Big Brother 15 Episode 31

Amanda and McCrae ended up in the final round of the veto competition in Big Brother 15 Episode 30, and McCrae narrowly beat her to keep himself safe. That left Amanda on the block against Spencer, but there does not seem to be any miracle that could possibly save Amanda from eviction.

This marks the 500th episode of Big Brother. It’s not often that shows in primetime hit that mark. The only thing that comes to mind is The Simpsons.

Spencer volunteered to go on the block this week. He figured his alliance will keep him safe.

Amanda makes a deal with Elissa. Really? This is just pathetic. I can understand if you were just on opposite sides of the house, but when you go out of your way to make someone miserable, don’t expect them to want to be in the same room with you let alone be allies. That said, Elissa knows that keeping Amanda around would mean keeping a bigger target. If this deal happens, it would force Andy to pick a side, which would be different.

Another double eviction will be happening tonight. The last time, Spencer and Amanda were also on the block, but that was during the MVP twist with three people nominated (Candice ended up being evicted).

Judd: Amanda
McCrae: Spencer
Elissa: Spencer
Andy: Amanda

There is a 2-2 tie. In the event of a tie, the HOH must break the tie. GinaMarie votes to evict Amanda. Elissa’s now as alone as she was when Helen left. Despite the fact that Amanda has Elissa’s wedding ring in her suitcase as collateral, she still doesn’t believe Andy was the one who turned. Julie brings up her bullying, but she gives her a pass on her racist/homophobic/etc. comments. Now that the scapegoat has been evicted, I don’t think we’ll be getting back to that subject again until the finale, and if CBS isn’t guilted into airing it on TV, it didn’t happen. Then Andy drops the bomb. He reveals his vote and outs his entire current alliance. Stupid. What if someone else comes back from the jury?

The standard double eviction HOH competition is a hunt for two items from across the yard, this time dog bones. McCrae retrieves the first bone first and then wins HOH with the second bone.

His most obvious target is GinaMarie. She is not the best target, but 10 minutes after Amanda’s eviction, she’s the certain emotional target. If he’s smart, he’ll leave Elissa alone, but I suspect he won’t go near Andy either.

GinaMarie and Elissa have been nominated. There goes that theory. Elissa’s the outcast who nobody will miss, but if your goal is to get rid of GinaMarie, the wrong tree is being barked up.

For the veto competition, they must navigate their cars through the maze. This is one of those competitions where nobody has any idea what’s going on. Julie keeps telling us that Andy is in the lead (with the caveat that it’s a maze so you never know), but in the end Judd wins the power of veto.

Julie invites us to listen to last minute strategy. As with the last time, we can’t hear anything. We later find out that the argument is about whether Elissa did or did not know about Judd’s eviction.

Judd declines to use the power of veto. Usually nobody uses it, but this year everybody wants to save somebody. This marks only the second time out of 12 that the veto has not been used.

Spencer: Elissa
Judd: Elissa
Andy: Elissa

By a vote of 3-0, Elissa has been voted out of the Big Brother house. McCrae just did the Exterminators’ work for them, and now he can’t play for HOH, guaranteeing himself a place on the block. Julie tosses Elissa out of the house without her bag, and she doesn’t seem to have a desire to say goodbye. Oddly, she blames McCrae for Amanda’s eviction, rather than Andy. Even though Andy may not do much, it’s impressive how well he is fooling all of these people, in some cases even after stabbing them in the backs. Granted, now that he’s told Amanda everything, his deception will be the talk of the jury house.

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