Big Brother 15 Episode 26

Helen was evicted from the house in Big Brother 15 Episode 25, which concluded with the start of an endurance competition for both HOH and a return to the house for one jury member.

Amanda’s angry that someone will be returning to the house. She knows the entire jury is pissed off at her, and she also doesn’t think it’s fair that people who got duped are being given a second chance. Having done everyone else’s dirty work, Aaryn is not happy either. Then there’s Andy, who pretended to be everyone’s friend/ally until he stuck the knife in them.

Helen talks to her now fellow jury members during the challenge. She tells them Andy can’t be trusted, and they need to get rid of Amanda.

At the 20 minute mark, both Spencer and McCrae fall. Andy is the next person to drop. Jessie, who was tied for the lead, falls next, and she tells Amanda she hates her as she leaves. Helen’s the next one to drop. Candice falls, which mean that Judd is the jury member who returns to the game. Aaryn visibly panics when this happens. Elissa is easily leading, though at any time anyone can fall, which Elissa does but doesn’t actually touch the ground. Judd was in second, but he is the next to fall. After surviving another close call, Elissa wins HOH.

She realizes that it was an empty threat to claim she was going to get rid of Andy because there are bigger fish to fry. Judd left angry and blaming her for his eviction, but he’s not the target either. All this is moot. This is personal. Elissa has hated Aaryn for months, and now’s her chance to get rid of her. Granted, Aaryn’s a big threat having won HOH four times, but as I see it, the couple is the biggest problem.

Amanda’s speaking for her own safety, but nonetheless she makes a valid point. Putting a big target like one member of the couple on the block against Aaryn is dangerous if her target is Aaryn, and on top of that GinaMarie’s a vote for her and would remove Aaryn from the block if she wins veto (not that she will). That said, Amanda is Elissa’s second biggest target.

Since his old alliance screwed him over (in an admittedly unanimous vote), Judd has decided that his new alliance will be with Elissa. Likewise, Aaryn promises to keep her safe should she not put her on the block.

Judd is safe.
GinaMarie is safe.
Spencer is safe.
Andy is safe.
Amanda is safe.
Aaryn and McCrae have been nominated for eviction.

In her nomination speech, Elissa lets Aaryn know it’s personal. She’s been targeting her since week one. If that were the case, she would have gotten rid of her by now. She’s certainly had enough chances.

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