Big Brother 18 Episode 34

HOH Nicole won the power of veto in Big Brother 18 Episode 33, leaving her nominations of Michelle and Paul unchanged.

Corey has a $5,000 bribe to give away. He can use it to convince Michelle to tell James and Natalie to not bother voting for her because it’s not like she can win anyway, or he can use it to sway James or Natalie who don’t seem like they can actually be swayed. Neither concept is very compelling.

James has an alternate proposal: offer it to someone, like himself, to drop out of the next HOH competition. He’s convinced that he has Natalie and Michelle in his back pocket, so it doesn’t really matter. Except Corey’s planning to get rid of Michelle. This is an excellent idea for Corey, not so much for James.

Corey decides to give it to Victor to vote to evict Michelle. Really? You know how much chance there is of him evicting Paul? 0. I’m not sure if this solidifies their alliance or makes it look like he doesn’t trust them.

In her final speech, Michelle says she will go after Victor if she stays, and she warns them that not evicting her will lead to Victor and Paul being in the final two, which is a very good chance.

Victor: Michelle
Natalie: Paul
Corey: Michelle
James: Paul

With two votes each, the tie breaker goes to the HOH. Nicole votes to evict Michelle. She would have been a great person to take to the end, but she served no purpose for Corey or Nicole. In her final final speech, Michelle warns that Nicole, the HOH who just evicted her, is floating to the final two (I guess it’s a three person final two with Paul and Victor). Victor spills the beans about the alliance in his goodbye speech.

Whoever wins HOH is important, but this all seems to play out in Paul’s and Victor’s favor. They are part of the Final Four alliance with Nicole and Corey, but there is nothing preventing them from flip flopping back to James and Natalie, who now have much less reason to trust the other showmance.

The HOH competition will have them transferring eggs from the outside of one side of a cage to the other and then roll them down a ramp to knock down targets.

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