The Celebrity Apprentice Episode 7

Stephen Baldwin started The Celebrity Apprentice Episode 6 with a moment of clear stupidity, dropping the men for the women, and neither side wants him any more. Trump finally got his way, though, as he managed to get rid of Nely Galan.

Piers Morgan still hates Omarosa’s guts. Not that he’s alone. Omarosa knows what she needs to do to keep from being fired (didn’t work the first time, although she has managed to save her ass quite often).

Trump wants to see everybody back in the boardroom immediately. He’s getting tired of the women being beaten. The new teams are:

Empresario: Tito Ortiz, Marilu Henner, Trace Adkins, Stephen Baldwin
Hydra: Lennox Lewis, Carol Alt, Omarosa, Piers Morgan

Trump, you so silly. Putting Omarosa and Piers on the same team? Yeah, this is really all about having evenly matched teams.

The task is to run horse and carriages in Central Park. The team to get the most money wins. George is back as a guest judge.

Trace is the project manager because everybody else has been. Stephen calls up Billy Baldwin, who’s even less well known than Stephen is, to bring his checkbook. Marilu’s very happy with her new team.

Piers wants to be project manager again. His first order of business is to let Omarosa know they need to bury the hatchet until the task is over. He tells his team the people who raise the least money will be going into the boardroom with him. He’s concerned Omarosa won’t be able to raise money because she’s not really a celebrity.

Omarosa and Piers’ truce lasts until the next morning, when she starts shouting and swearing (and swearing and swearing) at him, then attacks his family. Omarosa, you’re embarrassing yourself.

After they get off the van, Piers fires Omarosa because she’s a revolting creature, but she doesn’t care. Lennox and Carol decide to just keep them apart.

Trace Adkins doesn’t know Billy/William Baldwin. As if anybody does. People agree to ride with him, though.

Piers has had about 5 of his contacts show up, but he’s hoping for more. They decide to hold back carriages just in case they get a big ticket person. Omarosa ignores him and continues to sell the ones they’re holding. Then she insults his children in front of customers. I’ve said it before, but this time I really mean it. Get off my TV screen.

Tito gets a donation from his girlfriend and takes a carriage ride with her.

Ivanka visits Hydra to see Piers and Omarosa still arguing. She expects them to lose.

Country singer John Rich shows up to help out Trace, with a $5,000 donation.

Trace is very happy with his team, and they’re very happy with him. Everybody’s working well together.

Piers wants Omarosa to raise just $1. She can’t. I suggest setting a lower goal.

Piers draws the line. If he has to work with Omarosa again, Trump better fire him.

Trump, this was a ridiculous and stupid decision to put them together just for the “drama.” Step in and break up this nonsense already.

Unlike the other team, Trace is happy with his whole unified team.

Empresario made $29,673. Hydra made $35,184. They won. Which means Omarosa lives to see another day. Trump wants Omarosa to move to the other team next week.

Piers doesn’t want to celebrate the victory, and Trump’s not happy either. He’s got to punish the team that worked together better. It’s your own fault. Shouldn’t have put Omarosa together with Piers over hope of improved ratings.

Trace has difficulty throwing anybody under the bus. Stephen similarly can’t answer. Up next, Marilu can’t answer either. Tito remains solid with his group. George offers no advice. Trump asks if somebody wants to resign. No takers.

Trump says the team understands it’s all about charity, and he’s feeling charitable. He fires nobody. A fair decision.

Next week, Marilu’s heading to the other team.

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