Big Brother 15 Episode 30

GinaMarie won HOH in Big Brother 15 Episode 29, and finally someone had the balls (is this anatomically accurate?) to nominate Amanda and McCrae.

McCrae says Amanda’s important to his game, but in reality she’s the biggest hindrance to his game. If they can’t get rid of her, people will just as soon take him out instead.

Amanda suspects a new alliance. She has three out of the four names correct. The person she does not suspect is Andy. He may not have done very much, but he has successfully pulled the wool right over a lot of people’s eyes up until he votes them out.

GinaMarie defends her nominations to Amanda. Aaryn did a lot for them, and then they cut her loose when she needed them most. She’s not wrong.

After shouting throughout the house, Amanda seems to have accepted her lot in this game. She hopes McCrae can still win. An eavesdropping Elissa suspects that Andy is working with Amanda and McCrae. You sure missed the boat on that one, even if he is still someone who merely floats toward the power.

Elissa, Spencer (Amanda’s choice), and Andy join GinaMarie, Amanda, and McCrae in the veto competition. The object of the game is to spin around 15 times and then bowl (then spin some more and bowl some more). Amanda easily beats Elissa in the first round. Andy challenges Amanda, who just got done throwing up, hoping to appease everybody in the house (telling Amanda he threw it and telling the others he was trying to get rid of her). Amanda humiliates Andy, who did not even have a chance to throw the challenge. GinaMarie, too, picks Amanda. This is stupid. Why can they keep picking the same person over and over again? The good thing about being repeatedly chosen is that you can master the strategy, as Amanda wins again.

Finally a change of pace. McCrae picks Spencer, and McCrae ends up winning. That leaves Amanda and McCrae in the finals, ensuring that one of them is going to win. Is he allowed to beat her? For the first time in this competition, Amanda falls behind, but she pulls even and then ahead. McCrae comes from behind to win the power of veto by less than a second. Amanda knows her days are numbered. She even seems to be catching on to the fact that Andy has turned because his excuse that he wants to throw it to her is really weak.

GinaMarie is not willing to nominate Elissa, who did not nominate her last week. That means one of her alliance members will occupy the seat next to Amanda. If you’re going to be a pawn, there are few better people to be up against. The good thing about this is it throws people off the scent of the Exterminators.

McCrae takes himself off the block. In his place, GinaMarie nominates Spencer, who is now on the block for a 7th time.

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