Big Brother Season 18 Winner

Paul, James, and Nicole have made their way to the final three for one last HOH competition. Normally I pick a favorite, but I’m not really there this season. I could see some argument for any of the three to win.

The first part of the HOH competition has them dress up as cats, climb on platforms, and then follow the laser to each subsequent platform. I don’t think it’s even fair to call this one endurance. Everybody is doing fine. Then all of a sudden the wall leans too far forward, and Nicole and then James go with it, allowing Paul to win. Nicole is suspicious that James fell so soon after her.

Part two will have them run through a roller coaster line and match clues with the evicted houseguests. Getting a match is not enough. They need to take the roller coaster photo at just the right time. Nicole is correct each time but has one badly timed photo. James has one missed photo and one incorrect photo. Unless James is a lot faster at running, Nicole won. It’s not even close. Nicole wins.

Dr. Will hosts a jury discussion. Now here’s someone I like when they bring back. He was the original mastermind. They think James didn’t get blood on his hands, which can either be viewed as socially smart or just someone who didn’t really do anything. Paul gets credit for being a good liar… but mean. Nicole actually did get blood on her hands, including that of people like jury member Michelle, who of course starts crying, while Bridgette is mad she teamed up with men, yeah, eww, men. Da’Vonne, however, respects that Nicole got her out.

The final part of the HOH competition pits Paul against Nicole. Multiple guess of what the jury members said. Da’Vonne was most shocked by Frank playing how he did. Both are correct. Zakiyah was most shocked by Victor returning. Both are incorrect. Bridgette is afraid to have her friends and family see her crying. Both are incorrect again. Paulie said the strongest competitor was Victor. Paul is correct to take the lead 2-1. Michelle said the best thing was the fact that she’s a superfan living out her dream. Both are incorrect. Natalie said she was never embarrassed, despite how while in the house she said Zingbot embarrassed her. Paul is correct again to increase his lead to 3-1. Victor said the most annoying thing was how dirty the house was. Nicole is correct to make it 3-2. Corey said his favorite moment was winning the double eviction HOH and veto. Both are correct. Paul wins HOH.

Earlier, Paul said he thinks he could beat either of them, but Nicole deserves to be there more, while James didn’t really do anything.

Paul: James

James is evicted by Paul, who complains that James went behind his back trying to make deals with Nicole. I’m not sure if that explanation helps or harms him. James could be mad at Paul, or he could be mad that Nicole snitched. Nicole for her part doesn’t understand what Paul is talking about.

Now to questions from the jury.

Natalie asks Paul about him being vulgar and crossing the line. He responds he couldn’t hide his personality.

Michelle asks Nicole what move should earn her the money. She responds about how she got Natalie’s HOH to blow up in her face.

Corey asks Paul about how he is a great strategist. He replies that he was nominated a lot but never evicted. That hardly sounds like a great strategy, but he was a good talker when he needed to be.

Victor asks whether Nicole rode coattails.

Zakiyah asks Paul why he deserves to win. Contrary to Nicole, he was in everyone’s face.

Paulie asks Nicole the same question. She pretty much just says she tried hard.

James asks whether Paul was going to honor his final two deal, and Paul provides pretty much the same answer he did when he just evicted him.

Well, that was all rather pointless.

James: Paul
Corey: Nicole
Victor: Paul
Natalie: Nicole
Michelle: Paul
Paulie: Nicole
Bridgette: Paul
Zakiyah: Nicole
Da’Vonne: Nicole

By a vote of 5-4, Nicole Franzel is the Big Brother Season 18 winner. After hearing the jury talk, I didn’t think it was going to go that way, but Nicole managed to squeak out a narrow win as I speculated she might thanks to some good relationships, some help from Paul’s personality, and an at first very reluctant but increasingly supportive Da’Vonne.

For the first time in Big Brother history, a woman has prevailed over a man in the finals. The asterisk Julie fails to put on that statistic is that most finales are between people of the same gender. As was brought up last week, it has also been five years since the last female winner, Rachel.

The top three America’s Choice vote getters were Victor, Natalie, and James. Victor wins. He had a great story. Really awful player. But he kept things interesting.

Big Brother will of course be back again next summer, but the next season Big Brother Over the Top begins next week on CBS online.

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