The Celebrity Apprentice Episode 10

Carol Alt reluctantly wore many hats in The Celebrity Apprentice Episode 9, leading her team to victory. On the other side, Tito Ortiz had difficulty wearing any hats, instead having his hat stolen by Stephen Baldwin, and with that in mind, Tito was sent packing.

Piers Morgan is instigating again, telling Trace Adkins he knifed Tito in the back.

This will be an art task. Omarosa is the project manager for Empresario, trying to prove something since she was fired on this task last time. Piers steps up for Hydra, as he wants to wipe the floor with Omarosa.

Trace doesn’t “get” art. Stephen and Omarosa are afraid of Piers going for the most expensive artist and know he has the contacts to sell whatever he wants.

Hydra finds out that there’s a new media artist whose paintings they can sell multiple times per painting. They don’t believe the other team will figure that out, and they’re right.

The other team opts for cheap paintings with higher numbers that they expect to be able to boost the price on.

As expected, Piers has contacts already lined up. He wants to humiliate Omarosa. Over on the other side, Baldwin’s the most likely one to have the connections, though Omarosa pulls him off that task and instead makes him research online. Then she says she wants him to do research and make calls at the same time, an apparent effort to have a fall guy.

Empresario gets the front room, while Hydra gets the room behind them, so guests must pass through Empresario to get to Hydra.

Piers accuses Stephen of eavesdropping and cheating. He says he doesn’t mind it. He just wants him to admit it.

Trace and Stephen admit they don’t know anything about art. They’re not so sure Omarosa knows anything either.

One of Baldwin’s contacts shows up, Lennox Lewis sees him left alone, and Carol manages to sell art to him. Then Piers’ connections start to show up, and they of course buy from him.

With 15 minutes left, Stephen is chatting about places to eat.

Hydra is virtually sold out, and Piers wants to see Omarosa head to the Brooklyn Bridge and drown herself.

When they get to the boardroom, it’s made even more clear that it’s a blowout. I wasn’t quite expecting the end result to be this bad, though. It’s $164,000 to $7,000. Holy hell.

Piers says it’s personal and that Omarosa doesn’t belong there. He asks that, since it’s such a big blowout, he wants two people fired and Empresario killed off. He also doesn’t like the use of the word loss. He prefers catastrophe of biblical proportions. When he leaves the room, he asks Trump to make it nasty.

Omarosa says that Stephen’s never brought in money on any task. She doesn’t want Trump to fire two people, though. At least she realizes that she didn’t have the ammunition to back up the conflict she had with Piers. She hasn’t learned, though. Now she says she thinks he’s in the closet. Trump makes the offer for Piers to come back to the boardroom and defend himself.

When he walks in the room, Piers kisses Trace on the cheek and calls him a beautiful cowboy. Then he heads back. Everybody else thinks it’s hilarious, including Omarosa, though Trace isn’t pleased.

Stephen takes the moral highground as usual, going on about honesty and religion and whatnot.

Trump asks Trace if Stephen should be fired over Omarosa. His ultimate answer is that he’s disappointed in himself.

The Trumps suggest Omarosa looks defeated, and she is. Finally, Omarosa is fired. As much as I had hoped for Omarosa to be fired pretty much every episode, I couldn’t have asked for a more satisfying demise for her. A fitting end to a battle with Piers that she shouldn’t have carried so far in the first place.

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