The Celebrity Apprentice Episode 12

After Trace Adkins and Stephen Baldwin took Empresario’s final loss in The Celebrity Apprentice Episode 11, Stephen Baldwin was sent packing, leaving us with a final four of: Trace Adkins, Carol Alt, Piers Morgan, and Lennox Lewis. They were called back to the boardroom by Donald Trump at the end of the episode. So now it’s a question of who will be joining Piers in the finals.

Erin Burnett and Jim Kramer will be interviewing the four remaining contestants to help determine who will be the final two and who will be fired to start off the show.

Trace and Lennox want Piers to go, and he wants them to go. Carol wants Lennox to go.

Erin disliked Piers the most because he was too edgy. Jim Kramer also doesn’t care for Piers but admits he’s the best money raiser. Jim liked Carol the best and would pick Trace as his second. Erin would give money to Trace above all the rest if asked.

Piers acknowledges that he has played the game hard but has not broken any rules.

Carol tells Trump he should fire Lennox and Trace.

Lennox admits Piers is a great asset to the team. Taking that into account and the input from the interviewers that he’s too laid back, Lennox is fired.

Piers tells Trump he would beat Trace easier than he would beat Carol. Trace’s response is that Piers is merciless.

Trump says he loves the friction between the two guys and fires Carol. Right decision? I’m not sure. But at least he didn’t get rid of Piers.

Carol Alt, Stephen Baldwin, Marilu Henner, and Lennox Lewis return to help out for the final task, which is a charity auction/Backstreet Boys concert.

Trace wins the coin toss and picks Lennox, seeing him as Piers’ secret weapon. Piers picks Stephen, who he did work well together with despite the chaos that ensued. Trace takes Marilu, leaving Piers with Carol.

Piers takes the charity aucition and catering while Trace takes the show portion of the task because that’s what each of them would be most comfortable with.

Piers thinks it’s all about money, though Baldwin disagrees. Trace knows he has no prayer of winning in terms of money, so he instead hopes to beat him with celebrity power. He will charter two jets and fly up everybody he knows.

Lennox is having difficulty getting Marilu to understand that they have a deadline and can’t be unnecessarily fussy.

Stephen’s happy to be getting a free meal.

Piers goes to visit an old friend. Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York. Fergie agrees to royal tea with the duchess.

Trace isn’t getting a good feeling from the Backstreet Boys road manager. He hopes to be able to eliminate some of the things from their demands list but won’t know until the morning. When he does meet with them, he thinks he’s dealing with some spoiled kids. They’re okay with just the one dressing room but still want enough to stock two dressing rooms. They also want wheatgrass.

Piers is worried that Stephen’s not going to be able to get any celebrities, not even a brother, due to the short notice. He’s not overly concerned with whether Piers loses.

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