Big Brother 15 Episode 28

Elissa found out some very simple Big Brother rules in Big Brother 15 Episode 27. If you nominate two people, make sure it’s two people who you actually want to go home. Second, if you’re target is at least one member of a couple, nominate them both. And the newest rule that I don’t recall having been an issue before, don’t change your mind half an hour after nominations and decide that you’d prefer to get rid of one person out of spite rather than the other person you had previously spitefully been targeting (of course, playing the game less emotionally would help, too). Since none of that actually did happen, Amanda miraculously won something, took McCrae off the block, and Elissa was left nominating Andy against her former but still very much in danger target Aaryn.

We start the night where we left off last night. Amanda is being a bitch. The problem with this is that she’s just making everybody uncomfortable. The only person who finds this amusing is McCrae, who doesn’t have a choice.

Andy, Spencer, Judd, and GinaMarie form a new alliance, Exterminators. This is just an alliance of convenience from a bunch of lone soldiers who don’t trust each other but have the same goal: break up the couple. Tough talk coming from a group of people who have repeatedly had the opportunity to do just that and not even come close.

Aaryn reveals the alliance to Spencer and Judd. Spencer says there’s no way he’ll get rid of his new alliance member Andy. So her new strategy is to continue try to convince Amanda and McCrae, which seems like a lost cause, but she’s dealing with Amanda here. She tells them that Spencer is going to come after them, and Amanda immediately shouts across the yard for him. They both smell his lies right away, and Aaryn agrees to a final three deal to try to seal their votes.

Brendon & Rachel get some more of the spotlight, and they have been married. Danielle & Dominic (who is he, and they were in a showmance?) are also married. Jeff & Jordan 4 years later still are not married, though. It’s a good thing CBS wanted to give him a favorable edit and never aired Jeff’s homophobic slurs because they continue to get good mileage out of this showmance.

Spencer thanks Julie for asking him a question (about why the bedroom is so messy). It’s only been ten weeks. That’s how you know you are irrelevant.

Judd: Aaryn
Spencer: Aaryn
GinaMarie: Aaryn
Amanda: Aaryn
McCrae: Aaryn

By a vote of 5-0, Aaryn has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Whatever hope she may have had went up in smoke with that new alliance. After a rough start following a couple of questionable but still blown way out of proportion comments, she actually became more likeable than half the people in this house (if for no reason other than that there are some real jackasses in there), making it way further than it seemed she was going to several weeks ago. To get back into people’s good graces, she played their games (Helen and Amanda specifically), rather than her own. I’m not sure how much choice she had in much of that, but it was ultimately her downfall.

Unlike Jeff, whose more offensive and deliberately hostile comments never went mainstream and as such Julie can treat him with kindness and invite him back every year, Julie’s been waiting for this opportunity to get the claws out for Aaryn. I preferred the way Kaitlin responded to this criticism when she refused to take the bait, but Aaryn is very apologetic, which is the smart response and something she’ll be doing a lot over the coming months as she looks for a new job. Meanwhile, there are members of the audience that clearly consider what Aaryn said to be unacceptable (and to be fair it was), who boo and snicker at her even as she apologizes. How is this behavior any better? If it weren’t for double standards, Big Brother wouldn’t have any standards at all.

For the HOH competition, their feet are tied together, forcing them to hop (while wearing bunny ears). Their challenge is to retrieve eggs from a cage by slowly maneuvering them from the other side.

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