Big Brother Season 18 Winner

Paul, James, and Nicole have made their way to the final three for one last HOH competition. Normally I pick a favorite, but I’m not really there this season. I could see some argument for any of the three to win.

The first part of the HOH competition has them dress up as cats, climb on platforms, and then follow the laser to each subsequent platform. I don’t think it’s even fair to call this one endurance. Everybody is doing fine. Then all of a sudden the wall leans too far forward, and Nicole and then James go with it, allowing Paul to win. Nicole is suspicious that James fell so soon after her.

Part two will have them run through a roller coaster line and match clues with the evicted houseguests. Getting a match is not enough. They need to take the roller coaster photo at just the right time. Nicole is correct each time but has one badly timed photo. James has one missed photo and one incorrect photo. Unless James is a lot faster at running, Nicole won. It’s not even close. Nicole wins.

Dr. Will hosts a jury discussion. Now here’s someone I like when they bring back. He was the original mastermind. They think James didn’t get blood on his hands, which can either be viewed as socially smart or just someone who didn’t really do anything. Paul gets credit for being a good liar… but mean. Nicole actually did get blood on her hands, including that of people like jury member Michelle, who of course starts crying, while Bridgette is mad she teamed up with men, yeah, eww, men. Da’Vonne, however, respects that Nicole got her out.

The final part of the HOH competition pits Paul against Nicole. Multiple guess of what the jury members said. Da’Vonne was most shocked by Frank playing how he did. Both are correct. Zakiyah was most shocked by Victor returning. Both are incorrect. Bridgette is afraid to have her friends and family see her crying. Both are incorrect again. Paulie said the strongest competitor was Victor. Paul is correct to take the lead 2-1. Michelle said the best thing was the fact that she’s a superfan living out her dream. Both are incorrect. Natalie said she was never embarrassed, despite how while in the house she said Zingbot embarrassed her. Paul is correct again to increase his lead to 3-1. Victor said the most annoying thing was how dirty the house was. Nicole is correct to make it 3-2. Corey said his favorite moment was winning the double eviction HOH and veto. Both are correct. Paul wins HOH.

Earlier, Paul said he thinks he could beat either of them, but Nicole deserves to be there more, while James didn’t really do anything.

Paul: James

James is evicted by Paul, who complains that James went behind his back trying to make deals with Nicole. I’m not sure if that explanation helps or harms him. James could be mad at Paul, or he could be mad that Nicole snitched. Nicole for her part doesn’t understand what Paul is talking about.

Now to questions from the jury.

Natalie asks Paul about him being vulgar and crossing the line. He responds he couldn’t hide his personality.

Michelle asks Nicole what move should earn her the money. She responds about how she got Natalie’s HOH to blow up in her face.

Corey asks Paul about how he is a great strategist. He replies that he was nominated a lot but never evicted. That hardly sounds like a great strategy, but he was a good talker when he needed to be.

Victor asks whether Nicole rode coattails.

Zakiyah asks Paul why he deserves to win. Contrary to Nicole, he was in everyone’s face.

Paulie asks Nicole the same question. She pretty much just says she tried hard.

James asks whether Paul was going to honor his final two deal, and Paul provides pretty much the same answer he did when he just evicted him.

Well, that was all rather pointless.

James: Paul
Corey: Nicole
Victor: Paul
Natalie: Nicole
Michelle: Paul
Paulie: Nicole
Bridgette: Paul
Zakiyah: Nicole
Da’Vonne: Nicole

By a vote of 5-4, Nicole Franzel is the Big Brother Season 18 winner. After hearing the jury talk, I didn’t think it was going to go that way, but Nicole managed to squeak out a narrow win as I speculated she might thanks to some good relationships, some help from Paul’s personality, and an at first very reluctant but increasingly supportive Da’Vonne.

For the first time in Big Brother history, a woman has prevailed over a man in the finals. The asterisk Julie fails to put on that statistic is that most finales are between people of the same gender. As was brought up last week, it has also been five years since the last female winner, Rachel.

The top three America’s Choice vote getters were Victor, Natalie, and James. Victor wins. He had a great story. Really awful player. But he kept things interesting.

Big Brother will of course be back again next summer, but the next season Big Brother Over the Top begins next week on CBS online.

Big Brother 18 Episode 40

Victor made sure he was evicted yet again in Big Brother 18 Episode 39, but his buddy Paul came back and kept himself safe by winning HOH. With Paul safe, there’s a 50/50 chance that either James has reached the end of his rope, or the couple will be split up.

It’s apparent that Corey and Nicole will be nominated, but that doesn’t really matter because the veto winner determines who goes home.


We return to the jury house for more senseless fighting. Paulie continues to amuse himself by poking people who are easily provoked, but he and Zakiyah are on good terms even though they don’t like it.

In the veto competition, they will hear events that happened and must select the day those happened by running around and stepping on bases. As the only person incorrect on the first question, James gets his first of three permitted outs. Then he gets his second. Then his third, and he is eliminated.

Paul has been struggling to keep up with Corey and Nicole, but in the next round he wins while Nicole gets her first out. Then Corey gets his first out. Nicole gets her second out as Paul is suddenly dominating. Nicole is the next eliminated. With an incorrect guess, Corey gets his second out and seems certain to lose. Paul gets his first out next. Then Paul gets another out, bringing them down to the final round. Corey’s not even really paying attention and buzzes in on a completely wrong answer, allowing Paul to win the power of veto.

As the HOH, Paul can either change his nominations or just let James decide who to get rid of, but it’s obvious he is not changing if for no other reason than to get revenge for Victor. The logic behind keeping the couple is that he can probably beat either of them easier than he can beat James in the final two, but first he has to get there, which neither of them is likely to assist him with. Of course, James is likely to get rid of Paul just like they would, and at this stage he can choose to evict the person who will benefit him least.

Veto Ceremony
Veto is not used.

James: Corey

With 1 vote, Corey has been evicted from the Big Brother house. I expected James to keep Corey for the close relationship, despite his physical strength that may have won him part two of the final HOH (Nicole is a threat at both endurance and multiple guess). Something that has been discussed a couple of times since Rachel was on the show a few weeks ago is that there hasn’t been a female winner in 5 years, and there is an awful lot of girl power in that jury. Add another vote or two to Corey and a fairly safe vote from his BFF Paulie, and Nicole starts to look like a real threat.

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Big Brother 18 Episode 39

James thought he was in trouble when Natalie got evicted, but really he was tossing aside an anchor that was weighing him down. After Corey won HOH in Big Brother 18 Episode 38, the battle lines were drawn between the two remaining duos, and Paul and Victor were nominated while James found himself relaxing.

Victor wants to just pout, but Paul is going to go talk to them. This demonstrates the difference between their games, in that Paul actually has a game. Corey asks Victor to talk, which just leads to threats. Paul is happy to see him sink himself.

In the diary room, Victor says that Corey and Nicole would be dumb not to evict him. That’s what they said.

The veto competition requires them to match up BB comics with what they see on the screen.

Corey – 20:37
James – 35:00 (ran out of time)
Nicole – 13:55
Victor – 29:35
Paul – 18:04

It’s not even worth discussing what Nicole is going to do.

Veto Ceremony
Veto is not used.

There is an argument to getting rid of either Victor or Paul. Victor’s game has been just about non-existent, but what he does have under his belt is a lot of competition wins, which I would argue isn’t really enough but could impress the jury regardless. Given his track record, he’s also got great odds at winning just about any competition. Then there’s Paul, who was a disaster at the beginning but then proved to be a very strong social player. In either case, I think Corey and Nicole are going to struggle with this bitter jury, though James is probably good regardless.

Nicole: Victor
James: Victor

By a vote of 2-0, Victor has been evicted from the Big Brother house for the third and final time, or at least they hope he won’t be returning yet again.

The HOH competition requires them to fill in the blanks of statements evicted houseguests made throughout the season. Everybody gets the first question correct. Paul and Nicole get the second question correct. Nicole is the only one to get the third question correct. Everybody gets the fourth question correct. Nicole and Paul get the fifth question correct. Paul is the only one to get the sixth question correct, which ties him with Nicole for the lead. Everybody gets the final question correct. The tiebreaker question is how long the BB slide in theater was in seconds. They both go over the correct answer, but Paul is closest and wins HOH.

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Big Brother 18 Episode 38

When the alliance of four had to split up a showmance in Big Brother 18 Episode 37, they chose to keep the potential free agent James and voted out Natalie.

Nicole and Corey discussed taking a shot at Paul and Victor. Paul seems to be the odds on favorite to win at this point, and although Victor sucks at the game as evidenced by him having been evicted twice already, he’s the biggest competition threat. James still has a good relationship with Corey and Nicole, in spite of Natalie. This could piss some people off, but it seems necessary.

The HOH competition has them running back and forth and trying not to slip. After half an hour of falling, Paul stops trying to run and instead opts to slide on his butt. James has meanwhile resorted to a far less effective method of crawling. Nicole is the first to unlock the big scoop and can start trying to catch up to Corey. Paul never even gets the big scoop by the time Corey runs away with HOH.

Corey and Nicole reveal their plans to James. That could backfire if Paul wins veto and pulls Victor off, but otherwise the plan should fall in place.


I wasn’t expecting that, but it makes sense. This is the safest plan to guarantee Corey that he won’t be forced to nominate Nicole.

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Big Brother 18 Episode 37

After Corey won the power of veto in Big Brother 18 Episode 36, he let the nominations stand. On the block with her showmance, Natalie began her path to destroy James before eventually asking him why he was so sad. I’m not sure if she’s being mean, oblivious, or just playing hard all of a sudden.

This could go either way. I would think get rid of James because he’s the better social player, but that also means that he has better relationships with everybody who may believe he is more useful to keep around, which also makes him more dangerous because both duos think they can sway him.

Natalie continues to blame James and is mad at him all day long. After this day, she refuses to sleep in the same bed with him, and James lets out the thoughts he has been keeping to himself. Even after all the drama, they’re still in a showmance as it comes down to the vote.

Technically, Corey and Nicole control the vote, but they are not going to do it without making sure it’s unanimous.

Paul: Natalie
Nicole: Natalie
Corey: Natalie

By a vote of 3-0, Natalie has been evicted from the Big Brother house. She has been expecting this result all week, which she explains as a reason why she was lashing out at James.

The HOH competition requires them to run back and forth with melted butter to fill a container on the other side. Corey and Paul choose the large container, while Nicole and James choose the smaller container that also needs to be filled to release a larger scoop.

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Big Brother 18 Episode 36

Victor won HOH in Big Brother 18 Episode 35 and nominated James and Natalie as expected.

Natalie continues to badger James about the decision he made, still not acknowledging or realizing that her desire to get rid of Corey is a key factor in the other showmance forming an alliance with the others instead. She apologizes to Paul and Victor for making a bad decision by trusting James, which sounds a lot worse than she perhaps means it, an indication to them that she’s playing harder than they thought.

The veto competition is a promo for the new MacGyver in which they must figure out a way to escape. Natalie starts off with a time of 9:06. Nicole is not even close. Victor does better but still not good enough. James is the worst one yet. Corey does surprisingly well in what is basically a puzzle solving challenge and takes the lead with a time of 6:14. Paul does as badly as James, and Corey wins the power of veto.

Obviously, he is not going to use the veto because the replacement would be Nicole.

Natalie hasn’t won much, nor has James for that matter, but that performance may have painted more of a target on her back.

Corey drops hints to James that he may not be as vulnerable this week as he thinks, but the response is to just vote him out instead, which Corey shrugs off. James wants to tell this to Natalie because they have been together all this time. Then she asks him if he threw the comp. Then she asks him if he has a final three deal with Corey and Nicole. And in conclusion, if he does join them after she leaves, he can just not talk to her ever again. Harsh. After he’s being done being berated by Natalie, Victor and Paul tell him what she told them earlier.

Veto Ceremony
Veto is not used.

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Big Brother 18 Episode 35

When it came down to a choice between the very dangerous Paul and the not at all threatening Michelle, the houseguests decided to squash Michelle in Big Brother 18 Episode 34.

Instead of telling their alleged allies about the plan to get rid of Michelle, which was obviously going to come out eventually anyway, Nicole and Corey decided to wait until 78 minutes before the live show.

The classic egg competition has a couple of twists. They are only trying to hit three targets, not transfer ten eggs, and they also have to deal with eagles trying to break their eggs. Within the first 14 minutes, Corey drops an egg in the have bucket rather than trying to use it to score. At 23 minutes, Victor is the first to score, and Natalie is right behind him. Corey and Paul also score. By this point, an hour has passed. Corey is the first to knock down the second target, but Victor is right behind him. Natalie is also in the running, but James has not scored anything. Paul finally knocks over his second target as well. After close to 2 hours, Victor wins HOH.

The logical conclusion here is that James and Natalie will be nominated. Normally Big Brother will edit it to try to make it look like there’s a chance, but this is a rare occasion that they aren’t even pretending. They aren’t even posing a hypothetical alternative scenario.

Natalie complains that the problem is that they trusted untrustworthy people because of James, but really it was Natalie who was trying to get rid of Corey during her HOH.


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Big Brother 18 Episode 34

HOH Nicole won the power of veto in Big Brother 18 Episode 33, leaving her nominations of Michelle and Paul unchanged.

Corey has a $5,000 bribe to give away. He can use it to convince Michelle to tell James and Natalie to not bother voting for her because it’s not like she can win anyway, or he can use it to sway James or Natalie who don’t seem like they can actually be swayed. Neither concept is very compelling.

James has an alternate proposal: offer it to someone, like himself, to drop out of the next HOH competition. He’s convinced that he has Natalie and Michelle in his back pocket, so it doesn’t really matter. Except Corey’s planning to get rid of Michelle. This is an excellent idea for Corey, not so much for James.

Corey decides to give it to Victor to vote to evict Michelle. Really? You know how much chance there is of him evicting Paul? 0. I’m not sure if this solidifies their alliance or makes it look like he doesn’t trust them.

In her final speech, Michelle says she will go after Victor if she stays, and she warns them that not evicting her will lead to Victor and Paul being in the final two, which is a very good chance.

Victor: Michelle
Natalie: Paul
Corey: Michelle
James: Paul

With two votes each, the tie breaker goes to the HOH. Nicole votes to evict Michelle. She would have been a great person to take to the end, but she served no purpose for Corey or Nicole. In her final final speech, Michelle warns that Nicole, the HOH who just evicted her, is floating to the final two (I guess it’s a three person final two with Paul and Victor). Victor spills the beans about the alliance in his goodbye speech.

Whoever wins HOH is important, but this all seems to play out in Paul’s and Victor’s favor. They are part of the Final Four alliance with Nicole and Corey, but there is nothing preventing them from flip flopping back to James and Natalie, who now have much less reason to trust the other showmance.

The HOH competition will have them transferring eggs from the outside of one side of a cage to the other and then roll them down a ramp to knock down targets.

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