Big Brother 15 Episode 27

Following her endurance HOH win in Big Brother 15 Episode 26, Elissa nominated Aaryn and McCrae for eviction, causing Amanda to cry again.

Elissa asks whether what she said to Aaryn during the nomination ceremony was mean. If you have to ask, it probably was. Not wanting to be a replacement nominee, GinaMarie says it was fine, however.

Now that she’s made her nominations, Elissa wants to get rid of Amanda instead. Fine time to make that decision. She lies to Amanda about this. Badly. Oh, and she also wants to work with Aaryn now. This is a good plan, one that Aaryn proposed to her before the nominations, which she chose to ignore out of spite.

Amanda, GinaMarie, and Judd (Aaryn’s choice) join Elissa, McCrae, and Aaryn in the veto competition.

Aaryn’s choice of Judd is a clear red flag. It seems strange she did not choose her other alliance member, Andy. She does pose a valid argument that Andy might remove McCrae from the block instead of her. Of course, Amanda immediately goes after her for this move.

Since most of the other women have been voted out, Amanda needs a new target. Tonight’s shouting match is with GinaMarie, who has an even bigger mouth than Amanda does. When she goes to discuss the situation with Elissa, Elissa can’t help but laugh at her.

Zingbot tells McCrae that he’s always wearing shorts because Amanda wears the pants. McCrae is offended that GinaMarie finds this funny (it’s funny because it’s true). GinaMarie’s starring in a new movie with Nick, Fatal Attraction. Andy is a ghost, pasty white and a floater.

Their task is to roll a ball back and forth on a ramp 250 times in a row without dropping it. If they drop it, they go back down to 0, making a slow but steady strategy the best. It’s this that allows Amanda to take the lead while everybody else keeps dropping. Judd had been in second place but drops it at 165, leading to him removing himself from the competition. GinaMarie is coming very close to catching Amanda. If the competition were longer, she’d easily pass Amanda, who is taking a lot of breaks. Interesting. The two people who win nothing are making a run for this. Amanda wins the power of veto.

Well, that just blew up in Elissa’s face. She should have put the couple on the block. Now they are both safe.

Elissa jokes about throwing the competition. So of course Amanda starts yelling again. To make matters worse, she then starts being an idiot like Evel Dick. Her strategy to get GinaMarie nominated is to torture Elissa so that Andy can console her. For some reason, Andy thinks this is a good plan. In doing this, he acknowledges an alliance (or alignment) with Amanda.

Amanda removes McCrae from the block. In his place, Andy has been nominated. Shockingly, the plan did not work.

Aaryn and Andy both desperately need Amanda and McCrae to keep them safe, but both seem like they are ready to end this alliance once the voting is done. The two clearest votes are Judd and GinaMarie for Aaryn, and I don’t get the sense after tonight that Amanda will allow McCrae to vote for Aaryn to stay. With 5 votes this week, it may come down to Spencer, the game’s biggest wild card.

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