The Celebrity Apprentice Episode 8

In a ridiculous and stupid move, Trump put Piers Morgan and Omarosa on the same team in The Celebrity Apprentice Episode 7, and in the end he had egg on his face, as the ridiculous duo managed to win (no thanks to Omarosa), while the other team, which actually got along well, lost. Since he couldn’t get anybody to quit, he decided instead to just simply forego firing for the week, and nobody got fired for the first time in the show’s history. Then he wised up and moved Omarosa off Piers’ team and put Marilu Henner in her place. Omarosa’s new team got screwed in that trade.

Piers is able to give the winnings of $65,000 to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. While he’s doing this, he’s able to reflect on the positive aspects of the show.

The teams will be heading to QVC, where they will write, direct, and produce a ten minute live segment. They’ll pitch a product that has never been on QVC before.

Stephen Baldwin volunteers to be project manager, and he also wants to direct. Marilu is the project manager for her team.

Trump promises the teams (twice) that somebody will be fired this week.

Piers once again wants to take advantage of Lennox Lewis’ celebrity power. Lennox is more interested in another role, whatever that may be. Directing, apparently.

Empresario wants the ladder that can be converted into a hand truck, which looks like a pretty cool product. Likewise, Hydra wants the ladder cart as well. Because they picked the same one, they’ll need to negotiate. Marilu and Carol Alt negotiate with Stephen and Tito Ortiz. Negotiate = coin flip. Hydra wins the coin flip. Empresario decides to go with an electric sweeper that charges up and then can be unplugged.

Carol and Marilu have both been involved with QVC before, and Marilu, who’s extremely enthusiastic about the product, decides to do the hosting. For the other team, Trace Adkins is nominated to do the presenting. Both are given a QVC host to assist them.

Hydra does a practice run through. Omarosa wants to do the same thing, but Baldwin refuses.

Donald Jr thinks Trace is the right person to pitch a product to middle America. With the other team, he’s impressed by Marilu’s enthusiasm but not as impressed by the fact that she likes to talk… a lot.

Baldwin really wants to push the EZ Pay option, an installment payment plan.

The older Trump says the same thing as his son: Marilu has great enthusiasm, but she talks way too much.

Trace, who performs in front of full stadiums, is very nervous here, but he pulls it together and turns out to be a good presenter. Unlike the bordering on manic Marilu, Trace is very calm, perhaps too calm.

Stephen, who refused to listen to Omarosa’s suggestion to do a trial run no matter how much she begged, praises Omarosa in the boardroom.

Empresario made $43,000. Hydra made $35,000. Trump is impressed with Trace’s presentation, as is the rest of his team. The other team seemed impressed with Stephen’s push for EZ Pay. Perhaps not so much impressed as surprised.

Piers blames the team. He likes the project manager. He reluctantly answers Lennox (aka sleepy boy) as the person who should be fired. Trump is not pleased with the sleepy boy comment.

Trump suggests Marilu is overenergized.

Lennox says it all comes down to the PM, as does Carol.

After much thought and talking, Marilu still can’t come up with an answer of who she’d fire, so Trump tells her to not bother answering and just say who’s safe. Carol is safe.

Ivanka blames Marilu because she took on a lot of responsibility, and Trump Jr. thinks similarly and is particularly surprised that Carol is safe.

Piers doesn’t believe Carol didn’t know about EZ Pay, considering she worked with QVC for 5 years. I’m having trouble buying it myself.

Marilu basically didn’t bring back Carol since they’ve worked together from day one, even if she doesn’t acknowledge it. Carol quickly takes a lot of heat, which ultimately falls back on Marilu. Marilu’s fired.

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