Survivor: Edge of Extinction Episode 1

14 new contestants are joined by 4 kind of meh returnees.

Manu (blue): Chris, David, Keith, Kelley, Lauren, Reem, Rick, Wardog, Wendy
Kama (yellow): Aurora, Aubry, Eric, Gavin, Joe, Julia, Julie, Ron, Victoria

They are split into tribes and given two minutes to toss whatever they can into the water and into their boats. Keith practically needs to be rescued during the brief swim. In the mad dash, somebody’s going to accidentally randomly trip over the envelope marked secret advantage. That dumb luck belongs to Ron.

Wendy has mild Tourette’s and audible ticks. She wants to have a good social game, but she knows she’s awkward.

Joe makes fire early and quickly. That’s not something you see very often on this show. On the other end of the spectrum is Julie, who seems to be completely inept.

When he can first get away, Ron opens his envelope, which directs him to the advantage menu. He has a list of choices, which he must use by the third Tribal Council.

Eric and Gavin want to target the returning players. Joe’s out, so that leaves Aubry.

Reem is the helpful mom. They don’t want a mom, except for Keith.

For the immunity challenge, they will maneuver through an obstacle, have one person climb a rope and ring a bell, one person cross a balance beam (more if they can make it), and then six solve a giant sliding puzzle. They are even after the obstacle and rope. Joe takes the lead on the balance beam, and he can now untie knots to widen the beam and make crossing it easy. After multiple people fall for Manu, David finally makes it across. Kama has a big lead but not insurmountable if they can’t do a puzzle. Kama wins immunity.

Wendy and Reem seemed to bond with Keith earlier while they were giving him swimming lessons. That doesn’t last long. He sees the writing on the wall and bails as soon as they start pushing a Kelley or Lauren boot. This may work if they were coming from a stronger position, but being among the weakest gives them little say. When told that Reem is the target, Wendy doesn’t want to listen.

Reem protests at Tribal Council. This is age discrimination. It’s hard to start off that low and go downhill, but she’s doing a remarkable job of irritating people the more she talks. It’s rare that it’s this obvious. She eventually comes to the point of just acknowledging she’ll be the first to go.


With 4 votes, Reem has been voted off the island. She does not depart with any sort of grace.

She is given a choice. She can either choose to quit right now, or she can take the other path for another presumably short-lived chance. Kind of silly. I don’t think anybody is going to just leave.

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