Big Brother 15 Episode 32

The double eviction night started with Amanda’s eviction in Big Brother 15 Episode 31. Then McCrae won HOH and continued to do the work of the alliance that got rid of her, and Elissa was evicted.

McCrae correctly believed that Andy was the one who flipped, but his goal as HOH was to create the fewest enemies. That meant getting rid of Elissa because nobody would mind her eviction. The problem with this is he just got rid of the only target bigger than himself and guaranteed that he will be the next target, and strangely, he realizes this but put himself in this position anyway.

Following the eviction, Andy and Spencer make a fake alliance with McCrae, who just lost the only two people who were actually on his side.

Their task for HOH is to piece together the faces of former houseguests based on blurry photos of past competitions that slowly come into focus. Andy is eliminated in the first round. A frustrated Judd is out next. Spencer finally wins something.

As part of his HOH victory, Spencer must now assign “gifts” to his fellow houseguests. GinaMarie and McCrae will be tied together for the next 24 hours. Andy will have the chance to win up to $5,000. Judd must perform exercises on command while being insulted by a drill sergeant.

Because he’s tied together with her, McCrae offers GinaMarie a final two deal by default. These end game deals are interesting. They are meaningless and made out of convenience and desperation, rather than trust or some useful building block for an alliance.

Unlike the other two gifts, which were really punishments, Andy can actually win some money. He chooses three pigs to smash and manages to win $94.83. Better than being punished I guess.

Despite being chained together, GinaMarie and McCrae both attempt to whisper their plans to Spencer while the other person sits on the other side of the door. Awkward. Spencer has already made up his mind that they are both being nominated and both are told they are pawns.

Judd is safe.
Andy is safe.
GinaMarie and McCrae have been nominated for eviction.

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