Big Brother 15 Winner

With McCrae’s elimination in Big Brother 15 Episode 34, we were brought down to a final three of GinaMarie, Andy, and Spencer. I give them all credit for forming their Extermintors alliance as a last ditch effort of desperation to eliminate the real players, but the problem is that they did get rid of the real players. Normally I find someone I’m rooting strongly for or strongly against, but I think this is the first time I really don’t care. People like Amanda, Helen, and Aaryn, who dominated the game, are out in favor of people who had a good last two weeks but otherwise didn’t do much of anything.

I couldn’t bring myself to watch Sunday’s show, and I see I didn’t miss anything. We start off with part 1 of the final HOH competition in which they are all on rollerskates and heading around in circles past cones. Spencer has no hope and falls first. After the bubbles come out and make the rink slick, Andy falls next, and GinaMarie wins.

That leaves Andy and Spencer to face off in part 2. They must grab houseguest faces from the bottom of the giant tank and put them in the order of eviction. Andy mixes up the order of Helen’s and Aaryn’s evictions on his first try before correcting them and buzzing. Spencer is correct on his first try, but he also struggles a lot more with this physical challenge involving a lot of climbing. Andy wins with a time of 21:54 compared to Spencer’s 36:11.

Spencer’s fate now lies in the hands of the other two. He wants to convince them that they have a better chance against him, and I can’t imagine he’s wrong. Other than one or two particularly bitter jury members, I don’t see a reason anyone would vote for him.

Dr. Will joins the jury to welcome juror #8. For all the fighting that’s still going on, Candice and Aaryn say they get along now, which nobody really believes. GinaMarie has a lot of support, but Amanda offers a realistic view: GM did not really play the game. Andy, however, was a backstabber who played all sides, but he did it well. Spencer’s basically the throw away who sat on the block all season, but as a result, he has no blood on his hands.

GinaMarie and Andy square off in the final part of the HOH competition.

Candice said: The most shocking moment in the house was when Aaryn flipped my mattress. Both are correct.

Jessie said: The moment in the house that irritated me the most was when Helen didn’t follow through with our plan to evict Amanda. Both are incorrect when they say it was when she fell off the wall.

Helen said: The most uncomfortable moment in the house was watching Judd plead for his life. Andy is correct, but GinaMarie incorrectly believes it’s the Jeremy wine incident.

Aaryn said: If I had to spend a romantic evening with a houseguest, I’d choose Judd because he has manners. Both are correct.

Amanda said: The moment in the house I’m afraid to have my friends and family see is every single one. Andy is correct, but GinaMarie incorrectly answers none.

Elissa said: The houseguest whose behavior I was most shocked by was Aaryn because everything about her was cute and adorable except her personality. GinaMarie answers correctly, but Andy incorrectly answers that Amanda was a bully.

Judd said: My biggest regret in the game was not working closer with Helen. Both are incorrect.

McCrae said: The best thing about being in the house was free food. Both are correct. Andy wins HOH.

Andy has the lone vote to evict and must choose between GinaMarie and Spencer. He chooses to evict Spencer, stating he must honor his word to GinaMarie. Both he and GinaMarie seemed to have decided this was the course of action they would take if they won, despite knowing it would be a harder fight. I don’t think either could stomach the possibility of a Spencer win.

The jury as a group has come up with three questions for each finalist.

Prior to joining the Exterminators, what was GinaMarie’s biggest game move? She doesn’t really have an answer.

Same question for Andy. He aligned with Amanda and McCrae and worked as their mole.

What was the biggest obstacle GinaMarie had to overcome? Having Nick leave. I thought we were past this.

Since Andy stabbed everyone in the back, why should they vote for him? He apologizes to a laughing jury and says he played a strong game.

Why should they give GinaMarie the money when she offended much of the jury? And I’m not really sure what her answer was.

Why did Andy lie to so many jurors unnecessarily? Because he didn’t want to live in the house with people who are upset with him and didn’t want people talking.

Why should Spencer vote for Andy? He was loyal. To at least one person anyway, GinaMarie.

It’s safe to say they already have their minds made up, but that Q&A session did not help GinaMarie at all. The answer remains clear that Andy played the better game of the two. The question is whether people are bitter since he was the one who screwed most of them over, but this is an interesting dynamic. They trusted him right up until and in some cases after he turned on them, and even now nobody seems particularly mad at him.

Amanda has finally realized that it was America that nominated her. The booing helped her come to that conclusion.

Spencer: Andy
McCrae: Andy
Judd: GinaMarie
Elissa: Andy
Amanda: Andy
Aaryn: GinaMarie
Helen: Andy

By a vote of 7-2, the Big Brother 15 winner is Andy Herren. The right person won. I was not overly impressed with his game on its surface, but what was impressive was his ability to fool these gullible people, stab them in the back, and then still not make any enemies.

Lastly, America will decide their favorite player. Do we even need a vote? That’s been Elissa since the season started because Rachel is her sister. She never really did anything, though nonetheless she did stay likeable throughout. Judd, Elissa, and Howard are the top three vote getters. Unsurprisingly, Elissa has won the $25,000 prize.

For better or worse, Big Brother 16 will air next summer.

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