Big Brother 18 Episode 37

After Corey won the power of veto in Big Brother 18 Episode 36, he let the nominations stand. On the block with her showmance, Natalie began her path to destroy James before eventually asking him why he was so sad. I’m not sure if she’s being mean, oblivious, or just playing hard all of a sudden.

This could go either way. I would think get rid of James because he’s the better social player, but that also means that he has better relationships with everybody who may believe he is more useful to keep around, which also makes him more dangerous because both duos think they can sway him.

Natalie continues to blame James and is mad at him all day long. After this day, she refuses to sleep in the same bed with him, and James lets out the thoughts he has been keeping to himself. Even after all the drama, they’re still in a showmance as it comes down to the vote.

Technically, Corey and Nicole control the vote, but they are not going to do it without making sure it’s unanimous.

Paul: Natalie
Nicole: Natalie
Corey: Natalie

By a vote of 3-0, Natalie has been evicted from the Big Brother house. She has been expecting this result all week, which she explains as a reason why she was lashing out at James.

The HOH competition requires them to run back and forth with melted butter to fill a container on the other side. Corey and Paul choose the large container, while Nicole and James choose the smaller container that also needs to be filled to release a larger scoop.

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