The Celebrity Apprentice Episode 11

It took about 10 episodes too long, but Omarosa finally went home in The Celebrity Apprentice Episode 10, suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of her arch nemesis Piers Morgan.

Trace Adkins is still confused, until they explain to him why Piers kissed him on the cheek.

In today’s sandwich selling task, they can’t use their rolodex. They must sell to the people on the street.

Trace will be the project manager for his team. He goes with a cowboy club sandwich. He and Stephen Baldwin make fun of how the other team will probably do the Lennox Lewis knockout sandwich.

Lennox Lewis is the project manager on the other team. Piers suggests the Lennox Lewis champ sandwich. They stop at Quiznos to get some ideas, and they modify their most popular sandwich.

Trace tells us the story about his charity, which is for food allergies, since his 6-year-old daughter suffers from them.

Piers is now on the same side as sleepy boy because this time he’s got a new target: Carol Alt. They blame her for being too slow with the advertising.

Piers doesn’t hide his disdain for the people of New York, who are in a big hurry and couldn’t care less what he’s saying most of the time. Lennox seems to be having more luck.

Empresario is selling their prime rib club sandwich for $2. It’s a good thing they’re not being judged on profit.

Carol says she liked Lennox as a project manager and loved working with Piers.

Trace and Stephen continue the Empresario lovefest. They’re going to have difficulty badmouthing each other if pushed to do so.

Hydra sold 313 sandwiches. Empresario sold 253 sandwiches. Hydra wins. Again.

Trace blames himself because he’s project manager and Stephen didn’t even make any decisions. Stephen says Trace is great. They agree they’ve been on a sinking ship. Ivanka suggests that the other sandwich was more generic, and, therefore, easier to sell.

Trace tells Trump to fire himself since Stephen did what he told him to do. But he tells Ivanka he’s stronger than Stephen going forward. Stephen agrees with Trace. The responsibility falls on the project manager. However, Ivanka is reluctant to agree because she’s seen Trace raise more money in these tasks.

Trump asks how many decisions Stephen made. He says he merely chimed in on Trace’s decisions.

Ivanka suggests firing Stephen because Trace is more qualified. Trump runs with this and fires Stephen, who had been expecting it. I was a lot more impressed with Baldwin when he was on Piers’ team.

Trump has repeatedly brought up how great Piers is. It’s tough to see a scenario in which he doesn’t win this show.

They’re not done yet. Trump calls the final four back into the boardroom. He informs them that two of them will be fired before the night is over (in the first minutes of next week).

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