Big Brother 18 Episode 39

James thought he was in trouble when Natalie got evicted, but really he was tossing aside an anchor that was weighing him down. After Corey won HOH in Big Brother 18 Episode 38, the battle lines were drawn between the two remaining duos, and Paul and Victor were nominated while James found himself relaxing.

Victor wants to just pout, but Paul is going to go talk to them. This demonstrates the difference between their games, in that Paul actually has a game. Corey asks Victor to talk, which just leads to threats. Paul is happy to see him sink himself.

In the diary room, Victor says that Corey and Nicole would be dumb not to evict him. That’s what they said.

The veto competition requires them to match up BB comics with what they see on the screen.

Corey – 20:37
James – 35:00 (ran out of time)
Nicole – 13:55
Victor – 29:35
Paul – 18:04

It’s not even worth discussing what Nicole is going to do.

Veto Ceremony
Veto is not used.

There is an argument to getting rid of either Victor or Paul. Victor’s game has been just about non-existent, but what he does have under his belt is a lot of competition wins, which I would argue isn’t really enough but could impress the jury regardless. Given his track record, he’s also got great odds at winning just about any competition. Then there’s Paul, who was a disaster at the beginning but then proved to be a very strong social player. In either case, I think Corey and Nicole are going to struggle with this bitter jury, though James is probably good regardless.

Nicole: Victor
James: Victor

By a vote of 2-0, Victor has been evicted from the Big Brother house for the third and final time, or at least they hope he won’t be returning yet again.

The HOH competition requires them to fill in the blanks of statements evicted houseguests made throughout the season. Everybody gets the first question correct. Paul and Nicole get the second question correct. Nicole is the only one to get the third question correct. Everybody gets the fourth question correct. Nicole and Paul get the fifth question correct. Paul is the only one to get the sixth question correct, which ties him with Nicole for the lead. Everybody gets the final question correct. The tiebreaker question is how long the BB slide in theater was in seconds. They both go over the correct answer, but Paul is closest and wins HOH.

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