Big Brother 15 Winner

With McCrae’s elimination in Big Brother 15 Episode 34, we were brought down to a final three of GinaMarie, Andy, and Spencer. I give them all credit for forming their Extermintors alliance as a last ditch effort of desperation to eliminate the real players, but the problem is that they did get rid of the real players. Normally I find someone I’m rooting strongly for or strongly against, but I think this is the first time I really don’t care. People like Amanda, Helen, and Aaryn, who dominated the game, are out in favor of people who had a good last two weeks but otherwise didn’t do much of anything.

I couldn’t bring myself to watch Sunday’s show, and I see I didn’t miss anything. We start off with part 1 of the final HOH competition in which they are all on rollerskates and heading around in circles past cones. Spencer has no hope and falls first. After the bubbles come out and make the rink slick, Andy falls next, and GinaMarie wins.

That leaves Andy and Spencer to face off in part 2. They must grab houseguest faces from the bottom of the giant tank and put them in the order of eviction. Andy mixes up the order of Helen’s and Aaryn’s evictions on his first try before correcting them and buzzing. Spencer is correct on his first try, but he also struggles a lot more with this physical challenge involving a lot of climbing. Andy wins with a time of 21:54 compared to Spencer’s 36:11.

Spencer’s fate now lies in the hands of the other two. He wants to convince them that they have a better chance against him, and I can’t imagine he’s wrong. Other than one or two particularly bitter jury members, I don’t see a reason anyone would vote for him.

Dr. Will joins the jury to welcome juror #8. For all the fighting that’s still going on, Candice and Aaryn say they get along now, which nobody really believes. GinaMarie has a lot of support, but Amanda offers a realistic view: GM did not really play the game. Andy, however, was a backstabber who played all sides, but he did it well. Spencer’s basically the throw away who sat on the block all season, but as a result, he has no blood on his hands.

GinaMarie and Andy square off in the final part of the HOH competition.

Candice said: The most shocking moment in the house was when Aaryn flipped my mattress. Both are correct.

Jessie said: The moment in the house that irritated me the most was when Helen didn’t follow through with our plan to evict Amanda. Both are incorrect when they say it was when she fell off the wall.

Helen said: The most uncomfortable moment in the house was watching Judd plead for his life. Andy is correct, but GinaMarie incorrectly believes it’s the Jeremy wine incident.

Aaryn said: If I had to spend a romantic evening with a houseguest, I’d choose Judd because he has manners. Both are correct.

Amanda said: The moment in the house I’m afraid to have my friends and family see is every single one. Andy is correct, but GinaMarie incorrectly answers none.

Elissa said: The houseguest whose behavior I was most shocked by was Aaryn because everything about her was cute and adorable except her personality. GinaMarie answers correctly, but Andy incorrectly answers that Amanda was a bully.

Judd said: My biggest regret in the game was not working closer with Helen. Both are incorrect.

McCrae said: The best thing about being in the house was free food. Both are correct. Andy wins HOH.

Andy has the lone vote to evict and must choose between GinaMarie and Spencer. He chooses to evict Spencer, stating he must honor his word to GinaMarie. Both he and GinaMarie seemed to have decided this was the course of action they would take if they won, despite knowing it would be a harder fight. I don’t think either could stomach the possibility of a Spencer win.

The jury as a group has come up with three questions for each finalist.

Prior to joining the Exterminators, what was GinaMarie’s biggest game move? She doesn’t really have an answer.

Same question for Andy. He aligned with Amanda and McCrae and worked as their mole.

What was the biggest obstacle GinaMarie had to overcome? Having Nick leave. I thought we were past this.

Since Andy stabbed everyone in the back, why should they vote for him? He apologizes to a laughing jury and says he played a strong game.

Why should they give GinaMarie the money when she offended much of the jury? And I’m not really sure what her answer was.

Why did Andy lie to so many jurors unnecessarily? Because he didn’t want to live in the house with people who are upset with him and didn’t want people talking.

Why should Spencer vote for Andy? He was loyal. To at least one person anyway, GinaMarie.

It’s safe to say they already have their minds made up, but that Q&A session did not help GinaMarie at all. The answer remains clear that Andy played the better game of the two. The question is whether people are bitter since he was the one who screwed most of them over, but this is an interesting dynamic. They trusted him right up until and in some cases after he turned on them, and even now nobody seems particularly mad at him.

Amanda has finally realized that it was America that nominated her. The booing helped her come to that conclusion.

Spencer: Andy
McCrae: Andy
Judd: GinaMarie
Elissa: Andy
Amanda: Andy
Aaryn: GinaMarie
Helen: Andy

By a vote of 7-2, the Big Brother 15 winner is Andy Herren. The right person won. I was not overly impressed with his game on its surface, but what was impressive was his ability to fool these gullible people, stab them in the back, and then still not make any enemies.

Lastly, America will decide their favorite player. Do we even need a vote? That’s been Elissa since the season started because Rachel is her sister. She never really did anything, though nonetheless she did stay likeable throughout. Judd, Elissa, and Howard are the top three vote getters. Unsurprisingly, Elissa has won the $25,000 prize.

For better or worse, Big Brother 16 will air next summer.

Big Brother 15 Episode 34

Following Judd’s eviction in Big Brother 15 Episode 33, Andy won eviction. Tonight is another live show in which we will learn the players that form the lackluster final three.

Andy realizes that his nominations don’t really matter because the lone voter in the final four is the person who wins veto (unless that person is the HOH).

GinaMarie is safe.
McCrae and Spencer have been nominated.

Despite fact that he’s the pawn, Spencer still does not trust these nominations and thinks something is going on between Andy and GinaMarie. Of course, considering the fact that he refused to even consider putting Andy on the block last week, he has recent experience in the thoughts of an HOH who is more loyal to certain members of the alliance than others.

When she enters the jury house, Aaryn again apologizes for her behavior, this time without mentioning the word Texas. Most people are happy to see Amanda because they don’t like her, but she does have some good information about Andy and his new alliance. Then Judd walks into the most lopsided jury house ever to find half a dozen bitter females.

There is much talk in the jury house about people who have or have not floated through the house, but to be fair, that describes everybody who remains. Two weeks ago, they were all coattail riders or a spare vote at best.

The final veto of the summer is up for grabs, and their challenge is to match up statements that match two houseguests. McCrae is the first to buzz in, but he’s not even close, forcing him to restart from the beginning when they drop all his pieces. I guess CBS got a good deal on some magnets this year. Andy wins the power of veto.

Despite the very loud celebration the other three are having, McCrae still thinks he has some life left. Better than rolling over and playing dead, but he’s done nonetheless.

Spencer wants to put some doubt into Andy’s mind. GinaMarie has a lot of support in the jury. He’s not wrong.

The three remaining Exterminators have decided to tell McCrae about their alliance just before going live.

Andy does not use the power of veto, keeping the nominations the same. By a vote of 1-0, McCrae has been evicted from the Big Brother house. He realizes now that he screwed himself over with his HOH nominations.

Whatever happens over the next few days, I’ll post to the Big Brother 15 spoilers, but I’m not going to bother watching on Sunday. It’s not like anybody really wants to watch a Spencer/Andy/GinaMarie recap episode anyway, but last year’s final Sunday episode was an insult to the intelligence of the viewers and a great big waste of time in which absolutely nothing happened.

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Big Brother 15 Episode 33

Spencer won HOH and nominated McCrae and GinaMarie for eviction in Big Brother 15 Episode 32.

GinaMarie does some bad over the top acting post-nomination in her effort to pretend like McCrae is not the target. Nobody is going to believe her crying.

Spencer has already decided on the replacement nominee, Judd. At least wait until the veto has been won. Judd’s worried he must be the low man on the totem pole since Andy isn’t even being considered, and he should be worried.

The veto competition is hosted by Ian, who won Big Brother last season (even though Dan is better). They must make a puzzle but must fly back to the other side within 20 seconds to prevent the magnets from dropping all their pieces. Even if they almost win, if time runs out, they have to start back from the beginning. Judd ends up quitting and instead helps Andy by telling him when to hit the button. Spencer acts like Judd just did something wrong and should have helped him instead because he’s the one who makes the replacement nomination. Maybe if you didn’t tell him you were going to nominate him. This all doesn’t matter because McCrae wins the power of veto.

Judd asks Spencer to nominate Andy, and Spencer immediately answers no. He won’t even pretend he’s thinking about it. So Judd starts hitting things with his shirt. This is supposed to be a fit?

At the veto ceremony, McCrae removes himself from the block. In his place, Judd has been nominated. Not willing to leave well enough alone, Judd threatens McCrae. At best, he can now hope for a tie that Spencer will have to break.

With the end of this ill-fated season quickly approaching, tonight is a special Wednesday eviction night.

Andy: Judd
McCrae: Judd

By a vote of 2-0, Judd has been evicted from the house for a second time, but his reentry surely flipped the house and changed the game. The likeability factor of the cast remaining in this house just keeps dropping. Does anyone even care any more? As he departs, Judd says he’s voting for Spencer and Andy in the end. He secretly wishes McCrae good luck and tells Julie he wants GinaMarie to win. He does not regret turning on Elissa, despite it blowing up in his face. In his goodbye message, McCrae tells Judd that Andy and Spencer did not want to work with him, so he had to go with the house.

The final 4 HOH competition is the traditional Before or After. Everybody is correct on the first question. GinaMarie gets the second question right. Everybody is again correct on the third question. And the fourth. And fifth. McCrae is correct on the sixth question to tie GinaMarie for the lead. Andy is correct, leading to a three way tie. The tiebreaker question asks how long (in seconds) the latest veto competition lasted. Andy wants to change his answer, but it’s too late to do so. As far over as the other two were (more than 1000 seconds), I don’t think it matters. Andy wins HOH.

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Big Brother 15 Episode 32

The double eviction night started with Amanda’s eviction in Big Brother 15 Episode 31. Then McCrae won HOH and continued to do the work of the alliance that got rid of her, and Elissa was evicted.

McCrae correctly believed that Andy was the one who flipped, but his goal as HOH was to create the fewest enemies. That meant getting rid of Elissa because nobody would mind her eviction. The problem with this is he just got rid of the only target bigger than himself and guaranteed that he will be the next target, and strangely, he realizes this but put himself in this position anyway.

Following the eviction, Andy and Spencer make a fake alliance with McCrae, who just lost the only two people who were actually on his side.

Their task for HOH is to piece together the faces of former houseguests based on blurry photos of past competitions that slowly come into focus. Andy is eliminated in the first round. A frustrated Judd is out next. Spencer finally wins something.

As part of his HOH victory, Spencer must now assign “gifts” to his fellow houseguests. GinaMarie and McCrae will be tied together for the next 24 hours. Andy will have the chance to win up to $5,000. Judd must perform exercises on command while being insulted by a drill sergeant.

Because he’s tied together with her, McCrae offers GinaMarie a final two deal by default. These end game deals are interesting. They are meaningless and made out of convenience and desperation, rather than trust or some useful building block for an alliance.

Unlike the other two gifts, which were really punishments, Andy can actually win some money. He chooses three pigs to smash and manages to win $94.83. Better than being punished I guess.

Despite being chained together, GinaMarie and McCrae both attempt to whisper their plans to Spencer while the other person sits on the other side of the door. Awkward. Spencer has already made up his mind that they are both being nominated and both are told they are pawns.

Judd is safe.
Andy is safe.
GinaMarie and McCrae have been nominated for eviction.

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Big Brother 15 Episode 31

Amanda and McCrae ended up in the final round of the veto competition in Big Brother 15 Episode 30, and McCrae narrowly beat her to keep himself safe. That left Amanda on the block against Spencer, but there does not seem to be any miracle that could possibly save Amanda from eviction.

This marks the 500th episode of Big Brother. It’s not often that shows in primetime hit that mark. The only thing that comes to mind is The Simpsons.

Spencer volunteered to go on the block this week. He figured his alliance will keep him safe.

Amanda makes a deal with Elissa. Really? This is just pathetic. I can understand if you were just on opposite sides of the house, but when you go out of your way to make someone miserable, don’t expect them to want to be in the same room with you let alone be allies. That said, Elissa knows that keeping Amanda around would mean keeping a bigger target. If this deal happens, it would force Andy to pick a side, which would be different.

Another double eviction will be happening tonight. The last time, Spencer and Amanda were also on the block, but that was during the MVP twist with three people nominated (Candice ended up being evicted).

Judd: Amanda
McCrae: Spencer
Elissa: Spencer
Andy: Amanda

There is a 2-2 tie. In the event of a tie, the HOH must break the tie. GinaMarie votes to evict Amanda. Elissa’s now as alone as she was when Helen left. Despite the fact that Amanda has Elissa’s wedding ring in her suitcase as collateral, she still doesn’t believe Andy was the one who turned. Julie brings up her bullying, but she gives her a pass on her racist/homophobic/etc. comments. Now that the scapegoat has been evicted, I don’t think we’ll be getting back to that subject again until the finale, and if CBS isn’t guilted into airing it on TV, it didn’t happen. Then Andy drops the bomb. He reveals his vote and outs his entire current alliance. Stupid. What if someone else comes back from the jury?

The standard double eviction HOH competition is a hunt for two items from across the yard, this time dog bones. McCrae retrieves the first bone first and then wins HOH with the second bone.

His most obvious target is GinaMarie. She is not the best target, but 10 minutes after Amanda’s eviction, she’s the certain emotional target. If he’s smart, he’ll leave Elissa alone, but I suspect he won’t go near Andy either.

GinaMarie and Elissa have been nominated. There goes that theory. Elissa’s the outcast who nobody will miss, but if your goal is to get rid of GinaMarie, the wrong tree is being barked up.

For the veto competition, they must navigate their cars through the maze. This is one of those competitions where nobody has any idea what’s going on. Julie keeps telling us that Andy is in the lead (with the caveat that it’s a maze so you never know), but in the end Judd wins the power of veto.

Julie invites us to listen to last minute strategy. As with the last time, we can’t hear anything. We later find out that the argument is about whether Elissa did or did not know about Judd’s eviction.

Judd declines to use the power of veto. Usually nobody uses it, but this year everybody wants to save somebody. This marks only the second time out of 12 that the veto has not been used.

Spencer: Elissa
Judd: Elissa
Andy: Elissa

By a vote of 3-0, Elissa has been voted out of the Big Brother house. McCrae just did the Exterminators’ work for them, and now he can’t play for HOH, guaranteeing himself a place on the block. Julie tosses Elissa out of the house without her bag, and she doesn’t seem to have a desire to say goodbye. Oddly, she blames McCrae for Amanda’s eviction, rather than Andy. Even though Andy may not do much, it’s impressive how well he is fooling all of these people, in some cases even after stabbing them in the backs. Granted, now that he’s told Amanda everything, his deception will be the talk of the jury house.

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Big Brother 15 Episode 30

GinaMarie won HOH in Big Brother 15 Episode 29, and finally someone had the balls (is this anatomically accurate?) to nominate Amanda and McCrae.

McCrae says Amanda’s important to his game, but in reality she’s the biggest hindrance to his game. If they can’t get rid of her, people will just as soon take him out instead.

Amanda suspects a new alliance. She has three out of the four names correct. The person she does not suspect is Andy. He may not have done very much, but he has successfully pulled the wool right over a lot of people’s eyes up until he votes them out.

GinaMarie defends her nominations to Amanda. Aaryn did a lot for them, and then they cut her loose when she needed them most. She’s not wrong.

After shouting throughout the house, Amanda seems to have accepted her lot in this game. She hopes McCrae can still win. An eavesdropping Elissa suspects that Andy is working with Amanda and McCrae. You sure missed the boat on that one, even if he is still someone who merely floats toward the power.

Elissa, Spencer (Amanda’s choice), and Andy join GinaMarie, Amanda, and McCrae in the veto competition. The object of the game is to spin around 15 times and then bowl (then spin some more and bowl some more). Amanda easily beats Elissa in the first round. Andy challenges Amanda, who just got done throwing up, hoping to appease everybody in the house (telling Amanda he threw it and telling the others he was trying to get rid of her). Amanda humiliates Andy, who did not even have a chance to throw the challenge. GinaMarie, too, picks Amanda. This is stupid. Why can they keep picking the same person over and over again? The good thing about being repeatedly chosen is that you can master the strategy, as Amanda wins again.

Finally a change of pace. McCrae picks Spencer, and McCrae ends up winning. That leaves Amanda and McCrae in the finals, ensuring that one of them is going to win. Is he allowed to beat her? For the first time in this competition, Amanda falls behind, but she pulls even and then ahead. McCrae comes from behind to win the power of veto by less than a second. Amanda knows her days are numbered. She even seems to be catching on to the fact that Andy has turned because his excuse that he wants to throw it to her is really weak.

GinaMarie is not willing to nominate Elissa, who did not nominate her last week. That means one of her alliance members will occupy the seat next to Amanda. If you’re going to be a pawn, there are few better people to be up against. The good thing about this is it throws people off the scent of the Exterminators.

McCrae takes himself off the block. In his place, GinaMarie nominates Spencer, who is now on the block for a 7th time.

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Big Brother 15 Episode 29

Concluding Elissa’s run as HOH blowing up, Aaryn was evicted in Big Brother 15 Episode 28. This brought us to an endurance competition for HOH.

Their task is to get a dozen eggs out of the cage and hop them to the other side of the yard. GinaMarie starts off early in the lead. Andy is performing well and is in second place, but the lead she’s building does not seem like it can be beat. He doesn’t want to win anyway since that would mean picking a side, which he has struggled to do all summer. Everybody else is competing to not have to wear a chicken suit. GinaMarie wins the HOH. In a tie for last, Judd and Spencer must wear chicken suits. While Elissa celebrates GM’s win with her, Amanda is quick to show her claws.

GinaMarie says she’s no Aaryn. Try as they might, Amanda and McCrae can’t make her their puppet. And unlike last week when Elissa foolishly left one of them off the nomination block to save the other, she plans to nominate both of them so that at least one of them will go.

Amanda does make a very logical proposal. The nominations should be people who nobody would care if they left. That would pretty much be GinaMarie’s whole alliance plus Elissa. Of course, although Amanda or McCrae would be upset if the other left, everybody else would be thrilled.

We now return to our regularly scheduled program of Amanda being a bitch. Seriously, what is she trying to accomplish? Then she starts crying about how mean Elissa is. Really?

Hidden in a sea of balloons is $10,000. To win, they must retrieve a 1 chip, a 0 chip, and a K chip. With a whole lot of dumb luck, Spencer finds all three chips before most people even find one.

As we saw in her last nomination, GinaMarie does and says what she wants. These two should have been nominated weeks ago, but everybody was too afraid to do it.

Andy is safe.
Spencer is safe.
Elissa is safe.
Judd is safe.
Amanda and McCrae have been nominated for eviction.

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Big Brother 15 Episode 28

Elissa found out some very simple Big Brother rules in Big Brother 15 Episode 27. If you nominate two people, make sure it’s two people who you actually want to go home. Second, if you’re target is at least one member of a couple, nominate them both. And the newest rule that I don’t recall having been an issue before, don’t change your mind half an hour after nominations and decide that you’d prefer to get rid of one person out of spite rather than the other person you had previously spitefully been targeting (of course, playing the game less emotionally would help, too). Since none of that actually did happen, Amanda miraculously won something, took McCrae off the block, and Elissa was left nominating Andy against her former but still very much in danger target Aaryn.

We start the night where we left off last night. Amanda is being a bitch. The problem with this is that she’s just making everybody uncomfortable. The only person who finds this amusing is McCrae, who doesn’t have a choice.

Andy, Spencer, Judd, and GinaMarie form a new alliance, Exterminators. This is just an alliance of convenience from a bunch of lone soldiers who don’t trust each other but have the same goal: break up the couple. Tough talk coming from a group of people who have repeatedly had the opportunity to do just that and not even come close.

Aaryn reveals the alliance to Spencer and Judd. Spencer says there’s no way he’ll get rid of his new alliance member Andy. So her new strategy is to continue try to convince Amanda and McCrae, which seems like a lost cause, but she’s dealing with Amanda here. She tells them that Spencer is going to come after them, and Amanda immediately shouts across the yard for him. They both smell his lies right away, and Aaryn agrees to a final three deal to try to seal their votes.

Brendon & Rachel get some more of the spotlight, and they have been married. Danielle & Dominic (who is he, and they were in a showmance?) are also married. Jeff & Jordan 4 years later still are not married, though. It’s a good thing CBS wanted to give him a favorable edit and never aired Jeff’s homophobic slurs because they continue to get good mileage out of this showmance.

Spencer thanks Julie for asking him a question (about why the bedroom is so messy). It’s only been ten weeks. That’s how you know you are irrelevant.

Judd: Aaryn
Spencer: Aaryn
GinaMarie: Aaryn
Amanda: Aaryn
McCrae: Aaryn

By a vote of 5-0, Aaryn has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Whatever hope she may have had went up in smoke with that new alliance. After a rough start following a couple of questionable but still blown way out of proportion comments, she actually became more likeable than half the people in this house (if for no reason other than that there are some real jackasses in there), making it way further than it seemed she was going to several weeks ago. To get back into people’s good graces, she played their games (Helen and Amanda specifically), rather than her own. I’m not sure how much choice she had in much of that, but it was ultimately her downfall.

Unlike Jeff, whose more offensive and deliberately hostile comments never went mainstream and as such Julie can treat him with kindness and invite him back every year, Julie’s been waiting for this opportunity to get the claws out for Aaryn. I preferred the way Kaitlin responded to this criticism when she refused to take the bait, but Aaryn is very apologetic, which is the smart response and something she’ll be doing a lot over the coming months as she looks for a new job. Meanwhile, there are members of the audience that clearly consider what Aaryn said to be unacceptable (and to be fair it was), who boo and snicker at her even as she apologizes. How is this behavior any better? If it weren’t for double standards, Big Brother wouldn’t have any standards at all.

For the HOH competition, their feet are tied together, forcing them to hop (while wearing bunny ears). Their challenge is to retrieve eggs from a cage by slowly maneuvering them from the other side.

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