Moment of Truth Lauren Cleri Ends Marriage, Loses Anyway

When Moment of Truth first premiered, we knew something like this was bound to happen. The show was cancelled in Colombia because a woman admitted to putting a hit out on her husband. This week’s episode is the one that pushed the envelope, though I suspect it will only get worse.

Lauren Cleri’s ex-boyfriend Frank came on the show to ask her a question “If I wanted to get back together with you, would you leave your husband?” Her friend didn’t want to hear it, even if her husband (also Frank) stupidly did (or perhaps not so stupidly since it gives him an excuse to get out). Since her friend Monica didn’t want to hear it, though, she pressed the button to interrupt it. So they replaced it with another question, still asked by her ex-boyfriend. “Do you believe I am the man you should be married to?” No way to get out of hearing this. She says yes. That answer is true. This is enough to bring her to the $100,000 mark. Her husband tells her to just keep going since it’s not like she can upset him any more. He admits he’s sometimes unhappy with the marriage, not that anybody’s surprised. Her mom wants her to stop now and take the money.

Her next question is “Since you’ve been married, have you ever had sexual relations with someone other than your husband?” She says yes. That answer is true.

She continues forward. Question 17 is “Do you think you’re a good person?” Despite what’s been learned about her thus far (earlier in the show, she also admitted to stealing from work), she answers yes. That answer is false. Game over.

Following the show, the couple told the New York Post that the marriage is “Kind of up in the air right now.” Frank says he knew that the marriage was going nowhere before but that he wasn’t prepared for what has happened since the show. He doesn’t want to get back together, although Lauren still does.

The video clip of this part of the episode is after the jump.

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