Big Brother 18 Episode 38

When the alliance of four had to split up a showmance in Big Brother 18 Episode 37, they chose to keep the potential free agent James and voted out Natalie.

Nicole and Corey discussed taking a shot at Paul and Victor. Paul seems to be the odds on favorite to win at this point, and although Victor sucks at the game as evidenced by him having been evicted twice already, he’s the biggest competition threat. James still has a good relationship with Corey and Nicole, in spite of Natalie. This could piss some people off, but it seems necessary.

The HOH competition has them running back and forth and trying not to slip. After half an hour of falling, Paul stops trying to run and instead opts to slide on his butt. James has meanwhile resorted to a far less effective method of crawling. Nicole is the first to unlock the big scoop and can start trying to catch up to Corey. Paul never even gets the big scoop by the time Corey runs away with HOH.

Corey and Nicole reveal their plans to James. That could backfire if Paul wins veto and pulls Victor off, but otherwise the plan should fall in place.


I wasn’t expecting that, but it makes sense. This is the safest plan to guarantee Corey that he won’t be forced to nominate Nicole.

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