America’s Got Talent Season 8 Episode 5

The New York auditions had me largely shrugging during America’s Got Talent Season 8 Episode 4. Tonight the auditions move to Chicago.

David Ferman is a juggler. This rarely goes well. They usually drop, if not now during the live shows. After a little warm up with normal juggling, his stunt for the night is to balance a molotov cocktail on a balloon on a stick in his mouth. If he drops this, it will cause a fireball. He concludes this by popping the balloon. This doesn’t really qualify as a juggling act, but it doesn’t lack for entertainment value, originality, or danger.

Chicago Boyz Acrobatic Team combines tumbling and rope jumping. Their coach’s goal is to keep them away from gangs and give them a better life. The audience loves their performance, and they feel the same about their story.

2Unique are a 10 year old DJ and rapper, who have performed together for about three months after meeting online. Impressive stage presence for age 10, though the performance runs out of steam at the end.

Sully Dunn is a singer/songwriter who admits to being a weirdo who lacks proper technique. He decided this morning he’s not going back to college so he can be in a rock band instead, and his song is about college bringing you nothing but debt. If nothing else, he’s entertaining and likeable, much to Howard’s chagrin.

Branden James’ parents pray every day that he will stop being gay, but that hasn’t worked so far. He’s an opera singer who performs Nessun Dorma, a song that never ceases to impress.

Trevor Stone is a… cat trainer. A professional cat trainer. Even worse than I expected. His trainee is a guy wearing a cat suit who poops on stage. It’s here that the judges realize they have lost control, eventually culminating in them all sambaing away from their podiums.

Next stop, San Antonio.

David Fenley says music is the only thing he’s ever been good at. Now that he’s married, he wants to take the next step and stop playing at bars. His performance is what Mel B wants, what she really, really wants.

Dylan Wilson comes from Huntington, Indiana, which has corn, farmers, and him. He taught himself how to dance on the Internet, and he did a pretty good job at that.

Heidi asks for guys without clothes, and she gets gladiators, Hunk O Mania’s International Men of Steel. They dance while wielding swords and shields. Though Mel and Heidi say yes to guys who aren’t even terribly appealing, Howie and Howard are unimpressed by the fact that there’s really no act here.

Lil Mike and Funny Bone are brothers who say their real names are both Jesus because that’s what happens when Indians name their kids. At 52 inches, they are the smallest act of the night, but they want to make sure people remember their song Do the Rain Dance, so they come wearing T-shirts that say it. The judges are pleasantly surprised.

The American Hitman is a rock band who served in the Marines together. Howard thinks he’s finally found a band that can go all the way to the top.

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