Big Brother 15 Episode 3

Having won HOH on the first night, McCrae had to choose two nominees for eviction in Big Brother 15 Episode 2. After about 10 minutes of reading the cast list, we finally got down to the verdict. He had nominated Candice and Jessie because nobody likes them.

McCrae says he made these nominations to avoid getting blood on his hands, which is completely logical, but in that case, why bother? May as well have just let Nick have the HOH.

The assumption is that Elissa will be the MVP, which is an understandable assumption because people will vote for her because they know her sister. In an entirely unsurprising turn of events, Elissa does indeed win the very first MVP. This brings me to the question I’m sure I’ll ask again as the weeks go by. What has Elissa done to be named the best player in the house this week? I certainly haven’t seen anything. As the only person with any claim to fame, she received the most votes. Next week, if it’s not more of the same, it will be who is the blondest (okay, since that would be either Aaryn or Ginamarie, probably not) or who is the nicest to kittens. Gameplay? As if. Your twists always suck, CBS.

She tells McCrae she won the power in hopes that he will help her make the decision. He suggests David, and one of the reasons he gives is that David’s smart. Really, that’s your argument? Her preference is to nominate Nick instead. While they are talking, he tells her he’ll put her on the block if the veto is used.

Aaryn finds out that David works seasonally as a lifeguard and seems to have no ambition to do much besides surf. None of this is a problem for her.

The MVP has made her decision for the third nominee: David. Elissa went along with McCrae because she hopes it will prevent herself from being nominated.

The HOH will pull two chips out of the box to determine the other players (besides himself and the nominees) competing for veto. Howard and Elissa have been chosen.

A paranoid David now thinks the whole house is against him, including Aaryn. Although he’s the new nominee, she’s the one crying. He doesn’t understand how they just lost everything in two minutes, though no doubt they’ll kiss and make up soon enough.

Elissa denies to Jeremy that she won MVP, and she further denies that she ever said her sister’s fans will vote for her. In her defense, though she did say this, she also said her sister is Gisele Bundchen, which I’m pretty sure is not true.

In an attempt to get Amanda to trust him, McCrae spills the beans that Elissa is MVP. So much for that secret.

The veto competition is a promo for American Baking Competition, which is seems to be a show. They jump in honey and pop balloons to find letters and try to spell the longest word. McCrae’s plan is to throw this competition. Speaking of competition, since it’s spelled on the board behind him, this is the word David wants to spell.

Howard: sailing (7 letters)
Jessie: tumbled (7 letters)
Candice: rafts (5 letters)
David: no word spelled of any length
Elissa: potroasts (two words, does not count)
McCrae: delivery (8 letters)

Amanda asks a question. Hasn’t anybody taken a third grade English class? Seemingly by mistake, McCrae has won the power of veto.

Elissa has her first meltdown of the season following this, but at least one person is there to comfort her. Helen comes to the rescue. McCrae makes it clear he has to put her up, but he assures her she’s safe, possibly.

For all the talk, however, Nick has a different plan. Don’t use it and instead get rid of David as originally planned. McCrae realizes if he doesn’t do this, Elissa has a bigger target than David does, which would make her the most likely person to get sent home.

At the veto ceremony, McCrae decides to use the veto to save Candice. In her place, Elissa has been nominated. He insists she’s not the real target, and with 4 votes in his pocket and only needng 6 to go to a tie breaker, there’s a good chance this may work out that way after all.

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