Big Brother 15 Episode 29

Concluding Elissa’s run as HOH blowing up, Aaryn was evicted in Big Brother 15 Episode 28. This brought us to an endurance competition for HOH.

Their task is to get a dozen eggs out of the cage and hop them to the other side of the yard. GinaMarie starts off early in the lead. Andy is performing well and is in second place, but the lead she’s building does not seem like it can be beat. He doesn’t want to win anyway since that would mean picking a side, which he has struggled to do all summer. Everybody else is competing to not have to wear a chicken suit. GinaMarie wins the HOH. In a tie for last, Judd and Spencer must wear chicken suits. While Elissa celebrates GM’s win with her, Amanda is quick to show her claws.

GinaMarie says she’s no Aaryn. Try as they might, Amanda and McCrae can’t make her their puppet. And unlike last week when Elissa foolishly left one of them off the nomination block to save the other, she plans to nominate both of them so that at least one of them will go.

Amanda does make a very logical proposal. The nominations should be people who nobody would care if they left. That would pretty much be GinaMarie’s whole alliance plus Elissa. Of course, although Amanda or McCrae would be upset if the other left, everybody else would be thrilled.

We now return to our regularly scheduled program of Amanda being a bitch. Seriously, what is she trying to accomplish? Then she starts crying about how mean Elissa is. Really?

Hidden in a sea of balloons is $10,000. To win, they must retrieve a 1 chip, a 0 chip, and a K chip. With a whole lot of dumb luck, Spencer finds all three chips before most people even find one.

As we saw in her last nomination, GinaMarie does and says what she wants. These two should have been nominated weeks ago, but everybody was too afraid to do it.

Andy is safe.
Spencer is safe.
Elissa is safe.
Judd is safe.
Amanda and McCrae have been nominated for eviction.

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