Big Brother 15 Episode 27

Following her endurance HOH win in Big Brother 15 Episode 26, Elissa nominated Aaryn and McCrae for eviction, causing Amanda to cry again.

Elissa asks whether what she said to Aaryn during the nomination ceremony was mean. If you have to ask, it probably was. Not wanting to be a replacement nominee, GinaMarie says it was fine, however.

Now that she’s made her nominations, Elissa wants to get rid of Amanda instead. Fine time to make that decision. She lies to Amanda about this. Badly. Oh, and she also wants to work with Aaryn now. This is a good plan, one that Aaryn proposed to her before the nominations, which she chose to ignore out of spite.

Amanda, GinaMarie, and Judd (Aaryn’s choice) join Elissa, McCrae, and Aaryn in the veto competition.

Aaryn’s choice of Judd is a clear red flag. It seems strange she did not choose her other alliance member, Andy. She does pose a valid argument that Andy might remove McCrae from the block instead of her. Of course, Amanda immediately goes after her for this move.

Since most of the other women have been voted out, Amanda needs a new target. Tonight’s shouting match is with GinaMarie, who has an even bigger mouth than Amanda does. When she goes to discuss the situation with Elissa, Elissa can’t help but laugh at her.

Zingbot tells McCrae that he’s always wearing shorts because Amanda wears the pants. McCrae is offended that GinaMarie finds this funny (it’s funny because it’s true). GinaMarie’s starring in a new movie with Nick, Fatal Attraction. Andy is a ghost, pasty white and a floater.

Their task is to roll a ball back and forth on a ramp 250 times in a row without dropping it. If they drop it, they go back down to 0, making a slow but steady strategy the best. It’s this that allows Amanda to take the lead while everybody else keeps dropping. Judd had been in second place but drops it at 165, leading to him removing himself from the competition. GinaMarie is coming very close to catching Amanda. If the competition were longer, she’d easily pass Amanda, who is taking a lot of breaks. Interesting. The two people who win nothing are making a run for this. Amanda wins the power of veto.

Well, that just blew up in Elissa’s face. She should have put the couple on the block. Now they are both safe.

Elissa jokes about throwing the competition. So of course Amanda starts yelling again. To make matters worse, she then starts being an idiot like Evel Dick. Her strategy to get GinaMarie nominated is to torture Elissa so that Andy can console her. For some reason, Andy thinks this is a good plan. In doing this, he acknowledges an alliance (or alignment) with Amanda.

Amanda removes McCrae from the block. In his place, Andy has been nominated. Shockingly, the plan did not work.

Aaryn and Andy both desperately need Amanda and McCrae to keep them safe, but both seem like they are ready to end this alliance once the voting is done. The two clearest votes are Judd and GinaMarie for Aaryn, and I don’t get the sense after tonight that Amanda will allow McCrae to vote for Aaryn to stay. With 5 votes this week, it may come down to Spencer, the game’s biggest wild card.

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Big Brother 15 Episode 26

Helen was evicted from the house in Big Brother 15 Episode 25, which concluded with the start of an endurance competition for both HOH and a return to the house for one jury member.

Amanda’s angry that someone will be returning to the house. She knows the entire jury is pissed off at her, and she also doesn’t think it’s fair that people who got duped are being given a second chance. Having done everyone else’s dirty work, Aaryn is not happy either. Then there’s Andy, who pretended to be everyone’s friend/ally until he stuck the knife in them.

Helen talks to her now fellow jury members during the challenge. She tells them Andy can’t be trusted, and they need to get rid of Amanda.

At the 20 minute mark, both Spencer and McCrae fall. Andy is the next person to drop. Jessie, who was tied for the lead, falls next, and she tells Amanda she hates her as she leaves. Helen’s the next one to drop. Candice falls, which mean that Judd is the jury member who returns to the game. Aaryn visibly panics when this happens. Elissa is easily leading, though at any time anyone can fall, which Elissa does but doesn’t actually touch the ground. Judd was in second, but he is the next to fall. After surviving another close call, Elissa wins HOH.

She realizes that it was an empty threat to claim she was going to get rid of Andy because there are bigger fish to fry. Judd left angry and blaming her for his eviction, but he’s not the target either. All this is moot. This is personal. Elissa has hated Aaryn for months, and now’s her chance to get rid of her. Granted, Aaryn’s a big threat having won HOH four times, but as I see it, the couple is the biggest problem.

Amanda’s speaking for her own safety, but nonetheless she makes a valid point. Putting a big target like one member of the couple on the block against Aaryn is dangerous if her target is Aaryn, and on top of that GinaMarie’s a vote for her and would remove Aaryn from the block if she wins veto (not that she will). That said, Amanda is Elissa’s second biggest target.

Since his old alliance screwed him over (in an admittedly unanimous vote), Judd has decided that his new alliance will be with Elissa. Likewise, Aaryn promises to keep her safe should she not put her on the block.

Judd is safe.
GinaMarie is safe.
Spencer is safe.
Andy is safe.
Amanda is safe.
Aaryn and McCrae have been nominated for eviction.

In her nomination speech, Elissa lets Aaryn know it’s personal. She’s been targeting her since week one. If that were the case, she would have gotten rid of her by now. She’s certainly had enough chances.

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Big Brother 15 Episode 25

Elissa won the veto in Big Brother 15 Episode 24, and Spencer was nominated alongside Helen.

Helen and Elissa agree to work with Aaryn and GinaMarie. Andy’s the swing vote that Helen hopes will save her. He doesn’t even seem to be considering it. Realizing this, Helen goes to McCrae instead. Yeah, that will work. He acknowledges that Amanda is pushy, but Helen is, too. Not getting anywhere with McCrae, she goes back to Andy, threatening him that he will be a target if he votes her out, which for the heretofore safe Andy is something new.

Now Amanda is angry again. This time at Helen. Neither McCrae nor Spencer defend Amanda when she says she’s not a bully. At least she’s not shouting for a change.

McCrae: Helen
Amanda: Helen
Elissa: Spencer
Andy: Helen
GinaMarie: Helen

By a vote of 4-1, Helen has been evicted from the Big Brother house. She seemed to be in complete control of the game for weeks, but she fell victim to someone who is now in more in control, Amanda. Despite having nearly unanimously been voted out, she leaves with her head held high, continuing her policy of kind comments for all.

Now we get to the next twist. The four jury members (Candice, Judd, Jessie, and Helen) will compete for the chance to return to the house. I like Judd because he’s goofy, but from a gameplay standpoint, the only worthwhile player is Helen, even if she was stupid enough to believe she had an alliance with McCrae.

Two competitions will be going on at the same time, one for the jurors and one for everyone. They all stand on moving platforms while being sprayed with water and must catch balls as they are thrown at them. The first juror to catch 10 balls will return to the house. The first person, juror or otherwise, to catch 10 balls will be HOH. The balls are thrown every few minutes, meaning that this competition will be going on for a while.

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Big Brother 15 Episode 24

With Aaryn in power in Big Brother 15 Episode 23, she again was charged with doing something nobody else had the guts to do: nominate Elissa and Helen.

Helen remains oblivious to the fact that McCrae and Amanda are in a showmance and will not be stabbing each other in the back at the end. And if they do, it won’t be for her.

After his pitiful HOH last week, Andy continues to play both sides, giving both sides equally high expectations of him, with an equal potential to be disappointed when he turns on them.

GinaMarie, Spencer, and Andy (Elissa’s choice) join Aaryn, Helen, and Elissa in the veto competition. Their challenge is to find love letters buried in dirt to be returned to Otev. GinaMarie is eliminated first. Helen is out next, which is the result everybody wanted. Andy gets eliminated when Elissa tackles him into a log. Aaryn is the fourth one to be eliminated. In the final round, the two people who want it the most compete, and Elissa beats Spencer to win the power of veto.

Though she celebrated when Elissa won, Helen finally has a clue. She realizes Andy did not try that hard during that competition.

Amanda warns Elissa about the plan to get rid of Helen. Elissa does not come right out and tell Helen this, but Helen suspects it anyway.

Amanda’s new victim for her latest shouting match is Aaryn, the HOH who has not yet picked a replacement nominee.

Elissa uses the veto on herself. In her place, Aaryn nominates Spencer. As with all her nominations, she says she was forced to make this move by the house. Though this may be true, she needs to take ownership of her HOH decisions, whether and Helen/Amanda make them for her or not.

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Big Brother 15 Episode 23

Following the elimination of Jessie in Big Brother 15 Episode 22, Aaryn won HOH for the fourth time. Aaryn’s in a good position now. Both sides trust her, and both sides want each other gone. The question is whether she wants to make a weak move like Andy did last week or actually pick a side.

McCrae admits the obvious. He threw a competition so that Amanda wouldn’t whine. It doesn’t work. She cries and hides behind the garbage can in the storage room anyway.

Helen immediately starts butt kissing. I’m not sure this is helping or hurting her. Unlike her, Elissa has pretty much given up because she still doesn’t like Aaryn. She doesn’t even want to go to the jury house if she gets evicted, a slap in the face to her closest ally.

Aaryn wants to put up Spencer and Elissa. Her alliance wants her to nomintate Helen and Elissa instead. Once again, Aaryn needs to make the move that everybody else wants to make but that nobody else can or is willing to make. Andy had the opportunity to do this just last week. Other than just doing what everybody else wants, getting rid of Helen really serves no benefit to Aaryn.

When they go into Aaryn’s HOH room, Amanda puts on a green shirt and green face mask. The irony that green represents envy is not lost on Andy.

Amanda, GinaMarie, Elissa, and Helen are on the green team for the have/have not competition. GinaMarie’s not happy to be on Amanda’s team since she loses everything. Their challenge is to enter a black box and find a key in a dark room with various ways to get messy. After GinaMarie finds a key next to a pot filled with spaghetti, they are followed by the orange team of Andy, Spencer, McCrae, and Aaryn. Spencer finds the key in what seems to be a lot less time, but they struggle more to find the exit. The orange teams easily wins with a time of 3:41 compared to 7:21.

After moping around for a while, Elissa finally goes to talk to Aaryn. Seeing as it’s almost been two months, it’s a little late for this, but at least she’s finally making an effort.

Realizing that Elissa is probably going to be nominated, Helen promises to not use the veto on her if she wins it. Still, she knows there’s a good chance she’ll be nominated because she’s close to Elissa, not knowing she’s the actual target.

GinaMarie is safe.
Spencer is safe.
Amanda is safe.
McCrae is safe.
Andy is safe.
Elissa and Helen have been nominated for eviction.

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Big Brother 15 Episode 22

After Andy won the veto in Big Brother 15 Episode 21, he kept his nominations the same, leaving Jessie and Spencer in danger of being evicted.

Everybody plays along with Jessie that she’s the pawn, but in reality they want to get rid of her. Not entirely sure why since she’s expendable. Helen’s not playing it as cool as everyone else, though. First she ignores her (as does Elissa), then she calls her out as the person who was trying to get rid of Amanda, which leads to Jessie telling Amanda about her plan with Helen and Elissa to target her. A vocal confrontation ensues, but there is not one person in the house that doesn’t know that Helen is lying.

Eventually, Jessie overhears everybody talking behind her back louder than they should be, and she learns the truth that she’s the target this week and that everybody has been playing her. Now she’s got nothing to lose, so she will go down swinging.

She doesn’t even need to swing, however, to get GinaMarie and Aaryn into a shouting match. This is a new pair to be yelling at each other, though both females as usual this season.

Amanda: Jessie
McCrae: Jessie
GinaMarie: Jessie
Helen: Jessie
Elissa: Jessie
Aaryn: Jessie

By a vote of 6-0, Jessie has been evicted from the Big Brother house. In her goodbye messages, she gets to hear Amanda rub her face in it and Andy tell her he carried her and she’s useless. Is this really the last memory you want to gve someone as they go off to the jury to potentially decide your fate?

The HOH competition is name that tune for competitions they have done. GinaMarie eliminates Helen and selects Elissa and Spencer. Spencer beats Elissa and selects McCrae and GinaMarie. McCrae beats GinaMarie and selects Spencer and Aaryn. Aaryn beats Spencer, and Amanda and McCrae must compete by default. McCrae loses, probably on purpose to prevent a tantrum, and Amanda and Aaryn go against each other in the final round. Aaryn wins HOH.

To conclude the night, Julie announces the newest twist. A jury member will be returning to the house. Candice, Judd, Jessie, and whoever is eliminated next week will compete to be able to come back. When Big Brother Canada did this, it was basically a free pass to the end of the season, though they did it a bit closer to the end.

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Big Brother 15 Episode 21

Andy won HOH in Big Brother 15 Episode 20 and proceeded to boringly nominate Jessie and Spencer for eviction.

Helen would like Andy to make a decision. Unbeknownst to her, he already has, just not the one she wants.

Jessie is Amanda’s target and, in turn, she is Andy’s target as well. With Andy in power, this further solidifies the new alliance, 3 A.M., which Amanda will quickly drop once they get down to 4 (or sooner).

At the suggestion of his real alliance, McCrae proposes a fake alliance to Helen, pretending like he will take her over Amanda if they make it to the end. Ironically, Helen would be a far more sensible ally for him to have. She’s still a huge target, but she’s not over the top emotional about stupid things. For some reason, Helen seems to be buying this without even questioning it.

Helen, Elissa, and Amanda join Andy, Jessie, and Spencer for the veto competition. The plan is for everybody to throw the competition and hand it to Helen. Spencer asks if they think he’s some rube. I sure did. As they suspected, this is a counting competition.

As planned, everybody folds but Helen, even Spencer, who is closest to the correct answer. In round 2, once again, everybody but Helen folds. In the third round, Spencer gives up on and destroys the house plan, eliminating Helen. Andy comes closest, and Amanda is eliminated in the fourth round. When she finally stays, Jessie is eliminated, while Elissa comes closest. All three who remain each have a ticket, having come closest to the correct answer once each. Elissa gives up the veto apparently by not understanding the rules, but she’s not the closest anyway. Andy wins the power of veto. He says he’s a force to be reckoned with, even though a week ago he didn’t have any wins. Granted, Janelle didn’t win anything until day 47 when half the house was gone, yet similar claims were made.

In losing the veto, Spencer just pissed everybody off and got nothing out of it.

Not content with her previous plan to bring Amanda to the final four with her and her fake allies Andy and McCrae, Helen tells McCrae they need to get rid of Amanda around six, which means they have about another two weeks to strike first. Of course, it ultimately will come down to that anyway. The time for weak moves like Andy’s is over.

At the veto ceremony, Andy does not use the veto. Perfect move for himself since everybody in the house likes him, but it doesn’t help his allies any.

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Big Brother 15 Episode 20

Candice’s predictable and very loud eviction in Big Brother 15 Episode 19 was followed by a Judd blindside that seemingly came out of nowhere.

What we saw on Thursday’s show wasn’t it. Candice and GinaMarie continued arguing the entire time the houseguests were voting, both taking increasingly cheap shots at the other. For Candice, this really doesn’t matter because she is gone, but as someone who is staying in the house, GinaMarie is just making herself a target.

Immediately after the veto competition, Helen’s first action was to ask Aaryn to backdoor Judd. In a frenzied few minutes, the entire house quickly came to the agreement to get rid of him. For the second time, Aaryn gave away her HOH to Helen, but this time she broke down crying, along with everybody else.

When he walked out the door, Judd told Elissa and Helen he did not want their hugs, and he let Aaryn know whatever they told her is not true.

Amanda is still convinced that Judd must have been MVP, not realizing that the problem is that America is hating on her.

In the aftermath, everybody makes promises to Aaryn. Jessie tells her she’ll never come after her if she saves her. Helen and Elissa (with Helen doing the talking) tell her she’s safe. Amanda promises her Judd’s spot in their final four deal, which worked out so well for him.

The HOH competition is a balancing act in which they’ll have to roll cherries down a giant banana in attempt to get them in the sundae. Jessie beats Helen, Andy beats GinaMarie, Amanda beats Spencer, and McCrae beats Elissa in the first round. Andy beats Jessie, and McCrae beats Amanda in the second round. Amanda starts crying because he didn’t let her win. Pitiful. In the final round, Andy beats McCrae to win HOH.

Helen, GinaMarie, Elissa, and Aaryn volunteer to be have nots so that Andy does not have to choose.

There is not one single person in the house that does not feel completely happy with Andy’s win. They all think he will keep them safe. Considering that, I’m not sure what he gains by winning. Nobody was ever going to come after him. Why make enemies?

Andy immediately knows that he wants to put up Jessie and Spencer, the safe choice that is unlikely to offend anyone. Helen wants him to put up Amanda and McCrae instead, which obviously won’t work since they are his allies.

GinaMarie is safe.
Helen is safe.
McCrae is safe.
Aaryn is safe.
Amanda is safe.
Elissa is safe.
Jessie and Spencer have been nominated for eviction again.

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