Big Brother Schedule Change

Think you have the Big Brother 15 schedule figured out? Beginning next week, that’s going to change.

The Sunday night time slot will remain the same. However, the other two nights are being changed. Tuesday has been eliminated altogether. The second show of the week will now be on Wednesdays, which will continue in its current time slot of 8/7c. Live eviction shows will be moving to Thursdays at 9/8c.

To these changes, I have a simple response. Duh. What this does is move the show out of the way of the more successful America’s Got Talent, a scheduling decision I did not understand when it was first revealed.

Big Brother 15 Episode 3

Having won HOH on the first night, McCrae had to choose two nominees for eviction in Big Brother 15 Episode 2. After about 10 minutes of reading the cast list, we finally got down to the verdict. He had nominated Candice and Jessie because nobody likes them.

McCrae says he made these nominations to avoid getting blood on his hands, which is completely logical, but in that case, why bother? May as well have just let Nick have the HOH.

The assumption is that Elissa will be the MVP, which is an understandable assumption because people will vote for her because they know her sister. In an entirely unsurprising turn of events, Elissa does indeed win the very first MVP. This brings me to the question I’m sure I’ll ask again as the weeks go by. What has Elissa done to be named the best player in the house this week? I certainly haven’t seen anything. As the only person with any claim to fame, she received the most votes. Next week, if it’s not more of the same, it will be who is the blondest (okay, since that would be either Aaryn or Ginamarie, probably not) or who is the nicest to kittens. Gameplay? As if. Your twists always suck, CBS.

She tells McCrae she won the power in hopes that he will help her make the decision. He suggests David, and one of the reasons he gives is that David’s smart. Really, that’s your argument? Her preference is to nominate Nick instead. While they are talking, he tells her he’ll put her on the block if the veto is used.

Aaryn finds out that David works seasonally as a lifeguard and seems to have no ambition to do much besides surf. None of this is a problem for her.

The MVP has made her decision for the third nominee: David. Elissa went along with McCrae because she hopes it will prevent herself from being nominated.

The HOH will pull two chips out of the box to determine the other players (besides himself and the nominees) competing for veto. Howard and Elissa have been chosen.

A paranoid David now thinks the whole house is against him, including Aaryn. Although he’s the new nominee, she’s the one crying. He doesn’t understand how they just lost everything in two minutes, though no doubt they’ll kiss and make up soon enough.

Elissa denies to Jeremy that she won MVP, and she further denies that she ever said her sister’s fans will vote for her. In her defense, though she did say this, she also said her sister is Gisele Bundchen, which I’m pretty sure is not true.

In an attempt to get Amanda to trust him, McCrae spills the beans that Elissa is MVP. So much for that secret.

The veto competition is a promo for American Baking Competition, which is seems to be a show. They jump in honey and pop balloons to find letters and try to spell the longest word. McCrae’s plan is to throw this competition. Speaking of competition, since it’s spelled on the board behind him, this is the word David wants to spell.

Howard: sailing (7 letters)
Jessie: tumbled (7 letters)
Candice: rafts (5 letters)
David: no word spelled of any length
Elissa: potroasts (two words, does not count)
McCrae: delivery (8 letters)

Amanda asks a question. Hasn’t anybody taken a third grade English class? Seemingly by mistake, McCrae has won the power of veto.

Elissa has her first meltdown of the season following this, but at least one person is there to comfort her. Helen comes to the rescue. McCrae makes it clear he has to put her up, but he assures her she’s safe, possibly.

For all the talk, however, Nick has a different plan. Don’t use it and instead get rid of David as originally planned. McCrae realizes if he doesn’t do this, Elissa has a bigger target than David does, which would make her the most likely person to get sent home.

At the veto ceremony, McCrae decides to use the veto to save Candice. In her place, Elissa has been nominated. He insists she’s not the real target, and with 4 votes in his pocket and only needng 6 to go to a tie breaker, there’s a good chance this may work out that way after all.

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Big Brother 15 Episode 2

Pizza boy McCrae got the first taste of power of the season when he won HOH in Big Brother 15 Episode 1.

Jeremy thinks America is going to vote for all the pretty girls for MVP, which gives him an excuse to hit on all of them. Of course, most of these girls made terrible first impressions already, not that that necessarily matters, as some of the fan favorites in the house over the years have been complete jerks with no redeeming qualities.

Nick proposes an alliance with Jeremy, Howard, Spencer, and perhaps because he’s HOH, McCrae. The alliance name, as lame as they come, is Moving Company. Their first target is going to be David. If they get rid of him, that puts all the strength in their group. Jeremy is already in an alliance with Howard and Spencer, but it looks like his alliance with David and Jessie is done.

Amanda would like to slap Jessie in the face so she will make a decision which guy she wants to have a showmance with rather than having to listen to her talk about it.

Elissa’s secret is spreading throughout the house very quickly. It was foolish of herself to even attempt to hide this seeing as they do look similar, although it has gotten her some honest opinions about Rachel from people like Kaitlin that don’t like her.

The first have/have not competition will have them floating across the “lake” in tubes, hopping in a cooler to retrieve soda, and bringing that back to the start to build a pyramid to be balanced on a swing. They don’t even bother announcing the teams because that would take all night.

Howard gets his team off to a poor start, and Judd is not much better. It seems apparent they will lose, as long as nobody else drops their cans. It’s actually their red team to drop their cans first, though. The blue team takes first place. With just one can left, the yellow team drops everything.

Their next attempt is successful, making the red team of Elissa, Howard, Judd, Helen, and Andy have nots for the week. Their bedroom for a week? A room that looks like an airplane, complete with seats that don’t recline.

Despite the fact that they did not lose, Katilin has decided she now hates Candice based on what happened during the competition.

Amanda wants McCrae to get rid of Jessie, who nobody likes, despite her ass being way better than Amanda’s.

Elissa finally breaks down and informs somebody that she’s Rachel’s sister, and that person of course is McCrae. As much as he’d like to play the game with her, he knows that people may be angry if he doesn’t get rid of her. The girls especially are very vocal about wanting her gone, particularly Aaryn.

Nick is safe.
Jeremy is safe.
David is safe.
Aaryn is safe.
Kaitlin is safe.
Ginamarie is safe.
Elissa is safe.
Helen is safe.
Amanda is safe.
Andy is safe.
Howard is safe.
Spencer is safe.
Judd is safe.
Candice and Jessie have been nominated for eviction.

Jessie says she’s going to be coming after McCrae for revenge. Ooh, scary.

His strategy was simple: nominate the two people nobody likes.

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Big Brother 15 Episode 1

The Big Brother 15 cast consists of 16 new contestants within a 15 year age range all vying for reality TV’s cheapest prize. Already we know of multiple twists (three people will be nominated each week, and America will vote for the MVP). Here’s hoping none of the twists that are introduced are show crippling, but they usually are, which is why seasons 2 and 3 remain the stand outs. At least there are no returning contestants with the closest thing being Elissa Slater, Big Brother 13 winner Rachel’s sister.

Aaryn is a psychology major, which she thinks she will help. Nick promises to be the hardest working player ever. Helen considers Big Brother just another political campaign. Spencer wants us to believe he’s not a simple country bumpkin. David likes to look at and touch himself. Elissa looks better than but still similar to her sister, and her objective is to hide the fact that they are related. Andy is a superfan who teaches his students how to lie. Kaitlin is too friendly to guys. McCrae aspires to be the best damn pizza delivery boy ever. Ginamarie is a pageant coordinator, and like her, Howard has to win at all costs. Jessie fancies herself a leader who’s better than everybody else, and she doesn’t get along with girls because they are jealous of her great personality and looks (great first impression in a season where America has power). Jeremy lives on a sailboat and embraces his Cherokee side. Amanda is used to to getting what she wants. Candice has a black and white family. Unlike Spencer, Judd makes it clear he is indeed a country bumpkin.

With a start in late June, this season will last a full 90 days.

Judd was hoping there would be a girl from Staten Island, and with Ginamarie, he got his wish, which he finds out literally within the first minute of entering the house. She’s immediately drawn to Howard for his muscles, though. McCrae agrees. He would be all over him if he were gay.

Elissa hopes to form an all girl alliance. They may be getting along right now, but this plan seems doomed already. Jessie has made it clear she does not like girls, and Kaitlin follows suit.

The last group to enter finds out that there are no beds left. The house was not designed with 16 people in mind.

Ginamarie is proving to be obnoxiously loud.

Judd for one is happy to see David in the house. Maybe he won’t be thought of as the dumbest guy in the house after all. Meanwhile, people dismiss McCrae’s story that he’s a pizza boy because they think he’s a genius. Huh?

Helen pretends to be just a mom. She doesn’t want anyone to know she works in politics, particularly Chicago politics.

During the meet and greet, it’s become clear Elissa’s other goal won’t last long either. Judd thinks she looks familiar.

Spencer, Howard, and Jeremy form an alliance right away. This rarely ends well.

Jessie forms her alliance based on looks and her hatred for other women, so she approaches David and Jeremy. Her awkward laugh when McCrae walks in is a dead giveaway.

The HOH will nominate two houseguests as usual. Presumably, the MVP, chosen by America, will nominate the third. Of course, the risk this poses, other than the fact that it makes the show a lame popularity contest, is that the HOH may end up nominating two people who both don’t go home.

It’s time for the first quite possibly irrelevant HOH competition. They climb on popsicles and must hang on longest. Elissa is worried that someone will find out her secret, and McCrae feels like an outcast already.

Judd drops at 5 minutes. Howard is down at 7, and Candice is right behind him. Everybody who remains then gets sprayed, a process that will continue periodically throughout the competition. The three who have been eliminated start chatting, and Candice says Elissa looks like Rachel’s sister. The next person to fall is Amanda, dropping at 41 minutes, an indication that the other three threw the competition… really badly. Spencer follows her. Then Helen, Jessie, Elissa, Ginamarie, Andy, and Kaitlin. By this point, it’s been 2 hours and 14 minutes.

After 3 hours, Aaryn is the last girl to drop. 4 people left in an endurance competition, and they’re all guys. Not the outcome I would have expected. Among those who remain is McCrae, the pizza delivery boy who is now considered not only a genius but also a big challenge threat.

Julie makes an offer. There are two lunch pails, one of which contains a never not pass that will ensure they will never be a have not all season. David quickly takes her up on her offer, and he receives an empty envelope, so whoever drops next has a guarantee. Jeremy immediately hops down. McCrae promises Nick that he’ll be safe, which to Nick sounds like a good deal since being HOH and making enemies is stupid anyway. He drops after 4 hours and 11 minutes, and McCrae is the first person to win HOH.

Julie explains the MVP twist. It’s supposed to be a vote for the person who’s playing the best game. Oh c’mon. We all know how these things really work. You can pose the question any way you want, and people will just vote for their favorite, who may be a bumbling fool, which usually is the case. Most people are looking for personality, not gameplay.

One key to the twist is that the player will be notified of their status in secret, and they will make a nomination in secret, effectively eliminating any chance of them being targeted either for their choices or because they won the vote.

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Big Brother 15 Cast

The Big Brother 15 cast consists of 16 new contestants, a large amount by Big Brother standards. There are no returning players, a twist that generally falls on its face in this show. However, Brendon & Rachel keep on going, as Elissa is the sister of Big Brother 13 winner Rachel Riley. The oldest contestant in this season’s cast is 37.

The new twist, as if we really need one since they generally just ruin the show, is that three houseguests will be nominated for eviction, and America will vote for the weekly MVP. Oh great. Can’t wait for the public to screw this up. There’s a reason why the UK format was dropped in the US after just one season.

Kaitlin Barnaby, 23
Hometown: Vadnais Heights, Minn.
Current City: Minneapolis, Minn.

Spencer Clawson, 31
Hometown: Conway, Ark.
Current City: Conway, Ark.
Railroad Conductor

Judd Daugherty, 26
Hometown: Englewood, Tenn.
Current City: Etowah, Tenn.
Property Appraiser

David Girton, 25
Hometown: San Diego, Calif.
Current City: San Diego, Calif.

Aaryn Gries, 22
Hometown: San Angelo, Texas
Current City: San Marcos, Texas
College Student

Andy Herren, 26
Hometown: Aurora, Ill.
Current City: Chicago, Ill.

Helen Kim, 37
Hometown: Falls Church, Va.
Current City: Chicago, Ill.
Political Consultant

Jessie Kowalski, 25
Hometown: Beaumont, Texas
Current City: San Antonio, Texas

Jeremy McGuire, 23
Hometown: Katy, Texas
Current City: Katy, Texas
Boat Shop Associate

McCrae Olson, 23
Hometown: Zimmerman, Minn.
Current City: Oak Grove, Minn.
Pizza Delivery Boy

Howard Overby, 29
Hometown: Hattiesburg, Miss.
Current City: Hattiesburg, Miss.
Youth Counselor

Elissa Slater, 27
Hometown: Concord, N.C.
Current City: Kannapolis, N.C.

Candice Stewart, 29
Hometown: New Orleans, La.
Current City: Houston, Texas
Pediatric Speech Therapist

Nick Uhas, 28
Hometown: Hilliard, N.Y.
Current City: New York, N.Y.

GinaMarie Zimmerman, 32
Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Current City: Staten Island, N.Y.
Pageant Coordinator

Amanda Zuckerman, 28
Hometown: Long Island, N.Y.
Current City: Boynton Beach, Fla.
Real Estate Agent

Big Brother 15 begins Wednesday June 26 and will air Sundays at 8/7c, Tuesdays at 9/8c, and Wednesdays at 8/7c. The Tuesday night showing puts it opposite America’s Got Talent.