America’s Got Talent Season 8 Episode 4

The Asian invasion in America’s Got Talent Season 8 Episode 3 brought us dancer(ish) Kenichi Ebina from Japan and acrobat Rong Niu from China. Tonight auditions continue in New York City.

Struck Boyz are hip hop dancers ages 8-11. Cute kids with just enough attitude, do we even need to see a vote?

KriStef (Kris and Stefan) Brothers aren’t wearing any shoes. Is that really a smart idea in the streets of New York? They say they will change our minds about hand balancing, like there are a lot of preexisting opinions about the subject. The main appeal of their act actually seems to be stripping, as the little woman lifting her husband (Paradizo Dance) a few years back was more impressive when it came to a balancing act.

The last time she performed her singing mime (what?) routine, Aneya Marie was booed by 4500 people. Yeah, that’ll be happening again. Heidi was trying to listen to the performance (when’s the last time anyone needed to hear a mime?), but she couldn’t hear it over the chorus of boos behind her.

Hammerstep is a dance group that combines Irish dance with hip hop. Certainly not a combination you see any day, but it’s interesting enough.

Aaralyn and Izzy are 6 and 9 year old time wasters. He drums while somebody goes to get an exorcist for his seemingly sweet little sister whose talent is screaming. With the judges unwilling to be honest, only Mel says no.

Virginia State University Gospel Choir promise an experience like no other. I’m not sure they necessarily delivered on that, but they do put on quite a show.

Chris Antes makes art in his mouth with chewing gum. So he tells us. The audience immediately gets hostile, not that they can even see what’s going on.

Howie and Howard got into a debate earlier in the day about whether singing an original song is a mistake. Brandon & Savannah want to prove Howie wrong, and they pretty much do, though it’s ultimately their performance that stands out more than the song.

Before going on stage, Taylor Williamson tells a joke about what you get when you combine an elephant and a rhino. At this pace, I’m not sure he’s going to be getting out of performing gigs at laundromats. But his actual act turns out to be reasonably funny.

Jacob Calle is a party stuntman, whatever that is. He pulls string he swallowed out of his stomach then puts a scorpion in his mouth and blows bubbles until he gets bitten.

So begins a bad magician montage, which leads us to Naathan Phan. His escape act splits the audience and the judges, but his on the spot card trick where he pulls the chosen card out his mouth wins them over.

Forte is a singing group that met online within the last few weeks. Each very talented in his own right, they put together an act that has a lot of people saying wow.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of America’s Got Talent Season 8 Episode 5, which airs Tuesday at 9/8c on NBC.

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