The Celebrity Apprentice Winner

The Celebrity Apprentice 2 winner

Donald Trump brought us down to the final two in The Celebrity Apprentice Episode 12: Piers Morgan and Trace Adkins. Despite his sometimes rough win at all costs attitude, Piers has been the clear leader almost from the very beginning of the show. Trace hasn’t stood out quite as much but has performed well in his time on the show. Now the two hour finale where we find out who is the winner is upon us.

We start off the show the same way every finale starts off: Trump’s advisers offer him no useful advice and tell him he’s got a tough decision ahead of him.

Piers calls up some more famous British people like Sharon Osbourne. Then he apologizes to Stephen Baldwin if he’s offended him.

Trace has his hands full with the Backstreet Boys. He’s still trying to find wheat grass juice for them. Now he needs black nail polish, which he goes to buy along with three time heavyweight champion of the world Lennox Lewis.

Baldwin’s proving useless in his effort to get rid of tickets.

Trace’s country music stars are on their way to the show. Then he gets a surprise visit from his wife and daughters.

Carol Alt is working on logistics and catering for Piers, who hopes to get the celebrities drunk so they’ll spend more.

When the Backstreet Boys (or BSB as their good buddy Trace knows them) show up, they surprise Trace, telling him one of them needs a knee brace. Oh, and he still needs wheat grass.

Piers’ prize with the Duchess of York gets a bid of $100k from one of his guests. The same guy bids $100k for a dinner with Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, who will be inviting his band to play.

Ivanka buys dinner with Trace Adkins.

The auction from there is just one big blur. It’s not apparent either what is bid or what is offered, but the final auction is a day of shopping with Ivanka Trump. Simon Cowell calls Piers to place a bid. Simon runs this one up to $100k as well. Trace finds this distasteful, but he already knew he was going to lose when it came to money.

Trace still hasn’t found the wheat grass, but the BSB are ready to go on stage nonetheless.

Even though they’re adversaries, the six celebrities who are working on the event stand together to enjoy getting to the end of the process.

Howard Lutnick of Cantor Fitzgerald, who bid on the Osbournes and Fergie, will be matching text donations up to $250,000.

Piers suggests that he would have told the Backstreet Boys too bad rather than bending over backwards for them because they would have shown up anyway since it was for millions of viewers and charity.

Piers raised $376,000 compared to Trace’s $64,000 at the auction. In ticket sales, Trace raised $38,000 compared with $12,000 for Piers, who gave away 20 tickets to his charity in hopes of boosting auction sales. It’s now down to who Trump wants to win. Overall, Piers crushed Trace, which is typical for Piers. Trace takes it personally and indicates that Piers is belittling his donors. Piers asks him to take it back.

Baldwin tries to take the moral road, telling Trump that Piers’ strategy of getting people drunk was not okay with God or something.

Piers asks for clarification of what the game is: being a nice guy or a being good businessman.

Now it’s time for the final live boardroom with all the celebrities. Unfortunately, Omarosa’s there, too. Piers asks what her name is.

Lennox thinks both men are competent. Carol says Piers is great but that she should have been the one against him in the finale. Baldwin says Trace is ten times better than Piers. Vinny Pastore regrets resigning. Trace is easily more popular than Piers with the celebrities. Gene Simmons still thinks Kodak is wrong, even though they’ve doubled and expect to triple their sales based on Hydra’s performance. He also supports Trace.

Trace tells us about his charity, the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network, which he has been involved with because his 6-year-old daughter has severe food allergies. Piers is supporting the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, and of the over $1 million of money raised this season, the lion’s share has gone to them.

And The Celebrity Apprentice winner is… Piers Morgan. While his methods may have been questionable, the results he’s produced speak for themselves.

I have to give Trump, Mark Burnett, and NBC credit for revitalizing this show that previously has been in its decline, even if their bad decisions ultimately caused it to decline. Unlike last year when the show’s fate was unknown, The Celebrity Apprentice 2 has been confirmed.

For those of you either in the UK or curious to see how things are on the other side of the pond, I’m hoping to get started on The Apprentice UK Series 4 coverage some time this week. Anyone looking for more Piers, coverage of America’s Got Talent 3 begins June 17th.

The Celebrity Apprentice Episode 12

After Trace Adkins and Stephen Baldwin took Empresario’s final loss in The Celebrity Apprentice Episode 11, Stephen Baldwin was sent packing, leaving us with a final four of: Trace Adkins, Carol Alt, Piers Morgan, and Lennox Lewis. They were called back to the boardroom by Donald Trump at the end of the episode. So now it’s a question of who will be joining Piers in the finals.

Erin Burnett and Jim Kramer will be interviewing the four remaining contestants to help determine who will be the final two and who will be fired to start off the show.

Trace and Lennox want Piers to go, and he wants them to go. Carol wants Lennox to go.

Erin disliked Piers the most because he was too edgy. Jim Kramer also doesn’t care for Piers but admits he’s the best money raiser. Jim liked Carol the best and would pick Trace as his second. Erin would give money to Trace above all the rest if asked.

Piers acknowledges that he has played the game hard but has not broken any rules.

Carol tells Trump he should fire Lennox and Trace.

Lennox admits Piers is a great asset to the team. Taking that into account and the input from the interviewers that he’s too laid back, Lennox is fired.

Piers tells Trump he would beat Trace easier than he would beat Carol. Trace’s response is that Piers is merciless.

Trump says he loves the friction between the two guys and fires Carol. Right decision? I’m not sure. But at least he didn’t get rid of Piers.

Carol Alt, Stephen Baldwin, Marilu Henner, and Lennox Lewis return to help out for the final task, which is a charity auction/Backstreet Boys concert.

Trace wins the coin toss and picks Lennox, seeing him as Piers’ secret weapon. Piers picks Stephen, who he did work well together with despite the chaos that ensued. Trace takes Marilu, leaving Piers with Carol.

Piers takes the charity aucition and catering while Trace takes the show portion of the task because that’s what each of them would be most comfortable with.

Piers thinks it’s all about money, though Baldwin disagrees. Trace knows he has no prayer of winning in terms of money, so he instead hopes to beat him with celebrity power. He will charter two jets and fly up everybody he knows.

Lennox is having difficulty getting Marilu to understand that they have a deadline and can’t be unnecessarily fussy.

Stephen’s happy to be getting a free meal.

Piers goes to visit an old friend. Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York. Fergie agrees to royal tea with the duchess.

Trace isn’t getting a good feeling from the Backstreet Boys road manager. He hopes to be able to eliminate some of the things from their demands list but won’t know until the morning. When he does meet with them, he thinks he’s dealing with some spoiled kids. They’re okay with just the one dressing room but still want enough to stock two dressing rooms. They also want wheatgrass.

Piers is worried that Stephen’s not going to be able to get any celebrities, not even a brother, due to the short notice. He’s not overly concerned with whether Piers loses.

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The Celebrity Apprentice Episode 11

It took about 10 episodes too long, but Omarosa finally went home in The Celebrity Apprentice Episode 10, suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of her arch nemesis Piers Morgan.

Trace Adkins is still confused, until they explain to him why Piers kissed him on the cheek.

In today’s sandwich selling task, they can’t use their rolodex. They must sell to the people on the street.

Trace will be the project manager for his team. He goes with a cowboy club sandwich. He and Stephen Baldwin make fun of how the other team will probably do the Lennox Lewis knockout sandwich.

Lennox Lewis is the project manager on the other team. Piers suggests the Lennox Lewis champ sandwich. They stop at Quiznos to get some ideas, and they modify their most popular sandwich.

Trace tells us the story about his charity, which is for food allergies, since his 6-year-old daughter suffers from them.

Piers is now on the same side as sleepy boy because this time he’s got a new target: Carol Alt. They blame her for being too slow with the advertising.

Piers doesn’t hide his disdain for the people of New York, who are in a big hurry and couldn’t care less what he’s saying most of the time. Lennox seems to be having more luck.

Empresario is selling their prime rib club sandwich for $2. It’s a good thing they’re not being judged on profit.

Carol says she liked Lennox as a project manager and loved working with Piers.

Trace and Stephen continue the Empresario lovefest. They’re going to have difficulty badmouthing each other if pushed to do so.

Hydra sold 313 sandwiches. Empresario sold 253 sandwiches. Hydra wins. Again.

Trace blames himself because he’s project manager and Stephen didn’t even make any decisions. Stephen says Trace is great. They agree they’ve been on a sinking ship. Ivanka suggests that the other sandwich was more generic, and, therefore, easier to sell.

Trace tells Trump to fire himself since Stephen did what he told him to do. But he tells Ivanka he’s stronger than Stephen going forward. Stephen agrees with Trace. The responsibility falls on the project manager. However, Ivanka is reluctant to agree because she’s seen Trace raise more money in these tasks.

Trump asks how many decisions Stephen made. He says he merely chimed in on Trace’s decisions.

Ivanka suggests firing Stephen because Trace is more qualified. Trump runs with this and fires Stephen, who had been expecting it. I was a lot more impressed with Baldwin when he was on Piers’ team.

Trump has repeatedly brought up how great Piers is. It’s tough to see a scenario in which he doesn’t win this show.

They’re not done yet. Trump calls the final four back into the boardroom. He informs them that two of them will be fired before the night is over (in the first minutes of next week).

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The Celebrity Apprentice Episode 10

Carol Alt reluctantly wore many hats in The Celebrity Apprentice Episode 9, leading her team to victory. On the other side, Tito Ortiz had difficulty wearing any hats, instead having his hat stolen by Stephen Baldwin, and with that in mind, Tito was sent packing.

Piers Morgan is instigating again, telling Trace Adkins he knifed Tito in the back.

This will be an art task. Omarosa is the project manager for Empresario, trying to prove something since she was fired on this task last time. Piers steps up for Hydra, as he wants to wipe the floor with Omarosa.

Trace doesn’t “get” art. Stephen and Omarosa are afraid of Piers going for the most expensive artist and know he has the contacts to sell whatever he wants.

Hydra finds out that there’s a new media artist whose paintings they can sell multiple times per painting. They don’t believe the other team will figure that out, and they’re right.

The other team opts for cheap paintings with higher numbers that they expect to be able to boost the price on.

As expected, Piers has contacts already lined up. He wants to humiliate Omarosa. Over on the other side, Baldwin’s the most likely one to have the connections, though Omarosa pulls him off that task and instead makes him research online. Then she says she wants him to do research and make calls at the same time, an apparent effort to have a fall guy.

Empresario gets the front room, while Hydra gets the room behind them, so guests must pass through Empresario to get to Hydra.

Piers accuses Stephen of eavesdropping and cheating. He says he doesn’t mind it. He just wants him to admit it.

Trace and Stephen admit they don’t know anything about art. They’re not so sure Omarosa knows anything either.

One of Baldwin’s contacts shows up, Lennox Lewis sees him left alone, and Carol manages to sell art to him. Then Piers’ connections start to show up, and they of course buy from him.

With 15 minutes left, Stephen is chatting about places to eat.

Hydra is virtually sold out, and Piers wants to see Omarosa head to the Brooklyn Bridge and drown herself.

When they get to the boardroom, it’s made even more clear that it’s a blowout. I wasn’t quite expecting the end result to be this bad, though. It’s $164,000 to $7,000. Holy hell.

Piers says it’s personal and that Omarosa doesn’t belong there. He asks that, since it’s such a big blowout, he wants two people fired and Empresario killed off. He also doesn’t like the use of the word loss. He prefers catastrophe of biblical proportions. When he leaves the room, he asks Trump to make it nasty.

Omarosa says that Stephen’s never brought in money on any task. She doesn’t want Trump to fire two people, though. At least she realizes that she didn’t have the ammunition to back up the conflict she had with Piers. She hasn’t learned, though. Now she says she thinks he’s in the closet. Trump makes the offer for Piers to come back to the boardroom and defend himself.

When he walks in the room, Piers kisses Trace on the cheek and calls him a beautiful cowboy. Then he heads back. Everybody else thinks it’s hilarious, including Omarosa, though Trace isn’t pleased.

Stephen takes the moral highground as usual, going on about honesty and religion and whatnot.

Trump asks Trace if Stephen should be fired over Omarosa. His ultimate answer is that he’s disappointed in himself.

The Trumps suggest Omarosa looks defeated, and she is. Finally, Omarosa is fired. As much as I had hoped for Omarosa to be fired pretty much every episode, I couldn’t have asked for a more satisfying demise for her. A fitting end to a battle with Piers that she shouldn’t have carried so far in the first place.

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The Celebrity Apprentice Episode 9

Marilu Henner threw herself in front of a bus for her friend Carol Alt in The Celebrity Apprentice Episode 8, and Marilu ended up getting fired, even though they probably failed because Carol, who worked for QVC for 5 years, supposedly didn’t know that QVC had a payment plan option. Lennox Lewis, meanwhile, took some heat for being “sleepy boy.”

Stephen Baldwin’s got another check for his mother’s charity for $20,000, which he got as last week’s winning project manager.

Dial Soap is doing an ad campaign for Redbook magazine. They will create a 4 page ad for a new product from Dial, a body wash. The task will be judged on creativity, innovation of the brand, and overall message and content.

Tito Ortiz is project manager for Empresario. Carol Alt is the project manager for Hydra because she doesn’t want to be a chicken (unlike Omarosa, who makes sure she’s not elected as PM).

Teams first meet with the executives. Piers Morgan wants to know how racy they can be before they cross a line because he wants at least one of the photos to be pure sex. They find out that the target market is women in their mid-30s, and they decide to appeal to those women and every aspect of their lives.

Empresario is next. Redbook definitely knows Trace Adkins, and they say they appeal to the middle of the country, much like him. Baldwin wants to use Trace again.

Piers wants to use Carol for the ads because he believes she’s closer to the target age than the models, who are in their early 20s. She’s afraid that will put too many hats on her head. Piers eventually gets his way, and she reluctantly agrees to model.

Stephen wants to push clean country cowboys, and he directs the photo shoot.

Omarosa wants to film Trace alongside some young models and get him to take his shirt off. Trace agrees, but he’s not happy about it. Baldwin doesn’t want to push sex quite so much.

The other team decides to focus entirely on Carol Alt, though they drag in a male model to spice things up for the final suggestive shot.

Piers is able to give a good presentation, but on the other side, Tito struggles to present. Piers did push his sexy angle (Trump wonders if the model was biting Carol). Omarosa, however, did not get her way with the shirtless picture of Trace. The Redbook executive likes the Hydra campaign, but the Dial exec is unsure that the provocative nature of their last picture was necessary. Empresario’s campaign gets praise for good pictures, but that’s about it.

Despite much debate over which ad is better, Hydra not surprisingly wins this task.

Trump questions why a woman wasn’t the project manager. Omarosa lies and says she stepped up immediately. George is also circling around Omarosa, who has already lost twice as PM.

Omarosa blames Tito and Stephen and says that Stephen taking charge was a bad thing. Ultimately, she wants Tito fired.

Trace sticks up for Omarosa and says Tito is responsible because he let Stephen take charge.

Stephen gets blamed for fighting the shirtless picture. He points out that the picture didn’t matter anyway, and he’s right.

Tito says he believes Omarosa shouldn’t be fired. Fatal error. She could have been an easy target. That said, Trump doesn’t bother continuing forward and fires Tito on the spot.

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The Celebrity Apprentice Episode 8

In a ridiculous and stupid move, Trump put Piers Morgan and Omarosa on the same team in The Celebrity Apprentice Episode 7, and in the end he had egg on his face, as the ridiculous duo managed to win (no thanks to Omarosa), while the other team, which actually got along well, lost. Since he couldn’t get anybody to quit, he decided instead to just simply forego firing for the week, and nobody got fired for the first time in the show’s history. Then he wised up and moved Omarosa off Piers’ team and put Marilu Henner in her place. Omarosa’s new team got screwed in that trade.

Piers is able to give the winnings of $65,000 to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. While he’s doing this, he’s able to reflect on the positive aspects of the show.

The teams will be heading to QVC, where they will write, direct, and produce a ten minute live segment. They’ll pitch a product that has never been on QVC before.

Stephen Baldwin volunteers to be project manager, and he also wants to direct. Marilu is the project manager for her team.

Trump promises the teams (twice) that somebody will be fired this week.

Piers once again wants to take advantage of Lennox Lewis’ celebrity power. Lennox is more interested in another role, whatever that may be. Directing, apparently.

Empresario wants the ladder that can be converted into a hand truck, which looks like a pretty cool product. Likewise, Hydra wants the ladder cart as well. Because they picked the same one, they’ll need to negotiate. Marilu and Carol Alt negotiate with Stephen and Tito Ortiz. Negotiate = coin flip. Hydra wins the coin flip. Empresario decides to go with an electric sweeper that charges up and then can be unplugged.

Carol and Marilu have both been involved with QVC before, and Marilu, who’s extremely enthusiastic about the product, decides to do the hosting. For the other team, Trace Adkins is nominated to do the presenting. Both are given a QVC host to assist them.

Hydra does a practice run through. Omarosa wants to do the same thing, but Baldwin refuses.

Donald Jr thinks Trace is the right person to pitch a product to middle America. With the other team, he’s impressed by Marilu’s enthusiasm but not as impressed by the fact that she likes to talk… a lot.

Baldwin really wants to push the EZ Pay option, an installment payment plan.

The older Trump says the same thing as his son: Marilu has great enthusiasm, but she talks way too much.

Trace, who performs in front of full stadiums, is very nervous here, but he pulls it together and turns out to be a good presenter. Unlike the bordering on manic Marilu, Trace is very calm, perhaps too calm.

Stephen, who refused to listen to Omarosa’s suggestion to do a trial run no matter how much she begged, praises Omarosa in the boardroom.

Empresario made $43,000. Hydra made $35,000. Trump is impressed with Trace’s presentation, as is the rest of his team. The other team seemed impressed with Stephen’s push for EZ Pay. Perhaps not so much impressed as surprised.

Piers blames the team. He likes the project manager. He reluctantly answers Lennox (aka sleepy boy) as the person who should be fired. Trump is not pleased with the sleepy boy comment.

Trump suggests Marilu is overenergized.

Lennox says it all comes down to the PM, as does Carol.

After much thought and talking, Marilu still can’t come up with an answer of who she’d fire, so Trump tells her to not bother answering and just say who’s safe. Carol is safe.

Ivanka blames Marilu because she took on a lot of responsibility, and Trump Jr. thinks similarly and is particularly surprised that Carol is safe.

Piers doesn’t believe Carol didn’t know about EZ Pay, considering she worked with QVC for 5 years. I’m having trouble buying it myself.

Marilu basically didn’t bring back Carol since they’ve worked together from day one, even if she doesn’t acknowledge it. Carol quickly takes a lot of heat, which ultimately falls back on Marilu. Marilu’s fired.

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The Celebrity Apprentice Episode 7

Stephen Baldwin started The Celebrity Apprentice Episode 6 with a moment of clear stupidity, dropping the men for the women, and neither side wants him any more. Trump finally got his way, though, as he managed to get rid of Nely Galan.

Piers Morgan still hates Omarosa’s guts. Not that he’s alone. Omarosa knows what she needs to do to keep from being fired (didn’t work the first time, although she has managed to save her ass quite often).

Trump wants to see everybody back in the boardroom immediately. He’s getting tired of the women being beaten. The new teams are:

Empresario: Tito Ortiz, Marilu Henner, Trace Adkins, Stephen Baldwin
Hydra: Lennox Lewis, Carol Alt, Omarosa, Piers Morgan

Trump, you so silly. Putting Omarosa and Piers on the same team? Yeah, this is really all about having evenly matched teams.

The task is to run horse and carriages in Central Park. The team to get the most money wins. George is back as a guest judge.

Trace is the project manager because everybody else has been. Stephen calls up Billy Baldwin, who’s even less well known than Stephen is, to bring his checkbook. Marilu’s very happy with her new team.

Piers wants to be project manager again. His first order of business is to let Omarosa know they need to bury the hatchet until the task is over. He tells his team the people who raise the least money will be going into the boardroom with him. He’s concerned Omarosa won’t be able to raise money because she’s not really a celebrity.

Omarosa and Piers’ truce lasts until the next morning, when she starts shouting and swearing (and swearing and swearing) at him, then attacks his family. Omarosa, you’re embarrassing yourself.

After they get off the van, Piers fires Omarosa because she’s a revolting creature, but she doesn’t care. Lennox and Carol decide to just keep them apart.

Trace Adkins doesn’t know Billy/William Baldwin. As if anybody does. People agree to ride with him, though.

Piers has had about 5 of his contacts show up, but he’s hoping for more. They decide to hold back carriages just in case they get a big ticket person. Omarosa ignores him and continues to sell the ones they’re holding. Then she insults his children in front of customers. I’ve said it before, but this time I really mean it. Get off my TV screen.

Tito gets a donation from his girlfriend and takes a carriage ride with her.

Ivanka visits Hydra to see Piers and Omarosa still arguing. She expects them to lose.

Country singer John Rich shows up to help out Trace, with a $5,000 donation.

Trace is very happy with his team, and they’re very happy with him. Everybody’s working well together.

Piers wants Omarosa to raise just $1. She can’t. I suggest setting a lower goal.

Piers draws the line. If he has to work with Omarosa again, Trump better fire him.

Trump, this was a ridiculous and stupid decision to put them together just for the “drama.” Step in and break up this nonsense already.

Unlike the other team, Trace is happy with his whole unified team.

Empresario made $29,673. Hydra made $35,184. They won. Which means Omarosa lives to see another day. Trump wants Omarosa to move to the other team next week.

Piers doesn’t want to celebrate the victory, and Trump’s not happy either. He’s got to punish the team that worked together better. It’s your own fault. Shouldn’t have put Omarosa together with Piers over hope of improved ratings.

Trace has difficulty throwing anybody under the bus. Stephen similarly can’t answer. Up next, Marilu can’t answer either. Tito remains solid with his group. George offers no advice. Trump asks if somebody wants to resign. No takers.

Trump says the team understands it’s all about charity, and he’s feeling charitable. He fires nobody. A fair decision.

Next week, Marilu’s heading to the other team.

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The Celebrity Apprentice Episode 6

The Celebrity Apprentice Episode 5 turned out to be one of the more entertaining episodes we’ve seen in a while, with Vinny Pastore pissing off everybody by turning on the guys then turning on the girls then turning on the guys then forming his own large circle of one before finally leaving the show by his own request.

Omarosa takes the first opportunity she can to attack the returning team, and she continues to believe she’s the best candidate for the job.

Stephen Baldwin tells Piers Morgan he can’t work with him, despite the fact that the two of them have performed quite well together throughout the entire time (even if they’ve been insulting each other all along). He heads to the boardroom to have a meeting with Donald Trump. Instead of resigning, he takes Trump’s offer to go to the other side. Bad move, Baldwin. The men hate him, and the women aren’t particularly thrilled either. Then he breaks the news that he has a previous engagement and will not be available for the task that day. This makes the women even less happy with him.

When Trump tells the women Stephen’s on their team, Omarosa declines. Trump tells her tough, and they will live with it.

The task is to create a living window featuring Serta mattresses designed by Vera Wang, to be judged on creativity, brand imaging, and entertainment value. Needless to say, Trace Adkins is scared.

Omarosa decides to be the project manager. Unlike the men, they know who the heck Vera Wang is, so they go with a wedding theme. They’re happy Stephen will be on their team now because they need a guy on their team for the wedding theme.

Piers researches that Vera started with bridal success, but has since begun branching out.

The guys go to Vera Wang without any already formed ideas. She tells them her brand has grown to be more than just bridal. She emphasizes romance and says she spends most of her free time on her bed. Trace suggests one of the greatest romances in history where the woman was strong, going back in time to Cleopatra.

The women go in already convinced by a bridal theme, so they don’t really get into other possibilities like the men. They ask a smart question, though, and find out that of the three things, creativity is the most important.

The men’s project manager, Lennox Lewis, insists on having a vote on everything. Piers is unimpressed (and annoyed) by this leadership style.

Marilu is in charge of construction, and the women are upset by how she’s handling it. She does seem a bit more high strung than usual.

Baldwin’s keeping the women waiting.

Nely Galan trusts Omarosa. She can’t believe it either.

Originally, Piers was the one who was vocal about the fact that Lennox isn’t making any decisions. Now, Tito Ortiz and Trace are getting in on the act as well.

Stephen’s back after being gone for the day because he had to speak at a church (you didn’t think he wouldn’t throw that in, did you?). They still want him to get lost.

Vera’s stunned by both displays. It’s unclear which she actually liked best.

Omarosa tells Trump Piers isn’t good at working with people. Pot. Kettle.

The women created the better looking display, and probably one more likely to sell mattresses to women. The men, however, got the idea of creativity and better understood what Vera’s branding goals are. With that, Hydra won the task.

Empresario believe they asked the same question the guys did and got a different response. The judges suggest the wedding theme was way too simple (obvious), not creative, and without entertainment value.

Stephen’s complimentary of the women but says Marilu’s the most questionable. Omarosa agrees, claiming she has difficulty communicating with her.

Omarosa tells Trump she’s bringing Stephen back because he wasn’t there all day. He tells her not to be like Gene. So then she tries to be a chicken and not choose anybody. George doesn’t want to hear it. Listening to Trump, Omarosa brings back Marilu and Nely.

Omarosa blames Nely for not giving her the creative feedback she needed and Marilu for being unable to clearly communicate her thoughts and doesn’t listen.

None of this really matters. Trump’s been dying to fire Nely, and now he’s got his chance. She doesn’t know why he hasn’t gotten over the task where Gene Simmons jumped off a cliff. He doesn’t care. Nely’s fired.

One final note: bring George back. He’s better than the Trump kids.

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