to find any common sense in this game. He was taken out despite the plan to “backdoor” Kevin, the guy who has lost almost every competition in spectacular fashion. Then there’s Cody. He doesn’t care at all, the same sentiments shared by a lot of people about this season.

Jason comes in and tells the story. They were going to backdoor Kevin. Honest. He’s a massive challenge threat. Jason is so far gone that he blames Alex. She didn’t do anything but make the same stupid decisions he did, which he’ll find out in about a week.

Maybe not even that long. Here comes Raven an hour later. Her video of what happened shows Jason exactly who is to blame, possibly, he still doesn’t really believe it was Paul’s fault. Speaking of blame, Raven doesn’t place any on Paul. Despite her and Matt being evicted back to back, she knew that Paul had an alliance with everybody, but she considers them his one true alliance. This just keeps getting more ridiculous. Elena can’t help but laugh.

It takes Alex being evicted for Jason to finally admit that he was wrong. Raven, she’s probably still going to be living in denial even after she goes home and watches the show in which she did nothing.

The question in the jury house is: do they vote for the one person that is actually playing the game, or do they vote against the guy who is playing such a shady game with the most over the top case of wanting to appear as if he’s not getting blood on his hands (which is not working… people know what he’s doing, except Raven, but only after it’s too late)?

The veto competition will have them spinning wheels to set the day number when an event happened. Christmas finishes last on the first question, the first of three allowed last place finishes. The other person who sucks at this challenge, Kevin, loses next. Then again. And again. Kevin has been eliminated. With Kevin out, now Christmas can start finishing last, twice in a row. Josh has finished first almost every time so far. Josh finishes last in the next round. Then the next round and the one after that. Paul wins the power of veto.

There’s no need for Paul to use the power because whatever happens is somebody else’s fault. Christmas has been a bad ally for Josh lately, but I can’t imagine what she would gain by turning on him, even if Kevin hasn’t done much and can’t win anything.

Veto Ceremony
Veto is not used.

Christmas: Kevin

By a vote of 1-0, Kevin has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Paul pretends that Christmas went rogue, and in case you missed the pattern, Kevin buys it.

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Big Brother Season 19 Episode 36

After everybody else threw the HOH again in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 35, Josh won and predictably nominated Kevin and Alex.

It’s a surprise eviction episode. Nobody is sad. Let’s get this season over with.

Josh’s awful ally, Christmas, continues to get worse. She refuses to tell him she will take him to the final two.

The veto competition is to match BB Comics with those on the wall. Christmas has not been medically cleared for this one that involves climbing a ladder and running around.

Kevin – 45:00 (time expires)
Alex – 14:34
Josh – 24:36
Paul – 12:10

Paul wins the power of veto. Isn’t it convenient how he can win veto but can’t win HOH to save his life? The warning signs keep flashing, people.

Paul is finally honest with Alex. Sort of. For once. He will not be using the veto on her. Paul needs to tread carefully here. He has duped all these idiots, which they are at long last realizing, but he’s not doing it in a way that will make them remember him fondly as they head to jury.

Veto Ceremony
Veto is not used.

Christmas: Alex
Paul: Kevin

It’s tied again. What a gutless vote. Once again, Paul refuses to accept responsibility for his plan. We’ve passed the point of not wanting to get blood on his hands into a blatant strategy that nobody is buying (too late). Josh votes to evict Alex.

The HOH competition requires them to fill in blanks of statements from their fellow houseguests. Everybody gets the first question correct. Paul gets the second question correct. Everybody get the third question correct. Paul is the only one to get the fourth and fifth questions correct. With only two questions remaining and a clean sweep, Paul wins HOH.

Paul has not won HOH since week 1. Now he is somehow able to win it in the week in which his power does not matter and all the blood goes on somebody else’s hands, typically the veto winner. Again, where is the alarm in these people’s heads? It’s not like he’s Dr. Will and throwing every single competition to look incompetent. He only wins when it benefits only him, let his team be damned, all 12 of them.

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