Big Brother 15 Episode 2

Pizza boy McCrae got the first taste of power of the season when he won HOH in Big Brother 15 Episode 1.

Jeremy thinks America is going to vote for all the pretty girls for MVP, which gives him an excuse to hit on all of them. Of course, most of these girls made terrible first impressions already, not that that necessarily matters, as some of the fan favorites in the house over the years have been complete jerks with no redeeming qualities.

Nick proposes an alliance with Jeremy, Howard, Spencer, and perhaps because he’s HOH, McCrae. The alliance name, as lame as they come, is Moving Company. Their first target is going to be David. If they get rid of him, that puts all the strength in their group. Jeremy is already in an alliance with Howard and Spencer, but it looks like his alliance with David and Jessie is done.

Amanda would like to slap Jessie in the face so she will make a decision which guy she wants to have a showmance with rather than having to listen to her talk about it.

Elissa’s secret is spreading throughout the house very quickly. It was foolish of herself to even attempt to hide this seeing as they do look similar, although it has gotten her some honest opinions about Rachel from people like Kaitlin that don’t like her.

The first have/have not competition will have them floating across the “lake” in tubes, hopping in a cooler to retrieve soda, and bringing that back to the start to build a pyramid to be balanced on a swing. They don’t even bother announcing the teams because that would take all night.

Howard gets his team off to a poor start, and Judd is not much better. It seems apparent they will lose, as long as nobody else drops their cans. It’s actually their red team to drop their cans first, though. The blue team takes first place. With just one can left, the yellow team drops everything.

Their next attempt is successful, making the red team of Elissa, Howard, Judd, Helen, and Andy have nots for the week. Their bedroom for a week? A room that looks like an airplane, complete with seats that don’t recline.

Despite the fact that they did not lose, Katilin has decided she now hates Candice based on what happened during the competition.

Amanda wants McCrae to get rid of Jessie, who nobody likes, despite her ass being way better than Amanda’s.

Elissa finally breaks down and informs somebody that she’s Rachel’s sister, and that person of course is McCrae. As much as he’d like to play the game with her, he knows that people may be angry if he doesn’t get rid of her. The girls especially are very vocal about wanting her gone, particularly Aaryn.

Nick is safe.
Jeremy is safe.
David is safe.
Aaryn is safe.
Kaitlin is safe.
Ginamarie is safe.
Elissa is safe.
Helen is safe.
Amanda is safe.
Andy is safe.
Howard is safe.
Spencer is safe.
Judd is safe.
Candice and Jessie have been nominated for eviction.

Jessie says she’s going to be coming after McCrae for revenge. Ooh, scary.

His strategy was simple: nominate the two people nobody likes.

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