Big Brother 18 Episode 40

Victor made sure he was evicted yet again in Big Brother 18 Episode 39, but his buddy Paul came back and kept himself safe by winning HOH. With Paul safe, there’s a 50/50 chance that either James has reached the end of his rope, or the couple will be split up.

It’s apparent that Corey and Nicole will be nominated, but that doesn’t really matter because the veto winner determines who goes home.


We return to the jury house for more senseless fighting. Paulie continues to amuse himself by poking people who are easily provoked, but he and Zakiyah are on good terms even though they don’t like it.

In the veto competition, they will hear events that happened and must select the day those happened by running around and stepping on bases. As the only person incorrect on the first question, James gets his first of three permitted outs. Then he gets his second. Then his third, and he is eliminated.

Paul has been struggling to keep up with Corey and Nicole, but in the next round he wins while Nicole gets her first out. Then Corey gets his first out. Nicole gets her second out as Paul is suddenly dominating. Nicole is the next eliminated. With an incorrect guess, Corey gets his second out and seems certain to lose. Paul gets his first out next. Then Paul gets another out, bringing them down to the final round. Corey’s not even really paying attention and buzzes in on a completely wrong answer, allowing Paul to win the power of veto.

As the HOH, Paul can either change his nominations or just let James decide who to get rid of, but it’s obvious he is not changing if for no other reason than to get revenge for Victor. The logic behind keeping the couple is that he can probably beat either of them easier than he can beat James in the final two, but first he has to get there, which neither of them is likely to assist him with. Of course, James is likely to get rid of Paul just like they would, and at this stage he can choose to evict the person who will benefit him least.

Veto Ceremony
Veto is not used.

James: Corey

With 1 vote, Corey has been evicted from the Big Brother house. I expected James to keep Corey for the close relationship, despite his physical strength that may have won him part two of the final HOH (Nicole is a threat at both endurance and multiple guess). Something that has been discussed a couple of times since Rachel was on the show a few weeks ago is that there hasn’t been a female winner in 5 years, and there is an awful lot of girl power in that jury. Add another vote or two to Corey and a fairly safe vote from his BFF Paulie, and Nicole starts to look like a real threat.

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