Big Brother 18 Episode 33

After Nicole won HOH in Big Brother 18 Episode 32, she proceeded to target Michelle and made her new ally Paul the pawn.

James is confident that Paul is the target because that is what Nicole is saying. May as well fess up. Unless James and Natalie vote with the rest, Paul leaving would require both Corey and tie breaker Nicole to vote out Michelle, thus revealing their hand if they haven’t already. The only out here is if Victor wins veto.

As the first ones to fall in the HOH competition, Corey and Victor are have nots for the week. They will also be able to eat seaweed and squid.

Nicole selects Victor at random to participate in the veto competition. Paul selects Corey (houseguest’s choice). Michelle selects James.

After Paul chooses Corey as houseguest’s choice, Michelle becomes suspicious that she is the target.

The veto competition is a counting or rather guessing competition in which they must identify the number of objects in Santa’s workshop based on a smaller number of similar objects. Corey seems hopelessly distracted.

First round: Corey and Paul fold (and advance but without a chance to earn points); Nicole and James score a point; Victor is eliminated.

Second round: Corey, Paul, and Michelle fold; Nicole scores a point; as the only other one standing, James is eliminated.

Third round: Paul folds despite Corey’s ridiculous answer of 1 billion so apparently he doesn’t want to win; Michelle scores a point; Corey is eliminated.

Fourth round: Paul folds; Nicole wins the power of veto.

There isn’t much point for Nicole to change the nominations.

Paul’s strategy after the veto competition is to act upset. Nicole doesn’t view it the way he says he intends and thinks he is being sketchy. Then he proposes that she take him off the block and replace him with Natalie, which has no chance of happening and demonstrates a lack of trust. Meanwhile in another room, Michelle is crying.

Veto Ceremony
Veto is not used.

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