Big Brother 15 Episode 33

Spencer won HOH and nominated McCrae and GinaMarie for eviction in Big Brother 15 Episode 32.

GinaMarie does some bad over the top acting post-nomination in her effort to pretend like McCrae is not the target. Nobody is going to believe her crying.

Spencer has already decided on the replacement nominee, Judd. At least wait until the veto has been won. Judd’s worried he must be the low man on the totem pole since Andy isn’t even being considered, and he should be worried.

The veto competition is hosted by Ian, who won Big Brother last season (even though Dan is better). They must make a puzzle but must fly back to the other side within 20 seconds to prevent the magnets from dropping all their pieces. Even if they almost win, if time runs out, they have to start back from the beginning. Judd ends up quitting and instead helps Andy by telling him when to hit the button. Spencer acts like Judd just did something wrong and should have helped him instead because he’s the one who makes the replacement nomination. Maybe if you didn’t tell him you were going to nominate him. This all doesn’t matter because McCrae wins the power of veto.

Judd asks Spencer to nominate Andy, and Spencer immediately answers no. He won’t even pretend he’s thinking about it. So Judd starts hitting things with his shirt. This is supposed to be a fit?

At the veto ceremony, McCrae removes himself from the block. In his place, Judd has been nominated. Not willing to leave well enough alone, Judd threatens McCrae. At best, he can now hope for a tie that Spencer will have to break.

With the end of this ill-fated season quickly approaching, tonight is a special Wednesday eviction night.

Andy: Judd
McCrae: Judd

By a vote of 2-0, Judd has been evicted from the house for a second time, but his reentry surely flipped the house and changed the game. The likeability factor of the cast remaining in this house just keeps dropping. Does anyone even care any more? As he departs, Judd says he’s voting for Spencer and Andy in the end. He secretly wishes McCrae good luck and tells Julie he wants GinaMarie to win. He does not regret turning on Elissa, despite it blowing up in his face. In his goodbye message, McCrae tells Judd that Andy and Spencer did not want to work with him, so he had to go with the house.

The final 4 HOH competition is the traditional Before or After. Everybody is correct on the first question. GinaMarie gets the second question right. Everybody is again correct on the third question. And the fourth. And fifth. McCrae is correct on the sixth question to tie GinaMarie for the lead. Andy is correct, leading to a three way tie. The tiebreaker question asks how long (in seconds) the latest veto competition lasted. Andy wants to change his answer, but it’s too late to do so. As far over as the other two were (more than 1000 seconds), I don’t think it matters. Andy wins HOH.

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