The Celebrity Apprentice Episode 6

The Celebrity Apprentice Episode 5 turned out to be one of the more entertaining episodes we’ve seen in a while, with Vinny Pastore pissing off everybody by turning on the guys then turning on the girls then turning on the guys then forming his own large circle of one before finally leaving the show by his own request.

Omarosa takes the first opportunity she can to attack the returning team, and she continues to believe she’s the best candidate for the job.

Stephen Baldwin tells Piers Morgan he can’t work with him, despite the fact that the two of them have performed quite well together throughout the entire time (even if they’ve been insulting each other all along). He heads to the boardroom to have a meeting with Donald Trump. Instead of resigning, he takes Trump’s offer to go to the other side. Bad move, Baldwin. The men hate him, and the women aren’t particularly thrilled either. Then he breaks the news that he has a previous engagement and will not be available for the task that day. This makes the women even less happy with him.

When Trump tells the women Stephen’s on their team, Omarosa declines. Trump tells her tough, and they will live with it.

The task is to create a living window featuring Serta mattresses designed by Vera Wang, to be judged on creativity, brand imaging, and entertainment value. Needless to say, Trace Adkins is scared.

Omarosa decides to be the project manager. Unlike the men, they know who the heck Vera Wang is, so they go with a wedding theme. They’re happy Stephen will be on their team now because they need a guy on their team for the wedding theme.

Piers researches that Vera started with bridal success, but has since begun branching out.

The guys go to Vera Wang without any already formed ideas. She tells them her brand has grown to be more than just bridal. She emphasizes romance and says she spends most of her free time on her bed. Trace suggests one of the greatest romances in history where the woman was strong, going back in time to Cleopatra.

The women go in already convinced by a bridal theme, so they don’t really get into other possibilities like the men. They ask a smart question, though, and find out that of the three things, creativity is the most important.

The men’s project manager, Lennox Lewis, insists on having a vote on everything. Piers is unimpressed (and annoyed) by this leadership style.

Marilu is in charge of construction, and the women are upset by how she’s handling it. She does seem a bit more high strung than usual.

Baldwin’s keeping the women waiting.

Nely Galan trusts Omarosa. She can’t believe it either.

Originally, Piers was the one who was vocal about the fact that Lennox isn’t making any decisions. Now, Tito Ortiz and Trace are getting in on the act as well.

Stephen’s back after being gone for the day because he had to speak at a church (you didn’t think he wouldn’t throw that in, did you?). They still want him to get lost.

Vera’s stunned by both displays. It’s unclear which she actually liked best.

Omarosa tells Trump Piers isn’t good at working with people. Pot. Kettle.

The women created the better looking display, and probably one more likely to sell mattresses to women. The men, however, got the idea of creativity and better understood what Vera’s branding goals are. With that, Hydra won the task.

Empresario believe they asked the same question the guys did and got a different response. The judges suggest the wedding theme was way too simple (obvious), not creative, and without entertainment value.

Stephen’s complimentary of the women but says Marilu’s the most questionable. Omarosa agrees, claiming she has difficulty communicating with her.

Omarosa tells Trump she’s bringing Stephen back because he wasn’t there all day. He tells her not to be like Gene. So then she tries to be a chicken and not choose anybody. George doesn’t want to hear it. Listening to Trump, Omarosa brings back Marilu and Nely.

Omarosa blames Nely for not giving her the creative feedback she needed and Marilu for being unable to clearly communicate her thoughts and doesn’t listen.

None of this really matters. Trump’s been dying to fire Nely, and now he’s got his chance. She doesn’t know why he hasn’t gotten over the task where Gene Simmons jumped off a cliff. He doesn’t care. Nely’s fired.

One final note: bring George back. He’s better than the Trump kids.

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