Big Brother 18 Episode 36

Victor won HOH in Big Brother 18 Episode 35 and nominated James and Natalie as expected.

Natalie continues to badger James about the decision he made, still not acknowledging or realizing that her desire to get rid of Corey is a key factor in the other showmance forming an alliance with the others instead. She apologizes to Paul and Victor for making a bad decision by trusting James, which sounds a lot worse than she perhaps means it, an indication to them that she’s playing harder than they thought.

The veto competition is a promo for the new MacGyver in which they must figure out a way to escape. Natalie starts off with a time of 9:06. Nicole is not even close. Victor does better but still not good enough. James is the worst one yet. Corey does surprisingly well in what is basically a puzzle solving challenge and takes the lead with a time of 6:14. Paul does as badly as James, and Corey wins the power of veto.

Obviously, he is not going to use the veto because the replacement would be Nicole.

Natalie hasn’t won much, nor has James for that matter, but that performance may have painted more of a target on her back.

Corey drops hints to James that he may not be as vulnerable this week as he thinks, but the response is to just vote him out instead, which Corey shrugs off. James wants to tell this to Natalie because they have been together all this time. Then she asks him if he threw the comp. Then she asks him if he has a final three deal with Corey and Nicole. And in conclusion, if he does join them after she leaves, he can just not talk to her ever again. Harsh. After he’s being done being berated by Natalie, Victor and Paul tell him what she told them earlier.

Veto Ceremony
Veto is not used.

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