The Celebrity Apprentice Episode 9

Marilu Henner threw herself in front of a bus for her friend Carol Alt in The Celebrity Apprentice Episode 8, and Marilu ended up getting fired, even though they probably failed because Carol, who worked for QVC for 5 years, supposedly didn’t know that QVC had a payment plan option. Lennox Lewis, meanwhile, took some heat for being “sleepy boy.”

Stephen Baldwin’s got another check for his mother’s charity for $20,000, which he got as last week’s winning project manager.

Dial Soap is doing an ad campaign for Redbook magazine. They will create a 4 page ad for a new product from Dial, a body wash. The task will be judged on creativity, innovation of the brand, and overall message and content.

Tito Ortiz is project manager for Empresario. Carol Alt is the project manager for Hydra because she doesn’t want to be a chicken (unlike Omarosa, who makes sure she’s not elected as PM).

Teams first meet with the executives. Piers Morgan wants to know how racy they can be before they cross a line because he wants at least one of the photos to be pure sex. They find out that the target market is women in their mid-30s, and they decide to appeal to those women and every aspect of their lives.

Empresario is next. Redbook definitely knows Trace Adkins, and they say they appeal to the middle of the country, much like him. Baldwin wants to use Trace again.

Piers wants to use Carol for the ads because he believes she’s closer to the target age than the models, who are in their early 20s. She’s afraid that will put too many hats on her head. Piers eventually gets his way, and she reluctantly agrees to model.

Stephen wants to push clean country cowboys, and he directs the photo shoot.

Omarosa wants to film Trace alongside some young models and get him to take his shirt off. Trace agrees, but he’s not happy about it. Baldwin doesn’t want to push sex quite so much.

The other team decides to focus entirely on Carol Alt, though they drag in a male model to spice things up for the final suggestive shot.

Piers is able to give a good presentation, but on the other side, Tito struggles to present. Piers did push his sexy angle (Trump wonders if the model was biting Carol). Omarosa, however, did not get her way with the shirtless picture of Trace. The Redbook executive likes the Hydra campaign, but the Dial exec is unsure that the provocative nature of their last picture was necessary. Empresario’s campaign gets praise for good pictures, but that’s about it.

Despite much debate over which ad is better, Hydra not surprisingly wins this task.

Trump questions why a woman wasn’t the project manager. Omarosa lies and says she stepped up immediately. George is also circling around Omarosa, who has already lost twice as PM.

Omarosa blames Tito and Stephen and says that Stephen taking charge was a bad thing. Ultimately, she wants Tito fired.

Trace sticks up for Omarosa and says Tito is responsible because he let Stephen take charge.

Stephen gets blamed for fighting the shirtless picture. He points out that the picture didn’t matter anyway, and he’s right.

Tito says he believes Omarosa shouldn’t be fired. Fatal error. She could have been an easy target. That said, Trump doesn’t bother continuing forward and fires Tito on the spot.

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  1. Why is Donald so afraid to treat the celebrities the same ways h he treated earlier apprentices.One week he fires no one.Tonight he fires Tito but he is so careful not to offend anyone that he immediately gives him an fantastic complement in addition to a fantastic donation. He is so afraid to hurt their feelings.

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