Survivor: Micronesia Episode 6

A tribe shuffle threw a wrench into the game in Survivor: Micronesia Episode 5. I still have to figure out who’s on what tribe. What I do know is that the favorites on Malakal went stupid and voted out a potentially big contributor in favor of the weakest person in the game, with Joel singing his swan song. In the dumbest challenge design I’ve seen since the crushed hand incident in Survivor South Africa: Malaysia, multiple people were injured, most notably Jonathan, who had a stick puncture his leg.

Tracy tries to convince Erik he’s the next to go. I wonder if he’s dumb enough to believe this. Then again, Cirie is trying to keep the weakest members of the tribe so she doesn’t go herself, so maybe this will be the plan. They’re hoping to find someone to flip. Ami is the only real outcast on the other side.

Eliza and Jonathan are happy to be on a new tribe. They’re not at all above going against the favorites, who would have been quick to vote them out anyway.

The reward challenge is for two native Micronesians to come to camp and help them learn. Natalie sits out for Airai, as Jonathan insists he’s good to go. First they must swim out then toss bundles of wood to be carried back to the beach. When they get the wood back, they need to start building. They have 10 minutes to build a blockade in the other tribe’s tunnel. Once they’re done, they switch sides and tear down what the other tribe has built. Now they need to get through the blockade the other tribe just created. Malakal gets off to a lead while Airai struggles to get through. Despite the early lead, though, Airai comes from behind to win reward. They send Chet to exile island. I think I get the theory now: send someone weak up against one of your stronger guys. Jason goes to exile for Airai.

Immediately after the challenge, the doctor comes in to take a look at Jonathan’s knee. She tells him it needs antibiotics and surgical washout. It won’t be a quick fix. She warns him that it’s potentially fatal if it goes into his bloodstream. With that information, he agrees to go to the hospital, and he’s out of the game.

Malakal’s surprised that Chet was useless in the challenge (again). Unlike the other favorites who are bashing the fans, Ami doesn’t feel secure with the favorites, so she offers herself up to the fans to give them a majority.

Ozzy really hopes Jason finds the fake idol. Chet’s whining about his foot hurting, so he’s not going to search for the idol, but Jason will search. He finds… a stick.

Having won the natives for the night, Airai gets a feast.

Jonathan is doing fine now, but he’s definitely out of the game. This brings the tribes even at 7. Jason tells the others at the immunity challenge that Ozzy has discovered the idol. Nonetheless, Jason appears to believe that the stick is an idol. Did he learn nothing from last season? In the challenge, tribes must move their teams across the water with two poles. Instead of using two poles and going from one to the next, Airai instead decides to carry Eliza and Parvati across using just one pole. Good thing they have big man James. Malakal can’t copy the strategy. Too bad they don’t have Joel any more. Airai blows Malakal out of the water to win immunity.

Chet, who’s been saved repeatedly thanks to the stupidity of both of his tribes, tells his tribe to vote him out because he’s too injured to go on. Erik hopes he’ll stick with them one more time to blindside Ozzy, who won’t use the idol because he won’t see the immediate need. Chet says he’ll think about it.

At tribal council, Ozzy says he’s not the one going home tonight, so who has the idol doesn’t matter. He says if Chet doesn’t go home tonight, he himself has no business being there.


The favor they could have done themselves by getting rid of Ozzy and his idol is huge, but they’re in such danger in the challenges now that there’s not much choice here.

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