Big Brother 18 Episode 35

When it came down to a choice between the very dangerous Paul and the not at all threatening Michelle, the houseguests decided to squash Michelle in Big Brother 18 Episode 34.

Instead of telling their alleged allies about the plan to get rid of Michelle, which was obviously going to come out eventually anyway, Nicole and Corey decided to wait until 78 minutes before the live show.

The classic egg competition has a couple of twists. They are only trying to hit three targets, not transfer ten eggs, and they also have to deal with eagles trying to break their eggs. Within the first 14 minutes, Corey drops an egg in the have bucket rather than trying to use it to score. At 23 minutes, Victor is the first to score, and Natalie is right behind him. Corey and Paul also score. By this point, an hour has passed. Corey is the first to knock down the second target, but Victor is right behind him. Natalie is also in the running, but James has not scored anything. Paul finally knocks over his second target as well. After close to 2 hours, Victor wins HOH.

The logical conclusion here is that James and Natalie will be nominated. Normally Big Brother will edit it to try to make it look like there’s a chance, but this is a rare occasion that they aren’t even pretending. They aren’t even posing a hypothetical alternative scenario.

Natalie complains that the problem is that they trusted untrustworthy people because of James, but really it was Natalie who was trying to get rid of Corey during her HOH.


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